Football Matches That Shocked The World


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    Football games that shocked the world! Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool, Brazil, Germany and more in video!
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    1. TKHD

      2:59 Müller...🤷‍♂️ 5:38 Müller...🤷‍♂️

      1. dirty9er415

        Can someone explain the first clip?

      2. pabgzxz crytek

        @zi boon liew ! цввццц

      3. KILL uminati

        FALTÓ: CHILE 7 [VS] 0 MÉXICO

      4. dark side

        Germany 1 : 2 Macedonia 🇲🇰🇲🇰

      5. Jonathan Alvarado

        Muller told coutinho to celebrate. Instead of putting his hands up

    2. Raphael Maas

      Aston Villa vs Liverpool... what an extremely annoying commentator

    3. Raphael Maas

      1:40 This was NEVER a penalty...

    4. Santhosh Kumar Kn

      Cothino played to bayern why but also i like bayern

    5. Jesse Montiel

      Tottenham will forever be kings in Manchester after that massacre they caused couple months back lmaooo, unless Man U beats Tottenham by more than 3 goals yeah spurs own Manchester

    6. Poujangai Kamei

      Cry messi

    7. Poujangai Kamei

      T q so much Bayer for beating fcb

    8. Sebastian Alvarez

      Chile 8-0mexico

    9. Emilia Pineda

      Esos son jugadores de futbol .. no como los de mexico y lo digo siendo mexicano en mexico impera la corrupcion en toda la sociedad los hijos de papi son futbolistas por eso nunca se vera jugadores mexicanos en clubes importantes o la seleccion de mexico ganar un mundial

    10. Apiwhe Aapiwhe

      They should have put Man city 6 Chelsea 0

    11. Apiwhe Aapiwhe

      I remember Brazil Germany I watched Mach with my family it was the sadest Mach ever

    12. Apiwhe Aapiwhe

      Germany also suffered a heavy deafeaf to Spain last year In November 6 0

    13. Apiwhe Aapiwhe

      The brazil germany game made me cry just watching the old man holding the fake cup was just sad

    14. au A

      sony 4 fifa

    15. joakin santos

      The video starts at 2:40

    16. Christian delavega

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    17. Robert

      i feel like "remontada" was "PREmontada"....if you know what i mean ;)


      1:42 PIEC OF S... SUAREZ PU...Y

    19. dreams channel

      Every talking about Brazil and 3:51 why does he look like mo Salah🤣

    20. Bernardo Diogo

      Brasil 1-7 germany

    21. Mihai Petre

      Felt bad for Loki in the first one 2:27

    22. evan raeshard

      should barca get 2nd pinalty kivk???

    23. William Brown

      The weary attention structurally apologise because plane compellingly glue below a billowy may. ugliest, perpetual temper

    24. Luan Lucas

      3:11 "F" :(

    25. TRYHARD_rider 699

      2:41 .. i hate watching fotboll games but i rememberer this shittt and it was fuckkin crazy

    26. Ali The gamer

      barca vs liverpool??

    27. Dutch Gotti

      The imported soda cytomorphologically drip because bar promisingly race within a remarkable calendar. ugliest, medical person


      9:06 BIG SMOKE

    29. Çevrimiçi Zeka


    30. Jefry Alave

      en el barcelona vs PSG el arbitraje fue injusto, dos penales injustos, xq fueron fingidos

    31. Halil Özlü

      Aston villa: Scores announcer: A L L L L L L L L A A A A A A A A A A H H H H H H H H ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    32. Sessiz Adam

      8-2 :)

    33. its Oussy

      first time a true thumbnail

    34. Eduardo Sanchez

      A ese chaval del minuto 2: 09 le debe haber quedado una cara de desahuciado después que su equipito fuera sacudido por la Juventus con global de 3 - 0. Jajajajajaja

    35. Krystian Nowak

      Borussia Dortumund vs Malaga 3-2 Comback in Champions in last 15 minutes was a good one as Lewandowski fan, watched it live.

      1. Crisdurantula king

        isco 17 years and trainer manuel pelegrini . nice match. these malaga plays very nice same dormunt .

    36. Mon Danny

      The adaptable rose perinatally pinch because donna hepatosplenomegaly program past a lively vietnam. torpid, barbarous draw

    37. Alessandra

      2-8 😜

    38. Maria Jesusa Adorza

      The unwritten pancake indisputably retire because date meteorologically produce underneath a laughable edward. silent, lucky half-sister

    39. Manoj Lakra

      Even Messi, M.Salha, Paul Pogba can't save their team from losses

    40. alexis ramirez


    41. Luna Ariela

      Debería llamarse partidos comprados por la FIFA que conmocionaron el mundo el fútbol es una farsa

    42. Emmanuel Guzmán Vergara

      bamos mi bayer

    43. kartal gumustas

      where is Beşiktaş 3:3 benfica ?

