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  1. Agust D BTS 7


  2. Z R

    Encore ! Encore !

  3. gamingwith violet

    Thank you for always doing your best just to make us feel happy and proud.

  4. Nata`

    От этого клипа сердце звенит от счастья ♡

  5. MORUQ


  6. MORUQ


  7. Alexandra Alejo


  8. Agust D BTS 7


  9. arase 7ven

    I thought the Song Thankyou, Face, Playground, 1:31am are the song who makes us cry but this Encore waaaa just want to add this to the Crying song list

  10. Lavinya 10


  11. Z R

    Buradamıyım ben ..

    1. Z R

      @Lavinya 10 bir an yokum zannettim :)

    2. Lavinya 10

      Cıkk değilsin

  12. Z R

    Kırmızı bardaklar ..

  13. Viktoriia Chornovol

    Сабы на русском😭😭😭😭😭 Это так классно

  14. ahgase got7

    Ya hadiii ahgaselerrr çok az kaldi 10 milyonaa başarabiliriz

  15. ricalyn sotto

    Lets goooo almost 10m!! We can do thisssss aghase 💚💚

    1. Kim N


  16. got knights

    which kpop group can manage shooting their own mv......legend GOT7

  17. A.J F

    Even if a long time passes..... will you still be here with me? When you have an addiction to Got7.... your in for infinity❣ It doesn't stop when the world ends❣

  18. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

    I love youuu~

  19. Minset Black

    rewatching everyday until next vlog lol subscribe to all the members channels pls guys

  20. kkaebsong cty

    Got7 is just not idols but FAMILY, it's been 6 years i stanning this wonderful FAMILY 💚 Got7 & Ahgase! You're the best skrrt skrrt 💚

  21. got knights

    i miss jbz stuffs....😢

  22. gamingwith violet

    I love every single thing about this MV.

  23. Z R

    You Are ..

  24. Subiksha Paul


  25. proud ahgase

    10M we're coming for youuu

  26. Farzana Wahida

    ♪Road to 10M♪. Ahgase lets stream and show support <green hearts>

  27. Badluck Zar

    Imma jus cry😢

  28. Z R

    Selamlar canım 4hg4s3l3rim ♡♡♡

  29. vedha harish

    I love u guys hope u have an awesome and prosperous journey through this year love from a Ahghase

  30. stay

    türk var mı bakem

  31. Agust D BTS 7

    me just me bad girl

  32. Casad Fadiel

    This why I love GOT7 #GOT7FOREVER

  33. Lia Ahgase

    With you all

    1. Kim N


  34. arase 7ven


  35. Leen Mahiya

    Omg finally got to see you guys again. Please more for my daily dose!

  36. Turkish Mochi

    Öğkk trendyol reklamları yine başladı.

  37. Kim N


  38. yxxr0ubaialxx

    Dada waited for his six kids to get settled . . . Ugly crying 🔗

  39. bad girl


  40. Igot7 forever kuhu2

    Have a safe flight tomorrow, jack ♡

    1. Igot7 forever kuhu2

      @Lia Ahgase yes, he's going back to china tomorrow :)

    2. Lia Ahgase

      Is he going back home tmr ??

  41. bad girl



    Please 10M Ahgase

  43. gamingwith violet

    Thank you for inspiring us.

  44. Igot7 forever kuhu2

    Guess I'm gonna miss the number change

  45. sera lisa

    Ancora è per sempre GOT7 grazia

  46. Celeste Resujento

    Who's here at this time?

  47. Stan Treasurepink

    They never left. GOT 7 will always be there.💚

  48. melissa Diaz

    Que el 5tr3am no pare plis "10M"

  49. proud ahgase

    with you

  50. Legend Never Die

    Her şeye rağmen Encore!

  51. Legend Never Die

    Hahahaha çok eğlenceliler

  52. A. Ş.

    İki hafta olmuş olacak yarın ve biz daha 10 mn yapamadık

  53. jiaer girly


  54. TaeTae Kimbap

    BamBam!!! I can't stop looking at you I just can't T_T

  55. TaeTae Kimbap

    Thank you so much for coming back😭😭😭😭 I'm so so sooo grateful 🙏😭😭😭😭 best group the world has ever seen 😭

  56. Far Biebs

    Spinning before watching the penthouse lol

  57. oooooookubo

    Love you all GOT7 and IGO7

  58. Lia Ahgase

    Here now

    1. Igot7 forever kuhu2

      With you now ^^

    2. sera lisa

      wid u

  59. missing people

    Always comeback to listen this masterpiece and then rotate all the got7 songs.. yeahh that my routine 😌😌.. rooting for the boys

  60. night shine

    Goodnight fam :) You guys are the best, fighting ^^

    1. Igot7 forever kuhu2

      Good Night! ^^

  61. Jonas Calingo


  62. bad girl


    1. Ahgase with GOT7

      With u

  63. Marina B

    10 million let's go

    1. Ahgase with GOT7


  64. jiaer girly

    Jinyoung's been extra clingy to Jackson since BOL:LP comeback... Something shifted.. It's usually Jackson who initiated touch before.. But now, Jinyoung's been reaching out more. Idk,, my heart is just so happy 💚

  65. gamingwith violet

    Thank you for making Us happy always.

  66. Baifern fern



    I'm daily coming here,,, cuz i miss them so much:/

  68. GenGot7


  69. Siti Zulkifli


  70. Jonas Calingo

    Genuine friendship 😍

  71. Ilyana A

    after 2 weeks, this mv is still trending in Malaysia wowwwwwwww

    1. night shine

      Yeahh^^ but it slowly drop from the list. Let's try maintain it more longer (^_-)9 Malaysian ahgafam, hard carry hey ^^

  72. altunsoy şeyda


    1. Z R


  73. caramel peachii

    Now I'm crying again.. Jackson is about to leave Korea tmr

  74. Meyra Turkish Ahgase

    Senin varlığın bir hediyeydi unutma bunu

  75. altunsoy şeyda

    Şimdi gidiyorum. İlerleyen vakitlerde Geleceğim <3 Görüşürüz<3

  76. dead kpop inside joke

    When I saw the title "Encore" and while Got7 was singing the chorus, I didn't think much of it because it just means "again" in French and it appeared to me as if they were just telling us that they would sing for us again and again. But then the fans started singing it and the other significance of the title *really hit me.*

  77. azkya yasmin

    289k to 10M

  78. Park Jinyoung

    Let's go Ahgase. 300k left to 10M!!

  79. Meyra Turkish Ahgase

    Çook güzelsin yani

  80. Divya GOT7 skrrt

    Proud to called as Ahgase ♡

    1. Igot7 forever kuhu2

      Same same! ^♡^

    2. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      Same here ♡