How BTS Jin Spoils His Baby Bear Taehyung


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    How BTS Jin Spoils His Baby Bear Taehyung
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    1. Ellazaer Pitogo

      How Jin raised his BTS Jin raised Yoongi by *his corny lines* Jin raised Jungkook by *food* Jin raised Jimin by *Games* Jin raised Hoseok by *laugh* Jin raised Namjoon by *scolding* Jin raised Tae by *money*

    2. Ellazaer Pitogo

      Thats why Maknae love him so much especially Jungkook and Tae

    3. Sarika Sharma

      That's why Jin is the mommy of the bts..😉💜

    4. - snxwflake -

      6:47 a meme was born

    5. Melody


    6. Misty

      This video of taejin just melted my heart....they are so cuteee😍😍😍

    7. Diana Fisher

      6:02 JAJAJJAJAJA la cara de Jin y de Tae JAJAJAJAJA ps Jin que le andabas haciendo? JAJA

    8. Celia Alves

      Amo BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Jin

    9. roaster ldki

      @4:39 V crying for real or just making armies heart drop???

    10. Meru

      taejin looking at each other: - 😊

    11. toxicarmiesandsolostansareworsethanhaters

      I dont know why people say that he is like mom of group just because he takes care of only moms take care of their child........even a brother takes care of his younger siblings.....calling him mom is straight up cringe......and you people shiping them sexualy....stop with your imagination....stop spoiling their relationship......they can have a relationship but don't assume your own things and get too deep in it....

    12. Membrane

      What is this I searched up baby bears what is this about I don’t know

    13. Taehyung Kim

      I wish he was my hyung

    14. Dove_Morrow

      Army attention please💜 Vote for our V in MOST HANDSOME ASIAN FAN CHOICE. Search this tittle on google and then vote for taehyung. He is on number 3. Dont let others snatch our V's title. And please spread this as much as you can,as well to your other army friends. FIGHTING💜

    15. Parna Roy

      💜💜💜💜💜 Jin hyung, 💜💜💜💜💜

    16. Melany Blake

      This vid must have all the taekook delulus jealous since vjin are constantly touching AND MOST OF ALL NO WHERE WE SEE JUNGKOOK JEALOUS HE DON'T GIVE A D**MN so funny haaa hahaha This proves taekook is false haaa hahaha DELULUS

    17. Risa .K

      They are married

    18. Savera J

      Jin seems so different around taetae ❤️ TAEJIN FOREVER 💜

    19. Kim Seokjin

      The way tae is asking money with a rightful tone is similar when I demand money from mom

    20. Anh Lan

      It looks like: JM 💜RM, J💜V, JH 💜JK

    21. Conceição Guedes

      Vote for Tae Tae in the Most Handsome Asian King Fan Choice Contest 2021. He is in third place. Let s take him to first place. You can vote as many Times as you wish.

    22. Maaz Uddin


    23. Vishu JOE ROMAN Reigns Vishu Roman

      Jin sweet heart 💜💜💜💜

    24. violetskies

      6.58 when Papa Bear(Jin) picks up Baby Bear(V) 🐻

    25. shreya dugar

      bts is literally complete their group relation, interpersonal relation(you can literally ship any two members) and solo attitudes are soulful itself. if this is the result of finding true self i want to see this destination too.

    26. Kimisya 87

      I wish i can had hyung as jin but i can't.

    27. zed.k.

      Taehyung has the best sugar daddy

    28. V _DNA

      VKook, VMin, TaeJin, VHope, Taegi, VMon. V is Baby Bangtan.

    29. Booky Lovee

      RM is father and Jin is mommyy 😂

    30. iswarya k

      Lovely clippings 😍😘💜💞

    31. Jyoti Goswami

      Obviously V is a spoiled Good Boy of Jin Hyung😂💜

    32. Marian Guillory

      It’s just Jin taking care of his lil Bangtan brother, Taeyhung, how nice of him !!!😃😃😃💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    33. Resna Nur Juniani

      Hahahaa love much jin and V 💜💜💜

    34. Mgr pratikshya

      There are always less dislikes and more likes in videos😘🔥

    35. Marian Guillory

      Awww Jin is so sweet to his younger “Winter Bear”, awww 😁😁😁😁😁😁💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    36. tea for tae

      indeed, that's why we say him as bangtan's mom's not just tae's

    37. Subhajeet Chakraborty

      Sibling Goals

    38. • Ashima •

      London bridge is falling down Falling down ~~ A perfect touch up.

    39. Ahana Sarkar

      I love the way he treats his member because it's not that he spoils them but still treat them like little brother

    40. Ester Eriksson

      Is the moment in the thumbnail in the video?

    41. NightcoreObsession

      4:02 Can we talk about this moment? And about how naughty JIn is being here? omgg

    42. dreamcatcher its me

      Jin gives Tae money more than my brother ever did to me, what is jealousy everyone.

    43. Ashtha Kumari

      Army Vote for taetae in most handsome asian king on google....he is at 4th place

    44. Tata's wifue

      0:49 his says like "hauhahuha"😂

    45. julia skinner

      I think Jin is more than his favourite hyung.

