Cooking with my MOM! " Episode 2 Pinakbet

Bretman Rock

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    1. Susan Reyes

      Cleo looks like her Lola , beautiful.

    2. Skinny babycelyn

      Ang sarap naman ,you can also try my pinakbet version with HUGOT LINES

    3. Florence Lotomau

      Mmmmm I want some🤣 Just subscribed "your family is awesomeness"💞

    4. zerowo

      Bretman pls post more in which you speak ilocano :')

    5. Mr. Bones

      Sir saan ang place mo sa philipines apay ammomm ag ilocano?

    6. Maribel Galapia

      Keep sharing and more blogging

    7. gronkus

      Because with out turtles we wouldn't have any turtles😔

    8. cvb

      Now his mom has a food truck 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    9. Reyna Bravo

      So much similarities to Spanish

    10. Human Love human

      Di indo juga bawang

    11. Cuddle Bunny

      Mums so funny

    12. Ivonne Escobar

      Omg just realizing how much Chleo looks like brets mom.

    13. John Andrew

      BRETMAN ROCK is so funny and the food is so yummy😲😲😲😲👍

    14. MartinezFAMHawaii

      #Aloha, Yeah pinakbet is number one specially Ilocanos!

    15. Ralea

      omg "bawang" is the same word in bahasa indonesia that means garlic

    16. chell daliva

      nalaing agimuri ti utong ni bretman mammaminsan

    17. Prince DRD

      Miss K: This makes me wanna be vegetarian but I'm only eating the meat... Wait, WHAT????

    18. Joash Avellanoza

      The restaurant came true! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Rewatching your vlogs

    19. hi bye

      The way their mom said bitch was too adorable OMG

    20. Reymart Velasco

      Ilokano da pay gayam. Suddenly miss my mum when I heard his mum speaking Ilokano. Miss pinakBEST (Pinakbet) my mum’s pinakbet. Praying this pandemic will be over soon.

    21. Toaster Spoon

      She cut's eggplants like a filipino LOL. When I visit my moms town in Asingan they cut veggies like that. No chopping board needed. I love that you rep'n the ilocanos >_

    22. Gorgeous

      Am from PH.but I dunno you guys are saying ... i just know UKiNAm 🤣😀👍

    23. xoamberlyn


    24. xoamberlyn

      Loooove home cooked Filipino food. 🤤🤍

    25. Abigail Budam

      We have a dish similar to this and miss it so much!

    26. Jeshrom Figuron

      pinak-fucking-bet HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    27. Kim Macdon

      kagutom naman ng pinakbet

    28. Chaelan

      her mom is so pretty aaaaaa she aged beautifully

    29. Mel

      Is bretman's mom and Ivana's mom siblings? Lmao

    30. Armila Augustine Patiño

      Did the “Cooking with my mom” stopped here in episode 2? 😭 Me and my grandma loves watching it coz she always wait for the part where y’all speak ilocano. I hope u make more cooking vids with your mom😭❤️

    31. Kaila Alana

      Gayem, Ilocano kayo met. 🥰😘😍 Mailiwak ni Nanang ken ni Tatang ko adajay Pinas. 🥺 Tagasaan ni Nanang? Kami taga Bundok kami.

    32. Charmaine Liberato

      Kumporme made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

    33. Samantha Marabiles

      Sanaol Maja Salvador HAHAHAHAHA

    34. lala

      Kudos to Bretman's mom for raising her kids knowing how to speak Ilocano fluently.

    35. R3NZ

      your mom is a pro

    36. Frances and Ryan Vlogz

      wow! Proud Ilocano po kami! ilocano kayo gayam, nakaka proud po! our parents are both from Cagayan. nakakaproud nga mabuya kayo. Godbless you po. we love you

    37. Anezka S

      Pants fit 🤣🤣

    38. Jerrymae Casuga

      Vice Ganda is ilocano too hehe

    39. Dianne Pineda

      And now bret's mom have a restaurant

    40. Jofrey Agonoy

      Siyak man mut ti timulong nga agluto ti pinakbet

    41. sierra keliikoa

      Mad love for his mom🥺 that food looks like my childhood

    42. Jaffa

      I love Bretman’s mom, but I love Miss Kay, but I love Cleo.

