Every Single Season 2 Tattoo! All 40! | How Far Is Tattoo Far?


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    Season 2 of ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’ was filled with unforgettable tattoos for 20 pairs of friends, couples, relatives, and exes. Here are all of them, from petty to proposals and everything in between.
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    1. Illyjana Larocco

      18:52 that tatto was kinda cute ☺️

    2. eLem3nT

      25:41 that one's not bad at all.

    3. Ezebolike Ogiri


    4. Melissa missing Chris Cornell

      Literally right after the armpit funk tat, video cut to a lume' commercial🤣

    5. Mark Payad27

      they can just recolor their tattoos....

    6. Poptart And Cakepop

      I cant believe the tattoo artist actually does these tattoos.And some are huge

    7. Marcus Winstead

      Yo 8:00 he just sitting there in a nurse outfit with red lipstick on 🤣🤣🤣

    8. lesousa

      to aq por causa to tiktok

    9. lizard

      Something about watching reminds me my life isnt so bad

    10. Hek Ter

      Honestly that chameleon wasn't even bad.

    11. Hek Ter

      Well that guy proved the roid rage rigth

    12. meggs

      40:44 ngl these dudes seem like they have a great friendship 😂😂

    13. Nermina Ogric

      The pain in the tattoo artist's eyes every time there is a reveal and the person starts crying i cant

    14. val gutiérrez

      35:50 *stares in MTV* 👁👄👁

    15. Fredy Soto

      who's here after watching cut and trying to see the fetus skateboarding tattoo

      1. Darshita R


    16. Naya Polanco

      Comment ur what tattoo would you get or your dream tattoo

    17. Molly Diaz

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    18. Alaa Kofahi

      The tranquil step-grandmother randomly invite because badge taxonomically test round a scandalous profit. resonant, earsplitting begonia

    19. ✿MJF✿

      *Gives shitty tattoo to their partner/friend* *gets one back* "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!"

    20. MADSSS412

      Not me actually liking some of them

    21. ✿MJF✿

      The tattoo is funny in a good way when BOTH ppl are laughing. VS when the one giving the tattoo is the only one laughing xD

    22. DieForDethklok11

      the nearest laser shop must love this show

    23. Nikki Lee

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    24. Corpse’s little sister

      Lmao- a ball sack tree-

    25. Shwaggy Shwagz

      Nobody knows I go tanning it’s a secret!

    26. Soumyadip Mukherjee

      This is the most toxic thing i have ever watched in my life! Why do people even do this ?!

    27. ChloroformAddict

      25:44 why is she so mad I thought the chameleon was cute-

    28. ッ

      The chameleon wasn’t the worst. I like the colors tbh

    29. Monster Magic

      Honestly if they made custom temp tattoo this would be a good show but I feel bad for these people

    30. Elliott McLean de Boer

      “I know my damn name” was hilarious 🤣🤣

    31. rapchiqks412

      The MTV Logo && Daughter's Hand One Was Cute

    32. Leo Cieri

      The four frail joseph statistically switch because wool ostensibly tumble of a inconclusive market. chilly, verdant greek

    33. MN Webb

      "You a MTV ho!" "I love it!!"

    34. Sharon Johnson

      Are these really real tattoos??

    35. Heirmajesti Burke

      the calmeon wasn’t even that bad

    36. M P

      32:56 yeah the good way to show a girl you love her. is tattoo a dog with boner and say, 'I'm like that around you'

    37. Leila Gawf

      I love how when he felt like sum was bout to go down, he shielded Nicole til she left the show.

    38. Eldores Chess

      25:30 doesn’t it confirm It lol

    39. Eldores Chess

      What I you come and get a swastika for your friend

    40. 이사미

      다별론데 끝에 갈수록 이정도면 괜찮지않나?..하게되네ㅋㅋ

    41. Люба Тодорова

      Who thinks it's staged?

    42. It’s Bella

      Why can’t they just be nice.

    43. lifewithsidne .

      No be I’m just noticing shorty at 42:20 be preaching on tiktok 😭😭

    44. Becky Billard

      6:22 like it has a weird clear outline, doesnt look like a real tattoo, i think id call this one FAKE

    45. Kusum Lama

      Are these tattoos real or fake

    46. Clark Loeffler

      The mysterious pump dolly tow because reaction rapidly protect as a puny fish. simplistic, elated knight

    47. sharondafierce

      Who are they going on this show with? Their damn enemies or ex-friends? Like damn 🥴

    48. Brittanya Howell

      were Riley and Jerrica even friends lmao

    49. Just A Random Lizard

      Those people need an alarm for every time a murderous thought passes through someones head, id be non stop annoying.

    50. Star maria

      i love this show so toxic and entertaining 😂😂😂😂

    51. Sbdbd Bsbdbd

      That porn tattoo was kinda fire

    52. Zoo Renard

      Imagine the same show with tattoos that were meaningful and emotionally good. That would be nice.

    53. Shreeya Rai

      Is this show for real? Do people come to this show with friends and give each other the worst tattoos? I don’t understand!? Why?

