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    1. Wendy Felix

      Tell me why Alo keeps looking her breath when she talks and talks🤣💕

    2. andre Reed

      Congratulations, your makeup 💄 looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Monica Flores

      “I feel like I shouldn’t be wearing this” GIRL! You can wear whatever you want, you are beautiful! 💕 BEAUTIFUL 😍. It’s your life so live it 🙌🏻


      Dude I went to Ulta to get it and they ran out😔

    5. MaddiePlays


    6. Martha Carmona

      So perrrrttti but where are your mirrors from I neeeeed!!!😩😩😩😩

    7. With Love, Grace

      Congratulations on your collaboration 🥰❤️❤️❤️

    8. Darlin Macias

      I’m saving to get all the PR Soon I’m so excited once I could get it 🥰

    9. Michaela Barchard


    10. Nataia Mccarthy

      I love that they both take there lashes off but leave there makeup on that’s so me and my bestie 🥰😂

    11. Vita Avila

      Alondra is safe to drink coffee while pregnant 🤰🏻 but don’t over drink more than 12 oz in cup. Love you girls! My doctor said is ok. It’s better for you brew yourself at home add all ingredients at home like a splash of heavy cream sugar free syrups add some almond milk is bomb 💣 😋

    12. CassCass

      “Ok guys” lol

    13. sabribri

      Celina Powell’s twin

    14. isabel Rosales

      I need a relationship like Benny and alondra❤️

    15. Tiffany Bribiesca

      Is it me or does alo have a deviated septum ??

    16. Cynthia Quintero

      The phrase “planchar la oreja” is such a Mexican mom thing 😭😭💓

    17. nataly ruiz


    18. Jose Man

      lol "A PLANCHAR OREJA" I thought my dad was one that made that up.. hella funny!!!

    19. Anna Thep

      I need to knowwww where both sets are from! 😍

    20. Brianna Sanchez

      Do you shower naked question had me dead 😂😂😂

    21. Isabel Rodriguez

      I’ve been w my bf for 4 years and we shower naked 😳

    22. Joanna Jade

      Bird box 😅😅

    23. Yulisa Casarez

      We’re y’all naked sleeping 😂😂❤️

    24. Yulisa Casarez

      Y’all the cutest ❤️🥰

    25. Olga Rmz


    26. Kimberly K Diaz

      please tell me you guys are going to restock 😩😩

    27. Dee Dee

      I'm late but we need a FAMILY CHANNEL ❤

    28. Krissy Baby

      No, not me knowing exactly what Elsy meant by do you feel comfortable showering naked 🤣🤣🤣 Her shower is completely glass.

    29. Angie Toro

      Elsy reenacting Birdbox lmao

    30. Jasmin Guerrero

      I’m having a baby girl and I think you are as well 🥰 we have the same due date June 22,2021

    31. Yvette Escalera

      You guys are so gorgeous with or without makeup I love y’all friendship so much

    32. Anay Hernandez

      I missed hearing y’all talk w those accents 🥺 I remember listening to y’all all the time when y’all started THwikis w the accents 😂

    33. Barbara Rodriguez

      Congrats beautiful colors and make up love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. kiki l

      where is your two piece from? 😍

    35. Jennifer Francisco

      me mandas la BFF pillow lol yes or yes? ig:jenniferr.aa

    36. Noely Reyes

      Y’all are finally doneee with your eyeshadow if yk yk 💀😂

    37. Lika Saenz

      Congratulations to you and Elsy!!!! You deserve it ‼️

    38. Jazlene Alvarez

      they sooo cute :) who else you see having their baby daddy's song at the end of their videos? I'll wait.

    39. Allisson Alexia

      I’m so sad I couldn’t even get my hands on the collection like I really wanted the lip duo 🥺

    40. Jacky V

      She’s def having a boy!! My ass was gone too during and omg after pregnancy?! None existent

    41. JayyMarie 04

      I love youu guys 🥺🥺🥺💞

    42. Suzy Ramirez

      Wait Alo who's a virgo? Is elsy a virgo?

    43. Cesia Melgar


    44. Jess !

      10:50 Alo did you wore your outfit backwards ? You look beautiful either way 😍

    45. Jae Gonzales

      Me and my man shower together, but I don’t like him being in there while I shave my 🐱 lol I shave it first then call him in 😅

    46. Sumer Nabulsi

      Two pretty best friends 😍😍😍

    47. Mermaid Jacky

      I love the energy elsy gives it’s amazing she’s so fun & funny & gorgeous 😩😩😭💕

    48. sabrina theodore

      They normally have medicine for nausea i think zofran my sister had severe vomiting almost her whole pregnancy

    49. Daniela Cabuloy

      Brooo alo is hilarious

    50. Yareli Palacio

      u got a bf

    51. Cristal Elizondo

      I lost my lip combos so it makes me sad seeing this 😭😭😭😕😕😕 because I just got them 😫😫😫😞😞😞😞