    43. akira lee

      Respect to all mom's!!!❤️ Ilocanos are the best ❤️❤️❤️ love yah mother 😘

    44. miza saif

      the way they pronounce "bawang " similar like malaysian, hello malaysian here


      Bretman's mom: *shopping for pinakbet* Bretman: *dating jollibe* 😂

    46. Rreign Francisco

      Pinakbet pero Hindi bet pinakbet

    47. soxpuff

      I really miss Asian markets since Covid started. Things got crazy expensive at the Asian market now

    48. Jayron Hawud Tv

      We bisaya eat pinakbet 💗😂

    49. Crafty Lakwatsera

      I am just so happy seeing Bretman’s mom now, looking happy and contented. Far from where they used to be - I still remember that video of her throwing cabbage at Bretman LMAO!🤣🤣🤣

    50. kn s

      and now she have her own food truck 🥺🥺🥺

    51. Vivian Escanio

      My favorite pinakbet ! your mom good cook ! Naimas ! 👍🍷

    52. Anna Alexis

      My family's Ilokano! And the word I always hear from my lola is "Ukininam" hahaha Anyway, ay ayaten ka unay ♥️

    53. Spine Claire Catenza

      Proud Cagayano ♥️

    54. Kim taekook

      I'm proud ilocana

    55. Laurent Ross

      Watching it now. Bretman really manifested the restaurant for her mom. ❤️💕

    56. Adaoag TV

      Bretman Rock is Good to speak Perfecly ilocano ☺☺ Naiman Pinakbet

    57. F Elix

      Thank You! Please do more episodes of cooking Filipino food with your mom.

    58. Jac ket

      Like man dagita ilokano itta

    59. winky doo

      hahaha love ur mom

    60. Santo Artesão

      "Carne" means meat, cool to know Tagalog and Portuguese share a handful of words!

    61. L. Tian

      Love Bretmom Rock!!! “Bitch!” Hahaha the family tho! Love them all! Imma try making pinakbet now!

    62. Tyara Hernandez

      I want more cooking videos w your momma. 😍

    63. Gabriela Kho

      Bretmom is gorgeous 💕

    64. Gabriela Kho

      EZ Mil is an Ilocano rising star.

    65. John Riel Garcia

      2:40 i see Meme Vice, Jodi Sta. Maria, Martin Nievera , Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo, Maja Salvador, Coco Martin and Daniel Padilla

    66. Thai Thai

      I love mom

    67. melai lange

      Pag-ilocano talaga kahilig mag-luto

    68. 21_Mohammad Ariq Alghiffary Susanto

      Omg i realized that some filipino language is pretty similar to Indonesian Garlic : bawang (filipino) bawang ( Indonesian) Eggplant : tarong (filipino) Terong(Indonesian)

    69. Karlie McCrone

      she is precious. what a lovely woman

    70. Mershey.Kisses

      Bretmom saying "B!tch" at the end had me cracking uppp. Cute & hilarious 🤣🥺❤❤❤

    71. Kavita

      Maggie magic masala

    72. Lance Simon

      Parang mannose bleed ata mama mo hahahahhaha😬😬!!!!!!! Napilitan mag english Btw ayaw ko mag english

    73. Reiver Sisor

      Ni Vice ganda ken jessica soho ket ilokano pay idol

    74. Jeff Paguinto

      7:14 “mom you should make a restaurant one day” and she has a foodtruck now omg

    75. Millie Espero

      agkatay ak met..


      Watching this again... And now they have foodtruck 😍

    77. Da Da

      When he said “Mom you should have a restaurant one day” and now... MAMA MERCES’ KITCHEN!! 🤩💖

    78. Blinky De leon


    79. PaulMusic PH

      Princess’ trying to promote her social media acct 😅😅😅😅

    80. Bresais Pareanga

      his moms the cutest🥺.

    81. Elaine Agustin

      ❤️❤️❤️👏👏😘😘😘proud ilocano

    82. Maila Verceles

      Ilokana here 🙋🏽‍♀️ still watching ☺️ naimas ti pinakbet..

    83. Yan Gellah


    84. desiree asuncion

      its already 2021 and im here again😂🥺

    85. Family Vlogs Po

      Family Vlogs Po - THwikis we are you big supporter pinoy family here in denmark

    86. Philene Moreno

      PART 3!!

    87. Rikki Flores

      Your mom is so cute

    88. The Cabangcala Siblings

      Filipino pride 😘

    89. Khloe Yanday

      Me recognizing that place

    90. HAEL

      haha anya gamin jay komporme?

    91. Kunwari magaling Kumanta

      Those eggplants are so unhealthy 😂 so thin😂

    92. Arnold Cablayan

      Naimbag a bigat :)

    93. Cedieee cpa

      and now, she has her own food truck!!!

    94. Remea Salvador

      "Nagimas" which mean delicious thats ilocano word Ilocano hearrr😊😊😊

    95. SignificantlyBeautiful21

      And now she has a food truck... Amazing!

    96. Crisha Campano

      Kulang ng ginger/laya

    97. xxtanvir_ovixx

      Cleo sleep walking killed me xD

    98. xxtanvir_ovixx

      Its green chili your mom was right or raw chilli

    99. Ani

      Manifested Mama Merce’s kitchen

    100. Neil Sant

      Mom isxso pretty... she can regain 20s if bretman allowed her to use his gym...