Animator vs. Animation V (official)

Alan Becker

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    Animator vs. Animation Shorts 1-4, in one video, with edits for continuity, as well as some new music.
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    Music by Scott Buckley, including "Icarus" -
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    1. Alvred S315

      Very good animation alan😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Gooombah


    3. Annie Ulloa

      Bro this is so goood omg

    4. Rajinder Mann

      I found a moral in here If u give up power for yourself u get power and beat up bad guy LOL

    5. 紙コップの裏の表「The black hole」

      This is so funny that I've seen it 3 times All the other works are great

    6. Tooyu Ryu

      27:51 ah you DLe

    7. Erlie Allan Cabral

      9:00 RASENGAN *ear rape*

    8. Lisa

      i whis there were in my conputer there soo cute

    9. Z00M KR4K3N

      They raided fridaynight funkin

    10. V252 Mustafa

      Thats what you call dopeness

    11. gaylor cuizon

      Bruh pico is there and tankman this guy has to be a time traveler

    12. 존재 감

      응답해라 한국인! Answer me, Korean!

    13. Dawid Skibinski

      The story of an animator who inadvertently created the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.

    14. NovranXD

      tankman be like: Ugh

    15. Faizalrocha Nasrah

      That your nice video

    16. Faizalrocha Nasrah

      I like it

    17. البطل الابيض


    18. Dog Zone Tricks and Games

      And possible to make

    19. Dog Zone Tricks and Games

      I'm amazed that this is even real

    20. TLT MatteoSpyro

      at 9:00 it looks like the Rasenshuriken from Naruto but it is really impressive (I love your animations)


      Bruhh the orange is an antivirus lol hahahahahah

    22. Fahaka Lakama

      Woah orange is stronger than Boss Red

    23. Israel Hilari

      what program do you use for the amination ?

    24. Stockman145

      11:49 there pico

    25. Fahaka Lakama


    26. Topher Gaming

      *ViraBot Joined The Chat* btw You are Going to Reach *15M Subscribers* Soon.

    27. Haniel Cosette Barbon

      Ok no offense, but Alan when his cursor gets destroyed by orange: AHHH GOTTA GO FAST When its the virus: takin mah time but PANICKING

    28. Shiela Mae Famulag

      So cool

    29. Shiela Mae Famulag

      How you do dat

    30. Shiela Mae Famulag


    31. Shiela Mae Famulag


    32. Game Night Studios

      This is the better than AVENGERS ENDGAME

    33. Steven Bower

      Turns out Alan gave Orange his power- he simply renamed him to "God".

    34. Neşe Yılmaz

      I beateful

    35. Neşe Yılmaz


    36. megz gaming

      Bruh this is the best animation ever

    37. Neşe Yılmaz

      I love animation

    38. mikl-

      42 million views ok ok

    39. Vektore Strike

      Plz ep 2

    40. eijiro kirishima

      never in my life did i think I was going to cry over a stick figure. Truly amazing job Alan. Absolutely fantastic.

    41. Llamu


    42. KalAxD_

      The moral that I got was: Do not kill the SC's friends. Each time this happened, his vengeful rage grew stronger and it got the better of him until he became godlike, better than The Dark Lord. "You ended my friends, now I will end you." The next scene, perfect music, choreography and sound effects is what follows to an ending that is so beautiful to see. I've rewatched that so many times, and I still get cheerful excitement every time. So immersive.


      Hello there. Can you tell me the name of the animation program Alan Becker uses?

    44. Альфа Беззубик

      27:40 Orange: i will not die! *Orange is filled with determination* 28:58 all orange friends filled with determination

    45. Arkan Faqih Pranaja

      You have a new subscriber

    46. Chriskyle cholo Flores

      I love your vids so much

    47. Hongfei Lu

      The best thing about this is how Second Coming just mopped Red across the continent

    48. •purple candy's•

      hey..why is this too cool?i love itt!!!make a black stickman story again♡♡,plsss,see black and red fighting really exciting :v make again! make again! make again!

    49. ASHTON NICOLO 饒東彬 UY

      i love the part black gived orange the super power but its more good

    50. Tumen Solongo


    51. Ralph Weber Ompusunggu

      this is so good

    52. KaitouJack

      This is great!!

