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    CIX JAPAN 2nd Single『All For You』
    2021.4.14 Release!
    2021.4.1 0:00(JST) Advance Single Release
    2021.4.1 0:00(JST) Advance Single Release
    2021.4.14 0:00(JST) Bundle Release
    01 All For You
    02 With you
    03 Cinema -Japanese Ver.-
    04 All For You(instrumental)
    05 With you(instrumental)
    06 Cinema -Japanese Ver.- (instrumental)
    ■通常盤A 【CD】 本体価格:¥1,430(税込) WPCL-13232
    Disc.1 (CD)
    01 All For You
    02 With you
    03 All For You(instrumental)
    04 With you(instrumental)
    ■通常盤B 本体価格:¥1,430(税込) WPCL-13233
    Disc.1 (CD)
    01 All For You
    02 Cinema -Japanese Ver.-
    03 All For You(instrumental)
    04 Cinema -Japanese Ver.- (instrumental)

    ■FIX限定盤(FC会員限定)本体価格:¥1,760(税込) WPCL-13268
    Disc.1 (CD)
    01 All For You
    02 With you
    03 All For You(instrumental)
    04 With you(instrumental)
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    1. Silvana Armijos

      Their songs are so catchy

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      Love them

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      eyo eyo eyoo

    4. Zevano Aldebaran

      suara baejin khas bgt

    5. Zevano Aldebaran

      bae jinyoung

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      fix’s FIGHTING

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      Cix best baby’s

    11. CIX my Everything

      Dont Forget to say happy birthday to Bae Jinyoung

    12. CIX my Everything

      All for you

    13. ふゆき

      宝石箱からきたからまだスンフンとビョンゴンしか分からへんけど、、、 CIXをもっと知りたくなる曲に出会えてよかった🥰

    14. Ratty P

      Byounggon so handsome

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      happy birthday jinyoung 🥳🎉💖

    16. ChulChoChie

      Happy birthday Bae Jinyoung!!!


