Clip: LISA's Online Tutoring Of "Hero Kick It" | Youth With You S3 EP04 | 青春有你3 | iQiyi

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    【Introduction】A sequel to the Youth With You series, produced by iQIYI’s original team, a Tier-S show to be released in Q1 2021. Youth With You S3 is completely upgraded. With the help of Youth PD CHRIS LEE, Vocal Mentor Ronghao Li, Dance Mentor LISA and Rap Mentor WILL PAN, over a hundred of the young trainees will redefine competition to express “This is my way”.
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    1. iQIYI 爱奇艺

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      1. no u


    2. park Rosé

      Lisa queen love you my love

    3. Arjunan Subhalakshmi

      God that hiee !! 💘

    4. Winji Park

      So cute😭😭😭

    5. Melinda Catipon

      Lalisa is an Angel❤️😍

    6. get on my bike lets go

      why does this luo yizshou look like lisa tho :0

    7. Kaka Mag

      Luo Yizhou has done everything he could with his talent and effort. Now, it's up to us.

    8. Marielza Moreira

      Queen 🤩😍🥰❣👑❤❤

    9. Aisha Kumari

      Exo wow

    10. Landofblackpink


    11. Estrella Wang

      porque ingles si es chinoooo

    12. pk s

      Tony is a professional👍👍👍

    13. Kay

      Omg she is cute, charismatic, fierce omg 100% talent ❤️😭

    14. Grace


    15. sejin 75


    16. mayang

      Lisa has the same vibe with Taeyong

    17. bts ot7


    18. Mel Peng

      LISA: The one in the front, yes!. THAT'S LUO YIZHOU

    19. Namrata Bhosle

      Ten is proud ❤️

    20. mile coco

      지렸다. 리사야 영웅 한 번 커버해주라 제발

    21. Jisoo Skz

      Why is she so mean

      1. Rose

        she’s not... it’s called being a good mentor/instructor:/

      2. Ming Chuang


    22. Farah Nabila Darwis

      Tony, good luck!!!

    23. Dechen wangmo Dorji

      Could literally see the difference after her instruction

    24. kurumi MOA


    25. shoko latte

      sis i've never envied and idolized someone my whole life

    26. NFM

      1:19 OMG lisa so cute

    27. Sazz Salic

      can someone tell me why they named it as Hero Kick It instead of Kick It only?

    28. kim_taehyung_official_channel

      Lisa is quenn

      1. kim_taehyung_official_channel


    29. Hải Hồ

      Love Lisa

    30. Rihanna Skeen

      Love video Love dance

    31. 1001_ Savitri Dwi Priasti

      I'm feeling great to see Tony again😭

    32. Nabila Firas

      Lisaaa love you

    33. Akshata Bhat

      Lisa is really a good mentor 🤗

    34. Margie Cabalida

      If there is lisa there's blinks

    35. Heraldo Amen


    36. de naRa

      Lisa keren banget

    37. Litu Kayal

      What Lisa think about herself she is the queen of dance noo our don't dare to say it cause our hobi is also there 🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒

      1. BangTranslates ༄

        lmao she's choosen to be mentor here! why you're talking about Hobi?! wtf?!

      2. Ming Chuang

        yeah Your Hopi is a queen of dance. She dances so well. lol and King of dance is Kai. a perfect couple =)))

      3. Brandy Johnson

        That's what I'll put the professionals and Kpop people say your opinion is invalid

      4. Sarah

        Lmaoooo ratmy spotted

      5. Litu Kayal

        @LISA THE QUEEN OF DANCE nooo our king much better than lisaaaaaaaaaaaaa u understand u better understand 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒🤣🤣🤣

    38. symlees


    39. Zz Oo


    40. Zz Oo


    41. lisa blackpink


    42. marmour

      كان بدي افهم وش عم تقول بس حتى ترجمة ما طلعتلي 😭😭😭

      1. Kim fatimh&Zaynab

        إي الترجمة بس شكرا استاذه😭😭

    43. Akin

      One thing YG not gonna do it’s miss a bag, y’all see the vizio right there lollll

    44. •Itz_Strxberry_Bxtch•

      1:33 oooh boys better not look at the peach 😅 idk

    45. anwesha abhishikta

      Lisa the queen of dance 😅

    46. on the ground

      Queen of dancing

    47. Donnapa Ree-in

      Tony was injured. That's why he could not be more down as Lisa told in this way. Anyway still cool. Jiayou!

    48. persada consultan

      ih gk mau gk suka gelay

    49. reign


    50. Naomi Walker

      Were they practicing in the same room together? Why was it filmed as if she was teaching them from another location?