    53. KaitouJack


    54. สมบัติ อินทะวงษ์


    55. Egg Nog

      Now in 3D

    56. Silas The stickman guy thingy

      It’s so amazing, best yet!!! I love the fight!!!

    57. Fox Wolffe

      6:38 Naruto!!!

    58. Darío. Navarro

      que triste y dramatico me tienen que decir el secreto de este youtube

    59. akhdan cool gamer mama too

      the animation is video

    60. mama rahma


    61. DuckGodYT

      Alan Becker, single handedly keeping originality alive on THwikis

    62. P Syndrome

      Orange be like : Avast antivirus

    63. HaiZakuro Plays

      This is literally the best stickman animation, its even in 3D i cant ask for more

    64. Yu7Yu7Me7Yume7

      It’s back!

    65. Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

      the single most impressive piece of animation on THwikis, truly awesome!

    66. Animator Kid6469

      11:48 NOOOOOO TANK MAN AND PICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Madness Combat guy is there.

    67. Nizar Ali

      This so cool

    68. Turtox -

      oh god😭, this is the best animation i've ever see, i very lime it, and im a new subscriber

    69. Tyreke Robinson

      Hey what happened? Like, for real what happend?🤨🤨😐🤨🤨🤨🤨

    70. Diego Alonso Vera Rojas


    71. OllysLife YT

      Red was called the dark lord for a reason!

    72. Maria Suárez

      11:49 poor tank man

    73. Super Mike

      Words cannot describe what this is it is soooo good

    74. Loui Alfred

      How can an animation convey emotion without having facial expressions?

    75. Gura

      i just saw a whole anime

    76. Zartoon Gaming

      Too be honest, this is probably even better then any epic anime scene there is.

    77. 허재원


    78. Obito Uchiha

      Perfect animation

    79. Rocket noob I'm a girl

      *sniff sniff* omg the part where all le orange friends leave man left behind he will be alone forever.... That was friggin awesome THIS WAS A BIG OL MASTERPIECE

    80. Charlie Aslan

      Never in my life have I seen something so beautiful and cool

    81. joney carlos

      11:45 pico?

    82. cuteyzilla

      for some reason I fell a little sad for the bad red I'm guessing he was just trying to make black proud of him

    83. Joshua Gough

      Watching this over and over again never gets old.

    84. Caleb Covington my whole life your realy are the best editor your better than marvels animations and other anime and stuff

    85. Caleb Covington

      omg good work i mean it :]

    86. dragon killa 101

      anime be like

    87. Multi Shock

      Ok this is so great that it should be on Netflix 2 you should defiantly make a part two like bad red returns or something 3 I really really REALLY LIKE THIS AND MY FAVOURITE Character is orange

    88. Chara_ 3444


    89. sml texts fan

      how is this guy has this much subs more the t sires

    90. PumpkinMoon 64

      I love the difference of 1:24 and 24:28

    91. MUSIC & GAMES

      28:16 What The Avast antivirus (VERY good antivirus) does when they see a virus.

    92. Collin

      you shoed do a video ware you show your favorite parts in some of your videos please do it

    93. 多伦多万通网络科技ALLWAY MEDIA DESIGN

      Spoiler alert so the orange stick figure gets hit by a bunch of those things and then he goes into second phase and then he kills him and get rid of the virus

    94. PumpkinMoon 64

      In the middle of watching this I made a theory, it was that the hollow head stickmen are basically gods, but the orange one does not know how to use his powers. I can't believe I called it

    95. Nico Sigler

      Top 10 Epic Battles ir anime😎👍

    96. 多伦多万通网络科技ALLWAY MEDIA DESIGN

      I watch the whole thing

    97. Doggo Pogger

      The Second Coming : from what you did to my brother and ur best friend The Dark Lord : what noob? The Second Coming : this will be ur end now The Dark Lord : lets see.. *and the battle begins* The Dark Lord : im out The Second Coming : see told ya

    98. Marcio Abreu

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo naoooooooooo

    99. Siji Omotosho

      I love this show so much

    100. CarlosDuty

      Aun no entiendo como fue que el stikman naranja se volvio tan fuerte en un momento dado