Agust D '대취타' MV


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    Agust D '대취타' MV
    Agust D - 'D-2' Download

    Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
    2nd AD: Soeyoung Park, Jongeun Lee
    Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim (GE Production)
    Production manager: Min Sung Kim
    Assistant Producer: Ju Young An
    Assistant Production Manager: Ji Hoon Han
    Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam (GDW)
    Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
    2nd AC: Eunki Kim
    3rd AC: Kyuwon Seo
    DIT: Yesom Park
    Gaffer: Kyeong Seok Kim
    1st: Jooil Kim, Myung Hoon Park, Kwon Jang
    2nd: Young Woong Cho, Sungho Kim, Junhee Sung
    3rd: Hanbin Seol, Beong Gwan Lee, Yong Ju Lee, Dae Hyeon Yu
    4th: Yoon Ho So, Chang Hwan Son
    Jimmy Jib Operator: Youngjung Kim
    Jimmy Jib Assistant: Hyun in Kim
    Generator: Jin Chan Heo, Jongho Kim
    Crane: Daesik Seo, Heang Sun Myung
    Art Director: Jinsil park, Bona Kim (MuE)
    Assistant Art Team: Yeri Kang, Seonghee Park
    Art team Manager: Ilho Heo
    Sfx: Just
    Sfx Supervisor: Kyoungsoo Park, Changsuk Kim
    Sfx Technician: Taehun Kim, Hyun Ahn
    Stunt Director: Yoon Heon Jung
    Stunt Team: Gyeong Seop Noh, Wonjong Song
    Costume Designer: Kyeongmi Kim
    Costume Designer Team Leader: Soo Hyun Nam
    Costume Designer Team: Haeun Kim, Siyeon Kim, Nahyun Kim
    Head of Department, Extra Hair&Makeup: Sun Park
    Key Extra Makeup Artist: Jooil Kim
    Key Extra Hair Stylist: Hyun Jin Jung
    Extra Hair&Makeup Artist: Doye Park, Cho Eun Kim, Chul Yeon Kim, Ji Seon Yun
    Special Cast: Taegwan Nam, Jooho Jeong
    Location support: MBC DaeJanggeum Park
    Team manager: Jong Keun Park
    Visual Creative: Nu Kim, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Lee Hye Ri
    Performance Directing: Son Sung Deuk, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun, Hyewon Park
    Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Ahn jong Hun, Lee Seung Byeong

    Big Hit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Big Hit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.
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    1. Moon Pink

      Ya se va a cumplir un año de esta joyita 😭❤️

    2. azareel Lara Mata

      Army ayúdenme a difundir esto: Los chicos en varias entrevistas dijeron que su primera canción No More Dream no lo consideraban un Hit, ayudemos a que esta canción llegue a los 200M o 250M antes de la fecha de su debut. Por favor difundan.

    3. Ahmd Gsbs

      جمال شوقا ❤️😍

    4. wijdan jojo aboasr

      كم مره اشوفها:) 😏

    5. Dulce Salas Ruiz

      ya me duele tanto el cuello por hacer el paso de daechwita jajaja PD: valio la pena

    6. I M ROMERO

      How is he not a main rapper? He can rap faster than sonic can run

    7. emmy es

      Yongii with long black hair aka the future of Korea

    8. Tasniem Hnoude

      Suga is the king ♡♡ Suga is the boss ♡♡ We love u suga♡♡

    9. Kim Yuna

      *!!!!!!!ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!* Jungkook, Seokjin and Yoongi are s3mifinalists of 100 Asian heartthr0bs 2021 Please do vot3 for them, they deserve it. It's not like the others don't but BTS and ARMY are my ult so they'll obviously be more deserving in my eyes. Sadly, Namjoon, Jimin and Hoseok got eliminated even before I got to know about the p0ll and Taehyung wasn't a nominee this year because he has been the winner for 3 years, back to back. BTS Jungkook VS SB19 Ken BTS Seokjin VS Akira (I'm really not trying to insult anyone but I really don't have any idea of who Akira is and G00gle isn't helping at all.) BTS Yoongi VS SB19 Josh VOt3ing is unlimited and only opened till 19th May, 2021. Taehyung is n0minated for most handsome Asian king fan choice voting 2021. Taehyung is currently in the 2nd position, while the 1st place is taken by Aaron Yan Ya Lun. V0ting is unlimited.


      "Interlude Shadow" is 900,998 away to hit 100m viss on YT.

    11. nabilah akmala


    12. The silent you get, the more you hear

      0:57 Who else came for this scene lmao 🤣


      Yoongi you don't Know, you are the best💜✨and BTS's the Best 💜✨ARMY AND BTS FOREVER AND I PURPLE YOU 💜✨🖇️

    14. you_ LOST

      KİNG SUGA👑

    15. Amani Dorsey

      its almost been a year & im still not over this.

