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Meditation Relax Music

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    Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Stress Relief Music Video with beautiful nature and calm Music for Meditation, deep sleep, music therapy. This relaxing new age composition can be used as Deep Meditation Music, Music for Yoga and Pilates , Music for Massage , Spa Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and Total Relaxation Music.

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    1. Meditation Relax Music

      Thanks for watching. Enjoy the video, thumbs up and post comments and Have a perfect relaxation ! Welcome to NEW Beautiful Piano Music Video -

      1. Usha Suresh Balaje

        Absolutely relaxing music..!! Thank you..

      2. Agent Tanguy Ndombele


      3. New lion

        you are right about relaxing

      4. Agent Tanguy Ndombele


    2. roblox gamer duno

      Helps me not rage

    3. The Valley's Journey

      This was so relaxing. First time here. Tonight I gave my husband a massage and he immediately went to sleep and stated the tightness of his back was relived. 👍🏽

    4. Danny Harkins

      I had a terrible day today my dog had a stroke he wouldn’t stand up I had to deal with many people who didn’t understand what I was going through I just started crying silently at night but you guys and your heart warming comments made me feel so much better and I was able to fall asleep we need more people like you people who are honest people who won’t judge you and most of all people who know how to make a random stranger that you have probably never even met in your whole lifetime I want to say thanks you!

    5. Leai Saufeau

      I just won $500,000. I came here to cool down and calm down for a moment. Don't know how to react but this is soothing and nourishing

    6. ꧁Gen Glø꧂

      This was very calming, much stress i have this calmed me down while I was doing homework, thank you

    7. Yowhataup 56

      I’ve been sad about school lately in pe I’ve been thinking I’m shit at exercise and I’ll never be good enough and regular I’m on the super star list but I don’t think I deserve it right now this is very calming I thank the uploader and to anyone who’s also feeling this don’t be sad about your life be grateful and just push forward. No matter what you can do it

    8. Alyssa Soto

      This sounds like the aquarium music

    9. Super Sisters

      Very nice music

    10. Michael H

      By making use of this method , Sυnodoz Plan , Go ogle it ,, I was capable of getting away with this terrible insomnia of which I thought is impossible already. You ought not miss employing this sleeping technique or program. I believe it is far too great to be true at first but since I have utilized it, I became the product’s major believer...

    11. Relaxed Girl

      “The mirror is my best friend, because when I cry he doesn’t laugh”

    12. eda gunay

      if you reading this, everything gonna be okay. i love u

    13. Musical Therapy

      If you reading this , don't worry everything is going to be alright , everything is going to make sense in the future have a great day 🧘🏻‍♂️🤍🤞

    14. Shawna Cox

      The ragged father-in-law presently consider because trial extremely whistle besides a outrageous nerve. kind, billowy korean


      Brilliant videos my friend .... Keep it up ....

    16. Aniskya Paramita

      Thanks for beautiful comment section, y'all just made my day😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. Jovana Veljkovic

      If you feel bad, its ok to feel like that, sometimes we think that every minute needs to be perfect and if its not, you are stresed becouse of that. You need to accept yourself, all your sides, good but also bad one. Once you do it, you will love every minute of your life, no matter how bad you feel.

    18. Aleena plays

      This actually really helped because after working a lot everywhere going outside to inside in the virus when most of my relatives has covid

    19. Filip Ostrowski

      i just wanna kill myself because i think evrything would be better without me but i also dont want to because i know i can go places if i want to but i just dont know how and school i just kinda pressuring me into things i dont want to know and if i dont do them then its kinda like evrybody is judging me and i dont like it this year has been shit and im just kinda holding on hoping something will change or i will do something i made this account just for this comment i maybe will use it but idk just wanted to say that dont lose hope belive in yourself i have hope so you should too have a good day now i need to go on online class bye!

    20. Hannah McDonald

      This music is so soothing! I nearly fell asleep!! A massive thanks to Meditation Relax Music for putting your time, and effort into this wonderful 3 hour song! Remember to never give up and follow your dreams!! ♥️

    21. John Rasel

      The sounds + all of you guys who commented here i just wanna say thankyou!! I feel relax now. imagine if all people are kind hearted it will surely gonna be like this.

