Friday Night Funkin' - Sky VS Tankman (Duet Ugh Song) [FNF Week 7]


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    Friday Night Funkin' side by side comparison of official Week 7 Tankman Ugh vs Sky Ugh Mod for the PC in 1080p Ultra HD. The beginning of the video has both of them sing at the same time and eventually they'll take turns singing the ugh song on their own.
    Out of these 2 characters, which one do you think sings the ugh song the best?
    Sky Mod:
    Sky sings Ugh:
    Playable Tankmen:
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    High Effort Ugh 2.0 Mod:
    Disclaimer: I edited the dialogue text in as a joke so it's not official.
    Friday Night Funkin' Week 7 is the newest update featuring Tankman, the Newgrounds mascot and Pico. A Newgrounds timed exclusive, also has a couple of his friends holding Girlfriend as a hostage. It's up to Boyfriend to save her the only way he can: the power of music!
    1080p 60fps Friday Night Funkin' gameplay by CommunityGame (2021)
    Friday Night Funkin' - WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes & Game Over Screens:
    Friday Night Funkin' - Week 7: Hard Difficulty Gameplay & Cutscenes:
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    1. Domination Machine

      Tankman: Ugh Sky: *fangirl screaming*

      1. Popcornfreak282


      2. Payton Conway

        Ikr like she gets dramatic

      3. Sidney ClAyToN


      4. Peels

        Is tankman discusted or mad?

      5. kathylynstarr

        Sye: screams at the top of her lungs gets mad easily

    2. sleeping pupper

      I like tank man better better

    3. Marcelo Pereira

      sky won

    4. Lleyton Baleza

      Why is she screaming hahaha lol ?!

    5. Gaming Scull

      Tank man

    6. Shay Seymour

      Why don't you just have a rap battle against each OTHER-

    7. Shay Seymour

      you spelled "Boyfriend" Wrong as: BoYfIrEnD

    8. PureKiwi 64


    9. Shay Seymour

      Sky's officially insane

    10. Sarai Anderson


    11. itz fnaf, piggy and cowy

      Idk who is winner?

      1. itz fnaf, piggy and cowy

        Maybe sky?


      Tank man is better tan sky lol

    13. Blaze Dennis

      tankman wins

    14. jaysol191


    15. Josef Dawkins

      Tankman won

    16. asia Staniszewski

      Sky won!!

    17. Marlene Cayabyab

      If sky voice than tankman

    18. Bernardo MegaPlayer

      I tink tankman won

    19. JaRe.-.

      I think tankman couse sky first to scream and his scream. Sky:ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    20. Shana Higgins

      Sky won

    21. l crack de fnaf


    22. aurora playz

      Sky wins I think???

    23. John Matthew Ledesma

      It’s tankman

    24. Frannie Louise Bermudo


    25. Ninja Wolf

      This is what I wanted 🙏🏿

    26. North Labs

      i liked tankman's rap more

    27. Sarvente Ice cream

      for some reason - sky's voice is- omg i cant-

    28. Levi Buligo

      shut up

    29. Noah Morales

      i love it when sky hugs the microphone like a plushie

    30. farooque abdullah

      My real fav moment. 0:48

    31. Pamela Xiscatti

      Tankman is myidol

    32. Black Hole


    33. nix xiera

      Sky's "ugh" sound like me- I think sky wins uwu

    34. Wasim Khan


    35. Luis Arevalo

      Cool 😎

    36. rhymxs._

      even if im late: *May the girl who goes "AHH!" When its "UGH!" win*

    37. PlushCrew_Gecky


    38. Юрий Ушаков

      Tankman is peak antisimp

    39. 0xeoc

      Ugh definitely won

    40. Dinah Pante

      Tankman win because the arrow are not the same in sky

    41. Mommy Ghel's Kitchen

      No one wins keith wins so keith should date gf

    42. Mareese Moore

      Tankman: Ugh Sky: Teen girl sream

    43. Elijah Bradley

      This song should be re-titled as ahh!