    16. THICC BOI


    17. Girl in  Luv

      Multi talented King D

    18. Chine Chineme

      2:42 The way his voice went lower gets me everytime. REPLAYYYYYY


      arte del gatito

    20. monserat hawkins

      Nice job on the video BTS ✌️✌️😌😌😍😍😍😙😙😉🤨😚😚🧐👍👍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. goo fly


    22. yoon baby

      love youuu

    23. Silver Army


      1. Silver Army


    24. Girl in  Luv

      AGUST D

    25. yoon baby


    26. Mourad Fofo

      Wåw chøgå😎😎😎

    27. 丂ㄩᘜ卂🍊

      Yoongi is the king.♡︎ Yoongi is the boss.♡︎

    28. Park Jiwoo

      Yoongi: A cool person Agust D : He is on fire!!!!!

    29. 丂ㄩᘜ卂🍊

      I love you suga 💔

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    33. 丂ㄩᘜ卂🍊



      안녕하세요 노래가 좋아요

    35. Wissam Hammoud


    36. Bibia silva geme


    37. Valentina Volpi

      Escuchando arteeeeee

    38. لا احد

      Sooooooo ceooot

    39. Hope Valintine

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    40. Diana Romero


    41. Astrid Tarazona

      Str34m a DON'T, gracias

    42. nicole stephany turpo huaman

      사랑해 스가 파 우리 결혼하면 윤의 es encerio te amo caste conmigo

    43. Rowida ALsiyabi

      واو صديك انت فنان معروف معلوم انت؟ 🙂

    44. Mia solaidy Gutierrez

      Agust D suga babyyyy i'm cute

    45. Black pink Tik Tok.

      Nadie absolutamente nadie el Jungkook y Jin peleando como siempre en el mv de Yoongi

    46. bts kurdish army

      250m views please army

    47. iPJML0VE

      yoongi te amo

    48. Cecilia Canova

      Jungkook y jin

    49. Magdalena Magdalena

      they are seen there jin and jungkook😮😮❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    50. Angeles bss

      yoongi best rapper

    51. Bernarda Mendez

      Jin and junkook 😂😂😂

    52. Emerson Andrews

      *Legends say that Jin and JK are still fighting.*

    53. زوزه الشطوره

      250 m mv Army

    54. Inez

      Min've definitely got my attention 💜 I'm officially an Army now 💜☺

    55. Fernanda Gutierrez


    56. Oday Abas

      في ارمي عرب اثبتو وجودكم 🖤💓❤💋🖐

    57. ᴊᴜɴɢ ʜᴏꜱᴇᴏᴋ

      OMG tremenda obsesión con esta canción ♡

    58. Keeli Corina Salinas


    59. ᴊᴜɴɢ ʜᴏꜱᴇᴏᴋ

      Pinshe Yoongi me traes mal bb ♡

    60. •lily diy•

      Something has appeared behind Suga's T-shirt💙😂

    61. Ratna Sahebdien

      Did he just said shit😶

    62. RORO

      طب فهمني انت بتؤل اه

    63. vanesa Chacón

      agust D

    64. Lu / 민윤기


    65. Lu / 민윤기


    66. Leyla Garcia

      safe to say that yoongi never looked hotter.

    67. تايهيونتان

      انه شوقا الناري

    68. تايهيونتان

      جين وكوك 😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    69. Luciana Castaneda



      Yo how are they doing this

    71. deeksha sasikumar

      2:43. Nobody can deny the fact that this part is so satisfying. And the whole part is amazing that I have it on repeat

    72. LemonLee Boy

      ¿Ustedes no notan que cómo que se ve mas intimidante con cabello blanco?...- 👆😋

    73. احمد الكبيسي


    74. احمد الكبيسي


    75. احمد الكبيسي


    76. احمد الكبيسي


    77. احمد الكبيسي


    78. احمد الكبيسي


    79. احمد الكبيسي


    80. احمد الكبيسي


    81. احمد الكبيسي


    82. احمد الكبيسي


    83. Mona Van Reymenant

      Min Yoongi you are the best!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    84. dr0wnn und3rw44at33er

      2:43 your looking for this

    85. Sour Candy

      راب شوقا اسرع من سرعه الضوء Suge's rap is faster than the speed of light EGYPTIAN🇪🇬 ARMY

    86. Ludy Munoz

      l love this song

    87. Mamatha Sree

      I just want to witness this masterpiece in a live concerttttt 🔥🔥🔥 Damn just imagining gives me chill 💜💜

    88. 💕KIM NOOR💕

      بموت شوقا يجنننن لو اسمع لاغنية مليون مره ما امل

    89. XxSavageXx

      Poor Jin😅

      1. XxSavageXx


    90. chim chim

      1:00 jin and jk 😂😂

    91. Sour Candy

      Jin and jungkook 😅😅

    92. 💕KIM NOOR💕

      شوقا شوقا احبك موت

    93. Nah Cavalcante

      y love Min yongi

    94. Duy Nguyễn

      AGUST D 🔥💜💜💜💜💜

    95. International Playgirl

      Agust D doesn't give a shit on two things 1.oxygen 2.Hate comments 😒

    96. Sagal Durran

      Suga bumping into Jin n Jin Nd jungkook fighting is leJINdary😂😂😂

    97. Emily Luana

      o Guinho parece um gatinho bravo :(

    98. Sabiha Fatma

      No one: Literally no one: Jin and JK in the background: Fighting! Me: 👁👄👁 😂😂🤣

    99. 김 누르