🤯 Comeback worthy of a final! | HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 3-0 Sevilla

FC Barcelona

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    Piqué’s last second goal sends the game into extra time and Braithwaite’s header earns a place in the Copa del Rey Final!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??? 👉👉👉👉👉👉thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/qc-pmp6Dh63LlWo.html

      1. Palmas FR mil grau

        Fußball-Club Bayern München

      2. Stormtrooper Fan FCB

        Barca ❤💙❤💙❤

      3. fatoumata kanteh

        goat rakitic

      4. Tahidu Eberihem


      5. Tisa Risakotta

        @Ариш Хан #3^&37#74$&44&$55$&4e

    2. trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen

      Chik ko cok doi vek luk thu tik cok nho tao ko lu be de chik be de tho lu nak ha

    3. Garuda Legend

      Real goal number nine🔥

    4. Kyle Yang

      The early humidity uncommonly rejoice because consonant concordantly behave upon a gainful port. abstracted, new beach

    5. •Always Barcelona•

      What a game 😍😍😍

    6. Bishnu Sunar


    7. aliwa alinho


    8. Cyril Sabu

      Pique sold his soul to win this match. True cule.

    9. HB initials

      If Jordi scored. That would hv been the goal of the year.



    11. Ailsa Ni

      just imagine the celebration if they win against paris


      Watching again and again i love this team

    13. vbddfy euuyt

      That Stegen penalty save was 😲😲 I was almost about to cry when they got the penalty this team gives me heart attacks.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Dembele is Nigro form of morata

    14. Ans Imran

      Gonna tell my kids this was the psg 6-1 comback

    15. harinandan rajesh

      Visca Barca ❤️💙

      1. harinandan rajesh

        @vbddfy euuyt yeah..I saw ...isn't that cute❤️😍

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        3:28 look Messi 🤣🤣

    16. Firman Syah


    17. Nofa Jr

      am watching it whenever it cross my eyes :')

    18. itsarbri

      💙❤🏆🔜amazing comeback

    19. TH CrOFu

      2:02 alguien dice "dale Lucas" ya todos sabemos como acaba eso

    20. Tyrique Petrus

      I hope we win the final and la liga fcb 🙌

    21. Stormtrooper Fan FCB

      Si el Sevilla, huibiese metido el gol de penal el barca no estubiese en la semifinal,gracias Ter Stegen por tapar el penal 🔵🔴💪👐 y los goles de pique y braithwaite grax.

    22. t8 Studios

      Last Header Braithwaite

    23. Barca Cules

      For me, best match of the season at the moment.

    24. Kush Tripathi

      Martin braithwaite when he scored that winning header just gave me chills.... I had 3 heart attacks in this match When Marc Andre saved the penalty When pique scored And that last braithwaite goal.... We r gonna win this trophy Visa el barca .....

    25. Micah Huffaker

      Jordi alba’s volleys are crazy good

    26. Jhonny Al Helo

      Honestly ter stegen the best goalkeeper ever

    27. Fawaz Alenezi

      4:05 الظاهرة ابو علوش برايثوايت، لا يحتاج إلى ضربات الجزاء مثل رونالدو و لا يحتاج للكرات المقشره مثل ليفاندوفسكي ، يسجل من اللا شيء😤😤❤️❤️❤️

    28. Waqar Arshad

      Dembele is Nigro form of morata

    29. bryan martin

      Ter stegen is the heroo

    30. Muhammad rizky fawzi

      3:28 look Messi 🤣🤣

    31. Corum

      Didn’t think Barca had this in them, amazing.

    32. Rock girl

      I swear hes the cutest thing ever

    33. Pranto Kumar Dutta

      0.42 sec :- practice makes a man perfecto -Dembelle 💖

    34. Bennett Yaw Amoakohene

      i believe in this transition

      1. Rock girl

        Athletic bilbao should be scared but im nervus😭

    35. Shervin_r.a.j

      Barcelona is very well Please follow my instagram:shervin_r.a.j

    36. Orlando Castro

      Es que ya vine como 10 veces aqui 😎😎😎😎

    37. Shreyas Jadhav

      Dembele is very selfish player

    38. Ariel Urvina

      reported to koeman: why didnt you celebrate braithwaithe's winning goal? koeman: *its because i expected nothing less than the god himself to carry the entire clubs*

    39. asytar Satyanegara

      Indonesia my daddy love barça messi😅

    40. Andonick Silva


    41. Young_Mafia_Vevo

      Everyday i watch this match over

    42. quiricocho

      3:17 JASJSAJASJSA "NO JESUS LA CONCHA DE TU HERMANA" ASJJSAJSAAS ORGULLO RIOPLATENSE. Seguro fue argento, en el sevilla no hay uruguayos

    43. wnnalis cioov

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    44. dasss310_

      Dembele is incredible

    45. Vic Normans

      ter stegen is on fire

      1. wnnalis cioov

        manifested by quality, experience, intelligence and mentality as well. ra a coach and a player

    46. alida flus

      3:19 "No Jesus, la concha de tu hermana". JAJAJAJA

      1. Stormtrooper Fan FCB

        @Ero Sennin es *Español* Carnal 😎👍

      2. Collazos Arancel Brayam

        @Ero Sennin "No jesus, your sister's shell" Shell refers to the vagina. It is an expression from Argentina that is used to express anger or annoy a friend, in this case it is the first.

      3. Ero Sennin

        in English?

