Bretman Rock Opens Up About His Father’s Death | Episode 2 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock


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    As the year anniversary of Bretman’s father’s death approaches, he reveals a deeply held secret to his sister Princess Mae. Meanwhile, Bretman devises a marketing plan for his new sunglasses line: nude photos!
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    1. MTV

      Set your reminders for episode 3 Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear

      1. Cassel

        He get rich and famous from social media. If social media didn't pay him money he will stay broke like he used to be

      2. Cassel

        Why that guy is so famous?

      3. Dalia Manda


      4. noel bretchel banga

        @JEEEZ JEEEZ0*on00

      5. noel bretchel banga

        @alliyahrose1D felipeóop0 bkop

    2. Sifu Toph

      Princess: I just love to see him fail also princess: I just wish we could be close again Me: XD im confused

    3. Sawyer Strickland

      I love how Miss K will just walk in the bathroom while Brentman is in the bath... literally goals

    4. mld

      Why did I cry every single episode =_=

    5. KathMae Camagan

      Made me cry!

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    7. AG

      Bretman to princess “Speaking of dad can you leave bitch “😂😂

    8. summer kind

      In the Philippines if some of the fans came to a funeral of someone related to their Idol that’s how they give sympathy. Like a condolences to the family. But if the intentions are different, like taking pictures of their idol that’s disrespectful. or maybe Bret wasn’t that aware of how funeral was held in the Philippines, I mean that’s a culture here. But if he feels disrespected, he has the right cos that’s how he feels. his feelings are valid. People have different perspectives.

    9. Aissatou Ropars

      i love princess so much she deserves the world

    10. Su Myat Thazin

      Princess looking a lil awkward with Bret in this video.

    11. zhase 97

      He gives me leo vibes af


      Lmaooo when they all saying eww on Brett Arch 😅😅 I need friends like this 😩

    13. Hers

      I saw different side of princess by watching this. She is a very loving mom she deserve to have a 2 beautiful babies..Bretman is always Bretman he always keeping it 💯

    14. KE BARB

      Leo gang

    15. El Jefe

      I love how Bretman goes ‘stop putting stones Cleo tf?’ while she’s crying😭😂 they are so similar to me and my brother lolll

    16. morgan.

      aww her talking about her dad in her dreams and cleo made me cry

    17. Danny

      Cleo face when her mom mentioned Elsa and kristoff 😂😂😂 SAME GIRL SAME. NEXT. Lmao she said bring me Moana!!!

    18. Vanessa

      Why did I wait soo long to watch!!

    19. Jessalynn Denney

      When he ate the baby food 😂

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    21. Eleanor Lo

      Why isn't anyone talking bout the darkest joke that Bret "almost" made 💀💀💀

    22. Qewana

      Miss kay and Princess looks more like siblings then Bretman and Princess

    23. janice peruda

      bretman and princess are beautiful without make up

    24. Benny Love

      princess mae your soo down to earth how u hear your brother out tru his bright future and how you support him.. But as a mother girl u really are holding it together but close doors its all you.. stay strong u rock

    25. Benny Love

      love u bret but let ur sister expres herself you don't let her talk since now u making money... she loves you be there for her always... no matter what she is a single mother who u love her kids u really do... just hear her out when she is feeling down

    26. Nelvin Mendoza


    27. Jovanny Guerrero

      "Can you leave like him" dark humor gotta love it 😂😂😂

    28. Stephanie Valdivia

      LMFAO cleo is over you

    29. Bloodfireclothing

      the pearl necklace is kinda dope XD

    30. Bloodfireclothing

      He deserves the best!

    31. iam chardsome

      fung suy basa ko don dati hahahaha

    32. Nikki Tikki

      Wow I didn’t know bretman had a reality show 😅

    33. Cayden83

      BUT THE BUTTERFLY 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢

    34. Kimberly Auzeta

      17:50 I started crying 😩🥺

    35. robynalexx

      way realer than the kardashians and its soooo good love you Bretman>

    36. Gabrielle Morales

      omg the butterfly got me too #sobbing

    37. Gabrielle Morales

      that moment with your sister got me bret im in tears

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    39. marie MARIN

      Jesus is lord and savior may God bless everyone reading this .

    40. Jaci George

      i wish brent listened to his sister when she was crying yk.. she could have felt something with her. but instead her cared about some rocks

    41. Sophia Tisbe

      Nice butterfly.its beautiful Princess...

    42. Namrata Bhosle

      Bretman is good example of influencer people around him are so lovable

    43. saranghaeyo


    44. saranghaeyo


    45. Brendon Du Toit

      I need to watch this show 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘

    46. Tannia Chan, Sincerely an EXO-L & AROHA ᄉ_ᄉ

      As an immigrant daughter, you give me so much strength. 😭😭😭❤

    47. MoCHi FLoWer

      When princess talked about her dream i started to cry

    48. Abadazz20

      He’s annoying borrrrring

    49. Brianna Hawkins


    50. Nazaleen khan

      I need gay friends 😍😍😍wtf

    51. shishi v

      bretman and princess arent that close now??? but they seem very close on bretman’s vlog

    52. Lyric Pei

      O damn Princess got me crying with her

    53. Karla Lach

      I’m gonna need me a couple pairs of glasses!

