Jen-Hsun Huang - Stanford student and Entrepreneur


74K มุมมอง19 - Every successful thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt. In more of an intimate conversation than a lecture, Huang relates his experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator. Find out how he meets the ever-constant challenge of re-invention as co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

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    1. happy

      I always like his talks. Wish I can speak like him.

    2. TheKobeyaoming01

      42:00 now we use NVDIA to mine bitcoin..haha

    3. dracolnyte

      40:15 either this kid or jensen predicted crypto mining and created the GPGPU

      1. TheKobeyaoming01

        exactly what I think of...hahahahahahahaha

    4. Quoc Pham

      why would you thumb down this video. this is free advice.

    5. Brendan Vanofferen


    6. Brendan Vanofferen

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    7. Brendan Vanofferen

      Xnrx r

    8. J Ch

      GPU... and the rest is history!

    9. Amit Padalkar

      Pure Gold...

    10. Jousef Murad

      That's probably one of the best talks I ever heard! Really cool guy.

    11. charles antony

      amazing content

    12. Yang-Yin Lee

      A great talk

    13. ZEWEI CHU

      Some takeaways: Everyone can have perspectives (visions) about certain things If you understand something well, you do not have to listen to your customers, because the customers need education and context to make the best judgment, but they certainly lack that knowledge at the early stage. For example, the product could be significantly more expensive than the customers are willing to pay. The first product (baby that only the mon loves) is important. The most important job of a CEO is to hire the right people. Allocate resources to the most important projects, with limited resources in a company. If a product is too general and solves many tasks, it has a higher risk of not meeting a niche need.

    14. ZEWEI CHU

      Thanks for sharing

    15. 睡不醒的小麦


    16. Yeqian Shi

      Lisa Su is Jensen's cousin

    17. Nathan Peterson

      The irony between the framerate and his products is palpable.

    18. MasterShredder

      I am quite unimpressed by the questions of these kids.

    19. Arron King

      Oh my god, he had to take questions from some real beasts. Baby's only their mother could love.

    20. Kriegsgeier

      Hammer Video! Höchst interessant! Danke Jensen für deine große Worte!

    21. S.-M. Kim

      the recording system is terrible.

    22. HollowGram

      This guy is a god.

    23. Jesus Miranda

      Mans vision is now across the whole world trying to replicate his work cloud data and gpu processing and rendering is everywhere especially in times like this where everyone is working from home cloud data companys stocks are SkyRocketing🚀

    24. Li. W

      This is pure RTX.

      1. Li. W

        @Yellow Submarine If it doesn't fit your application and budget, you are not their target audience for this specific product.

      2. Li. W

        @Yellow Submarine you broke. Work harder to pay for better performance.

      3. MASTER nobody


    25. Ocean Europa

      Lesson learned: invent your own programming language from the unique perspective of your visionary instinct and apply it to the world.

    26. Jesus Miranda

      I rather game on my computer I built with a RTX 2080ti Real Time Ray Tracing than any Xbox or Sony or Nintendo I've been gaming my hole life on console's till I finally said I feel like building a PC and seeing it run and overclocking cpu's and gpu's has been the best gaming and building I've ever done and seeing it work is just icying on the cake. Also my computer is ready for HTC and Nvidia VR AR is just insane fun experience.

    27. Jesus Miranda

      I love Nvidia my stocks are Booming upward out of control keep going Nvidia can't wait to see $1,000-$2,000 a share!!!

      1. Jesus Miranda

        @MASTER nobody true maybe some time in the future but Cloud data and gpu's processing is hot right now especially stay at home work status. Fastly Stocks are booming!🚀🚀🚀🚀📈📊📝

      2. MASTER nobody

        @Jesus Miranda facts man....nvidia will somehow be successful

      3. Jesus Miranda

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      4. Jesus Miranda

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      5. Jesus Miranda

        @MASTER nobody payment plan😆... Fractional shares💰🚀💸💵

    28. Jesus Miranda

      He is so chill and down to earth but yet flying sky high

    29. Louie B

      Soccer game seriously bitch. Lol 😂

    30. you want a pizza me?

      As much as I love Jen and Nvidia a monopoly or only having a small set of options for any product or industry is not good for the consumer and producer because there is very little competition or necessity to progress and that means that the rate of innovation and progress in this space is tiny or not as big as it could be as it should be. This is not specific to just Nvidia and AMD obviously but when gpu power and computing efficiency is so important and directly affects the programs and processes it supports you kind of wonder why there are only the amount of research and development that there is now today in 2019. Imagine if the number of Intel's, Nvidia's and AMD's of the world matched the number of restaurants in the world.. Yeah mind blowing right

      1. Yahya Aswad

        There will never be something like this cause you eat evryday but you don't buy a graphics card every day so it will just turn into a shitshow where there is so supply with no demand and every "restaurant" will eventually close down, and no company in the world seeks competition, why would you try to innovate if what you're making works and no one is complaining? As long as nobody is willing to take the risk and face the market leader of a certain industry that industry will automatically slow down and stop pushing boundaries cause they just don't need to.

      2. Jesus Miranda

        Nvidia chips are all over the world now my stocks are booming!!! Hahahaha😂😂🤑💰💸💵

    31. Adam Lee

      "When Steve Ballmer is here" lmao

      1. Jeffrey Anderson

        who cares about Steve Ballmer when we have the leather jacket here.

    32. Supersonic

      Where is the leather jacket?

