Dual aircraft remote control

Daily necessities

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    2.4G remote control system, strong and stable signal, remote control distance 2000M.
    Smart balance flying
    Built-in intelligent balance gyroscope chip, automatically correct balance flight,
    Automatically control the elevation flight to ensure the balance of the fuselage and stable flight.

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    1. Ali Bssv



      What the Name for song

    3. あ

      BGM : Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Tsuna Awakens

    4. Wasim Sheikh


    5. Jerry c Walker


    6. SC

      What could possibly go- nevermind

    7. MrBiscoitudo

      2 seg later: 11 setember

    8. Vadhgd Dfgghh

      We wanted to shoot from the phone. What is the use of the clip if it is not complete?

    9. Reed Burton

      Haha that is a cool airplane

      1. Reed Burton

        I’m out of here

    10. Park Jimin ลูกเจี๊ยบน้อย

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      The owner of the video is a Chinese Tiktoker he saw your video , which you know you just copy his video so He say if you want to copy his video pls put “Chinese Tiktok” in the title thank you

    12. Simon Andrei M. De Leon

      The back ground music is an anime music LOL

    13. Ivhan Salazar

      Phone: I am Anakin SkyWalker

    14. Megi Ola


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    16. Baptiste Prat

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    19. สุพรรณี เกิดสมบัติ

      คุณ ทำไมเอาโทรศัพท์ไปติดกับเครื่องบิน ที่เป็นของเล่นเอาไว้บังคับ แล้วจะมาถึงก็เอาโทรศัพท์ไปด้วย เพื่อให้ปิดบลูหรอ มันจะได้ดีๆใช่ไหม ถ้าโทรศัพท์ร่วงขึ้นมามันจะแตกไหม

    20. Najmistro

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    21. Nathaniel Kevin

      Everyone talking bout plane Me thinking this how german nazi use plane drone to bomb english

    22. anak bangsa indonesia

      Paling suka hp nya jatoh:3

    23. Xeno

      Wheres the footage from the phone’s pov that thing is DEAD

    24. iyt千 Yo

      Shot on iPhone XD

    25. Anal Shipment

      Nobody:... Americans in the cold war:

    26. DIEZ Imagen


    27. Bilfaqih Channel

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    28. JudenJäger Jens

      Why not just use a drone

    29. exploring YouTube

      That phone Entertainment: 10 ------ Risk: 100000 --------------------------

    30. ShockingYT

      R.I.P. iPhone

    31. FIRE LIRE

      Oh come on. Not again please. Whenever I enter Anime fighting simulator I always hear this music

    32. Leon Humphries

      Cyber punk 2077

    33. alexandru andrei sava

      Wow so sick omg

    34. D Reaper Playz

      Teacher : " Give one example of blind trust in owner " Me : "The iphone in this video."

    35. Manish Gamad

      , skpyebm

    36. TristonGats

      Someone needs to edit the music to danger zone. Then this would be a cool clip

    37. True Tech Samurai

      Imagine his phone broke

    38. たけのこ


    39. M


    40. Amar gupta

      Awesome If i was there in place of phone😸😸

    41. vernier moon

      That reminds me of the old 64 Mario kart engine sound

    42. FenrirTheAshenWolf

      Been a while since I heard the Reborn ost

    43. Thomas Bell

      So that's why my formation flying sucks--no phone.

    44. รุ้งพราย ทิวาวงษ์


    45. Ahmed Raza

      I want a relationship as strong as this guy trusts that Velcro tape holding mobile phone.

    46. Life is Beautiful

      ahh little fight 2

    47. Toughnut


    48. beatriz concha


    49. Maple Syrup

      There goes his phone

    50. Sword FF

      Music anime fighting roblox 😂

    51. Andrew stalk

      Indian Tejas 🤣

    52. Alex Sugar

      OMG I can't believe this wow

    53. 拳王アゴウ


    54. Mateusz Abramczyk

      So this is how airplanes in midair photos were made...

    55. Pyromancer Chicken

      Plot twist: he is giant.

    56. Stanley Eddy

      🙃😳🙃😀 that's the last day he saw his phone.

    57. PathaX

      the one piece theme in the back ground

    58. Marjilan Marjilan


    59. poeta Carpio

      Tha new droons

    60. Dan the Lad

      Modern p-82 twin Mustang doesn't exist Modern p-82 twin Mustang:

    61. Kohxy-

      What was the point of putting the phone there when u did not show us the camera view of the phone that was on the plane

    62. kukuku

      I was waiting for the plane to fall.

    63. Nadia Cantik

      Aku kka bikin aku Ya

    64. Deidara Senpai

      Came if that cell phone is gone

    65. Shima Mohamad

      Wow so amazing 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    66. Loz McOz

      Amazing 😃👍

    67. esmeralda Nieblas

      Seguro se le cayó su teléfono

    68. Katie R

      *crashes* 2 secs later... *burns*

    69. NURBOLAT

      Руский комент би лайк

    70. RetroPasta

      this is what dying feels like


      So we get a shot of the two connected planes with a recording phone in between but don't get the actual recording?

    72. Алёна Белецкая

      а я одна осталась досмотреть это видео потому что тут играет тема из Реборна!!????

    73. Varun Jaiswal

      And the plain returns with no phone ! Magic !!

    74. Felix Henrriquez


    75. Ch Ali Haider

      Indian surgical strickes 😂🤣

    76. Cordela Cordelia

      Byebye cellphone

    77. Electro games 2

      We all know why needs 2 planes

    78. gacha joud


    79. Steven Balderas

      Airplane mode activated

    80. Thomas Keliat

      Plot twist: he never get back his phone

    81. JunaTah

      The one type of models I hate are the jet engine aircraft with propellers in them.

    82. Hqjquq Jwjqiw


    83. Salman Khan


    84. Jawadd Tamer

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    85. Butter_scotchgacha


    86. HUY Leather

      What can i see that

    87. Yogita Pal

      Sasta drone

    88. Alex Ace

      Man you really put some faith in plain velcro

    89. GameOnBoy

      Someone Please Tell This Man There Is A Machine Called Drone Camera... He Doesn't Need Two Airplanes For That😂 Just Kidding 🤣..

    90. MRK vlog

      Who remembered Fairytales Story? (Two Birds and a turtle)

    91. çiğdem çetinkaya

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