      Jinyoung. I first want to talk about your musicality, more specifically your voice. You have one of the sweetest singing voices I have ever heard. I love how you delicately treat each word that you sing, giving so much meaning and weight to each one. Your voice is just so pure, and it represents a part of you that we don’t otherwise get to see. I love that no matter the intensity of the song, there’s a softness to your voice and your delivery. The way that you truly feel the meaning of your lyrics is captivating and draws your FIX into your voice. Of course, you are a too talented of a singer for words, but I know that I don’t have to try and explain that you are the king of dance! What you can do with your body is absolutely unlike anything our generation has seen. You are what dance is for and all about, and only you can express this art in the way that you do. You carry out every movement fully and carefully, and yet while you are perfecting the technicalities of each dance, you are defining it by bringing it to life. You are the reason that dance becomes so essential to people everywhere. There is nothing that leaves us breathless the way that you do when you hit the stage. Overall, you are certainly one of the leading artists of this time. You continue to redefine the potential music has to change the world and the relationships between the people in it. So long as you continue to pursue music, you will always impact it and the direction it takes. As much as I love your artistry, I love your personality all the same. One of the first qualities I noticed you possessed was your tendency to always be yourself. I noticed quickly that you always stay true to who you are, no matter what you are feeling or going through. In my eyes, this is very mature and I know it also attracts others to you because you are a very real person. On top of this, you are an extremely fun person to be around. Your brightness is contagious and you can raise the spirits of anyone who needs it. It is uplifting to be around you, and I know that nobody knows this better than your members. The five of you have such a natural chemistry that is unlike any other. I know that in order for you to have gotten so close to them, you would have needed to open up on a personal level. In such a short amount of time, your members have made you feel safe enough and have encouraged you to trust them. I know that they always strive to protect your feelings and make you feel like you can share them no matter what you’re feeling. Even when your members are down, you teach them how to make the most of every situation; and help them see the positivity in shortcomings. They have already shared some of the greatest memories of their lives with you, and have felt their happiest by being around you. You find the beauty where others might not see it, which leads your members to view the world around them from a different perspective. You help them see the worth in themselves both together as a team, and also as individuals as well. It is so clear to see how you have your own unique relationship with each of them individually, but when you’re together, you are able to bring everyone together. You are their family and you have already influenced them in countless ways. Because of you, they will grow into the greatest versions of themselves and accomplish all that they have ever set out to. They could not make it to where they are without your love, and there is no telling where they will go in the future with you supporting them. On their behalf, I want to say thank you for changing their lives forever in ways that they might think unimaginable. I want to personally thank your family and parents for raising you and helping you become the versatile young artist you are today. I have seen firsthand, like with your other members, just how much they mean to you. Sometimes, the mere mention of them is enough to cause you to become emotional and I know you cherish the relationship you have with them like no other. I only want to be there to say that I hope you continue to let your family be your guide and light as you navigate your journey. Please always remember that the support you and believe in you more than anybody else in the world. They also love you in a way that nobody else can. They know you better than most, and for this reason, will always know how to cheer you up when you feel like you need it. If ever you feel lost or discouraged, just remember that your family is always standing behind you, backing you up. They will be able to pick you back up. No matter what you do, you can trust them and come to them with anything you desire, All that you do represents a way to recognize your love for them and honor them, so please don’t ever feel like you’ve let them down. They are proud of you no matter what. Your FIX thank them for bringing you into the world in this manner and keep them in their hearts just as you do. We will work to spread the same determination and compassion through the world as they do. Jinyoung, just as you shower your family and members with your utmost affection, you also submerge your FIX in this love in a very special way. You speak to us as if we are your diary where you share only your deepest thoughts. This really speaks about the value that you place on our inclusion in your life. You even share with us your goals, hopes and dreams, which are so specific to you and so personal. Similarly to your members, I already feel like we know you so well because you have told us your story since even before you debut, and even allowed us to become a part of it. You always promise us that we we next see you, you will be even stronger or greater than before. You are already the greatest you could be, but still you long to show us new sides of you every day. You are so willing to be whoever you think we need you to be, and we have all been able to enjoy even the most uneventful of days so long as we have you by our side. You help us relax and console us when we are feeling down or stressed. You are exactly who we need when we need to just enjoy ourselves and you are the greatest addition to our family we could ever recieve. It is the greatest honor to be the ones who get to watch you and cheer you on as you continue through your journey with CIX. Because of you, we will always love ourselves and find a reason to never give up. Just as I said for your members, I want to say thank you for changing our lives in ways we did not think were possible, and showing us the gifts life has to offer. I know that you have been through a lot, both individually and personally. You have shared so much of this through your music, and even just verbally as well, but I know that there is so much more that we don’t know. There might even be feelings or events that we might not understand, especially given that we are not in your position. With this being acknowledged, I want to say on behalf of those who know and love you, that we could not be prouder of you for making it past these trying roadblocks. Being that you have been an entertainer for a while, it undeniably shows the kind and amount of strength that was required of you to make it through them. I know it is definitely not easy to push through what’s ailing you. You really know how to face what tries to hold you down, and you have grown substantially each time that you do so. You teach us with each time you deal difficult times, that we too can do the same and that we will become braver as we do so. I hope you continue to lead your life this way, because with your loved ones standing beside you, will be able to make it through all that life throws at you. We are so proud of you and I hope you never forget that. I hope that on this very special day, you get to try all that you’ve wanted to and that all of your dreams come true. I hope that you know despite the distance and the circumstances keeping us apart, we are all celebrating this day across the world. We are commemorating all of your accomplishments and the inspiring person that you become with each new day. You deserve to be praised and honored, and although it might be hard to view yourself so highly, I hope you let your FIX and family be the ones to give you all of the loved you’ve ever wanted to feel. I hope you feel limitless and like you can do anything you want with the love that we supply for you. I hope that those who surround you also help you to feel this way and make this day what you want it to be. Please relax and spend this day feeling nothing but happiness and freedom! I hope that all of the blessings you deserve come to you today and you feel as beloved as you truly are. Thank you for sacricing so much just to make CIX and all of your previous and future projects possible. Thank you for suffering through all of the pain, fatigue, fear, doubt, concern, isolation, frustration, confusion, and so many more emotions just to make bring us any content at all. I hope you don’t feel obligated to work any harder for us, because you already give us way more than we could ever ask for. There are plenty of FIX who can say they are who they are because of you, and if you ever need motivation to pick yourself up again, I hope this helps. I hope that you can look to the people who are where they want to be because of your guidance and love. In our eyes, you are perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to change who you are for any reason. You are beautiful inside and out, and the world needs you to conintue to help it become a better place. Don’t ever lose your spirit because it is so individualistic and new! I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe, and find happiness and worth in the future. Happy birthday Jinyoung, and we adore you so much!

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    19. vanillagyu

      my friend got me back into cix (i'm a casual listener), so what are some ways that I can get into CIX? is there a reality show that I can watch or a fan café? :)) i've been loving all their discography, i can't believe i was missing out for so long! :D also do any of u FIX have any song recommendations? thx~~

      1. Ynl

        Hi~Welcome to the fandom I suggest you watch their reality show Hello CIX and Seed's Picnic, also the variety shows which they've appeared to, you can find it here on yt. They have a fan cafe^^ I highly recommend Win, Jungle,Young, Everything, My New World, Maybe I, Rewind and Rebel. But please do listen to their flawless discography, it's a top tier!have fun^^

    20. Saku Haruchi

      They are sooooo cute

    21. loulou blue

      Esta canción es demasiado buena

    22. Kang Yeomin

      Cix best boys

    23. Kang Yeomin

      Seunghun best boy

    24. Kang Yeomin

      Cix Fix

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    31. la mejor Sunghoonista sipor

      all for you, definitivamente mí parte favorita

    32. Daniela A

      JINYOUNG feliz cumple mi hermoso

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    34. Stefany Mtz. Rhye

      Love it.

