Driving Downtown Shanghai | From Jing'an District To Lujiazui | 上海 | 陆家嘴

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    Shanghai is the largest and most developed city in China, the country's main center for finance and fashion, and one of the world's most populous and important cities.
    It is one of the world's largest seaports and a major industrial and commercial center of China.
    The city is located on the coast of the East China Sea between the mouth of the Yangtze River to the north and the bay of Hangzhou to the south.
    The municipality’s area includes the city itself, surrounding suburbs, and an agricultural hinterland.
    Shanghai is China’s most-populous city, and the municipality is its most-populous urban area.
    Shanghai was one of the first Chinese ports to be opened to Western trade, and it long dominated the nation’s commerce.
    Since the communist victory in 1949, however, it has become an industrial giant whose products supply China’s growing domestic demands.
    Population: 24.28M
    ★Starting Point: ★
    Jiangning Road, Jing'an District
    0:00 Intro
    0:37 Jing'an District
    9:00 Shanghai Elevated Road
    17:12 Lupu Bridge
    20:21 Pudong New District
    39:39 Lujiazui
    54:11 Xinjian Road Tunnel
    55:18 Hongkou District
    1:03:25 Shanghai Elevated Road
    1:07:56 Under the Elevated Road
    1:16:42 Jing'an District
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    1. Jiamei Jin

      Haven’t been home since Oct 2019, just had my first vaccine jab this afternoon, hopefully, I can get home to see my family and friends in Shanghai this summer. Thanks so much for the wonderful video, it means a lot to many overseas Chinese who can’t get home over the past 12 months, I miss Shanghai so much. Fingers crossed, the world will get better and we will all meet again soon.

    2. Shiva Badruswamy

      Decent...looks like Gurgaon minus the millions of cameras spying in people.

    3. Richard Wills-Woodward

      Horrendous architecture, wires handing everywhere, no history or interest, just monotonous hell on Earth.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your feedback

    4. เอก นะ

      I love China and people china from TH

      1. Walk East

        Thanks, buddy!

    5. Hendra Bunawi

      Love from Indonesia

    6. Oberst leutnant

      Quite an achievement considering in the early 1990's, Shanghai just started the first ring road conatruction and Pudong area was in the infant stage of development and akin to a rural area.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your great words to Shanghai!

    7. Oberst leutnant

      Mumbai people said they must be on guard or Shanghai will catch up with them.

      1. Walk East


    8. Мастер Гервант из Рыбли

      Я простой И Ван город Тверь. Найти в капиталист сеть ютуб видио про красивый город Шанхай государство Великий Китай. Сразу проникнуть уважение к город Шанхай и Великий Китай. В провинция Россия нет такой красивый город где простой рабочий счастье жить. Хочу чтобы Великий Китай взял под крыло провинция Россия. Слава Китай!

      1. Walk East

        Спасибо за добрые слова в адрес Китая. Хорошего дня!

    9. Mikel Nyameye

      wow very hd , what camera do you use? and is it outside the car or inside?

      1. Walk East

        Outside. Gopro

    10. Bent Kud

      With all its beauty...China cities are not in my bucket list...European cities are still very beautiful...

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your feedback! Always welcome to China!

    11. SpendingTimeTogether

      Nice drive, I wonder if I could drive there or would I get lost? Haha. Seems ok.👍

      1. Walk East

        You and me both!

    12. たらこ、きゅうぴ

      👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🇯🇵🤝🇨🇳

    13. Togop Ratus Panggabean

      Indahnya kota

      1. Walk East

        Terimakasih kawan!

    14. Youssef OMR

      I love shanghai from Morocco

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your love!

    15. my mother !

      A city built based on Lies and censorship T_T

      1. Walk East

        You think🤓

    16. Sudheer Teja

      Please put Shanghai tower 🗼🗼 Full tour video

      1. Walk East

        Maybe someday.

    17. Jacky Chan

      beautiful china shanghai city , the best !

      1. Walk East

        Thanks a lot, dear friend!

