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    1. Julia Andrea Vibal

      Lovely7 skrrt skrrt...

    2. Tatiana Gutierrez

      Vamos con todo!

    3. vaishnavi panuganti

      Now that jackson depart to his home encore hits differently to heart brings tears.....

    4. ahgase annekuş

      Canlarım benim-♡♡

    5. A. Ş.

      Jackson cine gıtti içim nedense bi buruk

    6. aranid ahgase

      When I listen Youngjae's part Im cryingggggggggggggggggggggggg

    7. aranid ahgase

      L O V E YOU GOT7

    8. aranid ahgase

      Tik tok dance with Yugyeom

    9. aranid ahgase


    10. aranid ahgase


    11. altunsoy şeyda

      Seven eleven XD

    12. got7 ahgase


      1. altunsoy şeyda

        Got7 forever~

    13. Sweet Girl


      1. altunsoy şeyda


    14. altunsoy şeyda

      ~Turk¡sh ahg4se always here~

    15. berfinsy04


    16. roseleen que

      yeheyy. finally eng. sub. is here.

    17. Liliane Rocha

      All my love to u

    18. Azi Jelita

      terimakasih got7 kalian adalah satu satunya untuk igot7

    19. Ria Beom

      I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying this, but I really envy their friendship, especially for someone like me, it's not that I don't have friends tho, well at least for me they are my friends, that's why it's just really different in GOT7's case because no one is left out, they're all real with each other, even tho they always tease each other or even diss or roast each other lol, it's all part of their bond and those little things are what makes their relationship and bond even stronger, it's far different in my case that's why I really envy them, such a genuine and sincere group!

    20. oooooookubo

      GOT2DAY 2021してくれないかな〜zoomとかインラとかで。月2くらいで全21回

    21. Soleil M

      My fave surprise of 2021 so far..

    22. oooooookubo


    23. Paru Magar

      Whts wrong wid me evry time i shed tears whenevr i watch this

    24. benz porch


    25. def: ur leadernim

      round 3

    26. night shine

      Datang sini lagi :) hehe

    27. Shima Reid

      24 في 3h

      1. HIH


    28. Cesa Tomas

      hello, I'm back again hahahahha !!!

    29. Shima Reid


    30. Skrrt Skrrt

      Let make this higher ahgaseeeeeees

    31. XI4_Chiquita Eleora

      So proud of where you've come from. It feels like just yesterday my friend intodruced me to Got7 and I fell in love immediately by seeing colorful 'Just Right' MV, thankyou for bringing me to this point, introducing mo to K-Pop. It leaves a big scar and regret on my heart that all this time I waste my time and didn't get to see you guys in rl. Can i (and others) just get to see a farewell concert of you guys together... It was an amazing 7 years GOT7

    32. Divya GOT7 skrrt

      Here here ^0^

      1. night shine


    33. อรพินท์ รัศมีจีนทร์


    34. oooooookubo

      GO GO 10M 20M 30M ⇨⇨⇨100M !!!!

    35. AHGAPOOM 007

      Promise..... Encore ~ Encore ~

      1. AHGAPOOM 007

        @night shine ^___^

      2. AHGAPOOM 007

        @Divya GOT7 skrrt ^___^

      3. night shine


      4. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        ENCORE ~~

    36. GOT7 friendzones Ahgases in the coolest ways

      Again & again ♡

      1. night shine


      2. Divya GOT7 skrrt

    37. R U 2


    38. Yağmur Güner

      Helloo anyeonghaseyo

    39. Zackary Louis


    40. od21

      ive been a casual fan of GOT7 for years now;; no i would say im more than a casual fan as i followed every comeback since Hard Carry and supported the boys through their activities over the years. Although I'm not a hardcore Ahgase, I still love these boys. I listened to this song on Spotify since it came out, but now, 3 weeks after, I've finaly watched the MV. Idk why i avoided, maybe denial that the boys might be a part for a long time? My ults are 2NE1, so i know the disbandment feeling very well,, Its all bittersweet feelz right now, but im here now to show more support to all 7 of them. We love u guys, ahgase fighting.

      1. od21

        @Divya GOT7 skrrt yeah I heard they didn’t (disband), so so glad they didn’t :) thank you! I subscribed and everything as soon as the teaser dropped, just put off watching the mv for some reason haha

      2. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        Glad you r here ^_^ but they didn't di**band It's never gonna happen with GOT7, i can say for sure enjoy this new page ♡

    41. def: ur leadernim

      round2 spin.

      1. def: ur leadernim

        @AHGAPOOM 007 how are u?

      2. AHGAPOOM 007

        @def: ur leadernim Hi Hi

      3. def: ur leadernim

        @Divya GOT7 skrrt hoho tour ♡

      4. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        With you ~~

      5. def: ur leadernim

        @AHGAPOOM 007 hi poom

    42. Ahgase7 İgot7


      1. altunsoy şeyda


    43. Exo-l ve ahgase

      Burada mıyız? ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

      1. ahgase annekuş


      2. altunsoy şeyda


      3. Yağmur Güner


      4. Ahgase7 İgot7


    44. Ahgase with GOT7

      Good Evening!!! Stay safe Nd healthy Have a good evening

      1. Divya GOT7 skrrt

        Good evening you too

      2. AHGAPOOM 007

        Good Evening! Same to you too! >___^

      3. Yağmur Güner

        Thank you you too :))

    45. Radz Na

      The first song I listen to Got7, I may be late but Im hoping for their bright future. fighting! this maybe a sad song but a great one.

