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    The man is back so the memes are back
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    1. jacksepticeye

      He's BACK!

      1. MC Henry OFFICIAL

        Please!Check my song. 👍👍

      2. Texas Farmer

        Yayyyyyy wooooo

      3. K.K.Y. SHE

        @Rhymeguy 55 hell yeah xD thank you!

      4. Donna Ortega

        Yayyy welcome back! 💚

      5. Ofelia Vega

        Jack how do you feel when you are called british

    2. Baileigh Reed-Grimmett

      GI tract issue club unite!

    3. Double D Drames

      people watching this without friends be getting completely crushed silently

    4. Double D Drames

      *german hentai*

    5. Adelaide an egg

      jack- I really hope you know that we would rather you take months to grieve than let yourself

    6. Asa Knott

      Why did the colonoscopy section make my asshole boil

    7. Omen

      To be honest are use both consuls

    8. BRIAN Kim

      The abounding resolution posteriorly time because bankbook booly wave including a mixed texture. sharp, melodic windshield

    9. Ben drowned Simp

      I’ve been here since 2013 I’m not leaving anytime soon and I think that’s the same for A lot of people. We love you

    10. Demo

      14:54 SEAN WAS IN A HENTAI!?!??!

    11. Ohad Gilbert

      the story time music took me back so much wow

    12. Stevie Newitt

      Im so glad ur back jack im very sorry for yor loss i don't know what its like but it must be really sad once more if I'm working this wrong then I'm sorry but I'm glad your back i really missed you and just thank you I've watch you for a while when im sad ill play games and watch you and it cheers me up in general once again I'm so so sorry for your loss

    13. trip30s

      change pupil to a coffee bean...duh cmon sean...so easy.

    14. Absolute Strange

      Jacksepticeye please continue the 3 horror games series again

    15. Devers FTW

      No offence but that was definitely roids

    16. Alan Rodriguez

      Bruh my birthdays Feb 8

    17. Jen fanatic


    18. Ace Grantson

      Hey jack. I just got a manbun. Thanks.

    19. The Oni

      *The Return of The King*

    20. Brandon Camarillo

      when your ready play more satisfactory

    21. Emikemta

      it upsets me it isn't pre-covid and post-covid yet T^T

    22. Gre zard

      re watching this while going to bed but 1 thing i can say is ps ftw

    23. Emre GENÇ

      11:55 THİCC

    24. That Giraffe You Might Know

      Jack I am the shithead that comes to class with shorts and t-shirt on no matter the day.

    25. SaTuRoChAn

      Hope you have fun making stuff again and just make whatever you have fun with :D

    26. Error.404

      Jack should just change his banner to "BUY MY COFFEE"

    27. Bafflinnn

      13:11 nice Robin.

    28. Lexi Rice

      YAY!! WELCOME BACK JACK!! Sorry I'm late TT-TT

    29. Der Schmidt

      German hentai... Oh no he said it... IT CAN'T BE REVERSED!! THE FALL OF HUMANITY IS IMMINENT

    30. banana bros ACC

      For the banner you could edit loads of fan art into a collage

    31. it's bg Garcia

      Bb is taking over the channel

    32. it's bg Garcia

      Good for you Jack life is to short to be sad keep up the good work

    33. Zackery Taylor

      Heartbreaking to see what social media can say and portray to people. Sorry for your loss. Hope you have a boss day!!

    34. dixie normus

      13:10 anyone else hear him fart???😂😂

    35. Groovy Dew

      7:40. “Gemo-thermal vent,” it’s “geo-thermal.” Lol

    36. Just Jake

      Gotta say... It sounds like IBS. A full examination without any indication they usually slap IBS on it.

    37. Tom Balls

      Well Twitter isn’t that smart

    38. toyota Camry

      "It's a hunk of plastic made by a company that doesent give a shit about you" Never heard it said so well

    39. awoobis XD

      Godamn he is back

    40. AcE Echo

      Anyone realise Sean did a little fart at 13:11? 😂

    41. Mithilesh Biswas

      My dyslexia made me read retired. Freaked out a bit.

    42. DevilShand 11

      Jack: I will change my logo Me: NO( in a demonic voice)

    43. DevilShand 11

      Hello all you beautiful people

    44. KristineStormxx

      Honestly I kinda forgot you were "gone" for a while because I was just watching your old videos which is what I do anyway, I rewatched almost all of your Among Us AND watched some those games from Sykkunos and Corpses channels, it was a good time man :) GLAD YOU'RE BACK LOVE YOU

    45. Mono •_•

      7:22 I used to be that one fu**** in shorts 🩳

    46. Glancy large

      Welcome back legendary viking from Valhalla

    47. The Meaty Marshmallow

      STORY TIEm

    48. Jada James

      New banner idea: old games jacksepticeye played over the years as an nostalgic like undertale, happy wheels, ect. (Sorry that I didn't include some other games head hurt) 💙

    49. fire rblx

      he is back :)

    50. D0S81

      ''sometimes you're a moron, & other times you're a moron. the lesson is...... you're a moron'' 🤣🤣That's T-Shirt material right there.

