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  1. Delusio

    Wait a sec, what if they just teamed up together and started destroying everything?

  2. You Mube

    Super man seriously is no match for Saitama btw i like the way he said yes to his outside going 😂😂😂

  3. Joo Mama

    How does he do this animation

  4. Aarush Gajbhiye

    Stupid shit vid As if iron man is a dumbo Batman never kills That is why iron man always wins

  5. HarisH

    Why the character Wiggles like Jello pop

  6. Ginaf FF Gaming

    My favourite actor logan

  7. 구독안하면 새벽 4시 44분에 찾아감

    venom must spit the mask out

  8. Rodan Ramsey

    Thor be like: why did i even made that cool entry just to watch this Cap be like: bruh

  9. Mike Kon

    Kratos: God of neck breaking

  10. HappyKiwi

    I like how in the first round it was all tom holland

  11. Sayedur Rahman

    If Thanos and darkside was in this then probably the earth would be distroied😂

  12. Joshua Rei Morante

    Its all of the dialoge

  13. Sounak Mitra

    Wait is that Mary Jane?????

  14. Abishek Rajesh


  15. Welcome my Games

    Кратос будет жить

  16. Molnár Erzsébet

    Saitama is fucking sit

  17. Joseph Gardner

    This is complete bull

  18. Kriptika's Nightcore

    Joaquin Phoenix 💖

  19. Eddie Idio

    Forget to put on there

  20. Eddie Idio

    Where is Ant-man

  21. wPcky

    Well done, Darkseid is clearly stronger than Thanos based on the lore but you gave Thanos his due credit, also using some stones in the fight was cool. Nice!

  22. Anmol Singh

    Galactus jumps in to support the Heroes

  23. Alex Martinez

    I thought Kratos was in Silent Hill when it first started.

  24. Jhoniaulia Pratama

    Epic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Zaire Pham

    The fked up one is the one of the original spider man

  26. Chandy Lerios

    What the hell was that godzilla vs kong

  27. Xcenez X

    It’s 2021 and still no part 4 wya

  28. Raj Agrawal 8th 'A'

    This is wrong clip

  29. mark medalla

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍:" N

  30. Vishakha Patel

    Its totally fake

  31. Mạnh Vũ Thị


  32. Mạnh Vũ Thị


  33. Johnric Vergara


  34. Nikhil Garakapati

    I think that's a language problem between them.

  35. humaira faroque


  36. Johnric Vergara


  37. Shubham Kumar

    Brna hlk akela hi use MSL kr rkh deta

  38. Rico J

    Wtf is this

  39. Shubham Kumar

    Hlk ki thanks se ldai Shi se hui kha h

  40. Skit’s With C

    Where is part 4 Loki: TELL ME!!!!!!!

  41. Damien Omen

    To everyone, grogu and master yoda are different, they're not same.

  42. Subharani Tripura

    Grove Street is alive

  43. Bilbo Baggins

    Manuel Neuer tried to save that header at 0:44 but it ended his career! 🤣🤣

  44. HoodedSoul

    These are spoilers

  45. Deigo Watsitya

    I didn’t even know this was fake jesus


    what the fff😦

  47. Stop motion Rush

    i want part two with venom

  48. ranzilla gaming,godzilla and more!!

    One punch man should have done everything.

  49. Supri Yono

    Sangan hbat kaliyan sudah mengalahkan covid - 19

  50. Some Guy Online

    Based on the cross-over comic, the stones had no affect in the DC universe, but if, as this video shows, they fought in the universe were the stones were active, this battle would have been over before it started; great animation, and voice-over, but accuracy is lacking.

  51. Fabricio Dominguez

    Gráficos de ps4 xd

  52. Angel Merino

    Elotes con cilantro 10/10

  53. Capt. Badger

    The snap sure took its time in this scenario

  54. Putul Chakraborty

    Spider man and miles morals vs venom and carnage

  55. Sebastian Troconiz

    Enserio jajajaja

  56. Putul Chakraborty

    Spider-Man (with no venom or Carnage) vs miles morals

  57. Putul Chakraborty

    Spider-Man with Carnage vs miles morals

  58. nedz m


  59. Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Fuh seram gilerlah, nexttttttttttttttttttttt

  60. Space Cadet

    This time Thor.... *Went for the Head.*

  61. Abizar Zahid

    Me vavorite the spider man

  62. Bell Philips21

    Heath ledger Joker vs Jack Nicholson Joker vs Cameron Monaghan The Valeskas brothers proto Jokers vs Mark hamill Joker

  63. Ch!ll-Z Entertainment


  64. Brandon B

    If I were to change this, just to have Endgame make sense, I would have Thanos destroy the stones before Hulk kills him.

  65. pelleteuse 91

    lol kratos fkg rules on everything

  66. Aditya

    Winner Thor

  67. Sam Swart

    holly crap this is awsome

  68. Genilson Rodrigues

    Toma no cu em todas o Hulk perde

  69. shannakay mcfarlane

    BABY Yoda is so cute

  70. Billy Finlay

    Tbh kratos would one shot Thor not gonna lie

  71. José Antonio Cruz Mejía

    XD así va a terminar la partida

  72. Falanga Chimenez muñoz

    Super cena

  73. GVocalz

    That.... WAS.... AWESOME!!!!!

  74. sharia caca

    Baby yoda stop pressing the off button it annoying baby groot his dancing

  75. PhoeniX HD

    this a most fake video

  76. the english poney

    I think I hate you but don’t take it personally.

  77. Mfundo Prince Mdlalose

    Great fight.. wasn't as hard as killing Zeus. Thor: "I'm the God of Thunder!" Kratos: "I killed the God of Thunder.. Mr Sparkles"

  78. Brayden's YouTube

    Sad but happy

  79. Chicano Chingon

    They made the hulk into the biggest bitch the perfect hulk would be Nortons but keep mark ruffalo as banner

  80. abdul qadir

    That Thor wasn't worthy at all.