Best Dog Prank - Big Blanket vs Prank Sleeping Dog Super Funny - Must Watch Funny & Try Not To Laugh


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    #FakeTigerPrank #DogVsFakeTiger #Pranks #DogPrank #PrankDog #PrankOnDog
    Best Dog Prank - Big Blanket vs Prank Sleeping Dog Super Funny - Must Watch Funny & Try Not To Laugh
    Welcome to SRTV Club Channel,
    We hope you are doing well. Happy to see you here on SRTV Club Channel. We are creating the most funny videos everyday, especially prank videos. At the main time we used a fake tiger to go over the village to make fun with a lot of dogs there by prank with them, it's just for fun and to give them some food.
    We are very sorry and hope you understand the word "Prank" just make funny it's not so serious.
    We Hope you like our videos and give us support.
    Fake Tiger Vs Real Dog Prank and Funny Reaction of Scared or Frightened Dogs
    No Laugh😂 We pranked on dog with STUFFED TOY TIGER, fake tiger.
    Dog pranks in Cambodia. Try not to laugh challenge.
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    1. Palash Sadhwani

      Because of your notice anybody had not done dislike but they had not done like also

    2. barranquillero salsero

      Saludo desde barranquilla Colombia

    3. Satyam Mishra

      Ye log jahar hai ish desh ke

    4. Goceng Arj

      Kainya ujung² nya disetiap pojikan igu di gadulin batu walupun aga brat..jdinya ag lma nutupin anjingnya.

    5. govind jangid

      Onka Dard tum smjhte ho kya 😥😥

    6. Goutam Pal


    7. kalm

      Plz don't use these over dramatic sounds , they are overused and not funny , keep it raw without sound effects

    8. OWFVCK U

      People are soft nowadays. But when they got bit by a stray dog they get angry. RELAX THIS JUST A FUNNY THING

    9. Arifin Finfinarifin

      Try to lion and tiger😀

    10. Hemant Singh

      Do this with your mom and not with any animal.

    11. حمو الشريف

      More over voice pleas remove voice Bake😏😏😏

    12. Anand Choudaha

      Thujhe aase nahi karna chahi a

    13. Anand Choudaha

      Dukh nua

    14. Anand Choudaha


    15. Shaikh Nilofar

      Hasi Nahi Aari Hai Ye Video Dekh Kar..Dil Kara Hai Waha Aakar To Chamaat Lagau Tumlog Ko..Insaan Kam Pade They Kya Jo In Bezubaan Janwaro Ke Peche Pad Gaye Ho..Sharm Karo😡😡😡

    16. Danilo Franco

      Why do they say all the time "we're hungry "?

    17. Chand Babu

      0:50 Apna hi hasle bewakoof

    18. Hey yo Hrazad

      เฮ้ย​ หัวหอม​555

    19. Mohammed khaja

      Good priank

    20. rami


    21. Zaid Khan

      Scripted hai 😀😀😀

    22. Big Jag Off

      Very hilarious! Keep them coming. If you are going to have stray dogs around, you may as well have fun with it.

    23. Mar San Pedro


    24. NOVA PRIME

      Can you do this to a lion?

      1. RubyBadger223 Main Channel


    25. mehree Hussain

      Kisi bezuban janwer ko satana gunah he

    26. Farid Sheikh

      Very nice video bro

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    29. arlen santos

      Brasil kkkkkkk

      1. Estenio FF

        Se fosse aqui os cachorro baiano Pegariam o lençol e fariam uma rede Hahahahahhaha

    30. Altaico Ural

      Idiot pranks

    31. osama saed


    32. Jody Reeder

      Try a joke of having a steak on an rc car, see how fast those dogs run.

    33. zakir hossain

      You do horse egggggg

      1. SADA GAMER


    34. SURESH N

      No prank dog and no like

    35. Asim Dindayal

      Let sleeping dogs lay

    36. Westend Kamble

      Majjak to tumhara banra hai ...wo jaal me fasre nhi thik se

    37. สมชาย สินพิทักษ์


    38. Nasar u k


    39. TUB XYOOJ

      All I see is 1-2 guys try to kidnap Dog For Meats... LOL sound like they're in China forsure....

    40. Jeremiah Mathew

      Next time do it on your dad

      1. Holy Rintsantino

        @NOVA PRIME wdym why did he clicked on this video he found him throwing blankets on dogs would be funny he’s suggesting doing it on his dad even funnier

      2. NOVA PRIME

        Then why you click on this video?

    41. The Hindustani

      All dog pranks sem problem reply reply and reply show Just one time so good

    42. Мария Хусаинова

      Безтолковьй журбани

    43. Чори Курбонов

      Итни, кутига. ЧУП уради

    44. Francisco.arturo Urroz garcia

      Medarisacu en tolee cka la sabane I bone el carDon

    45. gks6378254772 kala

      कुत्ते को बड़ा जाल में मछली का जैसा उस में फसाने की वीडियो बनाओ

    46. Manthan Shelar

      Plzz report lt make animal abus

    47. TROLLAN


    48. talash k

      Report this video

    49. şenol can semiz

      You have no right to hurt these dogs !!!

    50. Glad Tidings

      Yabag ayy hahaha

    51. Carlos Jose

      Este pais parese que no Hay leyes ,para protejer a estos animalitos que atrasados que estam,esto no es divertido estos pobres animals quedan con trauma por el resto de sus visas.

    52. Sreenath Molla

      Very slow prank video i dnt like this type of videos it's not too high funny

    53. Jose Guzman

      Ese tipo solo piensa en molestar a los perros

    54. Sanket.s

      Yeah aisa jungle Ya zoo me jake tiger ke ya lion ke Saath.. Zindagi me kabhi shoot nhi Kroge.. Police should take action on todya few THwikisbrs got arrested by crime branch for making vulgar prank.

      1. talash k

        Report this video

    55. Just 96


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      इतना रिप्लाई दिखाते हो भाई वीडियो आधा ऐसे ही पार हो जाता है

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    58. Ravindra Nadh

      We did not need to laugh , he is laughing for us.

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      aapke entertainment ke liye aap dogs ko mat pareshan karo plz

    69. Jaime Cuadro

      Video muy bueno pero aburre esas grabaciones de risas

    70. rajeev bhatia

      keep the fun rolling and keep the dog feeding. love your show friends.

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      I❤️U Friends 👋 good morning.

    72. RajuBhai 8236

      Love you friend ❤️💙❤️