    52. Kimberly Ramirez

      I don’t think it’s just a Salvadorian thing... I’m Mexican and my dad says “planchando oreja” all the time🤣🤣

    53. Shaury Angulo

      Has 24 horas hablando español

    54. Shaury Angulo

      Has una rutina de cabello

    55. Richangely Schmidt

      Idk about other moms but when i was pregnant i use to wear crop tops cuz it was so comfortable

    56. paula gonzqalez

      mi mexicanita y salvadorena 😘😍

    57. paula gonzqalez

      i shouldve ordered the lipsticks now theyre out of stock 😢

    58. Mafer De Los Santos

      You look so much better without makeup

    59. Life With Kim

      I just got the BFF palette it was the last one so happy❤️🥺

    60. Dariel Garcia

      Finna bout to cope the pallets for my girl 👀

    61. Dria B

      Love seeing two friends not hate on each other 🥰

    62. Sigrid Galano

      Alondra is so gorgeous bare faced 😍

    63. orenda c mallette

      2:57 what's the song?

    64. Diana Jade

      Yall always look so gorgeous without makeup🥺

    65. HEYJDJ


    66. Aalyiah Castanon-Pacheco

      Im so sad I never got my order😭

    67. Katelyn X26

      I was on live with you guys the entire time 🥰

    68. Another Day With Aldo

      I can’t be the only one who was confused with the song all I heard “Ella es mi caca yeah” 😂

    69. Emily Villanueva


    70. Cee Jay

      Cutest lil ketchup

    71. ezmeralda Saenz

      Ayyyyy spanky from Grupo Ántrax was there too. Hell yeah !!!

    72. Jas Rodriguez

      Can y’all start a baby clothing line??

    73. Angeliz Puchuela

      Alondra & elsy without or with makeup omgggg yesss 😍😍😍

    74. Angeliz Puchuela

      Love alondra’s outfit & elsy’s outfit ❤️❤️ period

    75. Angeliz Puchuela

      Alondra & elsy are queens👑👑 they so beautiful ❤️❤️ god bless them

    76. Angeliz Puchuela

      When alondra said this is my outfit for today and if you don’t like it you could leave 😂😂😂😂

    77. Svea Closet

      “Because You closed the curtina” the mix of the languages kills me I also do the same 😂😂😂😂

    78. Savage_ fernandaa

      Sooo this is the dayyy y’all took forever to do y’all make up that one day lmaooooo 😂😂😂💖💖 Cash app $savagefernyy insta : savage.fernandaa

    79. lor ray


    80. J v

      The audio is trash

    81. Tania Mendez

      I get where elsy is coming from w the glass showers window. It’s a mental thing because some of us never had that’s luxury of having a house. Most of us feel vulnerable using the bathroom and some of us feel vulnerable taking a shower naked in front of ours boyfriends.

    82. Riaa Isabelle

      I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSS 💖 BEST FRIENDS GOALS AF. Been following since y’all first moved in together , and y’all would do drunk videos and pranks on each other 🤣💖💖

    83. yolanda garate

      Elyse with her eye mask on upside down 😂😂

    84. Grace Cascun

      Omg we got pregnant a week apart lmao I'm 20 weeks 💕

    85. Mayra Padilla

      I have heard a planchar la horeja 👂 🙉 😆 I used to hear it from my abuelo.. when I was little I would ask my momma why is grandpa ironing his ear 😆 🤣 luv ya BFF makeup its so 🔥

    86. Alyssa Mata

      Alondra’s makeup is giving water boy and fire girl vibes😍

    87. Eve Glemfessions

      I thought I was on their channel for a sec lol 😂

    88. Vanessa Leyva

      Its a Boy FORSURRE

    89. Vanessa Leyva

      When is the GENDERRR REVEAAAAL

    90. anonymous light

      alo looks so pretty without and with makeup

    91. Alondra Flores

      I really wanted lippies but they sold out right away

    92. Yagurlluvia

      Lmao Elsy was wearing the sleeping mask backwards 😂

    93. MC

      The pallets are so beautiful 😍 I just bought one for myself and one for my BFF! Can’t wait to go pick them up!!

    94. honeeeybun

      Girl you show your belly too much I would recommend wearing a mal de ojo bracelet 😫 because strangers stare at your belly

    95. Araceli Dominguez

      are you guys restocking on the lip combos 🥺

    96. Sylvia Archuleta

      I got this pallet At Ulta when it came out and let me tell you girl I use this on a daily now so I’m almost out lol that’s how good it is

    97. Valerie Medina

      Bahaha I totally what Elsy was trying to say about showering and yes I def feel uncomfy when I have to shower without a curtain

    98. Itskulaabb

      i love alondra but the way she said thai is funny lmao

    99. Bianca V

      Love y’all so much!!

    100. Marisela G.

      Alondra what foundation do you use?