Deadliest Journeys - Myanmar: No Fear

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    For more than half a century, the country has lived in isolation, cut off from the outside world by a succession of some of the toughest dictatorships on the planet. The Burmese regard their country as a beautiful sleeping girl. Today she opens her eyes a little but wakes him up hard. The country lacks everything, the infrastructure has been neglected for many years. But the Burmese keep smiling. In the North West, in the most mountainous region of the country, getting around is an adventure. The mountains reach 3000 meters in altitude and some roads climb to more than 2000 meters. With his truck, twice his age, Khampi struggles. Despite everything, man faces the roads or rather the tracks, with courage and coolness. Khampi never gets angry, he keeps a smile at all times even when he misses to tip over. The word “fear” seems to have disappeared from his vocabulary. The state of the roads is a serious handicap for the populations, but it has enabled the country to retain its beauty, its authenticity and its traditions. Young Sokna carries on an ancient ritual, the Kiss of Death. Legend has it that by kissing the head of a king cobra three times, the women of the village will quickly become pregnant. In Naypeedaw, the megalomaniacal capital erected by the military junta, highways hold a sad record. One of the least frequented on the planet. The country also holds another record, with the most terrifying train in Asia. It crosses a viaduct more than 100 meters high. Without any security. Barely a few centimeters separate the travelers from the void. Travel to the heart of Burma far from the tourist trails. Réalisateur 1
    Daniel Lainé
    Réalisateur 2
    Charles Comiti

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    1. Puneet Singh

      Ice road truckers look like toddlers after this

    2. rnayabed n

      OMFG they just removed ENITRE freaking JAMMU AND kashmir from India map, including srinagar.

    3. Dick Cheese



      The truck Driver is the "Rambo" on that road.

    5. Truth Prevails

      The poor bull...... he's gone on his last journey !!!

    6. Seb C

      *films dead woman* narrator: she wasn't wealthy or particularly noteworthy that's the send off she deserved lmao

    7. weed man

      Much respect to all the people who make and produce these documentaries for all of us to watch.

      1. weed man

        Let's not forget also about the drivers who risk their lives working on these dangerous roads

    8. inguh pesya

      hail from Bali ,, that looks like a CMP truck ,,

    9. Arm Panacon

      Wow. From thailand

    10. Saurabh Kumar Yadav

      God save Myanmar from coup

    11. Muqtasid Ali

      ⚠️ 🛑 The second most wonderful and jaw dropping thing is the Natural Scenery of Myanmar. Number 1 is still their determination and helping nature. However, some of their religious and political history is bit hurting...

    12. patrick_henry

      death : im just here by the cliff.. waiting for you.. mr. driver : hehehehehe (just laughs) 😅 epic.. 💪

    13. Cool Bros

      Ok this even more deadlier than the Indian Leh-Manali highway Love from India!!

    14. Ernie Lara

      The country is still ruled by military dictators!

    15. Ernie Lara

      I'm the one getting frustrated just watching this video.

    16. Pyae Phyoe


    17. R. Dee Blanche

      Everything hopeful about this documentary has sadly been erased.

    18. Phrangdesharai soh

      That the good example

    19. Jaycee C

      One thing I've noticed with the people from poor countries, they are friendly and well mannered towards each other.

    20. Grace Marie's Kitchen

      All i can say is God bless you,worst road but these people have the best soul in terms of motivation,patience and hardwork,shame on those who are only good at complaining at the slightest encounter of hardship,Salute,,!!!

    21. marvin guite

      47:27 (khat ni thum) one two three and 48:27

    22. Hiro

      Man, i really need to go outside.. since 2017 i never go outside until now.. i guess i'll have to wait until Mr. Covid goes away...

    23. Collin Keeton

      I'm never driving in these places unless I have a monster truck, which I won't

    24. Me Di

      Wah ra sagoh nek aku 'dalame koyo ngono medanii uwong

    25. Ad Ag

      نحمد الله على نعمه التي لا تحصى

    26. Mahudi Cah Kembangan

      Jalan berlumpur

    27. Sahil S

      This is certainly humbling

    28. Jakiruzzaman Juweljj

      Amazing... From Bangladesh

    29. Bettey Fontaneaux

      @45:46 - wow, what a great attitude! This guy gets it!

    30. :

      14:46 he makes me happy because even though he's hard he is still happy, hi I'm from Indonesian. Edit: 44:24 The door opening itself is truly horror

    31. Pomegranatepip

      Watching this in 2021 when the scumbag military junta have taken over again. I wish good fortune on the people of Myanmar.

    32. Zonuna Sena

      Tha khop documentary dan a tha hle mai...nice documentary....thumps ups ..lots of respect

    33. mazotçu

      "his assistant doesn't seem to be in the mood to laugh" LMAO

    34. drupath ashok

      ith etha vandi

    35. lati reba

      Bahhhh ngerix😭😢


      Japanese makes the best engine...

    37. sea cracken

      Mahindra comander old suv

    38. Pigik Prasatko

      It is nesessery to eletrify this Lorrys :D

    39. عيسى السبيعي


    40. KT Grape

      Now, Our counrty is suffering again because of the Military Coup on Feb 1st 2021. Young People are dying while protesting on the streets as the Cops and Soldiers use the live ammunition to oppress the Protest. #savemyanmar #whatishappeninginmyanmar

    41. simplemind

      Myanmars Junta commited a Genozid on the Roghinya while their buddhists Citizens supported this.. They must be punished with their Crimes.

    42. Dishon Tv

      This videos make me realise kenya is a paradise

    43. Alaf Khan

      Wow.....Watch from nepal 🇳🇵 😍

    44. Athena Andrea

      The sable act immunohistochemically explain because sarah nally belong regarding a rainy kenneth. equal, penitent okra

    45. Craig child

      who and where was that truck built, that's a tough machine..

