JESSIA - I'm not Pretty (Official Video)


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    “I’m not Pretty” performed by JESSIA. Listen & download here:​ 🍑 🍑 🍑
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    Video director: Benjamin Lussier
    Video producers: Olivier Picard & Cynthia Mateu
    Styled By: Maeve Reilly
    Hair & Makeup: Emy Filteau
    Costume Designer: Remi Van Bochove
    Production company: Parce Que Films
    Official “I’m not Pretty” Lyrics:
    Maybe I’m not pretty
    Maybe I’m just fun
    Cause I got a belly
    And I got a bum
    And I’m fuckin jelly
    Of all the other ones
    With their itty bitty belly’s
    And their rum bum bum bums
    I know that I should love myself
    But it’s getting kinda hard
    When you’re constantly feeling like garbage Know I shouldn’t hurt myself
    But I can’t find way to lose weight
    Without literally starvin
    Every other song says I’m beautiful But what if I don’t feel like I’m beautiful I wish my body image didn’t say
    That I should be another kinda way
    Maybe I’m not pretty Maybe I’m just fun
    Cause I got a belly And I got a bum
    But I can’t be jelly of all the other ones
    So I’m fallin in love with my
    Rum bum bum bum
    I’m not gunna ask for help
    Cause all you’re gunna say is
    You’re perfect and oh you’re so worth it
    But sometimes I hate myself
    I get inside my head and
    I think that I somehow deserve this
    Every other song says I’m beautiful
    But what if I don’t feel like I’m beautiful
    I wish my body image didn’t say
    That I should be another kinda way
    Maybe I’m not pretty
    Maybe I’m just fun
    Cause I got a belly
    And I got a bum
    But I can’t be jelly of all the other ones
    So I’m fallin in love with my
    Rum bum bum bum
    Maybe I’m not pretty
    Maybe I’m just fun Cause I got a belly
    And I got a bum
    But I can’t be jelly of all the other ones
    So I’m fallin in love with my
    Rum bum bum bum
    I’m not pretty pretty I’m not pretty pretty
    So I’m falling in love with my Rum bum bum bum

    #JESSIA​ #ImnotPretty​

    Music video by JESSIA performing I'm not Pretty. Artist Driven Records; © 2021 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Tuğçe Karataş

      I'm in love with this song😍👏 it's amazing song.. congratulations.. lots of love from Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷 ❤️

    2. c2

      i was feeling insecure earlier but this made me feel better... thank u

    3. HR

      this song need to be longer

    4. Feynman fan

      Glad no one's twerking here💀

    5. Neve Drimmer

      You are so pretty, and so skinny, why are you body shaming yourself. Also why do we even need to be beautiful to meet the standard of this world? Just be yourself. Don’t be perfect. Don’t be the world expectation of yourself. Do be you.

    6. Coral Horizon

      I love her

    7. Juan Mendoza


    8. Jessica Yuwono

      Yyaaayyy!!! Well done Jessia!

    9. Cheyenne Paulette

      The fact that we have a skinny chic singing this makes no since she's got no bum or belly Shes hella skinny I don't get it

    10. Savannah Schreck

      But she is skinny and beautiful.

    11. Mia Epps

      just put ur body in ketosis n eat dark choc n meat lol

    12. Nikos Skoulikaris

      This actually made me feel so much better!thanks 🙏🏻☺️😌😌

    13. Rashee Eleeshya

      This is beautiful

    14. Leon Funtek

      This is my song. 100% im fine but im not preety.... 🍎😃

    15. Deanime Bishop

      0:20 for those who want to skip the intro❤️

    16. Eren n

      Oh my... Its my best random listening to mv

    17. K C

      I’m sorry but this is ironic to me: I just got a weight loss ad after watching this 😂✋🏻

    18. asmita

      ok this song is gold and so important

    19. Pooja Arivalagan

      Meanwhile skinny people who gets bodyshamed - But I can't gain weight without literally eating for 24 hours.

    20. Fafá

      Thanks to all musicians for making life better! I know from my own experience that life can get tough, but if you listen to good songs you can get through it and keep going. Made some playlists for many moments in life. Come listen to them and leave me your opinion. I'm getting started. Thanks!