      1. atinymoonizen

        Because she is in another location

    51. Roses are dead Love is fake

      Lisa’s precise of details and execution of the move! She’s such a great dance mentor!

    52. BlackPink's shane gal

      lisa do kick it plz

    53. ああ


    54. Ame sama

      Great team!!

    55. Elma Silviani

      Tony produce X101??

      1. Huslen Hanniehae


    56. Tania Yoseano

      Kun , Ten , Winwin , Lucas , Xiaojun , Hendery , Yangyang , Haechan , Jeno , Jaemin , Chenle , Renjun Jisung , Taeyong , Taeil, Jaehyun , Johnny , Mark , Yuta , Jungwoo , Doyoung , Shotaro , Sungchan NCT IS THE BEST NCT MANTUL Sijeuni Cinta Kalian Sijeuni Sayang Kalian 💚

    57. Hotria Simbolon


    58. Mariana Romero

      Tony.....was he the same tony on PDX101?

      1. Huslen Hanniehae


    59. eggie

      lisa ace

    60. すこの

      Kick it するなら見てみようかな!!

    61. Lilik Yuliyanti07


    62. Alexa Shaine Abada


    63. Mia Praderio Stefan

      dios te amo muchísimo

    64. poetic birdie

      lisa knew how that lean is the importance of the song.

    65. ReDChUcK04

      Tiger mentor Lisa had transformed into cutie pie Lisa!!! Cuteeeee!!!

    66. Leony Novita


    67. malla lala

      my queen kind

    68. EXO gave birth to BLACKPINK

      Watching this... Imagine if Lisa Kai and Taeyong did a dance collaboration.... (I'd be atone dead)

    69. محمد اديب

      I'm expecting the new version of "One more time"

    70. Cheonsa Lee


    71. Teresa Pakpahan

      Lisaa is perfectttt

    72. Rama Al_Bayati


    73. Maryam Mustafa


    74. هلي هه٧


    75. احمد الفرا

      وين القا كامل مترجم

      1. احمد الفرا

        @OTAKU ARMY البرنامج مترجم عربي ع اي فيديو تفتحي ح تلاقي فوق مكتوب cc اضغطي علي وبجيكي مترجم عربي او ع ثلاث نقاط

      2. احمد الفرا

        @OTAKU ARMY وك

      3. OTAKU ARMY

        اذا عرفتي قوليلي 🙂

    76. Rizki Purwanti

      Is that tony from produce x 101??

      1. Huslen Hanniehae

        Yes he is , please support he

    77. 그랜저헬미

      어 뭐야 중국애들 춤 출줄 아네

    78. Hannah هانا

      the last one in the right look like soobin

    79. black_or_pink


    80. Huy

      1:14 so cuteeee

    81. Mi Young

      صاحبة الترجمه للعربية ما كان لا زم تتعبي نفسك بكتابته كلمتين 😒😒😒😒😒 يعني جديا !!!! اذا ما تعرفي ترجمي ما ترجمي ليش مترجمة كلمه ( مرحبا استاذ) و الفيديو ولا نقطة ترجمة و في الاخير كلمة 😑💢

      1. Venus Jupiter


    82. Book

      와 포인트잘잡네ㅔ

    83. Khemika's TVML


    84. Dami ARMY

      *Lisa is introducing us to some new thangs...*

    85. Khemika Pingthaisong


    86. nita gray

      what lisa in here

      1. BangTranslates ༄

        she's mentor

    87. camila

      Cara a Lisa e muito boa na dança já vi os dance dela e é perfeito cara 👌eu queria dançar como ela 💜💜

    88. Săn bắt và chăn nuôi

      video rat hay

    89. andrea Maata

      love u lisa

    90. miniongi

      0:32 he looks a bit like Lisa👁👄👁

    91. Shirley Chajon

      Lisa is amazing everyday

    92. Andrea Vanessa

      Alguien sabe donde lo puedo ver completo ?

    93. อิสาน บ้านนา


    94. Nakamoto Yuta

      Lisa parece una NCTzen

    95. nawal kakar

      Lisa dance is not good like nct

      1. BangTranslates ༄

        umm she's not NCT of course. but what?! she's just teaching dance moves? what's wrong here?

      2. Ha? HAHAHA

        *Cause she's not nct, duh she's Lisaaaaaaaaa*

      3. Sarah

        Anyone asked?-

    96. on the ground

      Lisa is the best dancer

    97. Abhirami Syamji ARMY

      1:45 :what's the sound in back🙄

    98. 윤기민

      is that tony from pdx101 omg my boy 😭

    99. เที่ยวไหนดี โบว์


    100. Nabeko Aydın

      Lisa babygirl