bts- fix you- coldplay cover (1 hour loop) (1 시간)


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    this is bts' fix you cover by coldplay (1 hour loop) (1 시간)!! this brought tears to my eyes and it's just so beautiful:)) the harmonies and jimin's voice at the start... goosebumps💜💜 enjoy army!!
    credits go to bts, bighit entertainment and mtv

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    1. Jose Luis Perez Garcia

      esta canción la amo me recuerda a mi hermanito que en paz descanse ARMY FOREVER

    2. wonn

      Originally, jin's sings really well, and in Korea, he has a better face than a model!! He's a very humble character to give up to the bts brothers! Believe me, I'm Korean, so I think jin is a really amazing person!!

    3. Shreesuna K

      Feeling homesick with 7 others:(

    4. Estela Dagal

      Bakit matagal kunang naririnig ang kantang ito pero balewala sa sa akin kung sino sino na ang kumanta pati sa contest pero ng nang irevive ng BTS at saka ko nadama na maganda pala odahil sa BTS ang kumanta

    5. heejung ko

      광고없이 듣게해줘서 고마워요

    6. Maria Aparecida Silva


    7. Serendipity Min


    8. spectreseeker

      I wanted to feel close to my daughter after she committed suicide last March so I listened to her playlists. That’s how I found BTS. But the irony of it all is cold plays fix you was mixed into the BTS playlist. I know it’s only a coincidence. But damn Samantha, why didn’t you let me try to fix you or help you angel. I die each second without you.

      1. spectreseeker

        @MiCi thank dear, sweet friend. Sending all of my love to you. I really needed these positive words right now. I purple you ✌🏼💜😎

      2. MiCi

        i'm so sorry for your loss, if bts can bring the smallest amount of comfort, I hope you can try to let them heal you💜💜 i know my words won't do much, but you're so strong!!

    9. Vania Nur

      😍😍😍😍😍😍 I Like It

    10. cinthia ciel

      então é isso que a gente escuta quando chega no céu

    11. jon lowe

      The annoyed visitor problematically plug because peripheral infrequently tremble minus a blushing james. auspicious, depressed bedroom

    12. shiz lutukai

      Thank you so much

    13. あや


    14. Siti Najihah

      exactly what I need

    15. jayden begley

      this song was the first bts song ive ever and i love it.

      1. MiCi

        I’m glad you found them!! have fun exploring their music💜

    16. Melissa Maldonado

      x: and did you really like the cover that BTS made of the song fix you? Well:

    17. Salina Salleh

      fall in love so much in love

    18. Salina Salleh

      oh my gosh, cry!

    19. kc torres

      eeeee my boy best friends i become friend with them eeeekkk i love your voices yall

    20. Stay with me


    21. Clara Choi

      This is the best song for me to heal and fall a sleep. Thanks BTS for covering this song beautifully ~ 💜💚💛💙💕

    22. Radoslava Ivanova

      All of their voices are so angelic! I’m in such a depressing moment but this cover keeps me alive. Thank you to the person who made it one hour long🥺💜

      1. Radoslava Ivanova

        @MiCi THANK U! Have a nice day/evening xx

      2. MiCi

        I’m glad this loop can help you when you’re feeling unhappy!! you’re so strong, fighting!💜💜

    23. Alba NB

      this is the best birthday present i could get , i love them!!

      1. Alba NB

        @MiCi thanks !!

      2. MiCi

        happy (belated?) birthday!!

    24. Cecilia Higuera

      This makes me fall asleep and cry sometimes it's so peaceful I love this so much 🙂

    25. ItsMe Nia

      Currently listening to this to sleep 😌💜



    27. Yumnah

      Jin's voice in this song sounds so angelic

    28. wachi990

      Best medicine to fall asleep💛

    29. nurabidah zulazhar

      When you realize how great BTS is when you listen to their covers & songs. BTS cover gives me the courage to get on with my life

    30. Tyla Vidal

      Can we just talk about RM signing and harmonizing with Jungkook, Jin and Jimin - WOW - OUTSTANDING!! CAN WE HAVE MORE SONGS WHERE RM JUST SINGS???!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    31. shanya

      bts brings lights to people's lives i love them so much

    32. Laura Jobst

      i've been struggling with depression and anxiety for a few years now and the past weeks it is getting really bad again and BTS is just really keeping me here. they are the ones making me smile and laugh when i'm at my lowest. an hour ago i was crying so hard and i thought i couldn't do it anymore. i watched some videos of them that made me laugh and reminded me to keep fighting for them because i don't wanna be without them because i love them so much. i will now listen to this and fall asleep to it thank you for this masterpiece on loop for an hour. i purple you all stay strong 💜

      1. MiCi

        you’re so so strong and worth it, you can do this!! bts is here for you so please keep fighting💜💜 thank you for sharing your story and I’m so touched that my loop helped you☺️

    33. Chae H

      I love namjoon~ jimin~ Seokjin vocals is amazjng~ oh my god~~~~~~~~

    34. Cassy Jocelyn

      Jin's voice is crystal like Idk why but his voice to me is the most addicting V's voice is like a warm blanket Jimin's voice is high and very sweet Jk's voice is breathy and so soft Jhope's voice is so incredibly soothing and deep Rim's voice is melodic and has this cozy aspect to it Suga's voice seems to be like the feeling of wave after wave slowly washing over you

      1. MiCi

        so true!!

    35. Alecia soares


    36. Christopher Fronteras

      these song make my little sister sleep

    37. Jessica Park

      So sweet voice jimin 💜

    38. Poulpe Viande


    39. Laarni Lastima

      I feel like angels singing on me👼

    40. tanya srivastava

      just what we hour loop..:)

    41. Judy by

      Jin Jin Jin 💜

    42. Pak아델라인

      우리 방탄소년단 사랑해

    43. Jhizel Boticario

      Wala bang 2 hours loop jan??🤣🤣😍😍

    44. Wahyu Widayat

      this is great for gaming

    45. Sandra Swart

      Wow, this is so beautiful. Whoever arranged this for BTS, used each one's unique voice. I especially love the way they used the rappers' voices. So classic. Well done BTS. I listened to the original and you guys have done so much justice to this song. Beautiful and with so much emotion.

    46. su su

      I love Jungkook's voice that touches my heart 💜

    47. Rhian Sophia SALINAS

      I'm fixed

    48. R G

      BTS fixed me when I first meet them and continue on to be my rock till this day💜😭

    49. R G

      I never knew I needed this so much today more than ever. Yesterday I lost my precious uncle to cancer, he was a father figure in my life. I don’t know how to cope with this pain, however im thankful that I have BTS. At the end of day, you are my home

      1. MiCi

        I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m glad that bts can help you through this difficult time💜💜 purple you and fighting!!!

    50. Flower

      we need 10 hours of this

    51. Serendipity Min

      Thankyou now i can sleep in peace

    52. Παντελής Διαμάντης


    53. Potassium

      i am very grateful for this


      Thank you so much for no ads

    55. Sland i

      Tae's voice is so astonishing!!

      1. Vitamin BTS

        True... it's somehow really low and then can go really high at the same time, like how? Their vocals are all great. Jimin's is angelic and so soft, JK's is dynamic and clear and always on point, and Jin's really shone here with power, emotion and vibrato (I love vibrato). And the rap line's sub-vocals are so soothing (I need more of this from them). I think you'll appreciate my MV for this cover, especially the ending with Tae's visuals to go with his voice. Please have a look. Thanks for taking the time.

    56. Olive Oyl

      Thank you for this one hour loop of this most haunting performance of a vintage Coldplay gem. Bless your kind ARMY soul.

    57. brenseacm

      Perfect! Just what l needed. 😎💜

    58. siti nur aziemah rosli

      namjoon's voice here🥰 the kind of voice that i wish my future husband has, listening to that deep raspy voice before you go to sleep😻officially my new lullaby❤️

    59. 김탄사랑

      영상 감사합니다 ^^♡

    60. Fran H

      Great sound quality!! Thank you~ ^^

    61. anitayaj

      Thank you making this 1 hr loop!

    62. JoTae Arocena

      These 7 angelic voices give a Gospel vibe to this song that lifts you up and floats you in that Hobi cloud the entire song. When Jimin said that he hopes it will comfort us, I say it goes beyond that. It also renews us when we don’t even know it! Listening to this 1 hour loop on repeat is justified🐯

      1. MiCi

        so true!! it kinda feels like we have a friend to reassure us☺️

    63. Flor Cuyugan

      #BTS💖💜💖 Once more you captivated ARMY and the whole world with your artistry and gift-of-music 🥂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖 It was comforting and calming - hopeful🌟

    64. Nathalie Ferreira Diamandis

      When you just wanna be fixed😢

      1. MiCi

        please know it's ok to not be ok:)

    65. Patricia Lopez Lema

      yeah, hi, can I please get a 24hr loop? and a 365 day loop too? thanks 👍

      1. MiCi

        right click loop is looking real cute rn 😉

    66. Ara Ki

      best song

    67. Juliana .Orozco

      Thank you very much for sharing this for us. I am more and more in love with this amazing guys.

    68. Aline Coimbra

      As vozes lindas da rap line... a voz do suga mano.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    69. Donna Barnett

      I'm looping this over and over again. I'm a florist and even my flowers are happier!! Thank you for doing this!!!

      1. MiCi

        aww thank you for sharing the music with your flowers!! :))

    70. A A

      Ahhh I needed this

    71. Priscilla J

      감사해요. 오늘밤 자장가는 이겁니다. 당신의 수고에 고마움과 기쁨을 드립니다.

    72. savage taetae

      I was already fixed by bts and now I'm even more fixed by the song

    73. Leggo

      I've heard it hundreds of times so far. When I work, when I study, until I go to sleep.I was greatly comforted by this song sung by BTS. It's better on a rainy day like today.

      1. MiCi

        they know just when we need a sentimental song like this💜

    74. Denada Ahmetaj

      I needed this. Thank you so much. I kept replying the song over and over

    75. 28andee

      First of all, I love the thumbnail.

    76. Dayanara Icaranom

      one hour loop HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. MiCi

        @Dayanara Icaranom ahhh i see!! glad that I could help out💜💜💜

      2. Dayanara Icaranom

        @MiCi sorry it’s just after I played the mtv performance it played the loop after like 🤣🤣 I’m so amazed someone out there knows it something we need like this is what I’m listening to all day LMFAO

      3. MiCi

        yes it’s a one hour loop.. haha?

    77. charlotte Codilana

      this song made me cry and remember me everything my sad memores

      1. charlotte Codilana

        @MiCi thanks

      2. MiCi

        feel better.. fighting!!💜

    78. Delia evrianti tonapa

      모든 것이 잘되기를 바랍니다 🙂

    79. Emma Boney

      Ending with Tae was inspired And everyone showing off their vocals was so beautiful

    80. slc

      Thank you for this! The only thing better than BTS's cover of Fix You is a one hour loop of same with no commercials or interruptions! Borahae

      1. MiCi

        LOL!!! happy to help💜

    81. Taelicious FF

      Just wanna say big thanks n give u a big "💜" @Mici....

      1. MiCi

        it’s no problem!! borahae💜💜

    82. Lily M.


      1. MiCi

        wmg has reviewed my video and it hasn’t been copyrighted. but thanks so much for your concern😘

    83. Ann Tolentino

      thank you so much 💜💜💜

    84. 안향숙

      싫컷 들을수 있어 감사합니다~~ 너무도 위로 받았습니다. 멤버들 마다 다른 위로를 주네요.

    85. Jin on the pfp listening to Shadow MV

      ARMY everything okay? ಥ﹏ಥ

      1. MiCi

        everything will be ok hehe🥰🥰🥰

    86. Nergiz Semed

      Not me crying 1h......

    87. Nada Elshihna

      When i first heard it i got teary and i wished it doesn't end ... a real thank for the one who made this is so healing and smooth💜💜💜

    88. lisa lindsey

      Am I the only one totally obsessed with this song? Will the BTS version ever be available on iTunes? Their voices are incredible. I’m speechless. 💖💜💜💜💜💖

      1. Sandra Swart

        I listen to it over and over again.

      2. MiCi

        I knew the song but bts completely reinvigorated it and brought the emotions back!! they’re so amazing💜💜

    89. Melina R

      Thank you for this bestie

      1. MiCi

        no problem bestie!!💜💜

    90. Maxi Cali

      I love the song, bts amenazing

    91. nicole dz

      Thank you for this 💜

    92. Little Mar

      SOY UN MAR DE LAGRIMAS 😭😭😭😭😭✋✋

    93. Nancy Lee

      Wow makes it so easy - can’t get enough of this cover !! 🙏

    94. CRAFT with SUHANI

      just few days ago i didn't know this song and now it's my new addiction just because of BTS. and im glad i found such a beautiful song.

      1. Charlotte Ketelhut

        It's Heart Warming..I like watching a favorite movie on mute while listening to the continuing loop. Big Group hug😳!😁❤

    95. Elisa Delarue

      I always hearing this song whole day

    96. Isela Aguirre

      Lyrics for "Fix You" from Coldplay in BTS voices hit different. Fix You for Coldplay is like what Spring Day is for BTS...just let that sink in and understand why this song choice is huge and very healing for all, just saying...BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 and Coldplay💜💜💜💜, Love Army Mom💜

      1. MiCi

        that's so true, the lyrics ae so moving and comforting!! just what we needed during this pandemic💜💜

    97. Kike Sanni

      This is what I needed🥺

    98. Noriaki Kakyoin

      definitely fixed us more than they already did.

      1. MiCi

        every time i wonder how it's possible that they can comfort us more than they have :)

    99. Salma Hassan

      I thought I was mad searching for a loop to this song, but people are just as desperate . thank u

      1. MiCi

        glad i could help out! you're not mad, so many people use loops haha💜💜

    100. Mounika Vuyyala

      I love how you knew people would need this . Bts fixed me

      1. MiCi

        I needed it myself and I thought it would be helpful for other ARMYS!!💜💜