    22. Elia Correa

      CD CT

    23. Justina

      Many thanks! . I do the Ray 114 Chakras Relaxation Meditation, which is very deep and calming. Along with my Ray 114 chakras meditations I listen to your music, which is very helpful!. Good Day and Much Love ❤:)

    24. Mekisha Padilla

      Thanks mom for sending me this 💖

    25. andy c

      Dream in Dream It took me 18 long years to achieve my goal I finished my school and found work along the way As i travel from place to place It seemed to me that things are just a stone away It was not easy at all There were ups and downs Happiness and sadness And sometimes almost loneliness One day i looked up and ask myself When i am happy shall i stay happy forever? When i'm sad shall i move forward The answer was yes I did all the positive things in life And i shall continue, As this is my dream in a dream.

    26. Ken Nelson


    27. Amjateem Soothing music

      Dear stranger, whoever is reading this comment, you are amazing, you are best in the world, and most beautiful person ever born. Don't let what others think about you ruin your peace, believe me, you are incredible . May all dreams come true. 🌸

    28. BlueAtiny

      🥺this well help anxiety

    29. A Mck

      Depressing not relaxing

    30. JP

      Life is not about job, its about happiness

    31. Andrew Y

      Love this music ❤️

    32. Kath Ball

      i had diarhea watching this

    33. Kath Ball

      mo jwerawerdskmodsd

    34. IAS बाबू

    35. RelaxZoom

      I am your subs😉✌

    36. RelaxZoom

      Beautiful video👌 thanks for sharing👍

    37. Mahejbin Raj


    38. Maybelle

      OMG this is so perfect for when I do my hw!! thanks so much!!!

    39. Soothing Meditation, Relaxing, Therapeutiuc Music

    40. Your Relaxing Music Provider

      Check my channel for more.

    41. Roxan Mix

      More Relaxing Sounds

    42. Poppets Place

      This and many other sounds have inspired me to create meditation, relaxation & uplifting soul videos. Thank you for this. My first two are on my channel 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    43. Rubi Delgado

      I was stress I was on my bed crying then I found this music the help me thank you the one who make that

    44. Zixty_7

      What i normally going through comments: **chaos about the video** What i see going through this comment section: **positivity and spreading joy** Also me: **happiness noise**

    45. Relaxing Time

      Very nice

    46. 4K Relax Music

      So good music collection in this video.

    47. vey5 thor

      The modern waiter resultantly curve because airmail concomitantly crawl beyond a silent man. wide-eyed, horrible cloud

    48. Relaxing Music For Stress

      No Stress Mode On

    49. Jayme Mason

      it is so calming i love it so i think you will to!!!!!! ;)❤️❤️❤️

    50. Amanda Small

      I was listing to this so I could do school work and my cat is falling asleep no sorry she's dead asleep right now

    51. cath de castro

      I was heart broken and i became depressd for months then i started watching youtube relaxing music and inspirational quotes... now im better and almost move on in my life... God is good all the time... Godbless us 💕💕 Happiness is within ourselves❤️

    52. Johana Elizabeth

      i love it do more

    53. Sophia Nova Guerra

      Dear everyone who reads this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and happiness🙏🏻🍀❤️

    54. Seek & Learn

      Everyone who reads this, we don't know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world. Stay safe from the team of Relaxing Music Life (your THwikis channel for relaxation and concentration music). 💕

    55. soundlyRelax

      Please know you are meant to live a happy life. Never give in to an unhappy life.

    56. Suchismita Samal

      Enjoyment never come always but whenever it comes to you enjoy it if you don't know how to enjoy how to enjoy it from this song

    57. Meditation Relax Music-BR

      Oops, folks, how are you, since you were kids, I always thought positively but not in the right way. Today, as an adult, I am correctly demanding POSITIVE anergies FOR THE UNIVERSE TO REACT AT MY FAVOR. This one from 2021 I already made several dreams come true and my beautiful home is my dream car, trips and more good things are already happening at that moment.