    46. bvddiessim

      5:42 they’re are so cute omgggghdhshshshsh

    47. Abdul Momin

      Taejin is one of the best thing

    48. Abrar Hujair

      ✨ taejin real ✨

    49. rifa sanzida khan

      Seokjin is the crime partner of maknae line... no one can tell him to stop and he got this advantage because of being the oldest hyung

    50. Sohail Family

      Lol why is this so funny?? 4:07 I wonder what Tae was imagining....

    51. Citlally Lu-quin

      en fin tajin novios ah

    52. SS

      3:27 which is this concert or award show?

    53. Perla Hernandez

      Entiendo a Jin, cuando Tae llora se me rompe el corazón :(

    54. Perla Hernandez

      3:05 ¿de dónde es esto y dónde estaban Jimin y Jungkook?

    55. Perla Hernandez

      1:48 awww que lindo Jin, queriendo darle su comida a Tae 🥺

    56. Monia Piana

      The title should be that Teahung is spoiling Jin.

    57. Chan Myae Than Sin

      4:30 taehyungs face 💀 he was touched♥️

    58. Harini Hegde

      More than hyung to tae he is been a dad to tae

    59. Harini Hegde

      Anyone after the announcement of butter???

    60. ayenlms

      suga: really? right in front of my tteokbokki? 1:44

    61. lalaine reyes

      Proved that V is "lampa"!!!🤣😂🤣😂but hyung Jin is always there to catch him!!! Owww nice!!!🥰🥰

    62. Deepika Shanmugam

      Aww...they are cute together😍

    63. kevin amiri

      wonderful. I loved this video

    64. Chesches poch

      TaeJin is cute 💜 and funny

    65. Stan BTS for better skin

      Boyfriends energy.

    66. Tilda Burroughs

      Jin and RM needs a medal!! looking after the younger ones who could let the team down! The exuberance of the youths?!

    67. b t s. B U T T E R 21may

      6:02 can u tell me ,from where u got this clip?

    68. Tsaltsa Shabrina

      jin the best Hyung😭❤️

    69. shanthi halwalaarchi

      They are so cute

    70. Dwi Retno Rahayu

      So sweet banget kaya kakak sm adek beneran 😍

    71. V M

      1:57 V 😂🤣🤣

    72. Miss Kim

      after their misunderstanding to 1 of their concerts, both of them became closer and comfortable with each other :) IloveyouBoth

    73. Shwetapatil

      It's like two' WWH ❤️


      All members really love Taehyng...💗💗

    75. TEKOOKS

      غرقت من الحب الحب باي 7:14

    76. TEKOOKS

      اتصايح مع تايجين شوي الا البهاليل ورا جيكوك مقدرر 4:16

    77. TEKOOKS

      ياعمر اممي 3:25

    78. TEKOOKS

      تعب قلبي قسم بالله العظيم 2:03

    79. TEKOOKS

      0:59 1:06 ملابس تايجين هنا واشكالهم الله يرحمني

    80. Avnikha Rajeev

      2:47, where is this clip from??

    81. singularitae

      seokjin with tae: my baby, my child, my little one come here lemme put you in my pocket seokjin with jk: btch you wanna fite??? two types of love when it comes to seokjin

    82. AM

      I have always ship these two, always.

    83. Neriza Buenavista

      He loves the maknae line... And he is stict to them when they are in front of the camera. He just want them to behave especially during interview etc...

    84. Md Shamim

      The 2 most handsomes

    85. Shera Valenzia

      best hyung ever

    86. 권훈이


    87. Azu Shi

      0:17 link to this? which bangtan bomb? 0:50 wha show? 5:25 and 5:30 are they talking about the same time tae cried? why was he crying? and what is 5:30 clip from?

      1. Azu Shi

        @Singularity tyvm!

      2. Singularity

        0:17 taehyung birthday surprise 2020 0:50 run bts show 5:25 he was crying because he missed his grandma

    88. TT Brito

      Muito lindo o respeito, o carinho e o cuidado que eles têm uns pelos outros

    89. Gail Ali

      How my WWH takes care of my HeArT love it 😊😀😘

    90. Krishna Leuva

      Is anyone there who started singing when the nursery rhyme came coz I did lol 😂💜💜

    91. moon bear


    92. Nikita Sonkamble

      5:29 Where can I Watch this???

    93. Neha Rani

      It's not at all Jin's fault, actually Tae is naturally cute and our heart melting winter bear..

    94. K Bhargavi

      Frm where is this, where can I see it 7:19

    95. orbit

      nouuuuuuuu, im crying :((((((((((

    96. sultan parvez

      I like Jin most.

    97. Miftahul Zannat -248-B cute bear Taehyung is here😆😆😆😆😆

    98. Alicia Tembo

      please end me 300 miion

    99. j.m_ 0312

      3:00 댄스기본기ㅋㅋ

    100. Anjali Bharti

      3:30 where is this from??

      1. Singularity

        mama 2016