BTS Talks About Their Family (Part 2)

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    BTS Talks About Their Family (Part 2)
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    1. Minnie Peaches

      jimin parents my heart

    2. RJ & SJ

      JK is super lucky to have parents like that💜🥺

    3. Nishtha Naivedya Mohapatra

      When parents say they don't care about the marks they are LYING.... Just get a 0 and see if they really don't care!!

    4. Anndriya P george

      Can someone plz tell me where I can watch this full clip 8:04

    5. Shahid Ali

      No one: literally no one : and there is our lil meow meow: My mom said that she adopted me under the bridge.

    6. Shahid Ali

      Jk: Everytime I know that the gift but don't know the name our golden maknae is so innocent

    7. a genderfluid witch

      Jimin calling his mum for help when cooking is so cute because you can tell that he calls and talks to her a lot.

    8. 카이Kai

      Bangtan parents are the best. Can any of them adopt me?

    9. M ʟ

      where can I find the first clip? (full version)

    10. Tulsi Naik

      Even if I watch the bonus part 100 times it would still make me laugh😂😂😂

    11. CanDy CruSh

      Suge : Am savage 😎 SuGa's MOm : Hold My Ugly Dumpling 🤣😂 ( 6:27 My mom tOld Me She adOpted Me from under a Bridge 🤣)

    12. Alex

      The story of how JK's mom made the first move on his dad is so cute and funny

    13. Mgbell

      i was all in the feels and then JK goes and exposes his mum XD

    14. Justin seagull loves Black pink and BTS

      Jungkook :”they let me be and do whatever I want to do “ Me: Golden Parents :’))

    15. Mia Black

      I feel suga! My mom told me i was adopted too 😂🤣😂

    16. Uthirapathy Vijayakumar

      Which episode did you get that bonus video the last one

    17. TurtleObsessed

      The fact that each family addresses all of them as their children-I hecking love that, it’s like one ginormous family in a very literal sense.

    18. Christy

      brb imagining bb jimin asking his dad “do you have no shame??” after he YEETS a baseball @ mach 5 at jimin ajshwhdhsh 5:45

    19. Priti Shivankar

      It so lovely watching them talk abt thr parents 😍 ❤Can somebody please tell me where I can watch this whole episode?

    20. Sushmi Singh

      So that Means jeon's men are the shy wonder why jk is so shy❣️

    21. Mridul Agarwal

      omg, where is the bonus clip from...?

      1. cavitegirl

        Let’s Eat Dinner

    22. Snow Flower

      They have been raised well by their parents 💜💜💜💞


      Jk's parents is just like my parents ❤ totally understand and proud to have them ❤

    24. Pauline Rose Esteban

      At least Jin’s dad doesn’t make him believe in something that we all believed in when we were kids. Childhood ruined? Naaaah just reality check

    25. grim reaper

      Kookie's parents raised him well

    26. T Reasons

      Thanks to all their parents for bringing them into this world and making it so much better.

    27. Arenna Maya

      Lmao... Jk's parents was cool.. look how jk has became now.. 😭😭💜

    28. Shiza Khan

      No one: Suga: My mom told me she adopted me from under a bridge 😂😂😂😂

      1. Kim Taehyung


      2. Fatema Begum

        And I am going to my birthplace, lmao

    29. Lures Mae Jumao-as

      0:17 what program is this from?

    30. Thirstae Kookie

      My dad was like seokjin's dad. He told me that Santa isnt real from the very start of my childhood. Also the fact that I'm Catholic and all, we dont really believe in those kind of things.

    31. Kimgguk

      Grades doesn't meant I the world, grades it's just a number...

    32. CINEMA

      Jungkook said that his mother "hit on" his father first. Not "hit him" but "hit on him".. which means that his mother expressed her fondness for his father first. It doesn't mean that his mother actually hit his father. "Hit on" means "flirting".