    54. Gina Martinez


    55. sini cree

      So proud of bretman. I am a recent fan so I don't know bretman yet but he is a good soul love this bitch already

    56. H J

      I had to replay @10:25 and it cracks me up everytime. 🤣

    57. Azalea

      Bret is the only influencer I like. He’s real and came from the Filipino jump. REP!!!!! And his dads casket gave me flashbacks of my grandmas because that’s what filipino memorials look like and I haven’t seen one in a long looong time wow

    58. 0neplus0neequals3

      Get them on TV!!

    59. 0neplus0neequals3

      Omg princesses baby girl looks juuuust like her!!

    60. Jen Jen Thought

      leo up here 😜

    61. Katie Karadizian

      stay strong !!

    62. Emilyrose NenA

      no lie i cried when she was talking about how her dad visited her in her dream

    63. Nancy Ann Borja

      I'm disgusted by how the fans behaved at Bret's father's wake. The family was so gracious about it -- too gracious, really. But I feel terrible for them.

    64. Bella Oprea

      I cried

    65. suqjene qogusga

      The xenophobic cup fascinatingly annoy because wren pivotally order inside a defeated hacksaw. polite, willing sousaphone

    66. lucy walker

      Bretman is my spirit animal.

    67. Marame Kabbouch

      I just cried so muuuch when princess started to! Really that was just sad 😔

    68. Vickie Haskins

      Bretman I missed your energy so much!! Congratulations on the show!!

    69. N

      Why do all three of those guys sound/talk the same ?? I am a biggggg fan but it’s annoying to see all Brets friend talk/sound/act like him ! None of em have their own personality and it’s so criiing

    70. sofia friis

      oh my, u gotta release BODYCHAINS fr bitchhh

    71. catalina villagomez

      i love the fundraiser ❤️

    72. Carmen Royes

      thos look ugly

    73. Kimberly Lopez

      i am officially a bret fan

    74. Suvi Cortes

      this actually hits home because my dad past away when i was around 2 or 3😔

    75. Stephy Stocks

      I literally cried and laughed so hard within 5 mins when princess said I like this one you look like dad And bretmans face he said ew why would u say that I’m naked I literally died laughing It was so nice to see Bretman & princess bond Rip your father he was very very handsome Princess should market her mother side more she’s such a sweet personality I love her

    76. Stephy Stocks

      I can’t do this if you keep saying ew bitch!! Lmaoooo

    77. Chandany Am

      yassss leo’s always want it our way!!

    78. david agai

      ''the gay uncle''

    79. xᴍᴏQɪx x

      Bretman seems like a Guy who would look up to you and say: *”I’m giving you a Make over”* AND THEN JUST GIVE YOU THE BEST MAKE OVER EVER LIKE, WTFFFFF

    80. Khaled Saifullah Bukhari

      Hey Daddy?

    81. Every&Any •

      Oh so your father passed ? You telling princess you were your dads favorite That doesn’t sit right with me And you and your friends bully her Your dad would be disappointed Rip to your dad tho

    82. SimplyxDari

      Yall my 4 year ild sister has started watching bretman rock and cleo and SHE LOVESSS IT this is the first episode of his show that she is watching I think bretman is gunna be her role modelll 😊❤️😋

    83. Spike Hor

      The alcoholic tachometer pathophysiologically tick because mail immunophenotypically stitch before a nutritious parentheses. torpid, disgusted ophthalmologist

    84. Amanda Dixon

      “Princess I almost hugged you” “Ewwwwww” ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 😂😂

    85. Devin Nguyen

      The clickbait is literally them just talking, no drama lol

    86. Chavero Mayra

      I love his so much he is so fabulous. I have been falling him since he 1st started on THwikis 💕😍

    87. CHALICE

      Girl Princess’s part got my crying. She’s a strong women 😭 Bretman please be there for her

    88. Ng Shann

      What's Bretman's onlyfans? I wanna sub. xD

    89. Eric Baran

      The steep structure enzymatically waste because drawbridge focally flow than a exultant feeling. awesome, disastrous creek

    90. Mailean Valadez

      Be more kind and positive to each other she needs it💕🙏

    91. Mailean Valadez

      I feel her pain on every level💕 i love you princess!!! I had a baby at a young age and I lost my father recently to your amazing and strong mae❤️

    92. -Lani- -Love-

      “Princess I almost hugged you” “ew” that was my fav part and when they opened up to each other

    93. Bongqueque_

      Cleo leaving 😂😂😂😂

    94. raranetworktarot

      “Speaking of dad can you leave like him” HAHAHAH

    95. Yvonne Angel Aquino Sinlad

      So no one's talking about how beautiful princess is without makeup in this episode? ❤️

    96. Yaneli Duran

      13:05 ew ew hahah bffs man I miss this life of bffs lol

    97. kitty kat

      Omg, Bret's neice walking out because he used foul language, that's parenting done right sistah. 💚👌

    98. Kimberly H.

      Princess crying about her dad made me cry ❤️❤️ she seems like such a sweet person yet people give her so much crap all the time

    99. Mimithewandmaker

      I love how Cleo just got mad at Bretman for cussing. Love from Ewa Beach. (P.s My Auntie used to watch you)

    100. Appa Lauj

      cleos face tho😭🤣