FLY TV - Topwater Mamas (Pike Fly Fishing in the Mountains)


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    Catching pike on fly is cool, but catching them on topwater is even cooler...
    In this episode, Niklaus Bauer and Robert Hansson goes fly fishing for big pike in the mountains of Northern Sweden (Tjuonajokk), with the target set on topwater action in shallow water.
    It's in the middle of the summer, but this far up north the season has just started and the water is quickly getting warmer, resulting in extremely hungry and aggressive pike. The rest you will have to watch yourself - enjoy...
    Learn how to tie the flies used in this video:
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    Filmed and produced by Pontus Sjölund
    #topwater #pikefishing #flyfishing

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    1. kanalgratisdotse

      Thank you SO much for all your love! This filming will always have a special place in my heart, truly epic surroundings and insane fishing... 🙌🏼 Which is your FAVORITE take in this episode? Hit me with time codes! 💥 /Pontus

      1. RosvMD


      2. Bass King

        The best is when the pike was ready to take off but fell for the figure 8 trick

      3. J Mac

        What reel is this in video red one thank you for your videos from texas

      4. J Mac

        What kind of boat is that? Awesome videos

      5. Samuel Eerikäinen

        42:40 Boom! Like a rocket!!!

    2. daLoufn

      Das ist eins meiner Lieblings Angelvideos! You did a great job!!!

    3. Cirurgia Amarante

      Large mouth bauercuda could be a good name haha. Congratulations for your nice ties. Will try it in the amazon with tucunare an with the dorados in th Manso river in mato grosso. Must work well



    5. Irwanriduan SP gemarimancing TV

      Mantab yes keren ok 👍👍👍👍👍 par linberg

    6. balticflies

      Awesome! Well made - with Heart!

    7. Mike the pike

      Really! Like this vid. Amazing place to be, to fish and to experiance. Also thumbs up for talking in english. Will watch more of these video's.

    8. Nicolas

      By far my best fishing vidéo. I regularly come back to watch it. Very inspiring. Thank you so much Niklaus, Robert et Pontus

    9. Erik Nolerud

      Song: The River (Dubstep) - Blues Saraceno

    10. Jan DE BRUYNE

      This is really an incredibly exciting video. Well done guys. If I knew where this lake is, I would book a ticket today. Corona or not ☺👍👍

    11. Sven Gebhard

      The bites right on the boat remind me on musky fishing videos. Such an amazing video. Loved every second of it but exspecially the slow motions of the „white Shark“ like attacks.

    12. Lars Vegas

      fishing poppers is so much harder to get pike to strike... they chase easier when ur fishing sub surface.. also u want to have a bit more speed to get the pikes speed up.. else they wont strike.

    13. Roman MG

      Tres belle peche !!!!!! MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!!!

    14. Marc Becker

      Great Video! Thanks for sharing

    15. Herve Guilbaut

      Des paysages fabuleux, un cadre magnifique ont en prends plein les yeux 🥰 et que dire des lacs... 😍😍😍

    16. Raphael Ehlers

      I dont know how often i had seen it

    17. Raphael Ehlers

      Defenetly the best pike video... Love it so much guys! ☺️🙏

    18. Hendi Saputra

      Oh mantap



    20. Morten Sangvik

      Wow tøft! Kan jeg spørre hva slags musikk vi hører? Eller hvor dere kjøper musikken?

    21. Hugo Drulman

      I understand your enthusiasm, great video,but don’t laugh so hard and de mic.

    22. Stephan Ehrlich

      🔥Awesome! I have never seen a better fishing video than this. What awesome shots, pictures and what a spectacular landscape. Breathtaking! Thank you for all the tipps, effort and impressions! 🔥

    23. Mattias Andersson

      Gädda på fluga är så spännande! Skulle vara riktigt kul att få åka upp dit. Kombinera med lite harr å rödingfiske med.