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      Feliz cumpleaños hermoso espero y te la pases bien te amo

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      I love it

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      Baebae's birthday in just few hours♡ Please do join the hashtag party to celebrate it^^

    39. Komaki BG

      The rapper here is from YG treasure box lmao

    40. Shin

      🎂 HASHTAG EVENT FOR BAE JINYOUNG'S BIRTHDAY 🎂 🔥 Date & Time May 9 (Today) 11:00 pm ~ 12:30 am KST Hashtags #설레고_벅차고_눈부신_진영이날 #HappyBAEBAEday ⚠️ please do NOT use the hashtags before the event ⚠️ Cr.INTL_CIX

    41. Shin

      🎂 HASHTAG EVENT PARA EL CUMPLEAÑOS DE BAE JINYOUNG 🎉 Dia: 9 de Mayo - 11:00 pm ~ 12:30 am KST ( Horario Corea) Estos seran los hts que se usaran. #설레고_벅차고_눈부신_진영이날 #HappyBAEBAEday Por favor no usar los hts antes de que empieze el evento. Cr. INTL_CIX

    42. deepblue dark

      good music

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    44. a I

      すべてのK-POPファンの方々に聴いてほしい曲☆歌詞も最高です😭 私はこの歌でCIX5人の魅力に落ちてしまいました🥰

    45. Jew'el Emelaldeu

      💚Let's stay safe💚and come together someday💚in JESUS💚name💚Heartchu💚

    46. Bae 지냥 young

      배 진영💜천상계 미모에 아름다운 음색!미쳤다아!🎉🎉🎉

    47. Bae 지냥 young


    48. Xindi-a Xiong

      I danced like I’m cray cray 😝

    49. loulou blue

      Stan CIX for a better life

    50. MAKO

      まさかの日本語の歌詞でびっくり! ステキな曲だね! ありがとうcix😊

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    52. pihae mil

      my happy pills!!!!!!!!!!

    53. Risma novi ardani 28XIBB

      OMG so cool-!!!!!

    54. God is YooA

      Byounggon sesine göm beni.

    55. Ynl

      Let me be the one you see~♡

    56. Arya Diva

      this song fresh from the oven !! Lotte Choco Pie :)

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    58. Hello May

      CIX songs so pleasing in ears, I just listen to their song to uplift my mood, thank you fate for bringing CIX members together and now we have FIX and CIX together

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    61. قولتشا فخر الكون

      Their voices are comfortable to hear

    62. قولتشا فخر الكون

      اصواتهم مريحه للأستماع

    63. Ynl

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    69. Rosé Nomnomnom

      0:34 this outfit is wore by doyoung(treasure) in mmm mv And also wore by one member of weki meki in cool mv

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    71. Asyifa Ayudityaa

      I like the song (。 ♡ ‿ ♡。)

    72. Nicole H

      nah bc why did no one tell me how hard this song went

    73. It's Called Multifandom If you know what i mean

      One word: UNDERRATED

    74. camm jimenezz


    75. Ynl

      No one is doing it, like CIX does

    76. Tristan Hall

      This is kind of unoriginal it’s almost all been done before.

      1. insomnia 97

        Eh. Its just something for their japanese fans. A cute little fan song.

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    79. あかてゃん

      私のメルカリにぺジの公式グッズ出品してるので欲しい方いたらコメントください! ぺジのペンミのブランケットとワナワンの時のスタンドがあります

    80. Samy

      Eyy que pasa con el stream?? ellos se lo merecen :(

    81. AMP-LE

      This song lowkey a bop

    82. kpopist

      My new favorite group :)

      1. Asyifa Ayudityaa


    83. sele fix

      To : C9 Entertainment We need Hello CIX Season 2!

    84. sele fix

      To : C9 Entertainment We need Hello CIX Season 2!

    85. sele fix

      To : C9 Entertainment We need Hello CIX Season 2!

    86. sele fix

      To : C9 Entertainment We need Hello CIX Season 2!

    87. Belen Sout

      C9 is gonna debut a new group??? Promote cix better 😡😡😡😡

      1. Cix Fix

        Yes ..but please don’t hate c9 new’s okay if don’t stan or support but don’t hate them :)

    88. Belen Sout

      C9 is gonna debut a new group??? Promote cix better 😡😡😡😡

    89. Belen Sout

      C9 is gonna debut a new group??? Promote cix better 😡😡😡😡

    90. Belen Sout

      C9 is gonna debut a new group??? Promote cix better 😡😡😡😡

    91. Ynl

      Aye yo aye yo~

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      C. I. X

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    100. yonghee is

      CIX - Jungle on Studio Choom just need 20k to 1M, pls stre4ming!!