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  1. MelloGic

    I added one more name My Favourite Character list. 1. John Wick 2. Jack Sparrow 3. Tony Stark 4. Tyler Rake 5. Harshad Mehta 😁And Now😁 ⭐John Walker ⭐

  2. Nick Kerr

    John walker grew on me the way Loki did

  3. Poppin S

    Who will play the role of black panther???

  4. Thorium

    DC : We have Joker Marvel : We have Zemo

  5. Astik Pal

    Its a game i guess 🧐


    So you are trying to make cap shield with a piece of metal keep it up john keep it up

  7. Avengers fan

    I love the way he acts on this series. He deserves to have the shield.


    His beard showed that shooting of FAWS was done 5-6 months earlier


    Incredible acting

  10. Rishav Jha

    I hate Walker so much that I fell in love with Russell's acting....

  11. Amith Rao

    Love you captain American

  12. Abhipray Dhoble

    What a performance Wyatt Russell

  13. bryan c


  14. Pradeep Singh

    THwikis is full of fake & spam videos now a days..😤😤 people claims official / original/ genuine but many time it was just fan made. Don't know this comes in which categories, never saw any trailor this type short. It is going very hard to believe any thing or anyone on youtube.. i think youtube must have take care of this kind of things, otherwise any app in future will sweep all subscriber from this plateform.

  15. NASIK KO

    Hate the John walker not this actor!

  16. Олжас Максутов


  17. Aryan Singh

    I don't lnow why people are hating on him. Ok I get it that nobody can take Steve's place. But this guy had portrayed us agent real real good. I mean it was like he was born for it


    He is the best🥰🥰🥰

  19. Michael Felton

    5.6 million views.

  20. Cricket Paradise

    He is bringing the role into life in such a way that people are hating him. Kudos to his acting

  21. Dhyan Prakash

    Hate the character , love the actor

  22. Loge Tamil

    Such a great actor

  23. Sephiroth _H2o

    You’re awesome guy! Can’t wait to see the rest of the season on how it turns out!

  24. woyame1

    Man, this makes me realize how much I'm going to miss both these characters from the MCU.

  25. Sandip D

    Man you are an amazing Actor..❤ Love from India 🇮🇳

  26. ishan thakur

    My frnd .... Who the hell u thinking you are ? Me .. I m captain america ..

  27. MDLCRoblox

    spais sotn in a nutshell

  28. Harshit Kanojiya

    The Hate is for John Walker not for Wyatt Russel ... His acting is amazing.

  29. Felix Larios

    2 Years later and it still feels like yesterday

  30. SHLOK Sharma

    His acting is op 🔥🔥

  31. Hemakanti Kalita

    We want tony as the most intelligent.....We don't want to see shuri as the smartest charecter

  32. Isaiah Melissari

    That’s four words you monga

  33. Dipanjan Chaudhuri

    His portrayal of the new Captain America made us hate him. I think that is his biggest accomplishment as an actor👏👏👏

  34. Rohan Ravi Kumar

    At first i cudnt accept him as captain america. No offense. But now i feel he is really good. Great character modelling and brilliant acting

  35. Adityaraj Vaghela

    His acting was good

  36. devil prakash gaming

    No one can replace Chris Evans 😏

    1. Nithin Josh Albert

      He ain't playing the same dude...

  37. Erickin _

    “Yea we do” top Marvel quotes for me fr

  38. Nabaneet Kaushik Bora

    Sir your acting is completely awesome.......❤️❤️❤️

  39. Sourav rana

    Amazing acting skills.......

  40. Prithibi Creats

    Loveing your acting wyatt Russel

  41. Luis 666


  42. Shubham Verma

    I'm thinking who they'll cast as new black Panther.

  43. superhero hearts

    A person in a serious role of John walker 🥰

  44. klatuu1976

    He does a great job.

  45. Aashish Mahajan

    Noone can replace Chris Evans not even Evans himself

  46. Aashish Mahajan

    Imagine you are going to the vegetable market and falcon is also buying carrots and tomatoes there. Suddenly his polythene burst and his carrots fall on the ground. He is looking for then and you say Sam on your left 😂😁

  47. Sasikala Paranthaman

    Wyatt Russel should act in more marvel movies.

  48. Rogue Rush

    Wyatt Russell almost scared me in the show he is an amazing actor

  49. renidage

    I am Captain America

  50. VJaroz Channel

    you are doing incredible job. respect from indonesia

  51. LacksCreativity

    If he can get you to hate him then he’s done his job to a brilliant extent , john walker is such a hate-able character but thats what he’s there for , wyatt russell will go down as one of the greatest marvel actors of all time

  52. storyteller0111

    There's no cap on how good his acting is. See what I did there? Now seriously, he's doing great as John Walker, especially having in mind how different his temperament is in real life.

  53. Putri Febrianty Khoirunnisah

    Soo excited 😍

  54. Krishna Dwivedi

    Absolute acting love you Wyatt Russell

  55. Kunj Soni

    Wyatt russel acting is so realistic

  56. xAsher94x

    will we see michonne?

  57. Bhupesh Kumar

    “ We will, whatever it takes ”

  58. xAsher94x

    do they really bald?

  59. Sakib Mia

    I love him as us agent.marvel should keep him for the future

  60. MuffinGames

    why is this in my recommended??? also the Russo brothers are my favorite "diretors"

  61. Getlo

    The actors and actresses that play the most hated characters always have my respect. Every story NEEDS a good antagonist. Just goes to show how humble they can be to risk their face to the memory of a horrible person, simply making for a better story. As a person that audibly cheered when I saw Walker get slammed by Bucky, I too respect you Wyatt. ✊

  62. amine kakla

    whats the song name ?

  63. Nafil Official YT

    Hello im late. wait before we hate john walker?

  64. Hilarion Cevallos


  65. Hamster Hammer

    Love the actors. Hate the writing. I hate all the current political garbage in my entertainment. I’m about done with the entire show

  66. Ujwal Boda

    Please fix the Captain America jhon Waller

  67. Saikath Ghosh

    Ego's son has so much ego in the show....

  68. Joe Castus

    You got it

  69. Wilhelmus Hardeman

    Way to go Marvel, subjugate a well intentioned minority group. Maybe you should stick to science fiction rather than making assumptions about science fact!

  70. Sashimiroll

    This man is an amazing actor. His character is really easy to hate and I love it

  71. Jazzz

    I love wyatt russel but john walker hell nah

  72. Anirudh

    Falcon and baki make the best team ,the ep 5 was actually really cute lol

  73. Lil Ghart

    Too much entertainment that "Marvel Intertainment" isn't enough for this kind of entertainment.

  74. My Mind


  75. Jacob Miller

    I thought I was about to see a trailer featuring Johnny Cash. I'm seriously disappointed by the missed opportunity

  76. Iron Man

    Hats off to your acting first time I am hating a marvel character this much !!

  77. Agent Sixx

    I am from the Caribbean and I would like to learn how to act so I can be the new Marvels Spawn Character and am 24 years old. I would love be that character, He hasn’t been use much in marvel’s that why I want to bring him back to life with the help of marvel studio

  78. Manivannan Muthuvel

    Jhon Walker fan🔥🔥🔥

  79. Manivannan Muthuvel

    Wyatt Russell love u 3000 💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥

  80. Manivannan Muthuvel

    Love you jhon Walker fan 🔥🔥🔥