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  1. Blue Less


  2. Youn1que

    With all these cookie cutter teams and ex-restricteds mirroring each other it gets old very fast lmao 🙄

  3. General Durandal

    Legendries shouldn't be allowed in official Tournaments.

  4. Mystic Gaming

    Pokemon will continue growing for years to come, and us along with it. Cheers to 25, fellow Trainers!

  5. Dio Undercover

    *quality content*

  6. oblivion582 5888

    Where is pokemon unite new trailer and release date?

  7. bubi

    pedly jeaben kgowno

  8. CatPlaySomeGames !!!

    One day i will beat leon

  9. Aoiwaffle

    Sierra Hunter probably is just a pretty face and is new to casting. She will probably need to cast a few more times to get comfortable.

  10. Fission

    Why does Wolfe glick look like Shroud lmao 😂

  11. SBK 124 GAMING

    Give me game link 😁

  12. Black Panther

    Nice battles

  13. MorningWood

    Has anyone got Guillermo Calle's list?

    1. MorningWood

      @Guillermo Pérez ah so cool, you were tords toughest match yet. Unlucky, but well done! I liked your deck a lot. Can I have the list?

    2. Guillermo Pérez

      Now I recommend playing eternatus without weakness guard. You could play same list as mine. Including one copy of phoebe

    3. Guillermo Pérez

      I am Guillermo but it was pre battle styles

  14. Gabriel


  15. DEMISE

    0:26 piers was really like f you

  16. Vincent Tang

    Is there any point in the vid that explain why Tord Reklev’s Excadrill control deck has a Reshizard?

  17. Blackdragon Salvox

    It's Davide not David orcodio

  18. klaysaurus _

    Please cut this mumbling incoherent mess of a commentator called Sierra. What the heck is she even saying at 4:04:58? And again at 4:06:20 and 4:06:30. Like SERIOUSLY, how the F was she chosen as a commentator? The above are just a few instances of the numerous numerous times she mumbles her way through this entire thing. Did it on Day 1 as well. What makes her mumbling even worse is that she takes a second after every word, making her boring sentences even more drawn out. I hate to be harsh, but it is what it is. She and her unbearable commentating needs to go. Where is Rosemary?

  19. Devnandan Varma. A

    Alola remakes *"CONFIRMED?!?"*

  20. Ratnasari Cenreng

    Damn Plumeria got some moves

  21. WhyBuffet

    Can anyone explain the teamsheet error thing? What kind of error has to occur to lose an entire Pokémon?

    1. Zach Pekarsky

      I think it can be pretty minor. If the Pokemon you have, for example, has just one different move that what you've listed that's already a violation.

  22. Patrick S.

    That ShadowRex CalyRider sure sounds like a terrifying pokemon xD Also I'd wish that the casters would losen up a little. Aaron is the only one who questions certain decisions or thinks longterm. I think every caster has good knowledge of the game and should show it more.

  23. SapphireSonicfan

    The people dressed up like team skull look like they make good live action adaptations

  24. Mas Anan

    Tord is too cruel, playing with his prey like that lol

  25. Lucky Xian Roxas

    Me in school: I can answer 20+1 Me counting damage in pokemon:909767%9987900987^¥>]\¦]^]^]}]|[^;™<[^[¿`>[|€\[^`~]<[¦;^

  26. tarabaci

    Any matches worth watching? Something exciting or unusual?

  27. Alexis Lennox xEmoGirlxAlexisx

    I really love playing and watching Pokemon Competitive but the only thing i kinda hate is u always sees the same Meta Pokemon ( yeah i know ppl use the strongest Pokemon because they want to win ) Im some1 who loves to use some style on my Pokemon Team its hard to win sometimes but if u win by destroying a Meta Pokemon Team whit a Lunatone, Regidrago or a Arctovish ( my favourite Pokemon ) it feels so good :D

  28. Tczmiel

    touch the bidoof

  29. That_durpy_dreepy_nl

    I just want a shining fates box of draga pult,

  30. SupersaneX


  31. Exmangx

    In all honesty the size of the explosions should incinerate anyone in that arena but its pokemon

  32. chanon299

    03:45:00 Heart of the Cards!

  33. Conservation

    LOVE the commentatord

  34. MR SK Archit

    Sudowodo wins

  35. Fedebubele

    Knew it was ptcgradios voice. Noice job.

  36. Ayub Alam

    Wolfe had absolutely no game plan. The difference between players cup 2 and Players cup 3 Wolfe is massive


      I am sad



    3. Patrick S.

      Also bad matchup. But yeah, the game looked like he's not read the teamsheets xD.

  37. ITz_Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl

    Can we play it on PC or Laptop?

  38. Awesome Kayden 2

    Can you put go in Pokémon masters

  39. ThemindOfSerg M

    I'm confused

  40. Pokemon Trainerray

    It was the Wild area music they played for me 😍

  41. wolf thunder

    Wow That so cool

  42. Rickard Schill

    So good game

  43. Quarts Team TwT

    how oak get a mew!?!?!

  44. Captain Levi

    This is why I am subscribed

  45. Flaming Charizard

    Charizard no 4 😔😔😔

  46. That dank guy


  47. Misfit Kid

    All these teams look exactly the same

    1. Ervin Bighetty

      That's because all of those Pokemon are meta in this current season of VG.

  48. ForceM1782

    Wow, you 2 are really a lot better at commenting compared to that guy that manages to wear a basecap in the absolute dumbest way possible...

  49. Jose H

    This would be cooler if it was released on a VR Headset...

  50. Nombre que nadie pueda encontrar

    0:12 mud....kip mud...kip mud...kip

  51. Luis Jr Hernandez

    Why does Bea's phone looks so similar to my LG Stylo 5 phone📱😂😆🤣

  52. suziepunk1

    Who ever did this great work♥️

  53. DeShawn McDonald

    Doubles is so trash waiting a minute between every move and 4 or 5 between every game is so fucking boring

  54. JC CAMBARI902

    Game name?

  55. Mini Nunbread

    I'm so sad only me and one guy from my school plays pokemon wish there was more people who I knew to play with.

    1. Black Panther

      Same here let alone my friend's gate the switch

  56. Aries Micheal

    I wanted it to be a open world like shield and sword but like for the map you could have some areas like forest to run around to catch Pokémon. Like have big spots of grass to catch Pokémon or at least have the main guys as tall as the guys shield or sword. Idc as long as they are as tall as the gen 8 guys

  57. El Vato

    Dat Regieleki though 🔥

  58. R B.

    Me, during the entire vid: 😍