    18. Vinícius Krausz

      Qual câmera foi usada nessa filmagem? A grade angular ficou ótima!

      1. Walk East

        É goPro montado no teto do carro

    19. Lay Lee

      G2, China Our original master From mokpo, Jeolla Province, South-West Korea, Anti-Gyeongsang Do

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your wonderful words!

    20. World Travelaholic

      What a beautiful informative video, Thank you for sharing!

      1. Walk East

        Glad you enjoyed it!


      Love this city!

      1. Walk East

        Thanks, my driving friend😄🌸

    22. Thanos

      Indians compare themselves with Chinese, even though their cities look nothing infront of these

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words🌺🤙🏻

    23. Vitto Scaveta

      China is already the most powerful country, usa and Canada are miniatures compared to china, this city is ultramodern

    24. sooloo4ever


      1. Walk East


    25. Irene Rivers

      Looks great, but dirty corrupt inside.

      1. 姜欣欣


      2. Walk East

        Are you an insider?

    26. Exotic Ukraine. Екзотична Україна.

      Весь Китай застроен однообразными высотными домами. Досадно, что в наших городах повторяют китайский "опыт" из таких безликих коробок в 20-30 этажей. Китайцы соорудили для себя эстетическое уродство. Не понимаю, как они ориентируются на местности среди этих одинаковых сооружений?

    27. The Geography Bible

      Like something from a movie! China is incredible

    28. Topmusic 最好的音乐


      1. Walk East



      Conozco esta interesante Cuidad, gratos recuerdos.

    30. What KarmaSays

      Much Love China 💖 from Colombia a big dragón 💪💪

    31. Mayank S

      Superb video

    32. Bhanupratap Dhruw

      यहा सभी गरीबो को फ्लैट दिये गये है और बाहर से काम कर रहे लोगो के लिये कड़े नियम है जैसे की वे अपना परिवार इस शहर मे नही बसा सकते वे बस यहा काम कर सकते है

    33. T dan

      41:23 amazing view, love from Vietnam

    34. A,m mo

      Every 100m one camera 🎥

      1. Walk East

        Yes, for security

    35. 11mn Drive

      Its really awesome driving in Shanghai.

      1. Walk East

        Thank you very much, friend!

    36. Harsh Mendhe

      Western media bbc, cnn left the chat 😂

      1. Walk East


    37. Jack Lehman

      Chinese people still want to move out of China that tells one thing

      1. 姜欣欣

        not me

      2. Walk East

        No friends of me want to move out at least.

    38. love2CUsmile

      Kudos to China for the rapid development. Not as much people as I expected though.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your feedback!

    39. 9A27Vignesh Pramod


      1. Walk East


    40. Ora Zukermann

      After I watched this vidio I realized that usa nothing like 3th world many cities just junk very sad ....china richeste country the world goid job nice clean flowers everywhere..for people made more activities love it ...we need have a president like china 🇨🇳 God bless chinaaaa

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words to China

    41. Ora Zukermann

      Ohhh my good flowers around beoutufull ...usa no flowers just trashh

      1. Walk East

        Hope everything goes well!

    42. ge xu

      I didn’t even see a piece of rubbish on the street in the one and a half hour video!

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words to Shanghai!

    43. C -Linfa


      1. Walk East


    44. Med X

      Which country car brands dominate the Chinese market? Just asking

      1. Med X

        @Walk East What percentage of Chinese-made car brands dominate the Chinese market?

      2. Walk East

        Cars of Germany and Japan are popular in China

    45. master Wong


      1. master Wong

        @Walk East 大家應該都能理解,加油

      2. Walk East

        确实太花时间了,我现在收到的留言越来越多,我估计再也不能像之前那样每条留言都回复了。。。 感谢支持!

      3. master Wong


    46. gee tay

      The city is so cold and fake as CCP. What's make a city is the people and culture which China has none.