      1. Laurice Jane

        Hey your words that's not nice let that go of course everyone know it but what wrong is shut up never used that word if your going that i'm mean it's not my fault it's libra doing it proud to be a libra

      2. sumin수민

        Everyone knows that, shut up

    33. Astralis B

      Jungkook's mother after looking at his father the first time : *I ain't letting this man go*

      1. Joey potter

        Without his parents there's no jeon jungkook today!!! 😭😭😭

      2. Andy Tyson

        @Marley Justus yea, I have been using flixzone for years myself =)

      3. Marley Justus

        a tip: watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

      4. Void

        And thanks to that we have jungkook💜

    34. Carla Jimenez

      I can’t believe yoongi in 6:27 hahahaha

    35. basundhara

      Jungkook's parents' love story! his eomma hit on his appa.😁😭✊🏽🤣❤️

    36. Taekook Neo

      Baby jungkook our was right no matter what u have or don't or how much u only u can get its ok at least u did our best. And thats enough already. But cheating is really not good at all thats make's u unknown in our future.

    37. Kstn Bnz

      Maka sana all man sad ta sa parents ni JK ❤️

    38. Savage as Suga 1234

      So we all come to know.... Suga's mom more savage than other members parents 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Farz ana

      Jin's dad be like : why u need Santa when ur dad is rich enough to buy u anything 🔥😂

    40. Rhianna Mae Lapuz

      but- my mom wants me to get a high grade, and if i don't get my schoolwork done in time, she tells me to copy off my sister HAHAHHA.

    41. 방탄소년단KSD

      Jin: my dad said to me.santa doesn't the one who brought you to present Suga:A very practical dad ( inside* he is like me😌 )

    42. BTSARMYluv

      *Just that adorable little bunny smile when he was talking about his parents' sorta love story, OH. MY. GOSH. That's just too cute😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭*

    43. geekj0oo0n

      Falling in love with jk's mom😭😭 she's so grateful

    44. Jakir Emba

      thank you to their parents for raising these lovely and nicest of the nicest people in the world no wonder they have a big heart because their parents raised them well gumawoo Appa Omma of bts🤗💜

    45. R

      Their parents would be so proud of their kids..💜💜

    46. Asuchana M

      Jk has supportive parents ❤❤

    47. Mrunal Golande

      Jin's mother part was so hilarious

      1. Neha Desai


    48. Fe Ramirez

      Aw! Jimin's dad still sending him flowers and cake even when they're at another country with a note: 'to my lovely son'. Their parents are so sweet.

    49. Nafisa Haider

      Can you post a video about Rm talking about his family

    50. Beesan Almoahmad

      Me: cheated on my biology exam because I didn't study and we had our iPads because we were supposed to record our answers and we'll all answers were on the iPad so yeah..

    51. Sohail Shaikh

      No one: Literally no one: Suga's mom: you look like a steamed dumpling , v speaks good english than you . Savagery runs in the family lol

    52. Someone Someone

      My mom hit him Im naw not questioning y he hits his hyungs🤧😂

      1. Janhavi Zambre

        I cracked on this😂😂

      2. Tamera

        To “hit on” means to flirt with 😂

    53. Black Remote

      Let's not forget jhope write a song for his mom literally called MAMA ❤

    54. Shridhar K B

      1:39 no matter what he did his parents let him do whatever he want...😀 Me:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄🤐🤐🤐🤐he so lucky

    55. Thanks & Love


    56. zed x

      Poor baby Jungkook got a spanking! But I bet he was very remorseful and learned from his experience 😭😭

    57. Rechelle Bughao

      The last part. Hahaha.

    58. শ্রেয়সী

      Jungkook is revealing all of his mom's story. 🤣🤣

    59. Le AmAzing

    60. AllThingsBTS_ ProudA.R.M.Y

      *They are very family oriented people, Their parents have raised them well, they are all decent, well mannered, wonderful guys. I'm sure their families are beyond proud of them, as we Army's are*

      1. Kokave7

        Yes, i just realized all of them are family oriented!

      2. Hea V

        Yeah u r right💜

    61. Poorvi Agarwal

      JK's mom and dad are just like mine they also say it doesnt matter much whether you score good or bad but you should not cheat or miss the test just because you fear getting good marks..

