Dude Perfect. Plus more Dude Perfect [Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Fails, BTS + way way more] 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️

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  1. Kiga Music

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what the music is?!?!?!

  2. Timber Ridge Kids

    These are so conferting because when I pretty much die laughing I feel dumb, but watching them laugh at themselves makes me feel less dumb!!!!!



  4. Jimmy Jay Linssen

    Loved the ending

  5. Cody Brock

    2:20 Buuuuuuuuut the possibility of the Force is endless though. If anything, the Force rivals Harry Potter magic, and they don’t need a wand! Yoda has stated before nothing is impossible with the Force. Even flight can be used, using telekinesis (even though it is rare to fly).

  6. Olivia Wells

    Cody: What are you nerds doing?? Them: zzeow brrom ssssss WE’RE DOING SOUND DESIGN LEAVE US ALONE

  7. Rynord

    5:34 the golden gun in roblox arsenal xd

  8. Ellie Noel

    Why is The Lord of the Rings being left out?! 100% cooler

  9. Kyle Billings

    When there’s sith that destroy whole worlds but draining its life force from every person and when palpatin can create black wholes yeah Star Wars is cooler

    1. cqvio doli

      Anyone else notice the YETI probably filled with actual food at 4:19?

  10. Diana Renteria

    harry potter is the best.

    1. cqvio doli

      Harry potter be better

  11. elliot graham

    wait ty is leaveing dude purfect

  12. Connor Copus

    That first scene gives me night at the museum 3 Pompeii flashbacks

  13. Lukey Dukey

    Why was the twister scene deleted, it was great.

  14. Microwaved Koolaid

    Why is the main video private??

  15. Pedro Utrilla

    Im a Harry Potter Fan

    1. Pedro Utrilla

      A BIG Harry Potter Fan

  16. Darsh Goel

    What if the editor forgot to record it when ty hit the ball in the hoop

  17. Preston Johnson

    Tyler Vs. Bear Grylls

  18. plaarwnleelrl



    5:55. You know dude perfect is a Christian channel when they sing amazing grace on the auto tune machine. I love it!!!


      Star Wars is better. By far

    2. misolou fout

      Whoever says Star Wars is better than Harry Potter, I will Avada Kedavra you

  20. Dylan Sides

    why is Garrett the one obsessed with cleanness

  21. Walterore Mo

    The automatic ground ethnopharmacologically admit because range posteriorly chase towards a well-off morocco. slimy, bitter beach

  22. Marcus Lee

    I honestly think that Harry Potter is just way overrated. The books are too repetitive.

    1. misolou fout

      I feel like you guys can do a Pokémon battle for the new fighting segment

  23. Abhinav Kusurkar

    " hit it hard and fast" - Ty kinda sus don't ya think. LMFAO

  24. Devyn Kelso

    Put sparky in overtime

  25. BunsenHootie

    Sparky has the same microphone as me he just has it on his face mines is on my desk I did not know that OMG!

  26. Fired Gaming

    I am from India I love watching dude perfect while thanks to them because I am doing many of their easy shots which are easy for them but a lot difficult for me😂 but I love them because I can make my friends jealous and they are epic

  27. Alan Towse


  28. Fun Session

    That fightcoreowas really good. The whole scene was great.

  29. Christin Bowen

    The brawny money aerobically pinch because office oppositely relax off a cooperative jumper. funny, swanky celeste

  30. 1087hamburgers

    Gotta respect Cody’s Lebron Lakers jersey

  31. muhammad mazhar

    3:30 This is what u call a good baby sitter.

  32. Priyanshu Gupta

    school stereotypes pls

  33. Aaron Johnson

    Really ashame I thought Tyler would’ve done better than he did in that over night in the woods especially since that’s his kinda thing

  34. Kevin SHAH

    Harry potter rules

  35. Vengeful120planes playz

    Where is TT’s nose warmer?

    1. toijg avnnr

      All this for pancake

  36. cnmmd qiuoo

    “You do not want me to crucio you bro, I would avada kadavra you so fast!” -Ty 2021

    1. toijg avnnr

      We’re doing sound affects leave us alone

  37. Rem Sullivan

    Harry potter be better

  38. Andrio Robberts

    Anyone else notice the YETI probably filled with actual food at 4:19?

  39. Chance Williams

    I'll be Ty's replacement

  40. Wabanaki [People Of The Dawnland]

    This thumbnail is nothing that represents this video. I don't even understand what I'm watching. This has so many views and I don't even understand why it has one.

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      i like harry potter

  41. Nhạc số organ


  42. Kage Master

    What he reallly quit

  43. Akisha Princess Roldan

    The shot when Garrett said "I'm not an engineer" The gun that he used looks like the golden gun in Roblox Arsenal

  44. AK


  45. NotStormy18

    Panda was sooooo cute at the end🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  46. Incerno

    2:03 Only people that are cultured enough will know what that sword is.

  47. Noah Brazil

    7:02 so true

  48. Gotta Have Faith TV

    I feel like you guys can do a Pokémon battle for the new fighting segment

  49. Gabrielle

    I'll be there replacement I'm just kidding

  50. Gabrielle

    Did you really Quit tie

  51. Gabrielle

    This is the blupper that I was talking about

  52. Jeff Ramsaur

    Whoever says Star Wars is better than Harry Potter, I will Avada Kedavra you

  53. tandbandjanderson

    I'm doing a sound design , leave me alone!!!! THAT WAS A HILARIOUS SEEN!!!

  54. tandbandjanderson

    I really like it!!!!!

  55. mbeyer560

    Oh and by the way I am Molly

  56. mbeyer560

    I Amalie of what is your channel ever since you have started doing tricks sucks I love everyone of you I love your channel I love mostly everything about you guys and I love your videos of you’ve done I don’t think I’ve minutes to even one video

  57. Miranda Carr

    I am one of your biggest fans iam going to your guys tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Rahul Yadav

    Cody’s kinda lame

  59. cqvio doli

    “You do not want me to crucio you bro, I would avada kadavra you so fast!” -Ty 2021

  60. JonG325

    Sub to Nate Da Xtreme

  61. Oscar Ricky

    Ngl this is probably my least favourite bts so far from this channel

  62. Harrison Daigre

    That’s how all the movie studios are going to start doing the sound design LOL

  63. Emma H Plays roblox


  64. Scism Bros

    We’re doing sound affects leave us alone

    1. cqvio doli

      Got 1 thing to say. SUBSCRIBE TO DUDE PERFECT AND DUDE PERFECT + PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. DolphinPack

    Who saw the title and was like wait what

  66. Scism Bros

    All this for pancake

  67. PK gaming

    I’ll be happy to Dude perfect

  68. Martin Bros Gaming

    Such a funny Song

  69. Cameron Berlin

    Ty is probably dying right now

  70. Nathan Monis

    harry potter is better

  71. Carbon Games

    Imagine when ty made it the camera man said oh wait we weren’t filming

  72. Westie Bestie!

    i like harry potter

  73. Mike Hodges

    It’s the same story.

  74. Patty

    192 attempts jesus...

  75. toijg avnnr

    “What are you nErDs doing?” “We’re DoInG sOuNd EfFeCtS leave us AlOnE” 💀


    harry potter is better cause you can do everything whith wands

  77. Timur san


    1. Yasmeen M

      Thats debateable

  78. Miko Thegreat

    I like how Ty just gets tortured

  79. Michael

    honestly thought it said tv quite dude perfect but Tyler quits would make more sense

  80. Bryan Mercado

    You’ve seen it here folks the real rage monster 👹