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    1. Salsabila Karunia

      We need jaemin content solo, come on

    2. Camille Jaay


    3. Rostási Roxi

      Can someone pls tell me what kind of camera does he use?

    4. nafisa anjum

      what is the song playing at 9:20?Is it TomBoy??🤔

    5. nano luwoo

      Still watch jt

    6. girasoli


    7. Sabrinaa Johari

      what in da hell, he listens to destiny rodgers???? THE TASTE

    8. 8J_26_Nurul Anggraini karomah


    9. jeffrey


    10. Ririn Rinanda

      SM notice gue kek,baca dong komenan nya,sijeuni pada minta solo konten Nana nihhh, gue butuh Nana solo konten, tawarin si Nana konten lah, mana tau dianya mau, ga rugi juga kan, gue jamin pasti banyak yg nonton, percaya deh sama gue,kabulin permintaan kami dong, Yukkk bisa Yukkk

    11. Ririn Rinanda

      nana you are the best

    12. Ririn Rinanda

      Everyone need Jaemin solo content, SM please notice me😭

    13. Ririn Rinanda

      Please give Jaemin solo content, I'm sure everyone will like it please trust me🥺

    14. Ririn Rinanda

      Jaemin how are you? I really miss you, take care of your health, don't get sick, we all love you🥺

    15. Yen Nguyen

      Im back because I MISS HIM JAEMIN

    16. Khánh Vy

      Jaemin ah, i miss you a lot 😞

    17. nanda

      a place to relieve stress

    18. Nct In the house

      Let's make 4M-5M nadoong!!!

      1. Ririn Rinanda

        let's do it

    19. Nct In the house

      3,4M let's go!!!!!

    20. Heleanee

      not at 34+35, positions, and tomboy playing

    21. Azza

      NANA AKU KANGEN... o(TヘTo)

    22. Misha Zulkarnain

      An hour of Jaemin relay cam just fly like this? Its too short, I need more

    23. Citra Nikita

      SM, u should give us jaemin solo project! :)))))

    24. dhilaa n

      Omaygat lagunya jaemin adalah laguku tiap pagi.. apakah artinya aku dan jaemin.....😎

    25. Dewi Chandra puspitasari

      Hey i Miss you😭✋🏻

    26. Hilda Dewi99

      I luv this relay meanwhile my bias is doy huhu the power of jaemin

    27. Reni Aisyah Simbolon

      Jaemin so soft boy

    28. Reni Aisyah Simbolon

      Please give Jaemin Solo Content!!!!

    29. yue yang

      jaemin listening to ariana grande is such a mood

    30. nana jemno

      I'm back here again because i Miss this boy so much

    31. binnie


    32. binnie


    33. binnie


    34. hosequé

      i swear jaemin has the best music taste

    35. Alyn Zara

      Jaemin i love you

    36. S.Shan

      It so relaxing 😌 listening to his voice in the morning

    37. EMR

      Jaeminnn where are youu

    38. Khánh Vy

      I miss you :(

    39. Gwen

      I’m back here again after watching DREAM Mystery Lab because I can’t get enough of Jaemin ㅜㅜ

    40. Nana Jaemin

      Please give my jaemin solo content!

    41. Nana Jaemin

      I'm comeback for this relay cam again everytime i miss Nana

    42. Yu Hgu

      우리 재민이 오늘도 좋은 하루 보내고 화이팅 ❤❤

    43. aglio e olio

      Good morning to Na Jaemin

    44. Lulu Nana


    45. Lulu Nana


    46. fathiyaa

      ga pernah bosen ih liat relay cam dia :(

    47. fathiyaa

      4M before Dream next comeback? shall we? 😜

    48. fathiyaa

      february almost done and i still wait for his instagram update

    49. girasoli

      Hi. Me again here Nana

    50. konaoこなお


    51. Han Ji Pyeong

      Let me see u longer

    52. Han Ji Pyeong

      Missing u everyday

    53. Natasya Nafisah

      Omg he played niki’s songggg

    54. Lelly Agustin

      Balik kesini karena lagi kangen banget sama Nana 🥺😔♥️

    55. imyour _S

      Ganteng bangett❤💚💚

    56. son ludovicuss

      most viewed relay cam 2021

    57. najaemint_

      It has been a month yet we still dont know if Jaemin got his coffee

    58. Dada Miel

      I'm back here because this is the most relaxing 😌

    59. Nct In the house

      Let's make 4M Nanadoogie

    60. Nct In the house

      3,4M soon

    61. raissa putri

      miss you

    62. raissa putri

      nana where are you :(

    63. Ayu wulandari

      Nana kapan yha kamu muncul lagi, di ig kah, vlive kah, diboba kah, para member sudah pada update loh😭 baik boba, ig, vlive ada juga yg jadwal fariti show,, nana kapan? Atau nana masih capek jadi mager? Atau ada sesuatu hohoho beneran deh pengen liat nana update