    47. Hassam Khan

      The thing I’m loving about all these comeback games is that Barca are dominating in the attack... even in second leg against PSG they played wonderful football and were let down only by finishing. Forca Barca ❤️💙

    48. Raul Fut


      1. alida flus

        1:56 he almost laughed and cried 😖 PIQUE

    49. soso isak

      Athletic bilbao should be scared but im nervus😭

    50. bruno pro games Quintero

      Braitwaithe Nazario

    51. احمد الزهراني

      2:10 GG

    52. احمد الزهراني


    53. Harun Ar Rashid

      Messi 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇦🇷🇧🇩🇦🇷🇧🇩🇧🇩🇦🇷


      te adoro equipo de mi vida,en las buenas y en las malas

    55. dcoog anml

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    56. Monika Thompson

      The puny magician generally tug because france additionaly license upon a languid cocktail. wealthy, testy kamikaze

    57. kolim jone

      3:22 Griezmann's prime is great asf don't forget it for the goal of Piqué

      1. dcoog anml


    58. Bhysaap Gaming

      Griezmann Messi Dembele and Ansu Fati are unique than Messi Neymar and Suarez, All Barça players are the best all the time

    59. Jahid Jony

      come on Barca you should do it .

      1. kolim jone

        just imagine the celebration if they win against paris

    60. Ronie Iebach

      For all BARCELONA players, the way to consistently win and be able to win is = every match, you have to play very aggressively on all fronts, have high confidence to win, high morale wants to win, you must have great energy and must have a physical strong, flowing the ball quickly, pressing on all lines, high presing on all fronts, focus and concentration until the end of the game, must be dominant in all lines, must have good ball possession, quickly snatch the ball from opponents, aggressive defense, compact , disciplined and strong, must attack quickly, make lots of chances, with accurate hull and cross passes, must shoot a lot of accurate balls, from outside the penalty box, to the top right or left corner of the goal, players must be able to score goals from kicks corners, and free kicks, and the forward must have a good finish, playing like this all, can be manifested by quality, experience, intelligence and mentality as well. ra a coach and a player

    61. Zaid Zarbai

      Visca el barca

    62. miko foin

      Read the Bible. THE END IS NEAR.

    63. RNG-Bananaツ

      1:56 he almost laughed and cried 😖 PIQUE

      1. Adriano

        yeah bc they thought sevilla will definitely scores and barca will lose another trophy

    64. Duol Chuol


      1. miko foin

        That’s why braithwaite is the GOATTTTT

    65. LilSxmi

      u guys thought the atmosphere there was good. imagine if the fans were there my god the scenes wouldve been incredible. Visca barca

      1. RAGE GAMING - The Flash gamerz

        Just like Psg 1-6 FCB,Camp nou would be erupted🤩

    66. BD FF TIKTOK

      From Bangladesh.

    67. Claudius Bruss

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    68. Claudius Bruss

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    69. sokin jon

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    70. Sarker Reefat

      23 times; i watched this video so far. And still mind blowing 🔥

    71. rizqi muhammad


      1. sokin jon

        That assistant coach was like koeman calm down.

    72. rizqi muhammad


      1. bilishu aliss

        Soccer = Football 😂

    73. Mowafak Sabbagh

      Teezy Barca!!!!!

      1. bilishu aliss

        That assistant coach was like koeman calm down.

    74. bilishu aliss

      just imagine the celebration if they win against paris

    75. Kathryn Heim

      The gabby seaplane arthroscopically pack because income italy alert near a unique crocodile. humdrum, broad polish

    76. Francisco Adonay


      1. bilishu aliss

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    77. zijuiy wttuy

      Jugo bien el barcelona pero nada que ver con la era cuando estaba ronaldinho y el tecnico que hizo el sextete me refiero pep guardiola

    78. Jackson Scott

      Corner taken quickly origi

    79. Arturo Saucedo

      3:50 Rakitić watching Piqué's head goal be like: Why did I leave Barça

      1. Muhammad Salar

        Wasn't really his choice, we wanted him to leave even though he's a Barça legend.

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        Very nice keeper😍😍

    80. JellyBoy

      That’s why braithwaite is the GOATTTTT

    81. Abdullah Sani Al Muna

      It's the Lord himself to the rescue!

    82. Dhan Rai

      barcelona meesi Messi messi



      1. minij hooi

        I just can’t stop watching piques goal 🤯😄

    84. minij hooi

      RELEASE NEW SINGLE LINEA - TENTANG MIMPI Selamat mendengarkan dan share ke temen temen kalian ya.

      1. minij hooi

        Yeees Barcelona Yeees

    85. Anonymous Guy


    86. Soccer INSANERS

      That assistant coach was like koeman calm down.

      1. minij hooi

        1:29 Could be the goal of the competition !!!

    87. Ant gotchu._.

      Soccer = Football 😂

    88. Chris Ann Wheatley

      Messi u are the best

    89. ASLAM VLOG

      Messi power

    90. Ichrak Layouni


    91. Yvonne Kay

      The lonely profit willy pump because organ annually measure worth a flat tulip. workable, frequent argument

    92. A straight curve through the origin

      3:20 This Sevilla player is regretting. If he did not head the ball back in, Barca would not score.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I just saw Ivan shocked from his own team

    93. Sofi Sidiropoulou

      🖤❤💜💛💙💚 FCB BARCELONA!!!!!!SPAIN

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        no x dios nool

    94. 트윈스사커TV

      Very nice keeper😍😍

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Los cúles que critican hoy por hoy a dembele son los mismos que gritaron su gol en este partido.

    95. Cristiano Ronaldo CR7

      *[**2:10**]* *Marc-André TER STEGEN 🇩🇪🤩*

      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    96. Charming nowhere to hide

      TER STEGEN king of the match

    97. Lisa Amaro

      Piqué... Su reacción haha asi hago yo también

    98. Aysel Ismayilova

      Yeees Barcelona Yeees

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        All of them were great

    99. Alex Portillo

      I just can’t stop watching piques goal 🤯😄

    100. Rodi FCB

      It was a perfect match for Barcelona and they scored a great victory