[ 30 minutes ] Billkin Playlist

Jiia yingg

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    #bkpp #kinkrit #nadaobangkok #itsay #billkin #PP #以你的心诠释我的爱 #แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ
    Anyone here were excited for part 2 too !!!
    Im still new to thai song and decided to create this playlist since these song were played everyday hahaha
    May comment below if you would like to recommend me any nice thai song ^^
    List of songs were stated on the background pic, like and subcribe for more !
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    1. Usanee Parnphet


    2. ปัญชลี จงจิต

      ฟังกี่ครั้งก็ไพเราะมากค่ะ ฟังทุกวันเลยค่ะ

    3. Michael Kien

      What is the title of the last song 35:53 ? :)

      1. Jiia yingg

        title: ช้ำคือเรา original is from this ig live (second song) thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/fs5no8l5bd-7mGo.html but i found this cover similar to Billkin cover thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/pbJsrc2latisaH8.html

    4. GOH SIN RU Moe

      billkin voice is beautiful and makes me very comfortable

    5. korn hulk

      listening to bilkin's voice while doing my assignments is healing

      1. korn hulk

        @Aryan Eugene is itsay available there?

    6. Wai Kuen Fok

      a sweet voice