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  1. Tyron 86

    So glad that i dont pay for this s***

  2. Solo Trap

    Is the original exorcist remake they were talking about?

  3. IHateMaths !!!

    After watching all the parts of Wrong Turn series , this part was a huge disappointment.


    bill russo is here

  5. Ms. R

    I'm going to like this

  6. Calvin Schenck

    I'm actually looking forward to giving this movie a chance, reminds me of Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, which was one of my favorite movies

  7. Kuharu Emini


  8. iZero !

    Looks promising!❤

  9. m3ga

    "Great now we'll die here as adults"

  10. Saneer John


  11. kak_has_eyes

    "We live in a society" Me to Zack Snyder: *HE DID IT! HE SAID THE THING!*

  12. Bruce

    A little disappointed they didn't recast an old, grizzled Christopher Lambert as Raiden. Like the Logan to the first X-Men's cheesy Wolverine.

  13. Alex Spencer

    I thought the soundtrack was from star wars lol

  14. Leones 1C Alejandro

    Hojala hagan una película de personas escapando de Latinoamérica

  15. Leones 1C Alejandro

    Escapemos de Latinoamérica

  16. whatchuthinktuck

    Another female character

  17. Arun Regmi

    Nobody: Disney: From the creators of toy story.

  18. James Russell


  19. Lemuel Jackson

    So good I had to watch this TWICE

  20. Fernando Gangone

    Another pointless and stupid remake, nothing can beat up Chuck Norris!

  21. jonas andersson

    scorrpion looks like trash fuck this movie

  22. Matias Perez Lopez


  23. Grace

    the book is better than movie

    1. Polvere Di Stelle

      try mine

  24. White Heart

    The only one who promoted this show well was the fans Netflix did sht image if this would get a well promotion lke stranger things

  25. ZBroadcast

    Plot twist: Literally everyone in the town is a sea monster trying to hide the fact by pretending to hate sea monsters and are completely oblivious of each other.

  26. Katia Ustulin

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). The punishment for sin is Hell. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23). Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). Repent of your sins, believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him into your heart and follow Him.

  27. JiaJia He

    I already love this trailer i want to even what to watch the movie now

  28. Cahaya Zuzma

    In indonesia like a film "terlalu tampan"

  29. pardamean hosea manurung

    Cant wait for it

  30. Stephen A. Smiff

    Leto still acting like Jim Carey i see

  31. Imam Abdul Hakim

    Godzilla : King of the Monster !! Kong : King of the Monkey !!

  32. Luffy Hump

    Aku kira KIKO 😭

  33. Sm0rf

    EZ :fire: LET EM KNOW

  34. Женя Шульга

    add effects into the films of 90-th and you will get this film (2021)

  35. Josh Lopez

    1:30 Can I now witness and acknowledge that Lupita's pimp hand is STRONG?

  36. Maria D.C.

    Its like H2O:Just Add Water lol

  37. KittyAWW boi 1234

    This movie seems absaloutely terrible

  38. Windsaint

    Looks good 🎥 🍿

  39. Suck my Ass


  40. Роман Романыч

    Готов смотреть вечно😄

  41. Anna Bluebubblegum

    the chilllssssssss I cant wait !!! I love Jennifer

  42. soma shin-ah

    critics says this is bad. i can't, i am waiting for this a really long time already. is this another the goldfincher? trailer looks amazing and then boom, a bad movie.

  43. Poli Medvedeva

    Definition of perfect, except they should've cast Zendaya to be the girl.

  44. Soulless Gamer246

    No Manachee! :( (Tod’s dog)

  45. Həcər Abdullayeva

    Actually,it doesn't look like a Disney movie.But it's cool,whatever


    It's bgm takes me to dark world never believe anything else

  47. Symon Efrell Remudaro

    I just can't get enough of this trailer 😭

  48. John Hancock

    They’re after money.....? I can only assume with that many zombies, most of america if not the world is infected. If that vault was full of food and water I’d understand.

  49. Julia Rasiak

    love the gay in it

  50. Ozzie Ostrich

    Damn you nick! I am still alive I am repaired >:D

  51. RawOG420

    Fuck yes

  52. Moriah Manwaring

    The funny thing is, the last time I went to Cinque Terre, we spent the beginning and end of our day in this town, Riomaggiore. It was almost a year ago now, when Italy was just entering into quarantine. I sketched that hill with vineyards that’s in the opening scene, and another girl drew one of the seagulls in my book too. We explored the hidden rocky beach and ran from the boisterous waves crashing on the boulders. The sea there is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. As we drove home that night, the younger girls and I made up a story together about some people contracting Covid and becoming merpeople because of it. 😆 so this trailer is almost eerily representative of our experience there haha!

  53. A Leon

    F** king stupid movie PERIOD.

  54. 무비아재

    This movie is really looking forward to it.

  55. William Armstrong

    Well! That looked boring as hell

  56. Philip Alcala


  57. Shmulzi

    super powers... pirate ships... people speaking in british accents to indicate they are ol-timey.... classic hardcore sci-fi.

  58. kullanıcı


  59. Moriah Manwaring

    Oh they did such a good job with the location! I recognized the hill near Riomaggiore in the very first scene, and the buildings, town scenes, and even rocky caves by the shore were all spot on! I can’t wait! Edit: Even the water glasses! Everyone has the same bicchieri, everywhere in the world! (I think they’re from IKEA tbh)

  60. Pierce Lindenberg

    I’m going to love this movie when I see it.

  61. sofia van garrett

    Se ve muy buena, pero no hay como Glenn Close.

  62. sofia van garrett

    Looks great, but there's nothing like Glenn Close

  63. Jerb

    It's very unlikely that Disney/Pixar is gonna outright say that these boys are in a gay relationship, but I sure damn hope that they hint towards it!

  64. g sharp

    You can not end a movie that way. Give us a 10 minute ending. Do it now please!

  65. firstn last

    When is the trailer?

  66. A

    Ciara Bravo doesn't know how to age, does she? 😂 She looks just like she did in Big Time Rush....just taller

  67. The Gray Gunner

    I’m not gonna lie, even I have prejudice toward ‘Aquatics’, except aquatic mammals. I don’t necessary ‘hate’ Aquatics, let’s just say I view them more as seafood.

  68. Prateek Das

    Nope... No inclusion or feminist BS...!!

  69. THCBDude

    Isn't this guy being that Dracula dude in marvel... Stick to one man, and i know this joker scene is him from the past, but why did you have to destroy him completely...

  70. Bruh I was the imposter

    Where people who hyped over marvel zombies gang

  71. VaZel Icy.

    Finna watch the movie no cap

  72. Brolin Toro

    Nice one, but where is Final Destination 6 coming out? Been waiting since 2011!

  73. Rajtanushree Dutta

    Michael and Daisy

  74. Lilian Ochan Olay

    I love you Melissa

  75. Ron Speer

    What if Batman showed up in the MCU?

  76. Timothy Chizmar


  77. Mustafa El-Amin

    You noticed how in this movie and justice league they always are the black guy crippled or something that has to be mechanically/surgically repaired as if they don’t want em to be whole in a way.ijs

  78. jyrrin

    this kinda looks like the hunger games but peeta is a girl and katniss is the dude

  79. Anime Dimensions


  80. Aadhithya Pagidimarri

    it's leaked trailers plz top watching like to spread out