    44. Elijah Bradley

      I like how sky does it but I think the way tankman says ugh is better, sky is literally just screaming as loud as they can

    45. Eliecer Suarez Shorts

      Fun fact: Sky actually screams she doesn’t sing

    46. Eleuterio Lopez

      I vote Sky

    47. Jorge Rivera

      Mmm i think sky is winner

    48. Max 12 recommended

      tank man won ps he remind me of World war 2

    49. Juan Arriola

      i like when tankman was singing

    50. 755Milly Roblox

      Tankman won bc it took longer to push him to the end of the bar thing

    51. Eric Gamer.


    52. Srijeet Aditya

      The scream kinda sounds like a rooster crying too

      1. Srijeet Aditya

        Tankman won

    53. António Gomes


    54. LEX DX

      Hey guys is remix

    55. Morayo watches stuff

      Sky should win I wanna see them date

    56. Ali Aldoub

      Take man wins

    57. WeLoveBrownie

      Is it just me or is sky sound like a scared cat

    58. Atticus and zayne


    59. Wayson Lim

      i like tankman's one sky is like screaming and also i think tm win

    60. dianamaricela1


    61. Kendi Szakacs Arszlan

      tankman won for (not only because i love the militery) tankman sings this song better.

    62. Eddie Munoz

      Me to

    63. Payton Conway

      Tankman won

    64. I am Ziad Yay I am happy

      And then sky said Blue ur pants and high pitched Lol

    65. Jervis Paraggua

      Tankman won absolutely,

    66. Denzel D Villotes

      I think tank man because in the beginning sky was the first to be beaten in green line and red line

    67. Febury Anne Perlas


    68. Febury Anne Perlas


    69. julius semblante

      Tankman don't know sky is boyfriend because sky has that cyan dye.

    70. Khalid Majdi

      tank man win ugh

    71. Helen Montero Moreno


    72. Qwert Yuiop

      Somehow when tankman and sky sing together it feelsoo fit

    73. Nicolo Alfonso Dizon

      Tankman:ugh.......ughugh Sky:ahhhh.........ah-ah

    74. sophiaelise gamer minecraft_among us day to night

      I like both because it's so cool and cute at the same time it's so cute and takman thought sky is boyfriend hahahaha

    75. cristi Topalov

      Tankman has a better voice for ugh but Sky is uhhhhh not ugh

    76. trangpham1986

      nhìn Sky ngao ngáo sao ế

    77. Daylin Ayson

      I think tankman its the winner!

    78. Jeko Zian

      Both of them won

    79. Mr. Man

      Tank man won

    80. Zyan Andrei Abcede

      I think tankman wins he's hard

    81. sr.whitty

      Se salvó el mod de sky

    82. •smolAnd_Blue•

      Sky’s “ugh” tho for some reason it’s so cute to me-

    83. S-MRadityaUtomo


    84. Raphael Saballa

      I think Sky won

    85. Radioactive Squirl

      boyfriend win

    86. Juan Arriola

      sky won im guessing

    87. Klipz Is Lit

      Ugh This Video

      1. Klipz Is Lit

        Get It Lol

    88. ThatCreativeGenius

      Has anyone noticed that Sky's arms cross to the beat with no frame in between for crossing?

    89. Noobkeez

      Tankman wins

    90. Claudia Felici

      Tankman no Sky why boyfriend win First Sky not tankman!

    91. Lucio Escobar

      Sky won tankman line is green sky wins

    92. Khalid Garcia Harmosh

      Tank man Wins

    93. Kanzi H5779

      i think tankman won i love him

    94. Okan Badalov

      Tankman wins

    95. I am Ziad Yay I am happy

      Tank man wins I mean he is very cool and what he said is this if you did listen closely he said poop your pants ugh THAT MAN CAN ROAST

    96. alya arissa

      I think sky wins

    97. valixen!

      sky won, her voice is so good and it shows how realistic she's angry and fustrated. she totally won.

      1. Mr. Man

        She sounds like a chipmunk that makes noises and screams

    98. ian andrianto

      Tekmen i love me💓💓💓

    99. Xxmoon_ nigthxX

      I choose sky Bec of the "ugh" line it sound like a lil girl qwq

    100. Micahvian Mendoza

      i think sky won her voice