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    1. jagdish naik

      Lisa is so ,so cute

    2. •MONEYY• _K

      -3:35 song name?

    3. Arianny Nicole Reyes

      Plisss alguien que me diga donde lo puedo ver con sub en español😭😢

    4. Carito X2

      Espero que estos chicos logren su sueño

    5. Muhammad Amin Mohd Zaini

      Let's be honest.. Everybody watch this because of Lisa

      1. 花火mochimochi_knkn2434

        yeaa no

      2. Xzellent0917

        Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 I don't think so. 😁

    6. Chris Che

      李宇春 怎么录制这。。。无聊的。。show

    7. Astro


    8. lrose

      lol Rosie and Jennie's accent is rubbing off on Lisa. She's starting to sound a little aussie.

    9. Ivenylon Onglais

      Mentor Lisa !

    10. Si14

      I'm confused, is there a episode 1 part 2? Or does it go straight to episode 2 part 1?

    11. Kaitlyn Diep

      17:79 awwww so precious

    12. Jewel Okoro

      15:11 Is that Kristian from Now United?

    13. TunAmy do

      I’m watching this because of lisa-esther-liang sen

    14. Natalia Duana


    15. Eliza's patooty tooty

      46:00 "He's smart and hot" word em up 😌✋

    16. Chris M

      One of the judges looks like PO

    17. Chan Candy


    18. Eliza's patooty tooty

      24:28 this is def fruity

    19. Blink Baby

      Omg Lisa the BLACKPINK

    20. Poks Illest


    21. Eliza's patooty tooty

      They all have great style oh my god 😭

    22. girl_ dislexc24

      Necesito aprender Inglés 😩

    23. Joyce Martins

      Tem legenda em português ou espanhol?

    24. Carina


    25. Maha Tamimi

      واو فيه ترجمه 😍

    26. Shinta FN

      Just wanna see lisa

      1. kolim jone


    27. Amv_ariana_taylor_ blackpink

      10:08 again this mistake lisa is main dancer and rosé is the lead dancer

      1. lili ailee

        Yes that true but maybe they mean that she leads the dance in her group🙃

    28. Mica xx

      part 2????

      1. kolim jone

        Chuck is so cute oh my word and when he tripped 22:36😭🤧💗😂And also Rimiko 💗his so cute!! 25:50-26:40

    29. Suchada Stone

      This season is lack of current. Too serious. Not very entertaining as it should be . Just only Lisa keep this show alive.

    30. ColorsofNeuth

      part 2?

    31. YENYEN EY

      liang sen,chase lee,jojo,river

    32. Sosophia


    33. Seraphina Soh


    34. Flora Lee

      1:17:27 胖子的同款担忧 哈哈哈哈哈哈

    35. ملكة الثلج

      المترجم شد حيلك اعتقد عراقي 25:37 هههههههههه متتتت والولد كيوت مرة

    36. Rami

      chuk and crayon, cuteeeeee combination

    37. Lalduhawmi Ralte

      Brothers were so cute❤️❤️❤️

    38. Moonpi10

      Just part 1, where's part 2? Can somebody tell me?

    39. Gontse Mokondo

      Chuck is so cute oh my word and when he tripped 22:36😭🤧💗😂And also Rimiko 💗his so cute!! 25:50-26:40

    40. Liwoo Kii


    41. Stacey Sun

      Xu Ziwei is really a worthy vocal

    42. jigaynay


    43. wing sum siu


    44. Mansi Dhurwe


    45. wai tai cheng



      Tonnyyyy omggg

    47. 秋葉雪


    48. Thon Thida

      Jiang so sad..

    49. su jies


    50. hydraephoenix

      This could be the funniest season of Youth With You

    51. Ucam Zidane

      My lovely lalisa queen, sooo hot n pretty

    52. Erick Nuñez

      Hosky is throwing shade.

    53. anonymous mitch

      Esther. . .🤮🙅🙅🙅 Stop trying so hard to be cute omg😩

    54. Patrisia Muntuan

      Lalisa manoban🥰🥰

    55. Janielle Roelle Calimotan

      27:36 hahahaha Esther

    56. Hafsa Hafosa


    57. elvan karakaya

      The fact that lisa danced to kun’s song😍

    58. jessica hu

      我好喜欢LISA😍😍💓💖💞 😘LISA😘 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    59. Issy blah

      Aaaaaaa Kun is just sooooooooooooooooo handsome!

    60. Siyun Liu

      这怎么是英文的 ,,,

    61. Penguin and Pandas FTW

      Aaahhh I’m so excited 😍

    62. debosmita mukherjee

      Which episode shows their behind the scenes, dorm activities and practices?

    63. Km

      Ahhh lalisa ❤️🔥

    64. Anusha Shetty

      Lisaaaaa .....she is socute

    65. Jeon deja


    66. LU L


      1. Alvin Matthew

        Startd from 2nd episole

    67. Anna Maria

      Krystian Wang 😍 3:35

    68. Min Yoongina


    69. A jiao

      Perasaan taun ini ga ada lagu Thema ya

    70. Gwen Ibardolaza

      Did you see the performance of yu yanlong??

    71. Benezir Bahar

      The fact that there’s more people talking about Chris than Lisa in this comment section 👁👄👁

    72. kolim jone

      Being the top performer in the C-pop industry, Chris Lee really suits the role of PD. She will be a great PD.

    73. KI AN KI AN.


    74. Habiba Akter

      Mentor lisa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    75. Habiba Akter

      Mentor lisa is too talented 😘

    76. Ara

      31:17 Lian Huaiwei 😭❤ Hoping you'll debut this season! Ily!

      1. kolim jone

        Mentor Lisa is so pretty

    77. SA MO

      Queen LISA 🔥❤

    78. jisoo's extra dalgom

      "帅哥,我不配"really guys😂😂

    79. Sofia Angela

      😍 love love lisaa

    80. Sofia Angela

      Supporting my lisaaaa

    81. Mmrcll Sl

      Ronghao laoshi with his hair down is a cutie pie 😊😊

    82. Danndara Brandao

      Cris nos te amamos e tamos torcendo por vc💜💜💜

    83. Madalyn Matthew

      50:53 SAVAGE

    84. Sea Monster

      So they dont upload the rest of the part in yt?

    85. Martu Serra


    86. Tin Jess

      I'm here because of Mentor Lisa. Love her so much

    87. vv_galaxy _vv

      Here because of lisa but end up choosing bias from the program AHAHAHAH ^^

    88. couch potatoeie

      why is nobody talking about my precious teacher li rong hao 🥺💗

    89. Yue Kang Chan


    90. Aneta

      Mentor Lisa is so pretty

    91. 胡雨萱


    92. Lovely Kom

      Wats the song lisa is dancing any1 pliss

    93. Nayem Jr


    94. y d


    95. Lovely Kom

      The first two r reallly cuteeee😍😍😍

    96. joys tdc

      Im here because of my LISA 😍

    97. yadom Limario

      One of the reporter look like Dai Yanni at some angle.

    98. yadom Limario

      Lt.😅 They're more nervous than the girls from 2nd season.

    99. yunisa syalom

      MENTOR LISA!!!

    100. 彡丶茶