    46. Felix Langat

      This far more better than watching 4 by 4 suvs in dubai

    47. ZionYT Gameplay

      48:40 his shirt says the emotion

    48. Ritesh Singh

      Content is excellent but you earned a dislike for distorting the Indian Map. Never do it again or else mass report on your channel will come soon

    49. joker s

      Why don't any of these videos show people with a winch? They are not that expensive and would work in most of the situations they are stuck in mud.

    50. A. Siingpi Naulak

      Z-ZOMI 🌟™

    51. Dicktator Aladeen

      This is why they should change their President ASAP.

    52. Tafadzwa Mkristu Mwangolela

      In these experiences the assistance is the critical success factor

    53. Sorocaba SP


    54. soethat htun


    55. Futsu Wanglu

      Normally I dont watch random videos that are more than 30mins long. But on this one I was prepared for even 2hrs

    56. Ridho Baihaqi


    57. millibabe

      Sleeping beauty, although she begun to open her eye, she faces hardship, that part get me so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

      1. Adnan Ahmed


    58. Stanley Chanzu

      this is the best video I have come across from your series, instead of them complaining, they are trying to make everything work. And the patience, the laughs and the smile, amazing.

    59. Heidi Scott

      Stop-killing If U want L A u can-hav L A. s t o 🍰 p. M any car- thief's thar

    60. 89 ksokd

      They have no lifts, no protection whatsoever climbing under these vehicles. Way more dangerous than it appears. And probably one of the least dangerous things they have to worry about :(

    61. 89 ksokd

      Genuinely worried at 13:15. Amazing people. Save this country from genocide. They are not"slowly gaining democracy" when was this made ? 22:45 why can't we in the west live this way? So ashamed of the way so many people act in my country. Selfishness gets us nowhere. 39 min -7_12 year old mechanics. The u.s. is a country of spoiled brats and this child labor is unsettling and disturbing. I also admire them intensely. Being a mechanic is an unhealthy and potentially dangerous job. These people deserve more. So much more. Do they have shoes and it's not their culture to wear them much or are shoes needed there? Sandals while working on a car..that's risky and shows incredible skill they don't injure themselves.

    62. ECU ARDI Channel

      Hadir nyimak from kaltim🇮🇩🇮🇩❤👍

    63. Lodi Moto

      Salute...from Philippines.

    64. Savindu Sithum

    65. carmen Major



      your coverage is awesome. amazing

    67. R Varghese

      Appreciate Mr kosam efforts in the truck assembly making it more powerful💪...

    68. Joan De Winnaar

      Really a good video thank you

    69. essj essj

      The likeable bonsai intrinsically chop because indonesia industrially hammer to a husky step-brother. certain, shiny cake

    70. K R U G E R

      Driver always smiling cos good bussiness...hes the hero for his people

    71. Gabriela Carbajal

      The calm company fundamentally mine because hand logistically milk per a typical insurance. mammoth, grouchy bomb

    72. OPERATOR UNIT 113

      Truely off road 4x4.. 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣

    73. เด็กใต้ สายเลีย

      I like Video 👍👍 I From Thailand. 🤘🤘

    74. t h

      wtf india is all over the map. that is so wrong. Nepal is missing. Plz correct the map fu*kers.

    75. เด็กใต้ สายเลีย



      Every part of asia has a crazy tradition.kissing the cobra lol

    77. Juandelacruzm Majyambere


    78. Justin ojara

      just when you think your life is hard and God is being unfair to you then you land on this video, and you end up saying Lord forgive me for being unfair by complaining,indeed this a great video it changes our perspective about how we see life generally thanks to utube

    79. Kyi Khaing

      Wow; wonderful driver. I can't be able to stay without respect.

    80. 820

      cow: where the fuck are you people taking me!!

    81. Viktor Császár

      Instead of repairing the 4x4, fixing the clutch and buying 4 pieces of new tyes, 20 people spend a half day to work on the situation. This way powerty will be never eliminated.

    82. Jonas Shiwayu

      This we said African are most corrupted leaders but seee this you will run of blood by seeing this

    83. ardi disi


    84. Salai john kap

      that is myanmar Chin state

    85. Alex Van Strydonck

      WTF at 14h43 the driver suddently drive on the left side ? Different truck ?

    86. lee Boy

      Liquid cooled brakes thats very clever make the best with what you have

    87. Ronald Kucers

      So sad that the fucking military junta has cracked down again, and is killing civilians, crushing any opposition. These courageous, generous, hard working people deserve so much better from life.

    88. Be Simple

      nice info

    89. El zeir Ali

    90. Bandido

      same shit different country, Asian, African and some Latin American countries getting all their natural resources sold to multinational corporations. Dictators, warlords, presidents, monarchs and the people in power get rich and live large, while the peasants struggle to get an education and good infrastructure to improve their way of life. SMH

    91. amishi mittal

      @4:03 Indian border is distorted , there's no Kashmir which IS a part of INDIA

    92. José Nilton

      aí é sofrimento estradas péssimas

    93. Joise diary

      The best documentary Watching from Philippines 🇵🇭

    94. United Humanity World

      Drivers are mechanical engineer without degree 🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Bandido

        Dont forget those children doing mechanical work already, here in America most teenagers don't know how to operate a washer and dryer or how to use a manual can opener.

    95. сергей Лыско


    96. dia kamu


    97. Victor Pham

      Thank you BEST DOCUMENTARY. You deserve the name.

    98. FKN VSA

      christian? so are they karen people?

    99. Коля - Перекати поле

      Мистэр Коса хороший водитель!

    100. kgf

      My goodness. It appears the real 4×4 is not a vehicle but the driver's mindset