5 Times People Tried to SUE Pokémon


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    Pokemon is the largest grossing media franchise of all time, and with that kind of success, a little bit of controversy is practically inevitable. While The Pokemon Company have been known to shut down fan games and other unofficial projects, every once in a while, fans will go after Pokemon instead and sue them for a supposed wrongdoing. In today's video, we're going to be highlighting five such stories, where people tried to SUE Pokemon!
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    1. Henry OMeara

      Whoever tries to sue Pokemon, your mom may consider you a mistake, or think of second guessing your birth. You may want to consider that before it's too late.

    2. Percy

      how do you own trading card games as a concept. Like. people used to trade baseball cards and shit...

    3. jim Gray

      i want to sue the people who sued pokemon

    4. Virgo Heart

      Why was I expecting Jynx to be mentioned in here? I guess it was only an upset uproar and not a lawsuit.

    5. Super squid Ninja

      2:13 The kid didn't die from pokemon he died Because he stupid

    6. childe

      Dude if uri geller wasn't sorry and kadabra would actually be gone i would be sad since kadabra is my fav pokemon

    7. Justice Graceful

      Yeah it's not gambling because you always get something, it's the purchase of an item not a risk. Not their fault You didn't get what You wanted.

    8. Jesse Baas

      before we start PETA is gonna be on this list!

      1. Jesse Baas

        PETA wasn't on here?

    9. Ultimate Cringe


    10. ult gaming Tyler

      (You are a true pokémon fan if you agree with me on this) Me once figuring out people are sueing pokémon:wants to punch them in the face. Your are a true pokémon fan if you want to punch them in theface

    11. Five Nights At Retro’s productions

      At 6:23 just saying isn’t every card game whith race cards just gambling? Lol

    12. WALUIGI Da winner

      9:16 MYSTIC7

    13. Cartoonimaker

      All the people from this video who sued Pokémon are Karens

    14. Adam Detwiler

      Did anybody else go to that one go fest when we had to leave for like a couple hours because of like winds

    15. CaLyReX

      Wow. Yeah, maybe let your 13 month old kid have some toy that is easy to choke on, have the kid choke, and then blame it on the company who sells those toys? It’s the PARENT’S fault for giving a little kid an easy-to-choke-on toy. It may be a TOY but that doesn’t mean tiny kids who don’t know what’ll happen if they mess around with it can play with it, especially if it is easy to choke on. It isn’t the company’s fault!

    16. Spiritfox100

      ....we must have never heard of the Burger King Recall at all...I still have those gold cards...lol

    17. Corvus Dominus

      7:06 the wording of the child statement honestly sounds forced, the parents probably forced the kid to say that.

    18. Joe Gleason

      Gellers a pos like no other psychic person uses spoons as a catalyst lol hes a joke

    19. Super Buu

      how the hell you get suffocated by a pokeball

    20. Demonic_myst

      The world needs stricter child negligence laws u cant blame a compony for a parent giving a baby a toy it can choke on add how do you choke on a pokeball That is one dtupid parent who should of been counter sued for wasting court time not given in to and should of been arested for child negligence

    21. Impish Mew :D

      omg this is a youtube channel i love your songs

    22. Dogshenpai

      If you’re going to give your baby/toddler choking hazards, you don’t deserve kids

    23. Anish Rao

      Mega zard x

    24. ZoeDaCat Productions

      HTF did that boy get $2000 to spend on cards?!

    25. JessenLH

      wow lol

    26. Epic Fails

      Its always that one person who ruins it for everyone

    27. The Diamond Hunter

      Parent: I’m dumb let’s get a toy for my child oh hey Burger King is giving toys away let’s get a toy that can be choked on Child: food? FOOD? FOOD!!! Parent: uh... my child is dead Note for everyone please if you ever see a child or parent or gonna have one please make sure to keep things that they can choke on away and if you know someone with a child please tell them a parent and child should not be separated like that

    28. dog of wisdom

      When ori geler is in your country :who are you think you are in hebrew

    29. Andrew Craig

      The kid who spent 2000 on cards back then is probably so rich now oh my gosh.

    30. lightinigboltairton

      A magician tried to sue nintendo over a freaking spoon

    31. MrTimTam

      But like kadabra has been in. The anime and Pokémon cards since 2006 even before geller said it can come back like in one move mega alakazam was there and there has been many alakazam and kadabra Pokémon in the games and anime’s and cards so what???

    32. ghostcraft33

      Imagine creating a website that slanders a company just because YOU didn't watch your child and they killed themselves with a toy that they shouldn't have had in the first place

    33. William Betford

      So nobody sued over the Pokémon Seizure Episode incident?

    34. Throwback Channel

      Why would people want to sue Pokémon?

    35. 6MM Drip

      😂 1,500,000/20,000 is $75 per.. they can out with less after the suit.. they were offered tickets plus $100 in game initially.. but I bet only a handful of people signed on for the suit payouts.

