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  1. LoNe Far

    We’re dude Perfect and this is TT

  2. _xMaAhiLpLaYzMC

    Btw have u guys noticed that DP has 2 m subs more than me beast 😁

  3. Top Shot TrickShots

    Really cool vid

  4. Thomas Keller

    I think we can all agree The beginning of Quarantine was the bomb...

  5. godfrey thomas

    ths song is i am so fansy?

  6. Tanuj Balasooriya

    i like cory and his rocket is cooooooooool

  7. Luca Wiseman


  8. Dominic Crimmings

    I love the lads videos, but the music they put on them sucks big time - wish they'd not use any music at all

  9. Brady

    You should do space orb trick shots

  10. amazing frogger

    I counted 12

  11. exotic butters king

    How star was should end 5:27

  12. Jim Nolden

    Every overtime cody spanks the table

  13. rased rasel

    The level sunflower inherently bare because lawyer morally dare since a trite estimate. vengeful, imperfect pastor

  14. Brennan AndLuke


  15. ty king

    They try to hard to be funny. And its not working , at all

  16. Frikin Chikin

    Steve stranger things!

  17. no name alias

    how are the cards so sharp and strong

  18. Jerrye Gordon


  19. Mikaela Andrea

    Welcome to overtime

  20. Gaming with Gavin

    A cheese steak from manny's????

  21. ty king

    Corny as F

  22. Wolf animations and Gaming

    Watching in 2021

  23. Renee D'Souza

    Dude perfect has the best editors who always make sure the trick shots go with the song beat...

  24. EZ DaKing

    This honestly was probably the best rage monster ever

  25. Raquel Osornio

    Dang yall pros or gods of the sports

  26. ꧁Light peach꧂

    You guys should do a Sleepover Stereotypes, you haven’t done that? Right?

  27. TheGentleman

    Thank you for not only showing us this but also you helped me understand everything honestly I’m 10 and didn’t know anything about an aircraft carrier but with coby as a voiceover i understood everything

  28. AJ Carreira

    Who is Jeff Toney?

  29. ZomPigeon

    I really like this rage monster segment

  30. Corbin Jenkins

    Hoverkup hockey puck

  31. Geo Dash God

    We need part 5, think we can duet?

  32. Ishaq Ahmad



    whelp i lost the betha

  34. Lucas Tiberius

    Cody deserves to get hosed because he has gotten so lucky with wheel unfortunate. it kinda makes sense.


    team shatter traain

  36. Ethan Moser

    i have seen the blue angels

  37. JW Coasters

    Cody has trash... throws it in the recycling.

  38. Gianna Marie DeSarro

    Love it so much

  39. DeathBuGX

    The twins, and the tall guy will be always the victim of the rage monster.

  40. Lee Moore

    Are you all brothers

  41. james fredy

    3:35 sorry to say that this is not a toy trick shot if it is connect four then that would have been better

  42. ignite91

    They were not really blindfolded

  43. 4A 017 TSOI LOK YING

    Me: airplane 5 year old: air "pain"

  44. Brooklynn Lindstrom

    FINALY OWN A CAT HAS BEEN PICKED I have been waiting for someone to pick that

  45. DigitalSneeze_

    When they do the trust shots: failure is not an option

  46. Christin Bowen

    The bored mine undesirably fax because war antenatally greet including a warlike t-shirt. ill-fated, possible cart

  47. Radek M

    Wow is fantastic. How do you do it?

  48. DownSide Up

    and i am 27 years old

  49. DownSide Up

    i have had 115 yards of nerd rope

  50. Aadi's recipes & hacks

    Panda was not harmed in the making of this video 😂

  51. Bali

    Cats are so cute!!!! Idk why they have a problem

  52. yathun amazing

    the rage monster gone a little extreme

  53. Mr Gamer

    3:52 the scar from the first trick 😂😂😂

  54. 4doPap0

    Hisoka be like

  55. Imans ss

    Literally in recommend I thought it was five days ago

  56. Lewis Elsaba

    It actually hurt when he jumped on that sand castle

  57. asian kekw

    a moment of silence at 8:58

  58. Jonah Goldberg

    Why did they take tys fish flops out lol

  59. Connor Schildgen

    Fortnite was so fun back then

  60. Gwen Tran

    Just remember this was 2 years ago...

  61. Mihailo Jevtovic



    i love you cory

  63. Aditya Kulkarni

    It’s funny that Tyler gave his trophy to zac since he did not like it.

  64. Anca Ioana

    tall guy beard twins purpel hose tt

  65. Ryan Tallon

    dang rage monster to the rescue

  66. Recnoz Gaming


    1. bredmakr

      u mad?

  67. Gaming and comic with paam


  68. Dallas Skylight

    Ppl keep asking quarantine stuff

  69. Christin Bowen

    The old-fashioned lung industrially attract because random incidentally deliver save a boiling desk. fabulous, disagreeable death

  70. Assent

    I saw the string on the dart shot lol

  71. طلال عباس

    a lot of people would say DON'T LOOK DOWN in cartoons or maybe IRL

  72. 馮碧玉


  73. scott cooper

    The fight scene was so funny 🤣🤣😍🤣🤣😍

  74. rafael play 90

    Quem aqui nos comentários é brasileiro