      1. Walk East

        Nice user name, friend👍

    47. Arafat Tube

      Where are any poor people?!!! Not a single symbol of poverty or low wage!! .amazing

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words!

    48. Abydos

      I am from Egypt and I am very, very impressed with China. You are creative in the sense of the word. Your country is beautiful and very regular. I hope that my country, Egypt, will be like you one day.

      1. Abydos

        @X X I hope that

      2. Walk East

        Thank you so much 😀

      3. X X

        China is helping Egypt build New Cairo City. I am sure it will be amazing.

    49. candilinia city

      These city is amazing role model for india.

    50. Thin Thin Hlaing

      I don't see much Chinese car.There are a lot of Buick.

    51. phuc doquang


      1. 淡香的纯牛奶


    52. Dant Lanz

      1) Residential not residential; commercial not commercial. Just a bundled-up space with residential and commercial buildings all crammed up together with Zero planning. The official or mayor office must be simply cutting up plots and pieces of land and sell them without looking at the whole, larger landscape in the foreseeable future. Probably no one makes such a plan for the next subsequent decades too. 2) Messy wires running and cutting across the skyline. If the area is new and unprocessed, all electrical wires should be laid underground. This is the simplest for any city-planner. Must be the work of lazy officials who don't care about such details at all. 3) One look and even the blind can tell the material for public infrastructure is cheap and low-grade. Must be some corrupted and dirty officials siphoned off some millions along the way, just to land up having some third-rate material for the roads, barricades, landscaping, signages and pavements. 1) 住宅非住宅;商业不商业。私人住家和商业大楼并存,错乱无序。一个简单的 ’开发‘,最重要的就是要有 ‘规划’。住宅旁建了商业大厦,然后大厦旁又是住宅。乱七八糟。当局人士根本就是无视这 ‘城市规划’ 的 ‘要点’。可能连个 ‘十年、二十年’ 的未来展望都没有。就胡乱的 ‘割地售卖’,好让能赚上一笔。 2) 错综杂乱的 ‘电线’,破坏了 ‘天际线’。如果是刚开发的地段,为何这简单却重要的 ’需要‘ 没被纳入计划中?一看就知道是 ’懒人‘ 或 ’贪官‘ 没空来管理这些 ’小事‘。 3) 大众的公共设施一看就知道是用 ’劣等‘ 材料来建设。马路、行人道、指示牌、优化物,全都是用 ‘三流’ 材料来做。’贪官‘ 可能在 ’批审‘ 过程中早已 ’抽取‘ 一些 ’利润‘,以至于到底层时,经费所剩无几。

      1. Walk East


    53. ccr ccr

      corona= made in china

    54. Tiềm Tạ

      Việt Nam bao giờ mới được như vậy

      1. Walk East

        Việt Nam sẽ ngày càng tốt hơn, tôi tin rằng


      China 😍

    56. Addams Ava


      1. Walk East


    57. Redbug

      Wow! What an amazing city. China has really worked hard to eradicate poverty and become a superpower. I just hope that the rise of China should be peaceful and beneficial for the world. Please keep on uploading wonderful videos of this country. Respect from India.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks a ton, dear friend! I would definitely keep on doing this!

    58. mangesh Deshmane

      no beggar's out side the rode that's comfortable

    59. Нурлан Сартов

      Ничего особенного.,в Китае природа красивая 😂

      1. Walk East

        Большое спасибо, друг!

    60. Grzegorz ADAMOWICZ

      A u mnie na wsi od 20 lat nikt nie łata dziur w resztce drogi. A to jest cywilizowana Europa. Nie to co komunistyczne Chiny. I nie wiem czya😄czy😢

      1. Walk East

        Dzięki za miłe udostępnienie, przyjacielu. Miłego dnia.

    61. Felipe Albarracin

      Todos escriben en gringo!!! ja ja

    62. Rick C

      i am a Filipino who had lived in Canada for over 40 years..visited Hong Kong 3 Times...and hope someday some cities in the Philippines would look like this...Clean with efficient transport system and disciplined citizens....Never seen any city here in Canada and U.S.A like that......Would love to take a ride with your city travels someday....Come Visit Philippines...natural sites.....new subscriber here...You have great videos...keep it up....