    51. D0S81

      comment ''most modern US house's have central air heating/cooling'' us brits ''we have pipes with water in 'em, and windows we can open and close''

    52. peanut cup

      When your gay and the colonoscopy story didn't fase u at all

    53. Fionn Mac Donncha


    54. Evan McGuire

      why are people acting like boiler heating is not an american thing... i have a boiler.

    55. Harry PhoeniXx

      Change you’re banner to the one from your Reddit

    56. E1ITE Tacky

      Welcome back king u forgot this 👑

    57. Gia Hy Pham

      Y’all he’s an imposter, one of his thumb is fake 3:23

    58. DannyDeathwish

      YAY!!! YOUR BACK!!!! Welcome back mate!!! (Not British, just says mate for no reason)

    59. PHYLEZ

      jack: we can make something cool, not like joking ones me who was about to make something with trash man: darn

    60. Anything In Between

      I love when people shit on America... they really do need to be put back in their place sometimes😂 Sincerely, An american😂😂

    61. Emily Bell

      "you're inside me and I didn't feel that" is the quote of the century

    62. Proudannus69

      14:45 when small pp

    63. Berserker Gaming

      I love meme times! :)

      1. Berserker Gaming


    64. Kim Bourassa

      I hope you’re doing better now Jack we all love you.❤️

    65. Fandom Sparks

      What about banner of you with all your egos?

    66. J- Paul

      You the man Sean!

    67. Clowdyy_Vibes

      Guess whos back. Back a again. Guess who back. Back a again. guess whos back guess who back!

    68. Stephanie Hernandez

      Does anyone notice when he said he had two thumbs one was a skeleton

    69. Sam H

      Holy shite those gains tho

    70. Anime Bro

      Is jack wearing the sony mx4 ??

    71. Mathias_beatz

      "You were inside me and i didnt feel that" jack? 😳

    72. jack dev

      yes :P

    73. Jblit

      3:24 he said whos got two thumbs and is hilarious. But he only has one thumb

    74. helmitboi 305

      heeeeereees jacky

    75. Lil' Kat

      11:46 All of my life, I would never think I would be able to relate to a cat so damn much

    76. The Chaotic Three

      :3 I usually put a joke here, but instead have a heart

    77. Hollywood Flair

      13:33 reminds me of reading your comments

    78. Charles Sherman

      Happy delated birth day i just turned 20 on the 6th

    79. MV Daily

      The gaylick gladiator has returned!!!

    80. Alyssa Floyd

      I'm flipping my shit rn I did not know my birthday was the same day as his.🤯

    81. FlutterKite


    82. Champ-4-Good Republic Hero

      Good to have you back jack

    83. captainHpig Pig

      Jack always comes back *and that’s a fact*

    84. Aaron Chapman

      Did anyone notice at 3:24 he has no thumb on the left just a skeleton bone

    85. Bella grace

      I was completely under for my colonoscopy so I wasn't awake for it but it was a weird time.

    86. Kona2412


    87. Discredible Mischief

      remember whens pewds logo was the blue bro fist?? and remember the previous logos before that?? ahh the good ol days

    88. Amanda Blackett

      I just had fucking flashbacks of the comments with jack septic eye with the fireplace thing and font Jesus

    89. Monica Julian

      It took me 4 years for doctors to conclude that I have IBS... maybe that's what's gettin ya Jack!

    90. Felix Ross

      ''You're already in my ass , why not go further'' -Jacksepticeye 2021

    91. Thomas Anderson

      im not console specific honestly i see a game i think looks cool and i play it thats it i literally play across all platforms

    92. Jack Sparks

      Its Meme Time

    93. DeathMetalJedi

      Sean: "My physical health is garbage" Me sitting in my chair eating a taco at 300lbs: (ㆆ_ㆆ)

      1. Draconid Zinnia

        @DeathMetalJedi oh my goodness, that's awesome! Congrats!

      2. DeathMetalJedi

        @marley ekman To be fair I'm not completely out of shape I'm actually training for power lifting. I got 280lbs the other day on bench so I'm still pretty much lifting my weight. I'm also down 4lbs this week after starting carb cycling

      3. marley ekman


    94. Oracle Ivy

      14:07 "you're already in my ass, why not go further" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. Dan Conner

      English was my worst subject, but isn’t the word he was looking for at 10:30 an oxymoron?

    96. Ambar Olsen

      can i have some roids please lol

    97. QuaQua

      the mans is back T-T

    98. Sean Williams

      He’s back!🥰

    99. Carron Greene

      I'm wondering why it took me so long to find out how awesome you are.

    100. riley ensey