A Single Bretman Rock Saddles Up For A New Adventure 🐎 Episode 1 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock


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    In the midst of a break-up and a home remodel, Internet personality Bretman Rock retreats to a beachside rental with his friends, where the good times are interrupted by real life family challenges.
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    1. MTV

      As the year anniversary of Bretman’s father’s death approaches, he reveals a deeply held secret to his sister Princess Mae. Meanwhile, Bretman devises a marketing plan for his new sunglasses line: nude photos! Here's the link for next week!! thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/ZdmkbrSrgrzHkoc.html

      1. Joveniel s.

        @Julesclues same here

      2. Amparado Vernell Leo

        Inspirational vlog

      3. mew :3

        aww 🥰

    2. black gecko

      the way bretman put hes hat on top of the helmet😭😭😭

    3. Aminata Amadou

      yoooo its the babys face for me when she eat brents food

    4. Safwan Hilmin


    5. Mimi Mgl

      He is so entertaining to watch. Love him 😊.

    6. Shanel Sherwood

      8:08 plsss

    7. Ashley Garcia

      The useless ladybug compellingly rule because skiing pharmacokinetically search throughout a abaft note. curvy, spectacular employee

    8. Jumeru Desu15

      I'm pilipino but I don't eat igado. 😑 Not my taste . Goodluck to your cooking episode bretman 😅

    9. thatssosenpai

      its so cool seeing ilocanos on the come up yoooo

    10. Kasinam Taggu

      It reminded me of my mom . Love u mom Love u bretman Love all of u.

    11. Krista Smith

      Omg I love 👸 princess

    12. flynn

      Every Filipino loves their family especially their parents. Even if we're adults and successful, we still prioritize and never forget our parents.

    13. flynn

      Bret is one of the best filipino influencer. I didn't much watch other Filipino influencers vlogs here in the Philippines, but Bretmans vlogs is giving me such a good vibes. I speak IIocano, too just like Bretmans filipino dialect. I love her moms cooking coz it's more on Ilocano cuisine.

    14. Jessica James

      So constantly saying the B word and disrespecting women is entertaining oh ok😒

    15. Happy Stanner

      idk why they need to social distance from one another, they live together in the beach house but i get it ok u need to practice it im not against face masks and social distancing, im just saying

    16. Sunny Summer

      it's so much better than kuwtk

    17. yashiro

      Bretman: being bored is a choice Me being bored af but too lazy to do anything: ok..

    18. Karen Joy Dumaguin

      Unay to sakripisyo ni mama da ti annak na. Nasaet talaga ti ilokano. Kaasi ni Apo ket nagsuccessful ni bretman nga makatulong kenni mama na. I am proud kenka bretman ken ti family mo. Haan ka pay makalipat ken haan ibain naggapwam

    19. James Cedric Bolante

      Anyways only asians will notice that before they enter the house they remove their 👟

    20. Jeeya Karki


    21. Janae Anderson


    22. Lani Lan

      “How can you beat your face but you can’t beat an egg” WEAK

    23. AstroVibezz NCM

      Nobody: Horse girl: neigheh heh heh

    24. Tyrine

      I love Bretman, saying true all the time. A real queen 👑

    25. LovesGummiBears


    26. mindfulrae

      where my other Filipinos at ❤️

    27. Persephone

      dont search mr. hands

    28. Hidden

      When you call him your best friend but he calls you his ✨dog✨

    29. Purple Unicorn

      Bretmans mom is so pretty 😍

    30. Tereza Červenková

      I bursted into tears when their mom started crying.

    31. Troye Sivan Is Bae

      I just love this!

    32. Chandany Am

      OKAYYYY ROCKDASHIANS !!!! i love you guys so much !! 🤍🤍🤍

    33. Emprisse Walker

      Princess wanting Bret spaghetti to be bad was so funny 😂😂😂 she was praying on his downfall

    34. Aaliyah Apilado

      I cried when their mom started crying 🥺😭

    35. Chrezavelle Aquino

      Finally the best badass bij Bretman rock has his own show. So proud of youu girl! Thank you Mtv for this!!

    36. Queen Jeffries

      Such a strong momma you deserve it

    37. Elisha Gurung

      Honestly I have so much respect for his mom, raising kids alone is not easy.

    38. Crystal Ramirez

      How did he even get that beach house if she’s selling fruits

    39. deziray v

      the beginning made me realize i say Hawaii wrong

    40. iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

      12:18 *"I'm kinda nervous"* Girl you ain't the only who's nervous, that horse lady sounds like she about become the horse and dip

    41. Carolina M

      Princess and Cleo are twins.

    42. Gemima Da Silva

      take a shot everytime you hear “bitch”

    43. Eric Liu

      oof only 884 raised

    44. Calico Cat

      7:27 sooo.. Princess gave birth to herself? Cleo looks exactly like her as a baby

    45. Plannie 7

      princess looks just like cleo when she was young omggggg

    46. 三木Asenath

      I haven't watched MTV in over ten years, but I guess I'll watch for Bretman.