    58. Deepika padukone FanZone

      my physical body and health issues aren't supporting my goals and i hate this shit!. 😶 wish me luck❤️

    59. Relax-Nation

      Meditation for beginners (15 minutes) relaxation and deep sleep - THwikis

    60. Nature Relaxation

      If this comment gets 1000 likes, I will win the dispute with my brother! And if I lose, I have to delete my channel. It has pretty good music.🤗

    61. deano sutcliffe

      It’s so calm

    62. deano sutcliffe

      Is anyone watching it in 2021

    63. Andrepop 2011

      I love that everyone is so positive

    64. Rhea Cano

      I love it

    65. Jener Garcia

      I am listening cause I am so stressed cause I am woride of somthing

    66. Bessie Wells

      The capricious aftermath unlikely strip because soup hepatosplenomegaly bury until a curved fedelini. wonderful, alike statement

    67. Emma Richter

      listening while taking a poop really does help😌

    68. Faslan Hafizha

      calming music... relaxing sound... volume set to max... headphone on... eyes closed... totally regret when ads poping out..!!!

    69. The Person

      Hope you have an relaxing/Calming day/night/evening 🥰💜😊✨🙂

    70. Lily Miller

      thank u sooo much i really needed it

    71. Virtual Feats

      Wow this is truly pretty! I LOVE the green from the trees and atmosphere that you have made! Hard work! Well done! Sending a like and love from Ireland 🇮🇪

    72. Lisa Learns

      Remember, life has seasons. This season will come to pass. Find what makes you happy, and focus on that. Soon you’ll start to bloom again. Take a deep breath, look up at the sky, and know that there is a grand big world out there. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are part of everything living on this earth. You too have grand purpose by just being. Be you and stay true. Sending you much love and positive vibes.

    73. Oana Bogdan

      not good

    74. Oana Bogdan


    75. Brittany Nichole

      I played this for my cat bc I heard that cats meditate, she passed out 😴

    76. Raveena Korapati

      Things r taking a toss in my lyf....... N I feel like ppl around me started hating me including my fam....... I'm so depressed and not able to put myself together...... I most of the tym cry out to let thngs out of myself......but still I feel like Der's something really bothering me frm inside...... 😶😶😶😶

    77. Frazer gizmo G


    78. Relax Meditation Music

      I lost my job through quarantine and now I'm trying to start a yt channel, wish me luck!

    79. Niloofar Mobaraki

      I feel much better after reading the comments! I had a busy and stressful day at work .My three coworkers quieted almost at the same time at the pharmacy and we were short hand. It made me so agitated and tired that I cannot sleep .Thank you for beautiful relaxing music and all motiviational comments. I will sleep well and I will do a relaxing walk tomorrow morning before going to the work .🙏🏾

    80. { ITZ_ME_SHADOW }

      Me being stressed over sats

    81. Peyton Nelson

      Your calming music is awesom

    82. Emily Pepitone

      Thank you everyone. For your thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it. I have been having trouble sleeping, being really stressed with school and just my friend and family life. This music really helps me fall asleep and just be happy with who I am. Once again thank you for reading my message!

    83. Nature Relaxing_music

      Beutiful music nice view

    84. J M

      I'm sleeping and I love your vi.......

    85. Riya

      hello to the other 38million other stressed people

    86. Relaxation and Stress free

      I know you have heard this before its ok to be not ok..remember that you are not alone...happiness is inside us.take care and be safe always

    87. Makaila Normand


    88. IrisPlayz

      Sometimes life is like an app game it crashes,angers and saddens you but in the end it works out,cheers you up and makes you smile! (sorry not that best at positivity but I try)

    89. Tia b

      THANK YOU FOER THIS! love it

    90. Kuya tingul's TV

      I love this so much

    91. Kaysen Carlson

      I love this video because I find it nice to listen to all my sisters being mean to me

    92. grace mortel

      i feel depress for almost a month.. could you hug me with your prayer.. last time i feel depressed on 2015 that i almost want to kill my self .. and it's sad to feel this again..


      Totally relaxing, do not forget to watch my THwikis channel, with content of relaxing and sleeping music. Thank you

    94. tomas cverna

      Why is this comment section so wholesome

    95. D Meditations

      sending whoever reads this good vibes today 💖🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏾

    96. Nihma KM

      I'm pretty sure I won't do good in my coming exam which is gonna start in 3 days. I feel like my future is ruined and all I think about is death.

      1. Weronika Zimnoch

        Sending lots of love, stay strong!

    97. Jose Castaneda

      Life is about God for God is Life !!!!!

    98. relaxing with Meditation and Music

      Good work

    99. Relaxing Noise

      Awesome, Keep it up 🙂

    100. Kadin H

      No matter how long it takes just climb back up the mountain

      1. Kadin H

        To achieve your goal