    36. Fabian Haegi

      I am suprised nobody sued nintemdo or game freak after the porygon seizure inducing episode that to this day has not been airer. Or what about fact that pokemon are like demons devils to a lot of very religion people anf the pokeball is the soul...

    37. Day’s Reptiles

      My 4th grade teacher actually took all my cards because they “distracted” the other students so I ended up losing them because my mom didn’t have a car and couldn’t go to school to get them. I lost my whole binder and I had some cards that were worth a lot then and even more now it’s pretty sad cause I could really use the extra money these days

      1. Day’s Reptiles

        @Yogashiii I’ve thought about it tbh bc she had no right to take them they weren’t distracting anyone I stayed the night at my cousins and had them in my bag, I told the teacher at the beginning of the class that they were in there and that I wanted my bag close because I was afraid they’d be stolen and she made a big point about how that’s a distraction to the class and I had to give them to her and me being the sweet innocent kid who did everything adults said I gave them over and begged my mom to go with me. She wrote a note called the school everything but they never relished them and then the teacher retired 2 months later and took everything

      2. Yogashiii

        You should call them now and be like... Where's my cards? If they don't have em then sue xD jk

      3. Yogashiii

        I remember my school had a policy... If your parent doesn't come to get your stuff then the teacher would give it to you at the end of the year.

    38. Arron tjua

      7:40 you mean gacha



    40. Shadow the Hedgehog37

      *Glances at porygon*

    41. 1zPoke

      “One of the kids spent over $2000 in one month.” -well who’s fucking fault is that for buying him the cards

    42. 8г Uujam Ganbat

      Mongolia doesn’t have pokemon cards

    43. 8г Uujam Ganbat

      Wizards is dumb

    44. Drew V

      In the 90s what kid had $2k to spend on pokemon within 6 mnths?

    45. TsukiKageTora

      Jesus Christ. The parents were literally pushing blame on the Pokémon Company for their shitty parenting of letting their 13 month old have a toy that is a complete choking hazard. They should be the only ones responsible for the death of their child. Hell, Pokémon isn’t even rated younger than 4 years old

    46. Raycuro’s Gameplay

      So they sued Pokémon for there lack of attention to there child WHAHAHAHHAHAT

    47. Erin W

      So...it's Pokémon's fault you gave your child $2,000 to spend on Pokémon Cards? How???

    48. Jeff McKenzie

      Pokémon Go still sucks. They take your money and run away.

    49. Nae Nae Gaming

      (Controversial Opinion) The Burger King situation is the parents fault since they gave they gave their infant a Kids meal when the kid could barely eat like a normal person

    50. ?

      who even gives a child burger king food or burger king toys to a 13 month old child? Even my species is smarter than this

    51. Den Algene Rosas

      This is just pathetic,your facing game freak or nintendo

    52. VividChim

      I kind of hope Uri gets to do a cameo in a Kadabra themed episode of the anime as a way of making ammends after all this time. Something like a guy teaching Kadabra to bend spoons or just a fun little spot like that.

      1. Angry Mokyuu

        Blocking a character from appearing in a card game or TV show for decades shouldn't be rewarded.

    53. Dark Matter

      I thought this said 10 times people tried to SING Pokemon lol

    54. Hexighost

      here's an idea . . . . DONT BUY YOUR KIDS CARDS IF THEY'RE ADDICTED, always trying to pass the blame

    55. Hexighost

      dont give your kid something they can choke on or, here's an idea WATCH you kids, jeez, whatever happened to parents parenting

    56. scott clark

      Well you should of looked after your kid

    57. TheUnproPro

      "Their children had become addicted to the cards" Well yeah it's fun and releases happy feels xD Also gambling? Pls. You gamble buying a burger these days :P

    58. Great Gig

      sounds like the original case was just a case of negligence lol

    59. nezuko

      A kid choking to death (its burger kings flat and its very sad) but how is that pokemons fault

    60. Mattias Geary

      New headline “food kills, because you can choke on it”

    61. Alpha_panter

      I like how when you talked about gambling a genshin impact clip.

      1. Alpha_panter

        You showed a genshin clip *

    62. Liam King

      Niantic are in trouble again with thw kanto tour bonus. They screwed up like they did go fest 2020 but instead of giving us a redemption day to catch pokemon with boosted shiny rates they decided to give us items. People are threatening to sue niantic again. We all love pokemon & pokemon go but no ones loves nianitc

    63. Dylan Hoffman

      Who in their right mind gives their kid $2000 in 6 months

    64. My name was to long

      Heyyyy... why was there a Geshin Impact clip??