      1. Walk East

        I love Philippine, dear friend. It's a beautiful and sincere country. I once traveled to an island of your beautiful country. Best wishes to your country!! Thanks for your great support and words!~♥🌸

    63. Morgan Chinhengo

      Africa we still far but we are selling our resources there continent with gold and diamond like africa but still we are poor

      1. Walk East

        Go, Africa, go!!

    64. 石桥 Bridge流水 Water

      介绍的不错 但漏了最重要的:上海地处环太湖流域和杭嘉湖平原 春秋时属吴郡 文化历史底蕴深厚 10000年前 吴越之地的 “良渚文明” 发明了水稻 上海是曾经的远东第一大都会“东方的巴黎” 1949年以前上海是当时世界上”第一大白银交易中心“ ”第二大黄金交易中心“ ”第三大股票交易中心“ 上海是一个思想活跃 文化多元多样包容的现代化城市 1949年前上海的电影业占了中国大陆90%以上 影星有:胡蝶 周璇 严仁美 王丹风 夏梦 陈思思 龚秋霞的 ”蔷薇处处开“ ”苏州河边“ 民国歌星 姚莉的一曲 ”玫瑰玫瑰我爱你“ 传遍世界 英文 :"rose rose I love you" 上海对香港的电影业发展影响很大

      1. Walk East


    65. YORKZ -

      пустой город какой то

      1. Walk East

        Раннее утро, поэтому он выглядит пустым

    66. Эчис Тюлюш

      Че так медленно едете?

      1. Walk East

        Потому что я не был знаком с этим городом.

    67. roberto hosea

      China's towns are super modern and very clean... Outstanding

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words, dear friend!

    68. NikRibinskui

      Обалдеть,безконечный город! И велосипеды стоят без привязи,класс!

      1. Walk East

        Спасибо и за твои чудесные слова, дорогой друг

    69. Sven Kuhlmann

      9:58 Now I know where you are. Before I was lost, I did not know JingAn goes so far to the north

      1. Walk East

        Now I know that you have known it!!

    70. Sooraj Abhinav

      Shangai better than dubai 👏💯👌

      1. Walk East

        Thank you!

    71. Luis Carlos Fenerick

      Que espetaculo de cidade, com essas ruas e avenidas bem planejadas e bem cuidadas e esses edifícios imponentes! Parabéns pelo vídeo!

      1. Walk East

        Obrigado por suas palavras de incentivo!

    72. SuperStars

      Қытайлардың Алла тағалам жазаларын берсін!

      1. liverpool6139

        @SuperStarsay May God forgive you your small mindedness.

      2. Walk East

        Алла еліңе береке берсін🙏


      El mejor pais del mundo👍🏻 Saludos desde CHILE!!

      1. Walk East

        Thank you very very much, dear Chile friend!

    74. Simiao Ye

      Yo this is so cool

      1. Walk East

        Thanks a lot!

    75. cameron

      America is the past. China is the future

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your kind words.

    76. Red Devil

      looking like a soulless dead city, would rather have freedom than those concrete jungle ffs.

      1. Walk East

        Haha, thanks for sharing your opinion.

    77. 柴克满


      1. Walk East


    78. Alex Resse

      China is so good! All the best to China and its citizens for the future and hope we resolve all our conflicts! Love from India 🇮🇳🇨🇳

      1. Joe Ma

        leave those sow discord from USA, build peace and united Asian!

      2. Walk East

        Thanks for your great words!

    79. orca xx

      hello from eastern Europe , turkey , kocaeli

      1. Walk East

        Thanks, dear Turkey friend!

    80. Gresyr

      Наконец-то у кого-то хватило ума поднять камеру чуть выше и не показывать на пол экрана дорожное покрытие.

