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    1. seonsaengnim

      BK speaking English made him look sexier with that laidback outfit omg

    2. kaosan วิชัยดิษฐ


    3. For you

      pp อ่ะเอาแต่ทำตัวน่ารัก😍🥰😘

    4. OLAY B.


    5. Elena Dancette

      For international fans, the English parts : 1:41 4:49 7:12 9:45 22:06 27:25 28:14 - 30:16 PP and BK Singing and choregraphy 31:00 32:22 48:24 singing again

    6. Elena Dancette

      18:39 😍

    7. Sola Hola

      This is so cool! Being able to understand them without looking at the subtitles is such a satisfying feeling I cant explain. I am in love with them even more now

    8. เกวลิน มีทอง


    9. Noo Muma

      ชอบเวลาบิวกิ้นพูดภาษาอังกฤษจัง 😍

      1. ยุพาพร ทองคํา


    10. Keida Kim

      Holy shit i never knew bk was this fluent in english

    11. Vyoma Oza

      I have so much respect for PP and Billkin to put themselves out there speaking English. Even if it's not their first language, they are doing such a great job and I actually really enjoyed hearing them speak no matter how it sounds. I totally relate since I am an Indian American and switching languages can be difficult to navigate, not to mention on a livestream in front of hundreds of people. Love them both so much and am so excited for part 2 😊

    12. sani mondial

      Bilkin this is my first time hear your voice speaking life and telecast in THwikis. You speak good and fluent English. Not all the BL actor can speak and fluent English like you. I am impress with your voice which you sing during the Fantopia in February 210221. You have a good and quality voice. You deserve to produce your own album. I wish you all the best with your future career in acting and singing. 👨🎤🎵🎶🎵🎶👍👍👌👌👏👏🤗🤗😍😍💚💞💛💞❤️💞💙💖💖

    13. Aye Lwin


    14. Loser with Tony

      พุดได้มั้ย พีพีหล่อจังกิ๊ดด

    15. Stuart Everett

      This is an absolute delight. Both Bilkin and PP are so charming and playful. and have never looked more handsome.Their spoken English passages are very impressive and a great attempt to communicate with their many international fans👍👍👍 and we learn that filming of ITSAY part 2 is being held up because of the Covid restrictions in force in Bangkok where many scenes need to be filmed. So we must be patient. They are generous in thanking their fans for their support in these difficult times. Bilkin tells us that their ambition is to return to work both acting and musically as soon as it is possible to do so. We even get a few a capella sung passages including SKYLINE at the end 👏👏👏 Meanwhile, they're keeping in touch with us and letting us know how their careers are progressing. Let's hope we get more of these lives. It's such a pleasure to see them and their crocodile😹😹😹 🤟🤟🤟 Love is the main message to us all💓💓💓

    16. Jasmine Bhesyanavin


    17. Oldy Tang

      18.40 จ๊ะ นาทีทอง

      1. Kamkhun kawhom


    18. Red moon

      ไลฟ็นี้เเควนมากเลยค่ะ อ่อลืมเเควนกันอยู่เเล้ว

    19. ส้มโอ


    20. sirilak srikhapha

      บิวกิ้นลูบหัวพีพี ทำไมเราเขินนนน

    21. แม่รักหนูบิวกิ้น มุเน้กผู้นัลล้าก


      1. cake cake


    22. chic chic

      ไม่ต้องพูดก็รู้ว่าแฟนกันนนอะแม่ 💕💕

    23. Sorn Apisorn

      พ่อดูแมนมาก น่ารักไปหมด แฟนกันใช่ไหมบอกมา

    24. _PP 19_

      แฟนแหละดูออก เขินวุ้ย😁