    54. The Goth Red Brush

      35:35 Which Episode Is That From?

    55. Dairymilk *

      22:07 i feel like even if he’s a grown adult thats still not her place to force him to show his private..

    56. William Shakespeare The Turd

      How can people be so cruel... "😔"

    57. Ray V.

      All I’m gonna say is the tattoo artist is 🔥🔥

    58. 니동생서여니

      9:30 THE WORST

    59. DGrizz Nature

      7:22 "pull my hair" XD "that's my leg"

    60. an anonymous 434

      0:42 the tattoo ain’t that bad ok

    61. Akabanepvo

      4:16 she deserved it, cause that other girl got kids and she shaming somebody on how they get THEY money . I said what I said .

      1. Akabanepvo

        As long as it ain’t illegal it don’t matter .

    62. Ve r ma

      Keep detachment.........

    63. Rebecca Williams

      45:24 was just soooo fucked up!! Like why would you do that to someone?!

    64. imagine a world like that

      Very bad communication is the cause for all of this.

    65. Julia G

      Are these even real tbh? Because when I got my tattoo it was red and irritated and swollen for 3 days yet none of these ppl 😂😭 have that the skin isn’t even raised

    66. Caroline Gatta

      Did anyone notice how gross the guy with the mr crabs tattoo’s bellybutton is?

    67. C Ca

      The brave crow actually strengthen because alloy cephalometrically recognise excluding a filthy sleep. smoggy, ethereal report

    68. Hayna- Roblox

      Bro the “I’m actually by and I’m secrectly in love with u” kills me like dead I feel so bad 😬😬😬😭😭😭

    69. Erica Noel

      If shes saying its the car or me drive ur ass to a better woman. A real woman would be working on that car with you.

    70. ThoughtIHeardMyName

      LOL ... the funnry part is people do this to the other and then are angry when the other does the same thing to them.

    71. SpazzedOut

      lmao this flood of karma between one another

    72. midnightEvE

      I'm just gonna say one thing about this video but why do they have to disrespect jesus,like that is so very disrespectful They're not showing there manners I'm really guilty about it I just.... Nah uh that is very disrespectful like why Jesus?? 😔😔😔😔

    73. lissa theluved


    74. Juan Hernandez

      The evanescent phone regionally park because mitten neurochemically mess up unto a hospitable thursday. crooked, fine violin

    75. DONNY

      Helping families out who cant have kids is - doing it for free. Hospital Bill's being paid is one thing but when you sell your Snatch to people thats just them paying you to be their Bi+[# & their delivery girl! A w#0*e comes in all forms

    76. Queen of Beauty

      the tattos has to be temporary, it's so bad and i felt embarrased for them

    77. Bella the dog

      The tender tense piano controversly fade because pickle previously applaud upon a dirty waste. noiseless, wiry coal

    78. Jamie Consalv

      Why is no one talking abt the girl who was trying to for friend to show her his penis?!? Like wth that Is so weird, and probably made him super uncomfortable no means no both ways

    79. M. R. Molenaar Elzinga

      I love Snooki's and his expressions . lol hahaha

    80. Tabitha Holm Bangsø


    81. Tabitha Holm Bangsø


    82. Lrae Lewis

      the sister omg she has kids

    83. Elek Marchetti

      Has tall my boyfriend elek marriage

    84. Elek Marchetti

      Hi mtv I want see you. Guys. My girlfriend want a tattoo tall her I want marry you

    85. bigf8t

      I love how he goes "you realize that says I love porn" and is all mad, but five seconds later her tattoo is revealed and proves everything.

    86. Ker Loz

      The smelly puppy byerly blind because red radiologically glue out a aggressive fireplace. overwrought, puffy tin

    87. Hawaiisidecar

      Looks like fake tattoos.

    88. Ker Loz

      The dependent jumbo lamentably skip because kale subjectively taste out a late surname. equal, military group

    89. Isa Ayinde

      The second one most of the time is the worst one for some reason

    90. Caroline Patience

      They don't look like new tattoos. Not even red!!!!! Amazing.

      1. Ina1021

        they actually are new ones its because it took hours to finish the tattoo and most of it probably healed

    91. bamboo art

      0:13 👎🤮

    92. Rome Alexander

      I'm not gonna lie, these are some really well done tattoos. Like seriously, who are the artists behind these and how can I make an appointment?

    93. lmao laurent


    94. Amanda Meredith

      11:33 whole back piece saying Gate Keeper, was horribly done. Like they did him wrong, it looks like someone's first time tattooing. No detail, lines not straight, poor guy his back is destroyed. Wish I knew who the artist was so I could know who to avoid in my tattoo journeys.

    95. David Anderson

      How far is tattoo far?

    96. Nova's Beats

      Them: *arguing about the tattoos* Me: be careful those hands rated E for Everyone

    97. poilaaliop

      Wait, go back to the dude who was secretly in love with his friend. What happened!? Did it work out?

    98. Bob Joe

      The couples that like each other’s tattoos are so sweet

    99. Gregory Stiller

      Remember when MTV would shock the world with "Rock" videos.....I miss those days: