Clip: LISA's Tough Class - Keep Practicing For Perfect Show | Youth With You S3 EP05 | 青春有你3 | iQiyi

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    【Youth With You S3】is streaming EVERY THUR. AND SAT. from FEB 18th! Watch more for FREE & ONLY on iQiyi App or Website! Download iQiyi APP to vote for trainees!
    【Introduction】A sequel to the Youth With You series, produced by iQIYI’s original team, a Tier-S show to be released in Q1 2021. Youth With You S3 is completely upgraded. With the help of Youth PD CHRIS LEE, Vocal Mentor Ronghao Li, Dance Mentor LISA and Rap Mentor WILL PAN, over a hundred of the young trainees will redefine competition to express “This is my way”.
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    1. Diksha Gusain

      Looks like indian dance

    2. Lary Almeida


    3. Anonimo Games

      Ótimo trabalho

    4. Andrei Hudson

      Uma mentira boa faz assim

    5. crandf


    6. Katrin chocolate

      Tattoo kleider Lisa Cai xukun reden

    7. sana manoban

      Badly want to see her teach them personally but this effing pandemic is so... nvm.

    8. Mysterious Political Mammal

      Cheers to more seasons of Youth With You with Mentor Lisa on it!!

    9. MysticSerpent

      What is their song ?

    10. Brigita Mary

      Song name

    11. Nữ Thần Vấn Thủy

      look at their beginning and the last screen, that why they need a strict mentor.

    12. Shirley Chajon

      Lisa is amazing everyday

    13. nusrat sinha

      Lisa Is So Beautiful 💜💜💜

    14. Izabella Rose

      Bunu gören Türk varsa: Hacı semazenler gibiler sjsjsjsj

    15. Gaukhar Yerkhozha

      She is speaking in 🇹🇭 tai language how the trainers understood her

      1. tiffany ovo

        They have translater

    16. Amisha Chourpagar - Student

      Lisa 🥰❤️❤️❤️

    17. Topics 19


    18. Ali Jyn

      Lisa 😘😘😘😘


      Aga Türkler nerde ulan bu dans kafasında sapka olurdu ya dönerdiler onu hariladim Türkler bulun lan bnri

    20. Aida Gobeljic

      He 😍😎😚😶Lisa😅😐😡

    21. Aida Gobeljic

      Lisa 😐🤔there😅😯😓

    22. sk Megha

      Lisa is like innocent girl 😇 😇 😇 😇 😇 😇

    23. Nazihah Khairunnisa


    24. BLACK PINK

      When lisa is with blackpink-funny When lisa is in youth with you-A tough mentor

    25. KIEsSTYLE

      ภาษาไทย ❤️

    26. nigar sabir


    27. nigar sabir


    28. Unavailable WuXian

      It seems really beautiful when they synchronize

    29. Wobemo lotha

      lovely mentor lisaa

    30. Wust Wust Wust JV

      WoW.....Lisa Laose...... So Strict......

    31. uwu

      I've been starring at Lisa this entire time she's so pretty wtf

    32. Nur elsa Safitri

      Is that wei😻

    33. yoora Yang

      She is really good when its come to mentoring she is strong ,strict, and gentle at the same time ^^

    34. Mr mazhar Uddin

      Is she speaking in thai

    35. Валерия Колобаева


    36. Ho_ Pe

      What language is she speaking there other than English ?

      1. Ho_ Pe

        @Sarocha Botson thanku ❤️

      2. Sarocha Botson

        She speaks thai

    37. Yasha Jain

      Looks like indian sufi dance

    38. Nidhi Negi

      Lalisa Is BACK😂⚡⚡

    39. Sarah Magistrado 사라

      What language do mentor lisa speaking? Is it different to the traniees language?

    40. Farsya Aininda sholihah

      Indo?? like..

    41. Andre Duran

      Wow Lisa is amazing mentor.