    21. Fafá

      Can you imagine a world without music? How would you feel about it? What would you miss the most? Te imaginas un mundo sin música? Como te sentirias? Que seria lo que mas extrañarias?

    22. TaehyungsToeNail

      Hi Ed people :) hope y’all are feeling ok

    23. Randommm Freak

      Everyone is beautiful no matter what ppl say about you

    24. Deena Nordgren

      thank you i needed this song

    25. AnotherBlackDude

      I can't believe that I JUST found out about this. Currently sharing to all of my friends.

    26. Maguy claude

      What if im not pretty neither fun ??

    27. Zee Baker

      Imagine sitting in your car making a funny tiktok song and then next you're famous! SOOO crazy. Please don't stop, keep doing this, you are so talented!!!!

    28. Brian Gray

      She ain't even big size where is the belly

    29. Suhail .S

      You should thank snapchat for promoting your song 🙏🏻... It made me come over here ❤️

    30. Myself Lily


    31. เกวลี พึ่งสถิตย์


    32. ogbonnaya Emeka


    33. S M


    34. Hayley Jones

      Still don't understand how this song promotes body positivity. You can have a belly and a bum AND be pretty AND fun. I know society says otherwise sometimes, and I totally empathize with the artist struggling with judgement from society, but this song just doesn't promote loving yourself for me

      1. •_Bomzie _•

        I took it as she doesn’t find herself pretty as stated in the lyrics but she’s coming to peace with herself about her body and she’s promoting that even if you don’t feel pretty you can come to peace with yourself and its all up to what you think. Once again this is what I took it as other people could think totally different!

    35. Ana Maria

      Best song ever

    36. Mouâd Mahi

      Ur just amazing im a fan right now 😍😍😍😍 keep it your music is just amazing

    37. Onelipe

      Gostei muito da vibe e da voz 🎶🎶

    38. Danielle Cargene

      James the Giant Peach reference is everything ❤️



    40. Sonali Mohil

      This should be an anthem for body positivity and diversity rallies.

      1. Sonali Mohil

        @alyssa That's true actually. People who like it can play it on loop. How does that sound?

      2. alyssa

        No it shouldn’t be an anthem because there is also thinner girls who need body positivity so maybe something different than an anthem?

    41. Emma Blimark

      I have the exact same body type as Jessia😌

    42. Cheonsa Jewel


    43. Febé

      Feels like this song created for me

    44. Prajapita Debroy

      She's definitely unconventional! Glad there are people with not so mainstream thoughts.

    45. Isa M

      Unlike all the other songs that tell me I’m pretty this one tells the truth and actually makes me feel better

    46. the babyallvegirl

      i love james and the giant peach

    47. the babyallvegirl

      wt fk is this trash is it fricking james and the giant fuc king peach like bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    48. Izuku Midoriya


    49. Char's Vlogs

      I love that this song is being really not just saying you should always love yourself because its hard sometimes

    50. Aisha Niventheran

      The part where it was like ‘cause all you’re gonna say is “you’re so perfect and oh, you’re so worth it’ is something i hear a lot in my life😐

    51. Ioana Paladi

      0:29 my favourite line

    52. Hamza Kelly


    53. Sofia Mesa

      It doesn’t matter what other people say it’s what matters is that if you think you’re pretty don’t have to think you’re pretty you’re always going to be beautiful just the way you all the kids at the school always call me ugly

    54. Marissa

      Everyone should love there self no matter what y’all are beautiful!!!

    55. Caity Dawn


    56. Mitha Ardita

      I really love this song ❤️

    57. Emy. B.

      I LOVE JESSIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. destany woods

      So proud of her! I remember when this was just a beat in her car on tik tok!

    59. Davide Tiraboschi

      love this sooongg

    60. Neepa Gaurani

      "everything is beautiful it's just that we don't see it" ~ jimin

    61. Sagi Me

      As I'm working on my ' perfect body ',I don't know whether I love this song or just hate it .