      1. Ahgase with GOT7


    46. altunsoy şeyda

      My home

    47. altunsoy şeyda

      Yeni uyandım. Mükemmel dinlenmiş hissediyorum. Wuhuu

      1. Yağmur Güner


    48. Cesa Tomas

      love u guys so much huhu

    49. fitrisal beom

      Crying while spinning

    50. def: ur leadernim

      restday ♡♡♡

      1. night shine

        @def: ur leadernim thank you chingu ^^

      2. def: ur leadernim

        @night shine i will my friend. u too ♡

      3. night shine

        Enjoy you relax time :)

    51. diana diana

      9,8M lets goo

    52. Guido R

      10 M soon!!!!

    53. Angie

      Road to 10 mil

    54. Ahgase Got7

      Please lets do our part they did so much for is lets give them back all they deserve!! Lets get 10 mil and then head towards 20 mil we can do this. Come here atleast 5 6 times a day. Use different devices and accounts. Lets go Ahgases ♡♡♡♡

    55. kataikatoo pianthanayakarn

      Love you got7

    56. Ahgase Got7

      Who ever is spinning please don't be silent do comment and like other comments. Make other ahgases feel your presence so they know that we all are here together!! Lets do our best♡♡♡

    57. lili

      Love them sm

    58. aju skkrrt skkrrt

      Nagsstream ako habang nag-aaral ng hypertension skl hahahahahahaha

    59. Ahgase Got7

      Lets do it birdies♡♡♡

    60. Ahgase Got7

      9 802 973

    61. Taeyong'un Müq poposu

      Asla büyümeyelim biz

      1. altunsoy şeyda


    62. Ahgase Got7

      Guyss soooo damn near to 10 mil pleaseeeee lets get it!!♡♡♡

    63. Ahgase Got7

      So I am back here for day 5 of reminding and spinning!! Our Current Goals 10 mil on Encore 100 mil on NBTM before anniversary 1 mil subs on Jay B' and BamBam's THwikis channels Spinning:- Alone by Jackson Wang One in a million by Mark Tuan Yugyeom's Franchise Dance Visual Everything for you by Youngjae Breath by Got7 Last Piece by Got7 BamBam's thai ost Magnetic by Jackson Wang Dont stop!! We have to make it!! Lets go!! P.S Dont silent spin, be active remind others that they are not alone in this. We all are here together, we are all one. Fighting!! *Green hearts*

    64. Yusrifnaf Sa

      BamBam is again back to black hair.

    65. Linzy Wang

      Continually playing not just for the goal but to appreciate this masterpiece.

    66. Yusrifnaf Sa

      2K to 10M....

    67. Yusrifnaf Sa

      Today Jackson left for China. (06.02.2021)

    68. Ahgase RAIN


    69. Flori Catina

      Wonderful song!!! I love you Got7 you make my days happy I listen all the day playlists with GOT7!! if you have no time you can playlist listen and enjoy wonderful music of GOT7!!

    70. Mai Valencia

      I have been a fan for years. The only group i supported is got7 despite others being famous. I don’t know why. I just like your music. More power and am sure you guys can do it! 😎😍☝️🙏

    71. Syazwani Sazali

      Nothing to say just GOT7 FOREVER

    72. Chandrakala C N

      2M subscribers soon and 10M views:))) Let's keep streaming!!!!

    73. Veerapol sonpai

      BAMBAM Official Twitter :​ BAMBAM Official Facebook :​ BAMBAM Official Instagram :​ ฝากติดตาม BamBam YouToub Chanel : BamBam SPECE

    74. night shine

      Tak kenal maka tak cinta ^^ Dah kenal mesti lah sayang :)

    75. encore

      9.8 noos

    76. Younghyun Kang

      such a wonderful friendship you have!! luv u boys!

    77. Nes *

      Good morning to my lovely boys and my bird family :)

    78. エン


    79. stay

      Skrrt skrrt kelimelerinin anlamını bilen varsa yazabilir mi

      1. stay

        @altunsoy şeyda Allah bilir diyip bu işi uzatmicam rndm

      2. altunsoy şeyda

        @stay sanmıyorum ama olabilir belki ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      3. stay

        @altunsoy şeyda birisi anlamı var demişti ama

      4. altunsoy şeyda

        Anlamı yok. "Wuhuuu" gibi bişey herhangi bir ses işte

    80. Yağmur Güner

      Burdayım :))

      1. Yağmur Güner

        @altunsoy şeyda

      2. altunsoy şeyda

    81. wadabbboom Thcncmai

      9.796. Road to 10 ^^

    82. Ria Thamara Maretania

      I'm here again because i really want to looking got7

    83. Ria Thamara Maretania

      Come one almost 10 million again, yoyoyoyoyyoo keep spirit

    84. ɢarneta 10

      Jackson come back to china, no jjap jjap crumbs for a while

    85. Anna Jot

      Yes I'm here again cuz I love Got7 and of the song too

    86. Angie


    87. night shine

      Sayang korang walaupun kita xkan pernah jumpa :)

    88. Sirisuda Tansanguan

      Fellow forever

    89. Inrenz Amora

      #Got7forever #ahgasaeIndonesia

    90. Im Ji Ho


    91. Kim N

      So close!!! Let's get it ahgases!!

    92. oooooookubo

      Skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt

    93. GOT7 Forever

      E.N.C.O.R.E...... ^________^

    94. Sarai Choi

      one of the best of the best of the best songs... im so proud to be an ahgase

    95. Aura

      I'm so proud

    96. Exo-l ve ahgase

      Tek başıma sıkıldım

    97. Lama G7

      Jayb liked mark’s pics in insta he miss him TT

      1. Lama G7

        @oooooookubo I hope so

      2. oooooookubo

        I miss them together TT hope they’ll do some stuff together like THwikis contents?

    98. ahgase got7


    99. ahgase got7

      Azeri-turk ahgaseler

    100. Exo-l ve ahgase