      1. Big ups

        @hee seok lol

      2. hee seok

        oh i was there in the class room and He just threw it to me before he jumped up to the podium. I remember it smelt like gpu

      3. Быстрый Али

        Magic Jacket has been in 3dfx, then Nvidia buying it and...

    33. Thorin OfThrain

      This guy is the uncle of AMD CEO Lisa Su, They have effectively monopolized the GPU market under one family. No wonder Samsung and Intel trying to fight their way in to the GPU business

      1. simpolang

        samsung is doing extremely well in all its i dont see the need for GPU's for them

    34. Marek Horak

      Nice great

    35. Kappii

      Great guy

    36. teren teren teren

      Too many gems.

    37. Land1776

      only legends ignores customers

    38. wakesake

      -can she speak any faster -wang building for 30 mil ??? 03:26 -

    39. tigeruby

      Jen-Hsun comes off as very down-to-earth as corny as that sounds. Really enjoyed this talk.

    40. Ken Edits

      Lecture starts @6:00

      1. Vicente Capito

        Ty captain


      where is the leather jacket

    42. Francisco Santos

      I actually enjoy the hole video🤗

    43. Francisco Santos

      Good Lecture 🤗

    44. Leila Barros

      THis is so inspiring. and his Nvidia is getting bigger n bigger. At the moment, they are best performing company S&P 500. And they expand from video game to become center of future computing like Aritifical intelligence and AR. It is so risky n bold expansion but it works. real visionary! after this talk, i know why he make such move!

    45. Dimitrios F

      Not even 5 mins and I have to say he " bought" this college since he donated $30 million to add another addition. Second he didn't really build the company he bought 3dfx and its workers and patents which were built for new video cards for another 4-6 years. Third his shirts are too small so it appears he works out. He hasn't been to a gym in ages.

    46. Loppy2345

      This guy is a genius.

      1. AndeyGaming

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    47. yakoudbz

      I would love to talk to that guy, share ideas, perspective... It's the first one hour talk I've ever really listened on the internet.

    48. Andrew Lee


    49. Alejandro Lopez

      so glad im listen to this. learn so much

    50. GeForce6200

      This's just way too good! I

      1. MASTER nobody

        40:50 he said ray tracing ok he is 10 years ahead

      2. MASTER nobody

        This change my perspective and what does it cost knowledge

      3. MASTER nobody

        This is how he control the mass

    51. Elvinci Jaychen

      Taiwanese, i'm From Taiwan

    52. t is

      He talked about GeForce FX like it was some obscure thing of the distant past but it seems like it was just yesterday that it was the talk of the town. The computer I'm currently using has a GeForce FX card in it because the motherboard only has PCI slots and some of the most powerful PCI cards ever made were GeForce FX cards.

      1. S

        AGP* And the 6000 series also had AGP cards, while ATI's solutions were better than the 5000 series anyway.

    53. t is

      Why is it that educational and technological organizations so frequently can't get the fucking audio working properly for their presentations? You'd think they'd be some of the organizations who'd have the least amount of trouble setting it up properly.

    54. Genius by Design PRESS

      The greatest success is when money has NO value. A giant among ants. Great presentation.

    55. Silviu Iulian

      Nvidia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. The Aussiebloke80

      umm, did he forget about amd when he said nvidia is the only surviving consumer graphics company

      1. geogan2

        @medina tores HA HA Ha . This comment didn't age well. Muppet.

      2. jeremyshaw1

        @The Aussiebloke80 AMD hadn't renamed ATi into AMD, yet, during the timeframe of this presentation, so asking about "AMD" would be interesting given the graphics division was still named ATi. Indeed, patents to this day are still jointly filed under the ATi name, rather than just "AMD". Either way, that's still the point. ATi didn't survive - they were bought by AMD and AMD would eventually remove their name from the public consciousness. Notice how OP (you, in this case) didn't even ask about ATi. There were others, such as S3, 3dfx, Artx, SGI, Imagination, Falanx, etc etc. All of the former giants in their respective graphics fields, all acquired by other companies, and apparently, all forgotten.

      3. The Aussiebloke80

        @Eddie S Really? That's ironic coz I've never even heard of/seen AMD ram, just graphics cards and cpus 🤷‍♂️

      4. Eddie S

        AMD was original a ram manufacturer, they didn't enter graphics until they acquired ATI.

      5. Dimitrios F

        Look where AMD is now. I made a fuck load of money with AMD stock :-)

    57. Jordan Pavlov

      good lecture

    58. jewie27

      Just waiting for GTX 800 series to drop!

      1. J C

        waiting for my gtx 8080

      2. Ben Ben

        @Jesus Miranda wow how time flies!

      3. Jesus Miranda

        @Ben Ben Nvidia stock is blowing up🚀🚀🚀📈📝

      4. James C

        Waiting for RTX 2080 baby

      5. Ben Ben

        1080ti baby. Also waiting for my nvidia stock to rocket

    59. Liberty AboveAllElse

      Lady in the beginning was Uber Annoying.

      1. Dimitrios F

        She was loaded on Adderall and Nvidia gave them $30 Million. She prob got some D from him as well.

    60. dazzlerweb

      a true visionary

    61. Manish Shah

      Really inspiring....some lessions are really important in life and he truly spoke from his experiences.!

    62. Qin Zhao

      great talk learn somuch

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      great talk

    64. Henry The Unicorn

      Wow, thats amazing, nice one jen-Hsun

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      inspire me,thnk x uuu