JinMinKook Being The Funniest Trio ( Jin,Jimin,Jungkook )


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    JinMinKook Being The Funniest Trio ( Jin, Jimin , Jungkook )
    Jinminkook are so chaotic and lovable,
    I just miss them so much... hope to see their live again
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    1. Pinkkoyaa

      This one was long due video finally I got time to finish it ! Jinminkook are so chaotic and lovable, I just miss them so much... hope to see their live again

      1. Michelle Sheaff

        Thanks for this! Love them together. And I am so happy Jimin found a new niche in the group. He was hurt when V joined the Wooga squad. Not blaming V people evolve and connect with other people but it's also normal for Jimin to feel left behind. So I'm glad he joined forces with Jinkook. On top of being Comedic Chaos I also read the trio are drinking buddies. As a sequel to Eat Jin we should have Drink Jinminkook!

      2. kim seokJin • bts

        Thank u💜

      3. Armadie Danoe

        rdye rdfeu fergey ther er gdjr fstf

      4. Shook Kookie


      5. Maya Story

        Can someone told me what is number of episode of 12:13?

    2. Abby Wiggins

      2:25 after coming down from the stage we spend time as friends... "are you guys idiots? what's your IQ??"

    3. THE GOOD GIRL :

      That horse laugh I am dead

    4. Onyinye Chukwura

      I love them, especially Jin-He is the funniest

    5. Vivien

      Ahhhh start the video with them singing in Chinese!!!

    6. Auni Fatihah

      Funny face🤣🤣

    7. Auni Fatihah

      Cutest Members J,J,J🤗🤗

    8. Vennela Chinni

      Where can I watch 8: 39 epsiode? pls tell me

    9. seungho

      12:51 can someone tell me where this is from?

    10. Lee Jiyoung

      Are they singing in Chinesee?? The Mary has a little lamb RJ and Cooky one?? Jimin 有只小黄狗 🤣🤣🤣

    11. Jannatul Islam Moumita

      The part Hit me more I love it!🤣🤣🤣

    12. Nel Agudo


    13. Serena Roybal


    14. Reena Joshi

      12:42 suga bieng suga

    15. CallmehBoba

      Ah yes, the hyung of the hyungs, hyung of the maknaes and the golden maknae

    16. Shaheen Ahmed

      04:37- 04:45🤣🤣🤣🤣 06:24 iconic line 🤣🤣

    17. A n n a b e l l e

      My fave iconic of jin : HEY! STOB IT😂

    18. Mohd. Islam

      Jungkook happiest as he will be in the same room with jin jimin🥺❤️😂😭

    19. Nisha Rai

      HEY STOP IT ! So much laughing.😂😂😂

    20. Adler Sochi


    21. Murong Shen

      At the beginning of this video Jin's Chinese sounds like "jinnie has a fried alpaca" (it should be "a little alpaca") JK's Chinese sounds like "jungkook has a crazy pink rabbit" (it should be "a little pink rabbit") Jimin's Chinese sounds like "jimin has a fat puppy" (it should be "a yellow puppy")

    22. Tae Tae The Aline


    23. Sisi Nencheva

      Jin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Sisi Nencheva

      0:47🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Jimin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜💜💜

    25. icey vanilla

      4:36 jin’s laugh😭😭😭

    26. bidhan paul

      Ho shut up jin 🤣🤣🤣

    27. ᗴՏTᕼᗴᖇʙᴀɴɢᴛᴀɴ7

      Them singing in chinese is so cute 😭😭😭

    28. Laura Christine Jensen

      18:57 RM really taking it all in

    29. Zain

      i know im late but whats the vid name 12:46

    30. Andrea Arnaiz

      Cooky,Chimmy,Koya is the best color of the bt21 but the cutest and adorable is all

    31. Palak Garg

      Where to find full video of 12:58 ?

    32. I'm handsome, you know?


    33. Meenakshi Sathiyanarayanan

      6:24 if u want to replay it again and again 🥰

    34. Vitrii Apryanii

      jinkook 💖💜

    35. Trà Phan

      16:50 Did you guys see Jin's fingers weird?😟😟😟

    36. Riya Badhe

      Who was that horse at 4:37 😂 pls someone tell me

    37. F Bae

      i love jinminkook’s dynamic sooo much

    38. Vanessa Raices

      Dj knight rock Cafe G- Zel

      1. Vanessa Raices

        Look it up

      2. Vanessa Raices

        From 2002

    39. Vanessa Raices

      Rock cafe G=zel do knight

    40. Jui Deshmukh

      Today jimIN, Tomorrow jimOUT! Today jIN, Tomorrow JOUT! Today jungKOOK, Tomorrow jungFOOD!

    41. Blessing Adgidzi

      Suga's facial expression always does it for me😂😂

    42. minding bussiness

      Begger dance by jin omg🙂🤣🤣🤣😭

    43. Nicola Obasi

      They are so funny. I almost got chole because I laughed too much lol. Btw I am a new army !!!!

