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  1. Tracy Roether

    Bro this is fire 🔥

  2. Sxpreme Julian

    omg bruh kyle be funny

  3. Rachel Playes Roblox

    I bet all the people that dissliked are people that use apple

  4. Zihon9999 YT

    When I’m older I wanna be a rapper/singer just like you! :D

  5. The Big Owen

    Him: how expensive is the apple restaurant Him 2 seconds later: why do I hear boss music

  6. Ice Wolf

    I love your songs Kyle keep up the good work man And skits

  7. Origimon

    hi you did my friend a favor so plz make me one

  8. Seyohn YT

    Kyle Exum will respond to every comment

  9. MarkTheShark

    Yo nobody gonna talk about how the video is 4:20 long

  10. Miky Hadraba


  11. The EndGamer

    0:53 you when ur parents see your bad report card

  12. Niall Kennedy

    I love it when he smiles

  13. Kyree Hobson

    My favorite part in the video was kyle stopping his professor from changing his grade

  14. hey hey

    On recommended

  15. Hey It’s Gray


  16. gamingwithizzy

    the study of memes: ALWAYS A

  17. Andre Rebelo

    Just the hole thing man just so good!

  18. Dool Shock

    who produced a toilet and sounds like 2020 best lines ever

  19. Josiah Swinson

    This just facts

  20. Kyree Hobson

    And u make the best youtube videos

  21. Kyree Hobson

    Kyle Exum you are my favorite THwikisr

  22. ε

    "What? You wanna order impasta too?"

  23. Zakiya Randera


  24. Revive Anime

    I freaking love Kyle’s “bruh” face 😂😂😂

  25. Rich14 M

    Did y'all see pop smoke at 6:39

  26. Adam Rosario


  27. alexdrip

    Plot twist: *If EA had a restaurant*

  28. Stíçhës-ès

    How my mom be like

  29. The bff’s Nothing in life :》

    I just realized my headphones can’t hear voice only music

  30. Homey King

    “Here’s your test” Drops 100 pieces of paper on your table

  31. Smith Grayson

    3:29 song starts here

  32. SmolMelon

    POV:this isn’t tiktok

  33. estark07


  34. gabriel DeGannes

    i listened to this song while i was play kahoot and WON. play this for good luck. (when you play kahoot duh).

  35. Some Random guy


  36. Ban MaximillianMus

    Yo that genius bar water made me thirsty.

  37. Cm punk

    Kyle is the GOAT 🐐

  38. D.J. Count VamPony

    Wow. Your video editing is on par perfectly. I love these videos. They always cracknme up. Thanx for sharing.

  39. Brian Elliott

    Just here so he has to respond to my comment

  40. Emily Reed

    This is such a bop, amazing👌

  41. Yung Koodabear

    Can you make a video of Timmy getting introuble for the first time?

  42. Evelynn Dayyz

    kyle: Mr. JaBooty Teacher: its Ja bootay. Me: it's YoMama.

  43. Beth Sandler

    And this is why we have Wendy’s

  44. Dylan Bear

    Nice vid

  45. cody

    You did it

  46. Waffles Xtreme

    Grandpa is imposter isn’t he

  47. Talented_NoobT

    The dislikes are from Apple obsessed rich people

  48. Cherry blossom dennis

    Nobody: Me: watching this with a android be like:👁️👄👁️

  49. Vivian Martin

    Ok well then

  50. rice ball

    Aye aye aye aye aye aye

  51. Demartess Whitsett

    You better reply

  52. Deaths_Door


  53. A.K jr

    I like how the letters on his grades spell bad af


    That brothers a bitch

  55. Overwatch_GameplayPro On TikTok

    The way he was smiling after he said stop just made me LAUGH HARD.

  56. Random Person

    You got my order of quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla substitute 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice well stirred, you forgot the foam. 0/10

  57. Riley Ghent

    I’m a little brother and I can say that this is 100% inaccurate :)

  58. Old Sport

    Waiting for part two: the Barack Bard

  59. GayBoy4 BTS

    So funny 🤣😆

  60. Evan Wilson

    this is why I use Samsung and Windows.

  61. Jeremi Ortiz

    Nice video

  62. Duh Fam


  63. Itz _ RLeeDeadpool

    When is trap little red riding hood coming??