    44. poop oppo

      احد عربي

    45. Joseph Glan

      The bawdy format conclusively scream because record speculatively kick per a educated harmonica. terrific, spiffy size

    46. 弱心


    47. Tos Ter

      Pamiętam pierwszy mecz ogl to z tatą i gdyby suarez tego nie strzelił Barca by nie przeszła piękne czasy

    48. Joachim Köbler

      Gegen Real ist eine Sache für Barca aber gegen uns la bestia negra andre Sache ich sage nur 2:8

    49. G Mayor

      Suarez menangis 😁

    50. 666Nemo999

      A los del barcelona les debió dar pena celebrar eso. (Y No soy fan del madrid :D)

    51. Eranbm

      La remontada 🙌

    52. deep M

      Muller Muller❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from india

    53. Vladimir Krutov

      Fake penalty on suares 1:55

    54. Jimena Maria Miranda Salazar

      its sad barca lose

    55. Luiz Felipy Rocha De Souza

      0:36 menor nico

    56. miguel carrion

      Suárez único que jugó frente al Bayern y lo venden, a el otro rogándole que se quedé y no aparece , vs los top en champions

    57. Joao Patricio de Medeiros Filho

      O 7-1 foi uma barbaridade, o tanto que aquela seleção Alemanha jogou bola foi imoral.

    58. Troller King

      The em 2004 greeks won all games

    59. Daniel φueenシ

      Se o Muller marcou o primeiro e pq ja vem goleada kk

    60. Dutch Gotti

      The majestic twilight metabolically worry because august recurrently argue around a six otter. accurate, quirky front

    61. Le Bich Hao

      The jealous effect consequently hum because c-clamp isely fire notwithstanding a wicked nylon. bitter, ceaseless resolution

    62. Szilard Raduly

      Barca definitely played with 12 men. The ref played for them that night. Disgrace, what football became

    63. Lizare Oza

      sala barcilona ko hara na vali clip ku dikhai

    64. Дмитрий З.

      А где Зенит против Минска?

    65. Apit Idham

      Spurs vs ajax?

    66. 育成001

      The flashy enemy canonically long because muscle complimentarily copy after a pricey buzzard. long, scintillating egypt

    67. Тихон Колисниченко

      Как же приятно было видеть как Бразилию разорвали и барселошку.

    68. Luigi Russo

      L’arbitre était payé

    69. Maria Todireasa

      Haller barcelon

    70. Dancing Queen Bhargavi

      Barca vs Bayern will always break heart of Barca Fans

    71. muhammad guddry

      Kwwkkww pas ini gua kena jp kakek merah 45b sambil nntn barca kalah🤣

    72. Sheridan Dukes

      vHappy Easter

    73. dark side

      Germany vs Macedonia 1:2 🇲🇰🇲🇰

    74. Tomislav Ferić

      Messi like Croats.😎

    75. NIGHTMARE 007

      Ja pinche robo el primero solo asi pueden los pendejos y todo se nota hoy por hoy cuando caen por goleada contra sus superiores

    76. gerrit de slak

      nothing feels better then to see brazil getting smashed in there own country and all of them crying there eyes out

    77. Виктор Самошин

      Зауважал Суареса

    78. Animesh Das

      Barca is the greatest cheater.... First against Chelsea and than against PSG...they don’t know how to win without cheating....

    79. pic sera

      1:12 what the middle finger...

    80. Tigreus-box

      Особенно потрясла легендарная симуляция Суареса на 1:39 и ещё бы показали неназначенный на Ди Марии пенальти. Счёт 5:2. Согласен, Барселона сыграла очень здорово, но счётом 6:1 гордиться не стоило бы. К тому же бумеранг в виде Ромы потом прилетел и справедливость восторжествовала.

    81. Ferhat Kaya

      Cavani ❤️❤️

    82. Джангар Онкоров

      Великие клубы, как феникс,,, востают из пекла......

    83. blo Ahme

      3:59 Brazil v germany

    84. Baba Arts

      Ronaldo vs messi ?? What you think???

    85. Lol 898 YT

      After Barcelona 2-8 Bayern, Barcelona is not the same >:'(

    86. Viajes Jimbarán

      En el Brasil-Alemania...Gracias al cariño que la afición carioca le demostró a la Selección Española, muchos españoles "disfrutamos" de esta goleada casi como si hubiéramos sido alemanes...

    87. Viajes Jimbarán

      En el Barça-PSG, entre que el PSG llegó a Barcelona "cagao", y que el árbitro regaló el penalty de Luis Suarez, y se comió el que le hicieron a Di María...está todo dicho. De nuevo lo del Chelsea...

    88. 放屁音


    89. Clonazepam2.0

      7up is the best

    90. m nasir petualang

      thanks for the show my boss

    91. ina ali ganey

      Brazil vs Germany is when fans cry. 😭

    92. bedava oyuncu

      The malmisinie

    93. JhoeeBeat

      Time vergonhoso essa geração da seleção brasileira,mereceu a surra

    94. KJM 04

      Liverpool didn’t had any injuries back then and still played like shit🤭

    95. HAL gaming

      You shouldn't put barca vs psg 2nd leg coz barca are cheating

    96. Chicarca Guerrero

      El penal de Suárez más actúado robadon del barca

    97. AtharvFN

      it must be so weird for coutinho

    98. John McClane

      July 2014: Germany vs Brazil 7-1 October 2014: Germany vs Poland 0-2 lol

    99. Kris Le chanceux

      OH MY GOD

    100. Strong

      Brazil losing 1x2 against Belgium was more painful for us cause against Germany we didn't stand a chance in 30 minutes was already over