    24. Rafał Grabowski

      Magic place,great video! Wish I was there with You Guys! Greetings from Poland!



    25. Arm Jamal

      2 hands fast retrieve will catch more i guess

    26. steffen k

      just love that episode of fly tv!

    27. Tom Karrow

      What fly lines are you using?

    28. Brasil top Pesca fly fish


    29. Brasil top Pesca fly fish

      Linda pescaria parabéns

    30. kumisanom

      what is the song 19:00

    31. Detroit3Pistons

      Can you explain your Pike Fly Setup?

    32. xzz

      kan ni inte börja filma med polariserad lins?

    33. harri hiltunen

      best pike fly fishing video. we,ll done.

    34. vladimir grodnensky

      Хорошая рыбалка!

    35. Feral Phil

      Amazing fishing, would love to come there one day. Great to see your passion. Thats what its all about.

    36. J and M Flies

      Some amazing stuff!! Loved the video. Wondering if there will be any more videos coming out soon? Just found the channel and love it

    37. Paweł Ciechanowski


    38. Victor Fitzwalter

      Guys, who are the band at 19 mins. Regards

    39. Roberto Giare'


    40. Don Dapa

      This is awesome...I just got back from carp fishing for the week and sat down to watch this ....I am going to try some pike fishing this winter for this guys it's awesome...hyped

    41. Derek Savage

      Got to love Pike on the fly . The heart stopping take , and releasing them and watch them swim away , to grow bigger .

    42. Dean Myers

      Excellent!!! No other way to describe it!! Im a fan. Thank you

    43. djm7706

      Wow! The video quality is great, the videography is great, and the fishing is amazing! And you guys speak English! Good stuff! What a great video!

    44. Pernell Fomby

      Absolutely phenomenal video guys!! Just awesome!!

    45. hogbelly Life

      Amazing everything! 👍👍👍

    46. JimmyHRamone

      Tyckte jag kände igen robert.. vi gick i samma gymnasieskola. helt annan inriktning dock.

    47. Steffen Preiss

      Sooooooooooooooooooo Nice :)

    48. juan gonzalez

      Always gotta drag that lure back and forth before retrieving. So many times have I caught one when doing a figure 8 while standing in hip waders. Just stay mostly still and they will strike feet from where you are standing.



    50. bryn mitchell

      Dropped on your channel by chance , AMAZING ! subbed .

    51. docv73

      I am new to fly fishing, but I absolutely love this video!!!

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Nice! Keep it up!

    52. Kazimierz Fit

      The production quality of this video is over the top!

    53. MJZ 13

      Amazing video. The scenes and editing are absolutely spot on👏👏👏 one of the best fishing videos honestly


      Another thing that if it is video my congratulations good catch greetings from Peru

    55. 79roel1

      So cool! Bot me just as exited as you Guys in the boat!🤘🏻💪🏻😂

    56. Marc Kleinau

      Einfach klasse , ich mag Eure Videos , macht weiter so !

    57. Fernando Paiva oficial

      Great! Which river is that one?

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Tjuonajokk is in northern Sweden. Far up in the Kaitum river.

    58. Chris Vogt

      This is the most awesome video i have ever seen! Great work

    59. Svarg Kruk

      Welcome to Ukraine ..в нас риби білше😂

    60. Bass King

      Very good fishing and a beautiful scenery

    61. Springteen

      Why don’t you explained equipment or is this a commercial sailing something?

    62. Andy Wade

      Great video capture. For 2m fish try

    63. Arm Jamal

      obviously, those pikes interested in a steady fast-moving lure and i wonder how u both didnt noticed that by keep jerking ur fucking lure at any time whenever its away fm ur boat

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        I'm sorry. I don't understand what you mean.

    64. Bob Ferguson

      YES yes yes What a place and what fish and fishing in scenery to died for.

    65. Laurentiu Borlovan

      Amazing video

    66. J Simo

      sweet video. one of my favorite things in life; is to go to my secret spot, and catch pike with topwater frogs.

