Did the banana split the leg or the Rubik's Cube derailed?


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    1. Airwin Bondoc


    2. Airwin Bondoc


    3. Airwin Bondoc


    4. Hr Siro


    5. Doãn Thị Huyền Trang


    6. i love theepiceagle


    7. Nk_2021

      Me after seeing it: *buys After bringing it home: *Eats it for lunch

    8. Radha Kuriseti

      Where do you buy this

    9. POMIDOR

      Дайте мне банана

    10. Christian Navarro

      In 0010 thats a rubixs cube in 2021 its not a rubix cube its a rubix banna

    11. LIAN TOH PAU

      i wan this banan please give me please i wan

    12. Maxence Leboeuf

      That's very apPEALling.

    13. Himanshu Meena

      This is *RUBANA"

    14. alan master pro

      Oh thats why mokey are smart

    15. That Japanese Empire

      old time: just a normal rubix cube NOW: banana

    16. Khurshid Ahmad

      Oh banana rubix

    17. clodomir chibreluisant

      Bananas Rotat e Banan a Rotato *faster* banana Go G O Can u FEEL it bana an ba Yes fe el teh SPED WE HAVE REACED MXIUAMUM VELOCIPY

    18. Fantastic Gamer 35

      Wtf banana rubiks cube for monke Ok guys its time reject humanity return to monke

    19. Gizli Prenses

      In other words, it may be the easiest rubik's cube in the world.

    20. Dream

      Dont press read more I SAID DONT PRESS READ MORE I guess you can leave now Ok go away you will regret this Isn’t this getting boring:) JUST GO AWAY Ok I guess you win O.O JK LOL It’s never gonna end huh Nope Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down UGH JUST GO I ALREADY RICK ROLLED YOU ...you still here Why???... This comment won’t end at all nope NOOOPE.......... Ok you can go now Are you bored now Is it really fun Ok just leave this is just emtyness BRUH Hey you know what My Name Mr Cheese you can go watch Game Toons now Lol stop reading you can watch game toons Pls go do that There’s nothing to see here Œ yep that’s a pencil eraser STOP READING NOWWWW You should be bored go watch Game Toons Hahahahahahhahahhahahahhaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha It NEVER ENDS ;) JK The end

    21. ian Villarroel

      Fruta: *existe* Los que arman los tubiks xd: *A R M A B L E*

    22. Helene Lester

      WHERE did you fine BANANA🙄🤨

    23. Rhiancliff Reyes mendame

      Where did you buy that

    24. Alyssa Barber

      Bananas ROTATE

    25. Bf From Fnf


    26. Rukkiya Pa


    27. • сука х гнеиz •

      Bananas... RO TAT E

    28. RIGARDO

      My brain was like nanii

    29. Katniss Artemis

      What is this beautiful abomination?

    30. M3M._-

      I still dont understand what the title is saying

    31. Lelya Hussen

      Omg supper cool👋

    32. Arvind Benjamin

      Very simple

    33. Soda

      at this point, anything can become a rubik

    34. serghei volcov

      Uata fac

    35. Pooya

      BANANA power🍌

    36. Finu Rika

      Itu itu itu itu itu

    37. Finu Rika


    38. Vishesh Sinha


    39. Robert Young

      "What king of Rubik do you like?" "BANANA"

    40. Lee Jun Hong

      Omg how many kind of rubik u got

    41. 「 Levi 」

      Seems easy

    42. doire aintu

      Old day: A 3×3 cube Today :a banana cube

    43. Faaz does stuff

      Time to eat my banana! Ummm wth?

    44. Benjamin Broniak

      Return to monke stay monke

    45. Solar Eclipse

      This is beyond the understanding of the laws of physics, it's impossible to explain, not even god could explain.

    46. The Introvert Kid

      I wonder for what else she uses this banana for.

      1. doire aintu

        My mind when he started moving the banana: it's a transformer xd

    47. Kayque Fagundes

      [insert inevitable banana rotat e joke here,don't fuck this up rob]

    48. Yonatan Cohen

      Where I can bay it?????!!!!

    49. Matei Chiperi

      o mi god

    50. Nicholas ethan Simarmata

      U destroyed my last brain sels

    51. Владислав Антонюк

      Ugar banana for cubic rubic

    52. DENNIS

      Banana cube

    53. Pinat Shafawi


    54. Pokémon Fan Supriyo

      What is this 😳😳😳

    55. Invincible Gamer

      Mom: its still edible

    56. Arham Khan


    57. Nahar Abu khamis

      It’s weird but cool

    58. StockyTrap


    59. Huy Bui

      What 😂😂😂

    60. aluhan 999

      My mind when he started moving the banana: it's a transformer xd

    61. Hilarius Maiong


    62. Maria Madera

      when you are done just nom nom nom easy 😂

    63. Dogie

      What the actual fu-

    64. JeYSi


    65. Th6ago ss

      How this can be hard?

    66. seiom jvony

      I demand an amazon link in the description

    67. Nurul Zahirah

      Wow I don't know banana Rubik cube is real

    68. X̵̢͢͞eu̖͎̙iͬ̅͐͢S


    69. Roblox1 pinche aron que te pasa


    70. ꧁pinkberry꧂

      Lol i Wanna buy this it look Easy

    71. MonstrousMelon

      I had a stroke reading the title

      1. seiom jvony

        I had a stroke Reading the title

    72. alex moura


    73. James Turpin

      Sometimes I say what the hell some of these rubik's cubes are🤣🤣

    74. True Sky


    75. Muslim BoY

      Gmme that pls

    76. a7md hacker

      Stop it .....get some help

    77. Kowaii Nii san

      What in banana nation is this and where can I get it

      1. Yash Mahajan

        @Kowaii Nii san if you have dollars then you can buy it from SPEED CUBE SHOP 👍👍

      2. Yash Mahajan

        @Kowaii Nii san where do you live ??

      3. Kowaii Nii san

        @Yash Mahajan I don’t live in either of those countries ;-;

      4. Yash Mahajan

        Speed Cube Shop (if you live in USA ) Cubelelo (if you live in INDIA)

    78. Ritu Sharma

      Why you guys make stupid and nonsense tutorials Anyone can solve this.😒

    79. Electration

      What kind of toy do you like? Me:banana Idiot:gives rubric banana

    80. Rubale

      Minios be like

    81. Kája Kájísek


    82. Korea country

      Now it's even bananas... Wow.....

    83. Semmelknödel


    84. Alban Zaki Syahrudin Lubis

      I had a stroke Reading the title

    85. Kindly Noob

      The Fact That He's Or She Name Is "Dapokir" with a Fake "☑" lol

    86. COOL AS HECK

      Is this a gucci banana

    87. Sabbir Hossain


    88. purple sky

      This is better than my rubiks cube

    89. Nathanael DL

      Banana split do be real

    90. Tim Nat

      Monke's cube



    92. Tomasz Piątkowski


    93. U/MicrowaveXtreme

      Monke energy

    94. Xeteor blaze Ch.

      Old day: A 3×3 cube Today :a banana cube

    95. Ayushmita Pyne

      Except being a banana Rubik's cube for playing,it can also be used in playing something else...😉Do you get it?🤭🤪

    96. joansito 777


    97. s.kamatchi s.kamatchi

      What a beautiful club

    98. Game murah Chanel


    99. Truck-Kun

      Now, why would someone want a banana as a Rubik cube?

    100. N N

      My head hurts