    42. YARI BLINK

      Very good mentor LISA so love 😘❤

    43. eme

      Strict mentor Lisa 🤩

    44. fantasía_ 86

    45. •Blinkoloji•#respectjennie

      Mentor lisa👑👑👑

    46. i'll kill u all if u don't str3am Rosie's solos

      Hmmm better

    47. Taima Ahmad

      نظرات ليسا بتخوف هههههههههههههه😂😂❤️✨

    48. yumna any

      Lisa looks tired😥

    49. Asangla Lkr

      Omg!! She's such a great mentor ❤❤❤

    50. Тек ет

      한국인한테 배우는건 자존심 상하니까 태국인 한테 배우나 보다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    51. Roserose849 Rose


    52. farahsyahira

      Lisa be like, 'kau bepusing situ sampai pingsan' 🤣

    53. ayparjimin.

      Why im tearing 😢

    54. Losi Loso

      Okay, im dizzy just watching

    55. jigaynay


    56. Shalim Chowdhury

      Which language lisa speaking?

    57. Carrillo Andrade Angeles

      Name of the song?

    58. Forte Expresso

      Why aren't they standing according to height?

    59. Princess Frigillana


    60. Elulises GamePlay


    61. Emzy shers


    62. Evine Kemala Olviana


    63. Jonathan Gonzalez

      The "better" at the end. With the disappointed face...

    64. دركسي RTY

      افضل مدربه تجنن 🥺❤️

    65. Amery 99


    66. Putri Resti Wulandari

      Mentor Lisaa

    67. Angelika Pille

      Mukang pagod n si liza sana wag nia pabayaan ung sarili nya .. you need to rest din po

    68. phanh


    69. juon jungkook

      آسفه بس ضحكتتت😂💔

    70. BlackVelvet

      Our pretty talented mentor 💖

    71. nanalisa kim

      Strict mentor lisa

    72. Chalisa


    73. Archana Rosry

      She has improved in mentoring a lot from previous time. This time she's really good at it.

    74. Luiza Rodrigues

      Eu quase vi um macho chorar 😂😂

    75. Pik Ko

      Ummmm better 😎😆😅

    76. farhana sharmin

      The fact those last two boys didn’t got 😵😵😵😵 from spinning so many times is just 👏👏👏 I would have fainted by spinning that many time

    77. Yaman


    78. Nisan Yağmur Ercan

      Semaver dönüşü ? :D skskxospd

    79. 히래 BTS IMAGINES


    80. Elan chezhiyan

      Lisa specking thai satisfy me😀

    81. [ . Ecrin . ]

      She knows what she's doing . Queen mentor Lisa 👑

    82. ABIR BLIИK

      Lisaaa unnie ❤❤

    83. Paola Santos

      Love you Lisa

    84. lalisa lalisa

      Love u Mentor Lisa

    85. Muhammad Farhan

      She looks damnnn cute 😍😍

    86. Hoon 1993

      she was look tired

    87. shinee crystal

      love it

    88. Kookie Kpop

      She was just too strict a minute ago and then acted like nothing happened....So cuuute....💕

    89. Bob spinach

      She is strict but also so sweet

    90. Sadhana Sachan

      Lisa is amazing..

    91. Giang Hà Tuệ

      my baby is tired.

    92. Ivenylon Onglais

      Dance mentor Lisa did not come to play. She takes her job seriously!

    93. NoWhere

      Her mandarin has gotten so good. She is a language master as much as she is a dance master!


      Can anyone tell me what is the song name???

    95. Amine Çelik

      Mentor Lisa is the best🍓✨

    96. The Only One


    97. Prince Gumball

      They didn't have to smile

    98. 龍泉寶劍各種冷兵器出售微信bww445

      08:42 人生舞台的大幕随时都可能拉开,关键是你愿意表演,还是选择躲避。

    99. nonilon castillo

      The best mentor Lalisa Manoban ... si Lisa lang ang Kasmala..

    100. Rizkiah Safitri