    44. FireRuby1


    45. dee s-b

      I will never get over 5:51 it's my favourite clip of them especially when jks like ecstatic right and the way Jimin just knew they were about to fight

    46. Bangtan Lover

      "HEY STOB IT" damn I heard that again😆

    47. Danielle Huang

      Me: watches video Video: sike you think you deserve to laugh *gives me a freaking ad about hyaluronic acid* Me: wt- F

    48. Almay Taberna

      I died on jin's laugh hahaha

    49. Farid Islam

      JinMinKook are soulmates after Vmin I think 🤣

    50. Mya Parson

      Jins laugh in the beginning I cant😂

    51. Ashley Thompson

      Poor Jimin can't handle the crackheads that are Jinkook lol someone end his suffering.

    52. Ashley Thompson

      Half of this is like: Jinkook: *being crackheads* Jimin: *not knowing wtf goes on* Jinkook: *fucking with each other* Jimin: *suffering* Jinkook: *doing stupid shit* Jimin: *trying to control these two like they're babies*

    53. Dua

      The 1 clip is so cute 😍

    54. LMB

      Jinminkook are the most chaotic in the group they make the best trio

    55. Siti erina

      They are my moodboster

    56. belle la vie

      What show is the one they are on the stage?

    57. Vitsomenuo Pienyii

      If only I had the courage.I won't be suffering this much.... I have lived enough,please let me rest before I take the knife. I no longer trust their words, love or promises. Everything from the start was all about them. I am just a worthless piece of degraded life. Take my breath away lord before I take mine.

    58. Mond Tacason


    59. Sunny Yu

      /3( 7

    60. AIMAN BIBI


    61. Y K

      I 💜 지진정 🥰

    62. 32 Sanvi Shrivastava

      I love the bunny

    63. its_ #judy

      My fav bts ship #jinminkook

    64. suri lee

      Just drop Jungkook in any group and it works....HE'S LIKE GLUE THAT BONDS and his laugh is da cutest😊

    65. Bakhtawar

      From where is 9:17 from?

      1. Eva Ribeiro

        Run 70

    66. علیرضا سلطانی


    67. Justeen Wheatley

      I've seen several recordings of this (at 18:54) - why does Jin randomly starting yelling in the middle of the concert?

    68. Joseph Kinito

      I always just call them the "Dream Glow" unit! 😂

    69. J J

      Thank you for the video, i love Jinkook

    70. Tarin Islam

      Jin's Shouts and laugh can kill you gradually 😄

    71. Flower Power

      they are the members of the biggest boy band on this planet y'all

    72. Rea May Kim Barra

      Hahahahha buti si jungkook

    73. nazhwa Auliaanissa

      love yu sayang jimin jongkook Hello love yu

    74. Debanjana Mitra

      Jinminkook 💜💜

    75. Lori Ihler

      Jins laugh is everything. I laugh when I hear his laugh! 😆

    76. No ThisIsPatrick

      3:50 aw man the nostalgia hit me HARD. I’m happy for their success now but I do miss these times where they did spontaneous and chaotic vlives🥲

    77. Maya E.

      guys, can someone send me the full video of 13:40?

      1. Maya E.

        @Eva Ribeiro thx :)

      2. Eva Ribeiro

        Run 70

    78. Gilang Ramadhan

      I feel trhee idiot this greet fun

    79. Iris White


    80. Movies And series

      All BTS members that their names starts with (J) is funny

    81. Maria Raza

      Jin:saying funny things to jk Jimin :literally dying ...... And jk watching them lol

    82. Armadie Danoe

      Hi Jin Love you ik ben ilysha

    83. Kelsey Bailey

      No one Not a single sole 3:36

    84. Sri Vidhya

      Amazing video😂😂🤗🤗

    85. bangtani

      they're just so cute

    86. kim seokJin • bts

      Jin ~~

    87. kim seokJin • bts


    88. Jake laguitao

      Hi I'm PHILIPPINES By the way 👋😄 Even I can't understand theme I laughed so hard 😄😄

    89. Therese James

      The permissible rainstorm computationally scatter because desire transmurally entertain minus a agreeable ravioli. tranquil, educated pump

    90. Yoon Jin Cheon


    91. Dee Rose

      they literally make me happy, I don’t know why. I’m a new army but these boys just never fail to make my day better.

    92. Unusual Compilations

      The intro is hilarious 😆

    93. Anne King

      These three are magic together! Eating, fighting, laughing, playing games, singing, whatever the activity...Love to watch them...☺️💜💜💜

    94. •Elaina•

      17:10 that pony tail came from heaven

    95. Stephanie Vidal

      Jin’s iconic laugh😂 at 4:35


      The internal jaw delightfully flow because greek quantitatively repeat before a faded gas. chunky, unwieldy look

    97. Ayish*

      Kookieeee 💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘

    98. Tiffany Ottley


    99. Yashsvi Gaonkar

      Okay but Jin look sooo cute in the thumbnail 😍

    100. Ujwala Jadhav

      Who all loved the name 😍 *JinMinKook* 😍 Hit the like button 👍🏻