    65. Quickyboy 1809

      1:58 this is what we call natural sellection

    66. the blue inferno

      with the burger king one when the kid breaths out the Pokeball would have fallen off their face even if the 13month old held it their they fall asleep out of exhaustion and the Pokeball would have fallen then so the only way the child suffocated was if one of their siblings held it their

    67. RedStool

      Gambling is only gambling when theres a chance you can lose your money and get nothing in return, buying pokemon cards or loot boxes ain't a gamble because you are getting something in return, it's money for an item deal.

    68. RedStool

      if your kid is stupid enough to choke on a toy, its their fault for thinking it was food its the parents fault for letting it happen so dont blame the shop/toy/company.

    69. Matthew Tong

      Why is there a clip of someone wishing in Genshin Impact?

    70. V4UGHN4N B3UM3R

      Yoou might be happy to know the legends starters

    71. DovM Gacha

      Poeple being idiots is not nintendos fallt. (The first lawsuit=How)

    72. Randy Klein

      I like Alakazam Abra and Kadabra I actually beat a copy of Pokemon fire Red last summer I beat the whole game with Kadabra by itself because the starter character was not doing too good so I was able to take cadaver and get him going all the way up to level 77 and beat the whole game so

    73. Codyiguess

      I felt like sueing them after seeing the. Shit stain that was sword and shield.

    74. Akainu D. Sakazuki

      so the baby chocked on a pokeball???

    75. Roberto Gonzalez

      I still have my Pokemon collection I have everything you could ever think of including the Japanese and US version of the Pokemon trading cards I love Pokemon it is awesome I miss my childhood but I'm glad I still have a piece of it with me

    76. alolanraichu

      I remember that recall,but I never knew about the giving them back the toys,I still have some of mine,in your face burger king XD also why would you give a 13 month old baby a toy they can easily choke on? what a dumbass,it was your fault,you should have been watching your baby 3:54 he better be sorry,20 years to end a ban is ridiculous,he shouldn't have done it to begin with,now I hope that kadabra can return to the anime,cards and everything else now,fuck this dude for being childish for 20 years

    77. Quill Todd

      I miss pokemon fangames. The things they SHOULD be taking down is the pirated ROMS

    78. Ashy

      i feel bad for the parents, but why would they sue pokemon? it isn't the companies fault that they were being irresponsible.

    79. Zuchero Zucc

      Funny how i got a pokemon cards ad while Seeing this

    80. H-bomb

      the first week of pokemon go is the closest we will have to world peace

    81. SuperAmazingRickSatan972StrikesBackOnceAgain

      how do u sue some1 i want 2 sue my mom

    82. PE Player 33

      I don’t think you could die by playing Pokémon. Unless you were a complete idiot and didn’t take any breaks.

    83. zozoey_05

      nobody’s gonna talk about the kid spending $2000 on cards? like who gave the kid the money. some dude down the street? highly doubt it. if parents don’t want kids to waste money on the cards then don’t let them buy the cards.

    84. SixthGazelle735

      2:43 ahhh. I live on his country

    85. Patrik Kósa

      Bruh, I always name my kadabra Uri Geller when I catch one

    86. Octavio Herschberg

      If I worked at pokemon I would have made a website called badparentskill.com

    87. 🎀Shopkins Pesky🎀

      the burger king one was the parents fault. why would they give a 1 year old a small plastic pokeball that can easily be choked on. Babies can put anything in their mouth so that was pretty expected to happen.

    88. Trey marwieh

      Pokemon kills man I'm sure that is one of the stupidest lawsuit in history

    89. Michelle Wilt

      Literally the only ones that shouldn't have been laughed out of court or immediately settled with ruinous results against the prosecuting party were the patent infringement/trade secrets by Wizards of the Coast, and the lawsuits against pokemon go for encouraging trespassing.

    90. weeguy

      That's right blame everything on something else to cover up your an irresponsible parent(s)🙄

    91. Ceci Ng

      Has anyone noticed these law sues are all from USA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA

    92. Mina Hukay

      LOL this is basically Random people: *you took everything from me* Pokemon: *i don't even know who you are...*

    93. MatsuyoRific

      I still have my BK Togepi plush, and is one of my oldest possessions, second only to my Raichu plush

    94. StarViolet Warriors

      I still have that charmander toy that was inside the burger king meal.

    95. ZyfeXR

      Hold up how did the boy suffocate on a poke ball🤔

    96. Aj Martinez

      Kid :dies because parents wasn't watching what the child was doing parents : pokémon sucks because my child diie me: you didn't watch your kid correctly

    97. Kieran Moon

      Why let your child spend that much money in 6 months? Your bank card, your responsibility 😂 “Yeah Susan, my youngest Jimmy has gotten hooked on Pokémon cards, should have seen him laying down a gengar” Susan: What’s a gengar?

      1. David Stradinger


    98. mystery man

      poor parenting !!!

    99. Logan Mega The Wolf


    100. Duck Boi

      That first ones the parents fault