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  1. William Mwanza

    Unanimous decision! Really? That's worse than daylight robbery



  3. ออกให้ที Channel

    Run 🏃Run

  4. Bee Lot

    Now that's MMA One championship fight of the year!

  5. SportY

    Commentators of the fight: Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp. Why are they so biased? This happens often with One fights.

  6. Darius Kairev.

    If you feel sleepy , turn on Rodtangs fight on and you ready to go

  7. เดอะ แพ๊คแมน

    แพ้ม่องได๋วะ ฮ่วยยยยยยยยยย ข้อยละงึดดดดดหลายยยยย😤😤😤

  8. SportY

    Stamp denying she tapped is crazy. Soar looser after showboating during the fight. Even though she lost she will be one of the best in the future.

  9. Steveo singh


  10. Halima Elouafi

    Muy bien ilias eres el mejor 👏👏👏

  11. ABSerye Prod.

    Knew Jackie was a killer. And she’s had a lot of international exp too. Wonder girl is a promising young talent. I don’t get the hate in the comments. As if y’all been in the ring before eating a punch and getting up to finish the fight. Kudos to her. Give her time to grow and match make right. Excited for the future of Jackie. She’s a killer don’t sleep on her

  12. Aboy 7

    Rodtang only know kick like a kid

  13. denis ripeanu

    Nu am inteles.... dar , stoica , joaca rolul sacului de box , nu !!??

  14. Enel z

    Look Petrosyan how calm he is

  15. pito whistle

    Indians not good at fighting let him get into business instead little corner shop

  16. 이상운

    안젤라 리 경기 오랜만에 보게되네요 역시 안젤라 니!

  17. อายะ อายะ


  18. PooperMoodie IsGay

    Angela got not much power in her punches. But she is great on the ground.

  19. Samasaja Saja

    Not ufc level

  20. GM Vsc13


  21. SportY

    Buntan is to fast for Wondergirl. She will be one of the greatest. Wondergirl back to the drawing board, wasn't a great performance.

  22. Gon Freeckes

    Ang hirap tlga kalabanin si Ngalani lalo madilim p jn sa loob...

  23. moon light

    สุดยอดอ่ะ ทั้งความหนัก ความเร็ว เทคนิค ต่อยฉลาด โคตรเก่งเลยยอมรับจริงๆ

  24. IceJr

    future champion right here.

  25. Foil Head


  26. Duy Thien

    Iron head.

  27. 日本とタイのフェスティバル

    Is that kick Taekwondo?

  28. добряк зайковский

    Тагир воин !!! он еще заявит о себе, шаг назад только для разбега !

  29. rotha kim

    Ennahachi is showing that strong kick is not the big issue for him. He’s faster

  30. 김은철

    오 한방컷

  31. NZT600

    Интересно как он себя в UFC показал бы

  32. Jason Scholte

    Great matchup! Both fighters came in strong and ended strong!! Can't wait for the rematch between these two guys! 😎🤙

  33. Shemihazah

    4:30 GOOD JOB BY SUNISA! Earlier that night Michael poured meow meow into Mitch his tea....

  34. Flying Zone

    Very good job Jackie Buntan 👌 Wondergirl have to train herself more.

  35. Peach Peach

    You are a good fighter. Please show your Muay Thai ability to the world! Hope you will challenge in the K1 or other competitions.

  36. Omar the Atheist Aziz

    she's too pretty to fight

  37. Brotosh Brotosh

    Yes she's gd at that age but i dont think she is ready for that octagon yet. Its too big for her.

  38. NRD 2000

    4:52 What was this guy doing? 🤣

    1. Wisdom Cat

      Trying to clinch without setting it up with his striking. Also, running with his head far past his feet; basically begging to get countered.

  39. Mike D

    Yeah, there's a real problem here. Either the rules are not right or the judges are not right. When One FC began it rewarded action and ring dominance and now, since the last handful of cards, evasion appears to be a legitimate scoring tactic. Clearly there has been a concious change in the way kickboxing is being scored and it's for the worse for both the audience and the athletes. I sincerely hope this is addressed , in the meanwhile: back to Muay Thai!!