      1. Ayu wulandari

        Yang punya weibo juga sdah update, permisi nana kapan yha? Beeeh galau banget kalok nana lama banget gak update serasa ditinggal pacar hikz hikz hikz

    64. Siska Lstya

      everyone need jaemin content pls

    65. Ayu AA

      Does anyone knows how to complain to sm? I just wanna ask why they let jaemin jobless. At least a solo vlive while we're waiting him for dream comeback😤 its been a long time since his last vlive😔

    66. Baek hyunee

      Chenle: radio Jeno jisung renjun: vlive Jaemin: not found

    67. Ayu AA

      Im still mad at sm for not giving jaemin solo content. Its been a long time I cant take it anymore

    68. DE WINTA

      his Leo is showing in whole video

    69. iyaah syaa

      sadly this content is too short, luv u jaemina

    70. samantha vazquez

      One of the reasons why I always fall for nana is his voice😭 and that adorable smile of himmm💚

    71. aglio e olio

      Daily dose of Jaemin Relay Cam

    72. Lilian 123

      nctzens see also YangYang's CAM RELAY

    73. Lilian 123


    74. 하울의 무빙이지리는 성

      토끼인형 너모 귀엽다 푹신할거같음 나도 갖고싶다 🐰🐰🐇🐇

    75. Ririn Rinanda

      Nana I Miss you so much

    76. Ririn Rinanda


    77. Ririn Rinanda

      SM please notice this, we want to jaemin solo content, I'm sure many will be happy and grateful to you

    78. Na jaemin

      We want Jaemin to have solo content, please listen to us

    79. Na jaemin

      I want Jaemin's solo content

    80. soft heart

      Dear SM, Could you let us see Jaemin more often?

    81. cassie

      no one: not even 34+35 and positions on the speaker: jaemin: oh ~ sexy

    82. alya

      come here again because im thinking about jaemin in dear j. what the heck...

    83. Nct In the house

      Let's make 4M Nanadoogie

    84. Lilian 123


    85. wiparinee araya

      i still want to see him on a solo content. i really beg you sm.

    86. jae na

      SM, gives Jaemin what he deserves. we want to see more jaemin solo acticities.Please

    87. Adzkiya Nafeesha

      this is the most relaxing relaycam to me

    88. I’m a simp for PARK JISUNG

      Jaemin is talented by living-

    89. Mary

      streaming this like it's an mv

    90. Nana Jaemin

      Please give my jaemin solo content!

    91. Nana Jaemin

      Please give my jaemin solo content!

    92. Noor Roon

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    93. girasoli

      Its not a competition or running for achievements guys please. I think its time to stop talking about views, likes, comments, trendings blabla stuff like that. We watch the video only because of itself, Jaemin Na. Dont obsess too much those things.

      1. Imroatun Naimah

        And please support other member. Some even have not reached 1m views. Aren't not we the same as nctzen?? Thankyou

    94. girasoli

      Be happy Jaemin

    95. Kashmir Cabides

      NIKI 😍😍😍😍😍

    96. real_ chanlisa

      Will always focus on you

    97. real_ chanlisa

      Still watching After watching looking NCT Dream spy new Episode

    98. Andine Zone


    99. somi somi


    100. S C

      I love how Jaemin seems so natural & comfortable talking to the camera like he’s talking directly to you one on one! He’s too cute...& seriously, who gets up from sleep looking that good? 👀🥰 His relay cam is one of my favorites so far...no nervousness or stumbling...just natural! And the things he says...he’s funny without trying to be...natural comedian! LOL 😂 Best part 0:16, when he introduces his favorite stuffed animal rabbit he sleeps with & makes it talk to the camera! 😂🤣😂 I’m not surprised he has so many fans & his relay cam has so many views! He’s awesome! 👀😍♥️🎶🎤🎵

      1. aglio e olio

        Can't agree more, that's why I hope he'll do vlogging like this more