Ariana Grande - safety net (audio) ft. Ty Dolla $ign


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    The official “safety net” ft. Ty Dolla $ign audio by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:
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    Official “safety net featuring Ty Dolla $ign” Lyrics:
    You know you’re really something, yeah
    How’d we get here so damn fast?
    Only you can tell me that
    Baby ‘cause you know I’m coming back
    You’re making me forget my past
    Never thought I’d feel like that again
    I came to peace with my path
    Now you got me off track
    I’ve never been this scared before
    Feelings I just can’t ignore
    Don’t know if I should fight or fly
    But I don’t mind
    Tripping, falling with no safety net
    Boy it must be something that you said
    Is it real this time or is it in my head?
    Got me tripping, falling with no safety net
    Let your guard down, girl
    You know we came too far now, girl
    It’s time for you to play your part now
    You know we hit that jewelry store and we gon’ ball out
    Ups and downs we had some fallouts
    Put some ice on you girl let it thaw out
    Girl you’re mine, it’s safe to say
    At the end of the day
    I’ve never been this scared before
    Feelings I just can’t ignore
    Don’t know if I should fight or fly
    But I don’t mind
    Tripping, falling with no safety net
    Boy it must be something that you said
    Is it real this time or is it in my head?
    Got me tripping, falling with no safety net
    Everytime you feel some way, feel a way
    Never let me run away, run away my baby
    Everytime you feel some way, feel a way
    Never let me run away, run away
    Tripping, falling with no safety net
    Boy it must be something that you said
    Is it real this time or is it in my head?
    Got me tripping, falling with no safety net
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    Music video by Ariana Grande performing safety net (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. S T

      Every song on this album is pure bliss. The album is underrated and tiktok is ruining the songs.

    2. Arianator Ari

      The vibeee

    3. Theus Zzz

      It looks so dark😲

    4. likha likha

      I can't stop me from hearing this's amazing!!!!!

    5. hello hi

      this wouldve been ten times better without that moron industry plant ty dolla sign. no ty

    6. ☹️☹️

    7. Laura

      Ariana grande - safety net ft ty dolla $ign (lyrics parody) I just want to made you baby Trying to keep waiting (yuh) Goodamm exam ,i want you ,you want me Real bad ,i've been scary stuffs Shit ,i love you (damm) Trypping ,falling ,fucking Baby ,theres some fucking shit to do man...(oh woa woa woa) Evrery west no west ,run away run away Go away ,go away ! Run away (yeah) Tryping ,falling ,misd me Somethings i feel like a bitch in my head i'm go tryping to china Fuck...(mmm) #ArianaGrande #safetynet #positions #tydolla

    8. Keith Byrd

      best off the album💯

    9. Dilan Collins


    10. carmen lynn

      2:23 you’re welcome🥰

    11. laura valentina Reyes aguirre

      Pinche canción espectacular

    12. Oussama Moussaoui

      Ty background vocals is a big reason why I love this song sm

    13. braulio costa

      video please😭

    14. Brenda Luna

      Anyone here been an ari stan for more that 5 years or just me

      1. 2026 Meharleen Kaur

        @Brenda Luna so ur ten

      2. Brenda Luna

        Same since i was 5

      3. 2026 Meharleen Kaur

        6 years

    15. niya

      best song off positions. vocals- 10/10 production- 10/10 lyrics- 10/10


      Soy yo, o esta canción da vibes de Dangerous Woman?

    17. queenofthefrost

      The fact that she said Ty Dolla $ign was just walking by and liked what he heard when she was recording this song. It was obviously meant to be. This song is freaking gold.

    18. cemirs

      I love this song🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

    19. Joseph Castillo

      best song on the album

    20. yummy bunny

      man this song is terrible to listen to when you’re trying to get over an ex, it makes me want him right back 😂

    21. POV Rein

      best song on positions 😭💖 4th single manifesting

    22. Arianator’s rise

      popular opinion: this is an underrated song from the album

      1. POV Rein

        and it's the best one

    23. Faith

      This is the best song on the album

      1. POV Rein


    24. Brenda Nuñez Tovar

      unpopular opinion best song of POSITIONS: SAFETY NET best song of RARE: SOUVENIR

    25. Amanda Letícia Soares


    26. Amanda Letícia Soares


    27. Isabela Gomes

      Essa musica é maravilhosa, meu Deus !!!!! merecia mais

    28. Sarah Vallon

      I have like a new fave song in her album almost every week😫 😊🎵🎶🎵

    29. Raul VB

      This song talks about falling in love

    30. rebecca

      ari and ty's harmonization at the end is criminally underrated

    31. cl4rity

      this song literally gives me chills everytime. like physically. it def hits different when uve experienced what the lyrics are saying

      1. POV Rein


    32. angie moreno

      Mi canción favorita del álbum 💖

    33. Cringe Central

      Best positions song!!

    34. karen Lemus

      i love you

    35. Phillipe

      Is there a chance of safety net become a single? I love it

      1. POV Rein

        absolutely 😭 it's the best song in the album. 4th single i guess

    36. Skie Denty

      I wouldn't..js

    37. strawberry.babies


    38. Cicero Souza

      Ariana grande eu te amo!!!