      1. Gresyr

        @Walk East When I watch such videos, I'm not interested in the markings on the road. I'm interested in the city and its architecture. And by pointing the camera above you give me this opportunity. Thanks. Когда я смотрю подобные видео мне интересна не разметка на дороге. Мне интересен город и его архитектура. И направив камеру выше вы даете мне такую возможность. Спасибо.

      2. Walk East

        Вау, спасибо, что у меня такое же чувство! Ты первый человек, который заговорит со мной о более высокой камере! Так рада это слышать!

    81. 小雨

      BBC: it was a failure. I didn't blend in the darkness

      1. Walk East


    82. Raúl Barraza

      Great country I would like to visit just for being sure about the myth If China is or isnt first world

      1. Raúl Barraza

        @Walk East be my guest greetings from México

      2. Walk East

        Thanks for your great comments!

    83. Damka Sadova

      My city 💙

      1. Walk East


    84. Giuseppe Bacoccola

      Ma come mai che non ce gente in giro?

      1. Walk East

        Perché è vacanza

    85. Giuseppe Bacoccola

      Ma sono incredibili tutti sti palazzi e grattacieli.

      1. Walk East

        Grazie per le tue bellissime parole!

    86. Rex Polski

      It all looks good on the surface; but ultra-tall, shiny glass-mirror buildings and elevated roadways weaving in and out in all directions hide the fact of, and distract us from, the reality of the country's forced socially engineered conformity that especially self-hating, libtarded, Caucasian, left-leaning social justice types are loathe to acknowledge or admit.

    87. Юрко Шкварка


      1. Walk East


    88. Рик Андерсон

      А у нас вся страна на Москву вье,,,, ет и хот им танком стреляй по окнам

      1. Walk East


    89. Gugun Gunawan

      Shanghai is camp SNH48. Shanghai is beautiful and clean city. Love ♥️ from indonesia. 🇮🇩 ♥️ 🇨🇳 👍.

      1. Walk East

        Lovely comments, haha!

    90. UMER

      Speechless 😍 huge love from Pakistan 🇵🇰💜💕

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your great words!

    91. Kridip Rabha

      In India we can't even imagine above this type of Cities😥😥😮

      1. Tinky Winky

        @Sooraj Abhinav I just say 7000 people died for the Qatar WC 2022

      2. Sooraj Abhinav

        @Harsh Mendhe banglore!! Are you joking 😂 🤢🐄💩

      3. Sooraj Abhinav

        @Tinky Winky yes 💔

      4. Thanos

        @Harsh Mendhe me? i'm an from delhi lol , bangalore is nothing infront of shenzhen, guangzhou , shanghai, quinlan and beijing. I visited china in 2018 it's atleast 50 years ahead of india, i visited bangalore last to last year on a 2 week south indian vacation, it ain't anything compared to this, same old traffic hustle bustle.😂

      5. Harsh Mendhe

        @Thanos can i ask where are from btw?😂 Just see Banglore city 👍 search videos on it

    92. 可憐又可悲的台灣綠婊韭菜TaiWan Bitch


      1. Walk East


    93. Xinyang Jing


      1. Xinyang Jing

        @Walk East 哦哦,那他们有没有经过你允许?

      2. Walk East


    94. Rishab Dhar

      Looks like New York combined with European concept of greenery along boulevards. Best of both worlds. I wouldn't stand a concrete jungle like New York, not to mention broken infrastructure, grafitti, rats, trash, and the crime.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your sharing, friend. Have a nice day!

    95. BestIntentions


    96. Rakesh Mondal

      The best City, I have ever seen 🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️♥️

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your great words!

    97. naeemgulvee


      1. Walk East


    98. Johnson Li

      dude, it is bored if you dun give a tour reference of some buildings , sites...

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your great advice!

    99. Sian Larus

      Beautiful Shanghai......from Kenya

      1. Walk East

        Thanks a lot, dear friend!

    100. Javaid Malik

      Very beautiful n worthseen. I love it n china n it's nation.

      1. Walk East

        Thanks for your great words!