    67. john farmer

      All around great video. Pike fried in butter on the shore would have made it complete for me.

    68. ted cassar

      What size and weight fly lines are you using to throw those big flies ?

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        9 or 10 weight.

    69. Kutthroat Outdoors

      This is epic!

    70. Boar The Angler

      The coolest fishing video i've ever seen

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Nice 👊

    71. мои вылазки

      Супер! А что за удочки и шнуры? Fly line? Fly rod?

    72. Pustasvi Vlogs


    73. finnish dude

      soundtrack at 9.16?

    74. Urban Dahlman

      Den här filmen är nog den bästa fiskefilm jag någonsin sett!!!! Grymt arbete med drönaren, under första delen...... tordes ju knappt kolla....så jäkla spännande var det, Har gjort lite halvhjärtade försök med flugspö efter gä detta gav ordentlig mersmak,,👍👍👍👌

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Kul att höra!

    75. Григорий Сергеев

      Великолепно! Какой гандон поставил дизлайки?

    76. Jonathan Karlsson

      Best fishing video I've ever seen by far!! Good job

    77. Got Hooked

      Best fly fishing i've seen by far! Stellar production, and its March 2020.

    78. Cuttlefish Pie

      Love the movie and the boat. What kind of boat is it?

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Sorry, I was wrong. It is Swedish made "laxen forsbåt"

      2. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Thanks It is a special river boat made in Finland

    79. AB Farm

      Nice video bro... Go ahead ❤👍🇧🇩

    80. Christoph Köpfer

      Thats awesome epicly 😱i never look anything like this ! Crazy ! .....respect !

    81. malte husemann

      Wow! Awesome Video! Incredible takes, wonderful nature and amazing shots. What a pleasure to watch it!! Congrats to all of you!

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert


    82. Erik Iepsma

      I haven name for your fly ,yello en red from the candy m&m

    83. tom parker

      Caught much smaller versions when i was young but now am after the biggies so count me in...great vid. thanx! Pike Mania!

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Go get them! 😎

    84. Андрей Викторович

      Perfect 👌

    85. Micha

      Oh Man one Year ago and i cant get enough of it😍❤️💪🏼🎣👌🏼👍🏼

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Haha, nice to hear! 😆

    86. Sean Tracy

      That's the best fishing film I've ever seen. Wow.

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        Big words. Thanks a lot!

    87. Stefan Witteborg

      Just awesome

    88. Jason Latray Fishing

      Great show!!👍

    89. Scott Norvell

      Simply said. This is one of my favorite fly Fishing videos of all time.

    90. B Baier

      This may very well may be the best fishing video I’ve ever seen.

    91. Andre Suter

      suercool video ! ...and place as well😉👍

    92. Viktor Höglund

      varför pratar ni inte svenska?

    93. Cascapediastjules


    94. Birecki Baits

      Beautiful places and great pikes. I am jealous, I would happily protest my lures on such water 😁

    95. daLoufn

      Hey Guys! Thank you for this amazing video!😁 Can you say me something about this great "feeling" song?

    96. David Grigglestone

      This is way cool .. will be looking to apply some of these flies and techniques to US East Coast Striper fishing this year. Thanks for tying videos too!

    97. Jesse.stallo

      I know my next fishing trip!

    98. Average Perch

      Figure 8 is no joke ,)

      1. Fly Fishing by Robert

        It's insane!

    99. feelfree Kayaks Wild Side

      What kind of Boat is that? I could use it here in Tennessee on Muskie!!!!

      1. feelfree Kayaks Wild Side

        @miffoivan thank you so much. Awesome Filming you do. It keeps me going!!!

      2. miffoivan

        Its a northen swedish design. :) Designed for rapids. Try google: "laxen forsbåt"

    100. stefano lot

      yess, private helicopter and private waters where there are only 1 meter fish always hungry