    62. Well This Sucks

      "Mom hit on him first" Did he really have to expose her like that?? 😂😂

      1. be yourself

        @basundhara yeah Indians are Indians

      2. basundhara

        @be yourself aaayeeee haaayeeee, sahi bole!😚😝🖐🏽💜 even if it's some really old person, i would always refer their parents as uncle aunty.😂 it's us Indians after all!😁😁😁💕

      3. be yourself

        @basundhara only Indians can think the world as one family ❤🌎 , its pretty funny and amazing like how automatically uncle/aunty comes out of our mouth when talk about someone else's parents 😂 #sanskaribache 😂😂

      4. basundhara

        @be yourself hehe lmaoo 😁😂😂😂😂💜

      5. be yourself

        @basundhara you are for sure an Indian 😂

    63. yasmin amirah

      Awww jungkookie parent's so sweet 🥺 they scolding him not for getting low marks or what, but because he cheated 🥺

    64. Syila

      Hearing story from them about their family, we know they all being raised well by their parents. I'm glad they're turned out to be a sweet humble and kind person.

    65. Efril L.C

      What's show that bonus part again? I forgot the name of that.

      1. Abhignaa H Yogi

        Let's eat dinner together...

    66. Jayeola Ilori


    67. 민쾬 대최다

      I am jealous for JK for having such supportive parents

      1. Bhaswati Behera

        Yes actually

    68. Nripen Chandra Baro

      Oh dear jin

    69. mr. unknown

      I really loved jk mom's teaching Cuz my parents are like if you don't bring good grades you are going suffer and we will leave you

      1. kiran singh

        @im swimming to korea to meet bts Omg so relatable

      2. YzarcMW

        oh no.. prove them wrong. your parents needs a parenting lesson from you.

      3. im swimming to korea to meet bts

        @Bitter Sweet Music were kinda same but my parents would start comparing me to my cousins who have already finished studying. They'll say, look at ur cousins, they have no money back then but they managed to finish their studies. Look at u, u have everything, while in our younger days, we still need to farm just to make it in school. 🙂

      4. _stxrrytaegguk_

        @Bitter Sweet Music literally same😫

      5. Bitter Sweet Music

        If I don't get good grades my parents would say "Figure it out" and force me to study daily whether I get sleep or not. They will not leave me, but rather punish me with long talks and chases with The Broom.

    70. black sliver

      Pls someone should tell what is the name the show that Jin talks about Santa Cruz pls i want to watch it 💜💜💜

      1. Bunny Bear

        BTS Festa 2019


      *ARMY+ BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 FAMILY FOR EVEAR~~~~~❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️*

    72. Angel Gempes

      Ok but jk's dad holding a santa mask while brushing it through jk's nervous face 🤣🤣🤣🤣😵🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Нина Ильина


    74. D

      Those stories were soooo incredibly sweet

    75. Nethu

      *I love how Kook's mom told him, 'its okay to not do well, but the problem is you cheated'. Its true, it does not matter what grade you got, do that on your own capability than cheating. My mom says that too--she says it does not matter if you studied or not, write the test and see where you stand*

      1. Khushee Pachauri

        @PINTU ACHERJEE Don't write *Indian kids* becoz I'm also an Indian and my mom is not like this , All Indian moms aren't like this like what you told (it's just my opinion pls don't get offended)😀

      2. Sabrina Ferguson

        @C4TBOYKTH exactly

      3. C4TBOYKTH

        cannot relate. my mom thinks getting good grades is a good thing to be successful in the future and also our payment for all the hardships they've done in their lives to raise us up and to have a good future. it's honestly annoying especially when they bring up things like, "we gave you food, clothes and shelter yet you only give us bad grades?" like 💀 it's your obligation as a parent to give us those basic needs, if you're having a hard time, you shouldn't have made me. it gets even more annoying when they bring up your flaws and imperfections, what does my flaws and imperfections got to do with my low grade in my math test? 💀

      4. Solo Leveling

        Sad thing is that grades unfortunately really matter even if your parents don’t care about them. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t cheat, truth is that most of knowledge u learn in school are useless in the future. I don’t usually cheat, since I’m good at studying but sometimes if u wanna pass it’s really hard not to. Being honest is always good but I don’t think cheating sometimes is bad, my parents don’t mind it either.