  40. ryan moto travel vlog

    n sang lost,lots of action and takedown by the russian.mafia

  41. Sandi Morse

    Black mamba

  42. JM Dromanah 2.0

    Imagine if Alain start his MMA career younger

  43. Александр Андреев

    Рефери надо раньше останавливать такие удары лишние нельзя пропускать

  44. Chiều Đồng Quê

    Nice video hell all you

  45. H Amin Aziz

    lebih baik cape latihan daripada dibantai di ring semangat !

  46. ONE Championship

    What’s NEXT for “The Panther”?

    1. juan do


  47. Ajay

    typical girls fight

  48. Roger Lane

    Lee -vs- Yamaguchi 1 was so good that it makes every word that I can think of seem insignificant! What a pleasure it was, watching all of her fights! Win or lose, she simply has the spirit of a lion! What a credit she is to her family and to the sport of MMA...she has left me absolutely spellbound!

  49. Rahim Gaming

    pakistan zindabad love you bro

  50. SuperGoddamnbatman

    Fighting within humanity has always been a question of food... if my mind is set on 4 grains of rice rather than three... well then you will understand the mindset that wins

  51. Toni 25

    Woouuaawww big fight... very Nice punch power technique

  52. Mike D

    Daaaaaamn! That was a demolishin! Buntan was so tight technique wise - she wasn't doing any thing revolutionary but it was so crisp, so well executed it just shut down WGs whole trad. MT game. Very impressive

  53. Muhammad Zainudin

    Sama kuat sama bagus..

  54. Bogdan Tacalea

    Stoica , de ceva timp stii doar sa iei bătaie!

  55. 加藤広之

    天心選手との試合場所が日本じゃなかったら、ロッタン選手の勝ちだったと思います! またいつか日本に天心選手と試合してほしいです! ロッタン最高!

  56. Dave Stephens Jr

    This is the coolest thing ever!!!!

  57. Mike D

    Rodtang, dude, please put your hands up, even if you don't need to! Can't condition a brain!! 🧠🤔😣

  58. Rickson Rickson

    Rod tank

  59. Wolf Pack

    Тагир, братское сердце, лучший!!!

  60. ดอกหญ้า สีเขียว

    ต่อยจริง ไม่อะไรเลย ควรเอาจริงมากกว่านี้

  61. Diedi Jay ashba

    Paul lumihi lo bermain diluar negeri kalah kalah terus jadi samsak hidup😒☹️

  62. Ancient Alien

    Stamp Fairfax, in the audience, looks more beautiful than the ring girls.

  63. 265Stan

    That was a dirty last shot that Irina gave Ann while Ann was out on the ground in the first fight. The ref had already dived in and Irina kept pounding. It was incompetence on the Ref's part to allow Irina to do that as he should have protected the unconscious fighter from further blows when he stopped the fight. No respect for Irina after that dirty hit.

  64. Papitus

    Wondergirl what happen? All the hype was with you?

  65. 葉人豪

    angele lee sister ?

  66. Sangap channel

    Klo Saputra ni lawan Ginting gmna ya kira2

  67. Seagle Waterford

    Ma Sha Allah, He is a tiger. India will similarly loose Kashmir one day. In Sha Allah.

  68. Shipper 007

    Việt Nam! Vô địch

  69. Jonathan Johnston

    Mcgregor would die in this competition

  70. Sesa Kurniawan

    No... no.. no.. judges😅Khalilov wins

  71. อัครพงศ์ วงศ์ยั่งยืนกุล


  72. Travis Leung

    Fighter got robbed, Runner got award

  73. suratman saja

    Jebolan one PRIDE ga bermutu

  74. BusyBee3

    Get so disgusted, everytime i see those NR. Girls. They seem to all be from the same factory. All gotten the same sugery.