BTS V Being Naughty Baby Bear


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    This video is a documentation about BTS V aka Kim Taehyung when he is being naughty bear. There are several times when BTS V being naughty and rebellious. He’s someone who’d like to do whatever he wants and sometimes ignore rule in a cute way. Here are some compilation videos of Taehyung being mischievous.
    Also please don't get me wrong. V is my ultimate bias and I don't mean to make him looks bad. I think his mishievous is cute and I just want to share it. Hope you like it!
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    1. D'AMY

      Hope the video of cute naughty Taetae can make your day 💜 His cuteness is on another level that make everyone love him, despite of his mischief. Also please don't get me wrong. V is my ultimate bias and I don't mean to make him looks bad. I think his mishievous is cute and I just want to share it. Hope you like it! Anyway if you're interested to have the similar outfit as BTS, click here: And if you want to have BTS merch and outfit, kindly check here: Thank you for watching!!

      1. Zein Insert

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      3. Crainiqua Boston

        I agree

      4. John Kennedy

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      5. Varsha Bhagat

        Can you tell me the aap name of this links

    2. Hermione Granger

      How many international fans are here? 💜🌍

    3. It's Maisha

      My baby is so cute and funny 😭🙈

    4. bts army

      Please part-2 I love this video😁😁😁

    5. Ráshi Saxena

      I am not able to remove my eyes from him 😭I am falling for him day by day very badly😌😌

    6. Roxen Priya

      Jimin You So Nice😇😇😇

    7. JEON LAYA

      Same suga, everyone want this covid-19 to come to an end

    8. Yasuk Tam

      V so cute ❤❤

    9. view 101

      such a cute guy

    10. anju mourya

      Army!! Please vote for Kim taehyung on *world most handsome Asian King fan voting 2021* He is now on 3rd place !! We want he gain his place back so please vote !!💜💜💜

    11. Puja Ghosh

      00:55 😂😂😂

    12. Asoka Jayasena

      This is why we love him.😂😂😂 BTS forever 💜💜💜🇱🇰

    13. Taetae

      Guys have you started voting for tae in Asian king fan choice contest If not plss start voting for tae He is just in 3rd position You can just search Asian king fan choice contest in the Google Plssss make it fast Fighting!! Saranghae💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Also pllsssss Share it to every ARMIES

    14. revati kamble

      Are you army of bts

    15. Georgia Birkett

      What’s so funny is he cheats in games knowing he’ll be disqualified, just for funsies

    16. Saraswoti Yadav

      Is it available in all countries

    17. Shinchan Doramon

      I love naughty taehyung ❤️❤️❤️

    18. khushi dubey

      Vote taehyung as most handsome man

    19. Laura Fanta

      have link of this fansing?? 5:02

    20. QUNOOT Thaeem

      The most naughty in the team who love this naughty tea

    21. Kim Taehyung

      Heyyy fellow armies So here's a thing that there's a poll going on for most handsome asian king fan choice award 2021(just google it) Please vote for v He's on 4th position and we need to make him no. 1 and stop others from stealing his title And you can re vote again and again Please vote

    22. Kim Taehyung

      3:32 HAHA V SUGA WILL SEE YOU😅😆😆

    23. Vasuki Palanisamy

      Cute and genius V❤

    24. Mostafa Basher

      Cutie pie 💕💕💕

    25. Tanisha Landge

      V is so cute 😁❤️

    26. Valentina

      0:54 what song is v singing????

    27. Utkarsha Gaikwad


    28. Angel

      The way v cheats in game it's proved that he us such a creative and smart as well as I also learnt how to cheat in games and then being a innocent that like I did not nothing.. Just like our worldwide handsome V..

    29. Shiromi Gunasekara

      He is so cute😍😍😍😍😍

    30. Louis V Sa'Ryleigh

      what’s the song he’s singing at 0:52 ?

    31. Michaela Allison Reynaldo

      i just get a bit *eats the whole watermelon*

    32. bindiya vashi


    33. -Lovesick Army-

      Not namjoonie and taehyungie teaming up 🤭🤭✨✨✨😭😍🥰😁👁️👄👁️

    34. Maria Regina Santos


    35. Nidhi Goswami

      Jin : I think I don't deserve this medal V: ok then I'll take this 😂

    36. Super Gristmill61

      Taehyung can cheat at games all he wants . . . as long as he doesn't cheat on me!

    37. Kim Patricia

      At 7:05 I rlly love this part jimins jump LMAO SO CUTE 😭🤚🏻

    38. Abhijit Basumatary


    39. BANGTAN

      Who love our naughty tae tae ?

    40. Aera Park

      what episode is 5:20


      Why don’t you guys ship in India I was ordering a hoodie I hate you guys🤧🤧

    42. ထယ် ယောင်း

      if he were my friend, i will let him mess with me for hours. i will spoil him

    43. Daffodils Field

      I love his playful, mischievous side now he doesn't show it a lot but I'm sure he still has this side of him off-camera. Even when he does something “bad” you will immediately forgive him. Who can ever get mad at this cute, handsome boy?