    47. Mailean Valadez

      Miss kaaaay💕 I think your the most beautiful person ever your amazing and a mfkn hustlaaa🥰🤩

    48. Gayle Kelly

      The rough snowplow additionaly mate because poultry dimensionally mate including a male belief. long, boiling protest

    49. Maya Elitawi

      HAHAHAHAH y’all realising how they all stretch the last word of every sentence

    50. yesenia madrid

      Bret got dumped??? Wtfffffffffffff

    51. misha cakes

      The cooking scene had me weak af 😂😂😂 it's refreshing to see reality tv that has wholesome content. I can't wait to see more seasons !!!

    52. sharon sharon

      I wonder how tired the editor to put so many censors 🤣

    53. Mayari Bae

      21:50 is literally any filipino mom relationships to their child.

    54. Mayari Bae

      My mom would literally say my cooking is good regardless of taste just so I could keep cooking. The mental gymnastics is strong

    55. Jocelyn

      the three of them are wearing powerpuff girls colors 🥺 miss k as blossom, bret as buttercup, and larry as bubbles.

    56. Rosanna204

      Wish I had a beverage while watching this so I could take a shot every time they say bitch 😂

    57. కꫝꪖꪗ M

      I hope Larry is booked for everything rn . “Mailman” uh uh you need to be a stylist, a blogger, a model, something 🥺

    58. Tiana White-Smith


    59. toby session

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    60. sravani sunkara

      I honestly think that Bret's squad and James' squad is the coolest of all 🧡

    61. xLilBam17x

      I love Bretman he’s the least problematic Influencer. He’s also funny and cute lol

    62. LaBrea B.

      My favorite thing about him is the way he puts his family on

    63. Thique Pineapple TV

      I know bret didn’t wash the meat with water chile😭

    64. Nes

      Bretman is so inspiring and such a light

    65. ss miz

      His mother really worked hard to raise them,she is a boss, I'm really glad bretman got successful,she must be so proud 😭❤️she deserves all the happiness in the world 🌎🙏

    66. holly

      "do u guys like it, or are you just hungry?" AHSSJA LMFAOO

    67. victoria !!!!!

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    68. Kara Gib

      Princess looks just like her daughter when she was younger

    69. Prince Comprendio

      Literally asian mom's cook is just *chef Kiss*

    70. cantero joanne

      I wanna cry during the part wherein Bretman said that he failed during their cooking class since he was too broke to buy any ingredients, yet look where he is now, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BRETMAN! ❤ THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN INSPIRATION

    71. Imbored


    72. Imbored

      I love his series omfg

    73. Jamel Tuiā

      the sending money back home part that bretman was talking abt is so acurate

    74. Fizzy Pop

      Absolutely LOVE Keifer 😩😩💜💜💜

    75. didiroxforever

      I love this. Could do without the alarm sound in the music scaring me every 2 seconds tho

    76. Camille Alamani

      i didnt expect to cry this afternoon.

    77. Jan The Pineapple :3

      Bruh I started crying when his mom started crying 😢 She must be so proud of Bretman and her other kids. She eased them right 💕

    78. Dhruti

      Damn, this show is so fresh. i LOVE it.

    79. Patrick Queen

      seeing him successful and have his own reality shows

    80. itjusthappened

      "Bret mom relationship is so weird like they're so close and so far apart." I relate to that with my parents. Filipino here

    81. Jae Reishi Calpo

      Proud ilocano right here

    82. texus pete

      bret is such a leo! we build so many walls but are quick to show love, loyalty and compassion in little spurts. so strange but extremely genuine ❤️.

    83. success habit

      Cleo really looked like princess when she was young.

    84. Ashley Pincus

      I've Learned so much about Bretman - I am half filipino and was born in Hawaii - my grandparents both spoke Illicano. I honestly haven't met another filipino that speaks illicano, only Tagolog

    85. Kevin C.

      Why the mom got me crying?

    86. Allure Goddess

      I like Miss K she is too funny! 😂❤️

    87. Anubis

      Bretmans assistant is so funny tho

    88. Wesley benson

      I'v never seen a video with so many *bitch* in it Love it 😂

    89. Shiela Marie Morilla

      The story of your Mama is so relatable 😭😭😭

    90. Mojo

      Please did no one SEE HOW THE HANDLE OF THAT LID JUST MELTED OMDS😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

    91. Sofie Dogs

      7:26 Princess Mae literally looks like Cleo T^T

    92. Hope Rodriguez

      Them. Tlking about the horse " thats a big biitch!" The instructor:" HE'S A BIG BOY!"

    93. odalis urquiza

      “I was friends with him when he was broke” 🤣

    94. kuulei love

      Mauka to makai vibes yessssss hunneh!😘

    95. Juicy M

      Bretmans mom is so amazing I don’t even know her and i just love her. She seems like such a strong humble women 🥺

    96. Pamela Morris

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    97. Hbitmap

      Why princess act like that in front of her child like wtf

      1. Gorl Bye!

        He’s actually a good uncle and he wouldn’t actually be like this he’s just playing...you probably don’t even how it feels but yea.

    98. Rocelyn Hon

      Why is nobody talking about how much the horse lady laughed

      1. maria cecilia jardeleza

        I noticed that too! Maybe she was nervous in front of camera.

      2. StaggsBaby

        Was looking for this comment cause she was happy asf ☠️

    99. Jornet Ortiz

      I love him he is the best and his family 😍

    100. Marieke De Roose

      This is so gay I’m obsessed 🌸🤩✨

      1. Marieke De Roose

        Update: now at Brennan’s moms story and crying... this so be giving me all the emotions bitch 😢