    39. Cicero Souza


    40. Cicero Souza


    41. moonlight grande

      This song is so beautifu, I love it so much it really is so amazing and insanely beautiful ❤️

    42. Alfredo Herrera

      Está canción es una sentimiento✌🏻

    43. Filmes & Séries

      shut up 34+35 motive feat. DojaCat just like magic off the trouble feat. TheWeknd six-thirty safety net feat. TyDolla$ign

    44. lanni

      This is the best song from the whole album

    45. Sal S

      shut up ✋ 34+35 💋 motive 🦾 just like magic 🪄 off the table 💔 six thirty 🕡 safety net 🌫 my hair 💈 nasty 👅 west side ⬅️ love language 💝 positions ✍️ obvious 🙄 pov 💁‍♀️ someone like u 💘 test drive 🚙 worst behavior 🖕 main thing 🧲 ✨positions✨

    46. elijah vailes


      1. elijah vailes

        @Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13 how are u

      2. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13


    47. black

      seni seviyorum iyi geceler

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

        Ben de seni seviyorum iyi gecelerrr

    48. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

      Dönüyo muyuz

    49. black

      gelince birlikte dinleyecek yeni şarkılar buluruz

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

        On gözle dönmeni beklemek

    50. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

      Bir şey fark ettim şu an en üstteki y5rum un sahibi Baek de de en üstte

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

        @black evet

      2. black


    51. black


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        Ben de black e

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    52. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 13

      Cidden senle dinlemek ayrı

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      2. black


    53. maham khan

      s: side to side a: almost is never enough f: fake smile t: touch it e: everytime y: you dont know me n: no tears left to cry e: everyday t: the way

    54. Maria Rinta-Rahko

      This song's amazing.

    55. softiegray •

      idk why ppl are saying this songs good. LIKE OBVIOUSLY ITS GOOD

    56. Guilherme Martins

      Ariana saiba que essa é a melhor do ÁLBUM

    57. Naiym Jainlett

      What do u call those lines that are moving when she sings?

    58. toni kroos


    59. Hp and Tvd Stan

      Why are the underrated songs always the best

    60. Barbara Rothacker

      New favorite song (off the positions album)

    61. Ally 10


    62. Artvibe Creations

      So many of us can relate this song I know i can

    63. Øcean Vibes

      2:23 I always hear “every time you leave there’s a wave, there’s a wave”

      1. Ariana Grande

    64. RED CLOUD

      My favorite of this beautiful album

      1. Ariana Grande

    65. simple mada

      If this is you’re favorite song off positions you have great taste in music 😌

    66. Jasleen Kaur

      ~I feel bad for the people that Haven't listened to this~


      Lol the first thing when I make a friend *do u like Ariana grande...?*

    68. Rosangela Marques

      Isso é tão intenso, tão profundo.. Tô apaixonada. ❤️

    69. L0velyy ii

      this song is special, i’m in love with the song :)

    70. play music

      I love it ❤️

    71. Tamandani Nalwamba


    72. Rhaenyra I Targaryen

      Not to brag but I know every riff and run in this song by heart. 😌

    73. MeanMuggin03

      *boy if she doesn't make a music video for safety net I'll cry*

      1. jr Mafia

        i'll bring the tissues

    74. YOGI YOGI

      I *will* make love to this song one day.

    75. Iyah May

      Ughhh she did it again 😌😍

    76. Mrs. Rey Solo

      This is hands down the best song on the album! Who agrees ?

    77. Lena

      the bAbYyYyyyy at 2:54 😭

    78. sakura 。•́‿•̀。괜찮아

      dyanamadım birdha gldiö oa sakura kndine gl

    79. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

      Bitti gidiyorum

      1. black


    80. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

      Fazla iyi

      1. black


    81. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

      Senin fav ın neydi albümden hatırlamaya çalışıyom

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

        @black :)

      2. black

        artık safety net

    82. black

      başlı başına bir sanat

    83. black

      ari gel tak şu yüzüğü

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul


    84. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

      Of aşığım

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul


      2. black

        en çok da sana

    85. black

      bunu dinleyenlere bizim orada taste sahibi derler

      1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

        Siz de hanfendi hem de fazlasıyla

    86. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

      Fav ~

    87. sakura 。•́‿•̀。괜찮아


    88. xoxorubyxoxo xoxo

      this sounds like something i'd expect to be released in 2019

    89. cold kyla

      what are your top 3 on positions?

    90. Jada Michelle

      This is literally one of her best songs. Gave me chill bumps throughout the whole song especially the high notes 🥺😭😭

    91. bts paved the way

      t amo

    92. Walter Wong

      People who disliked this masterpiece should test for covid-19. Cuz one of the symptoms are having no taste.

    93. RED CLOUD

      That song is art🌸

    94. dua y ipad

      is it just me or 0:51 sound exactly like dua lipa good in bed “Got me thinkin' it'd be better If we didn't stay together Then you put your hands upon my waist”

    95. Alfredo Herrera

      Dios bendiga a Ariana para que nos siga dando arte:)

    96. Sofia Espinoza


    97. Khalef


    98. Toya Rose


    99. NoHon

      Give this a music videoooo!

    100. kiara

      ARIANATORS! the video clip for "no tears left to cry" is almost reaching 1 billion !! Let's get together as soon as possible to give this gift to Ari !!

      1. Cat Valentine

        Yuhhh I'm going

      2. Kukka Viik