    62. Almeda Maruje

      I'm not pretty but i'm just fine😅♥️😘

    63. M T

      Yes...this is music today

    64. Izzi J

      This is so relatable. I'm already in my twenties but the self doubts just doesn't go away easily.

      1. Jess Mess

        Coming from a 30 year old: I don't think they ever do.... Ya just get older

    65. Nisha Kumari

      I want this as my jiotune 🙂🔥

    66. Sonaly Chowdhury

      More people need to listen to this 🥰😍

    67. Kathryn Moore

      From TikTok to a whole ass song ❤ damn gurl 🔥🔥🔥💯😁

    68. m t

      So toxic. Someone her size complaining about having a belly.. you think people that actually are on the heavier side feel...

    69. Len Whitehead

      Not me squealing because I watched the original tiktok collab for this in January and downloaded it to obsessively watch because of the immaculate vibes

    70. k.h.production 22669

      Can we just talk about how her body is perfect for her?

    71. m0chyy uwu

      pick me pick me HAHAHAH

    72. Bianka Martinez

      Wow this is amazing!! We’ve all been there. Let’s normalize not giving a F and fall in love with ourselves anyways ♥️

    73. Jon Doe

      Hook sounds like T-Pain buy you a drank to me

    74. Ricky-Lee Phillips

      omg i love it it is all over

    75. Sarah B

      At 28 I am just starting to realize I will never have a flat stomach no matter how healthy I eat and how much I exercize. I'm just starting to focus on being healthy from within. And to realize that it's okay to not have Abs and it's okay to have some fluff. And to eat a burger or chocolate without feeling so guilty. I think taking care of oneself with exercise is important but also eating right to but also allowing ourselves to indulge here and there. Life is short.

    76. Jim Hendrix

      BOUT time a female artist REPS female empowerment properly!!! something I wouldn't mind if my teenage daughter listened to!!!

    77. jenny loza

      My real name is actually Jessica 😂🔥🔥

    78. Nicole Ashley



      Uau 😍😍😍😍😍

    80. Cuma gemA

      I know this song from TikTok, when he sings in his car😂😂👍👍👍

    81. Оlena Kneychuk

      Why I'm crying 😭

    82. Ish-ism of Conscious Living

      Oh hey! It's Elijah Woods in the video, didn't realized he was part of the production. Awesome to see him around. Great song and spot on lyrics 👌 🎶🇨🇦

    83. Usagi Moon.X.O

      This song ❤❤

    84. haybonvan

      Jessia and the Giant Peach! I see you girl!

    85. catz537

      good now make one about acne and other skin conditions

    86. Tones and I Videos

      This song relates to me and I'm a boy. 🙁

    87. No Faux

      I usually don't like this type of music but she killed this in every way .

    88. Dalal Mazloum

      Yess queenn get it👏👏

    89. Margie T

      It’s a good song but am I the only one annoyed when the flow is kind of thrown off when she says bum instead of rhyming with fine. Idk it just sounds awkward but I love everything else.

    90. Emily Smith

      This song is exactly how i feel

    91. Chris Dunavan

      I got the peach tree though..

    92. Chris Dunavan

      Like this song..

    93. Stan Dreamcatcher

      The next time anyone asks me if they're pretty, I'm gonna send them the link to this song(Or if I don't think I'm that pretty myself, I'll just listen to this song).

    94. Miss Mercy K.

      An Instagram 📷🤳Reel got me here yesterday.

    95. Diana

      The melody is a copy of Buy you a drank - T-Pain 🙄

    96. Jennifer López Hurtado

      Beatuful 💝🌹

    97. Easter Da

      This song is me OMG. 😂

    98. cloudedXmind

      wow didnt know there was a song literally defining me lol im the fun fat one thats my role in the group

    99. Møsaic Unicorns

      Can anyone give me song suggestions on songs similar to this one if there is any?

    100. Kate Stokowski Zaryski

      its soooo true and this describes mee soooooo muchh also when someone says your beautiful it dont make no difference of what you think of yourself....try to love yourself :) i know its hard but try...i know it is....