      5. Sabrina Ferguson

        My kids have to study. Being lazy is cheating too. But if the grade is not high and they tried it is ok

    76. Archana Archana

      BTS family saranghae 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    77. I want to fly on Justin Seagull with Yeontan


      1. Bitter Sweet Music


      2. im swimming to korea to meet bts

        Wtf is that username and pfp 😭

      3. Victor Lovely

        Your name and pfp I’m dying ㅋㅋㅋ

    78. Joey potter

      We can all see how jk loves his parents so much he's very close to them. Jk is raised well by his parents anyone can see how well, respectful and good jk turned out to be.

      1. swAtI BiSht

        @Joey potter Just move on girl. Watch Recent 'lets bts' , You quiz on the block and 'Run bts×15 nights' (which is on THwikis).. You'll know what they mean to each other and BTS will prove themselves that how every point of yours is ridiculous. Bye bye, see you never.

      2. drutea

        @Joey potter god you’re still here? get off the internet kid bet you’re like 12 and it’s clear that you’re a stupid solo stan

      3. Joey potter

        @swAtI BiSht wo jk's parents there is no jungkook today do remember that. Your mind has been influenced so much by wrong perception of what truth is and what isn't. Jungkook was 15 not a kid. He's already very responsible and working at that age. He's not a baby who needs to be taken care of. He and Jin are just equal except for the age barrier, jin is no better than jk. They are both members of Bts, jk especially started working early at the age of 12 in june 2011 when he came to Seoul. Started writing songs at the age of 15 international age. You gv way too much credit to Jin but discredit jk. I was wrong when I said Jin was immature but thats how members describe Jin, like a child, that came from them not from me. Jk also said he came to Seoul to raise Jin. Members really said Jin is like a child. I'm not discrediting Jin I'm sorry if my choice of words was wrong. It's what members say about him. I Should not have said it tho. Im just saying they are all members of a group (bts) not bc jk is youngest means he's inferior to the other members that's definitely not true. He's working just like the 6 members and he's too old to be taken care of by members. They may have treated him as the youngest member but it doesn't mean jungkook is not responsible and matured that's definitely not true.

      4. Joey potter

        @drutea will you get your mind set straight. A 15 yro is already a young man not a baby to be taken care of.

      5. Joey potter

        @drutea Jin looked after him but it doesn't mean he raised him. Raised is on a different higher level. Jk was already a very matured responsible young man when he came to Seoul bc most boys his age of 12 are still staying with their parents but jk went to Seoul to make him dreams come true that's a whole level of mmaturity not every boy can do that.. Jk is already a complete matured young man who knows what he wants at such a young age before he even met Jin ...

    79. Ariane Joyce Gargantos

      Typical Asian parents 🤣 No wonder they grew up well 😊

    80. Swayam Srestha Raj

      We should also cherish the time we are with our family

    81. pfi per

      a round of applause, that's how bts is raised well.

    82. Diya Menon

      The way Jungkook just exposed his mother 😂

      1. wolfiesoulz ._.

        I laughed hard though..

      2. Tahereh valadbeigy

        Jungkook made my day with that I was literally rolling around on the floor in hysterical laughter

      3. payal singhal

        Atleast he was truthful

      4. Shalanda Grant

        ikr i'm crying

    83. Eman Javed

      Jin's dad is just like him

      1. itsvnflower

        iconic just like him

      2. Sapphire Rose


      3. Mehak Kashyap

        @Sushma Kr yeah IKR🤣

      4. Sushma Kr

        @Mehak Kashyap exactly

      5. Mehak Kashyap

        Like father Like Son🤣

    84. Cj Janducayan


    85. Peterson gmail. com Peter