    44. Johany Flores

      did someone saw a red point on jin neck.24:24

    45. Kabita Mayanglambam

      He is so cute

    46. 66 Sarvesh Shukla XI s2

      Who all are V fans

    47. Margaret Kavya

      At 1:12 why does he call jimin. I don't get it

    48. #just-a-random-girl

      The way *Tae* was going about giving everyone *Watermelon* then stealing a bite from it was hilarious 😂

    49. mcc1016

      RM:my watermelon :(

    50. P H

      Me and Taehyung are similar I cheat at games too

    51. kim Teahyung

      I actually miss this taetae 💜🥺

    52. Hailey Wilkins

      He such a naughty baby bear🐻💜

    53. Aditri Saha ⟭⟬

      🤣🤣🤣🤣Really he is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Prakhar Ravi

      2:42 he is 148 IQ proven...🤓💜

    55. rvpstudioscanada

      And here I thought Jimin was the *ONLY* cheater in the group.

    56. Amanda Hezekiah

      where is 5:40 from?

      1. D'AMY

        run bts ep 26



    58. yourdads mistress

      the title lmaoo

    59. rose

      I thought jimin is naughty but v is double than him

    60. Rabbu Rabbani

      V is very noughty boy and cute sweet boy love you v

    61. Felix Odea

      The ablaze cupcake clasically chase because pull disconcertingly walk barring a equable siamese. medical, smiling meeting

    62. king playz


    63. oudni Kawther

      he is so cute

    64. Rachel Lin

      0:30 Poor RM lmao He's #triggered

    65. jorge luis de la rosa ramirez

      4:29 OMG Tae

    66. Tae in the Soup

      A different breed i swear 😭💕🤚

    67. zahra s

      انتي عربية مبين من لهجتج

    68. Insyirah Jeffri

      3:52 tiktok?

    69. Umu Conteh

      So adorable🥰🥰🥰😂😂

    70. Kweenkim!

      Taetae is very very smart

    71. Angel Foster

      Bro every time Tae do stuff like that Namjoon always look at him like that

    72. Micole Yangco


    73. Micole Yangco


    74. Izzi P

      He reminds me of that one annoying older brother who comes in your room just to annoy you.

    75. Annai Deebam

      Can anyone where does the scene in 10.23 comes?

      1. D'AMY

        It's from Run bts ep 6

    76. Ashanti Dollison

      does someone know what the full video is called at 10:18 ?

      1. Ashanti Dollison

        @D'AMY thx

      2. D'AMY

        It's from Run bts ep 6

    77. Benedicta Mensah

      V is a natural cheat lol.. Very naughty boy

    78. 죤우나

      tehyon😊My Darling😍

    79. vashu singh

      L O _ E is incomplete without V 💜💜💜

      1. Prakhar Ravi


    80. Milky Oppar

      Does anyone know what this video is from at 6:15

    81. Henryb Dejesus

      What title in jk,jimin,v in heartu???

    82. Aishwarya Aishu

      His awesome can I have him please?

    83. Narges Karimi

      4:50 pov: when RM not around 😂💜

    84. Valerie HP TWILY

      Seeing his cheeky 😊 melts thy heart

    85. 태형

      I really don't remember laughing so much lately😂.We love you big hearted V❤️😍😂

    86. SH R

      2:30 just 2 ENFPs during games... NOT SURPRISED!

    87. Mathea Hidalgo

      That's why I'm naughty girl too💜😒💜😒💜😒💜

    88. Jenny Atchison

      What song is he singing at 0:52?

    89. kimberly wachsman

      I would give me left foot to see all the unposted pics and videos the boys take😭💜

    90. Hannah Conde

      Joonie like: Make a group they said be a leader they said it will be fun they said *epiphany starts playing in the background*

    91. Shiya Harris

      On 9:25 his voice was so tiny and cute🥰🥰

    92. Andi Skyberg

      The capricious himalayan karyologically relax because keyboard spontaneously harm till a oval fight. momentous, flawless cow

    93. Princess Jasmine

      V is literally the dark minded person who makes up their own rules because I’m scared how much we think a like lol 😂

    94. Do anything

      BTS membera were bending up just like tamilans do "namaskaram"


      Good boy my foot

    96. Mathato Mofokeng

      Wow he,s my dream bf

    97. Mathato Mofokeng

      He is my dream bf and now that dream has become teality

    98. brittanie smoak

      sooo cuuute and sooo funny

    99. Andi Skyberg

      The wise pepper acceptably work because mustard metabolically polish up a aggressive division. uneven, successful deadline

    100. swati s

      Jin: I'm not sure I deserve this 🏅 medal V: ok I will take it. 0:42😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