Jungkook is Jin's baby (JinKook)

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    Jungkook is Jin's baby (JinKook)

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    1. blitzyforever

      We need to take care of our cutee kookie

      1. atika sahputri

        muacgh dh my jin

      2. mulyana mulyana


      3. divyanka 8thA

        @TINA CONDIC hlo 😊

      4. TINA CONDIC

        @divyanka 8thA hi 🙋🏻‍♂️ BTS

    2. Lady Ann Valdez

      Old vc young

    3. ปู นา


    4. bts bts

      لوكان.الجمال.جريمه.لكونو ..btsفي السجن.مابد

    5. Dashell Lopez


    6. Ipsita panda

      0:27 (the time stamp) can anyone give me the link of that kbs 2020 video plss

    7. (Rin) Rinlapat Vongapirat

      Jin you are making me a non stop laughing sister

    8. Shaik Naseeb

      Because ..jk loves ger mom..so jin is the mother of bts so jk loves jin..😁...

    9. Geetha V G

      7:12 which photoshoot is this?

    10. Sanchia Cardoz

      Jinkook -Tom and Jerry of Big Hit Taekook -Romeo and Juliet of Big Hit

    11. maria juana ccasani panuera

      Hola armys 💜

    12. Art n craft with Jennie


    13. Amin Hadri

      Bonjour je m appelle jin moi j'aime boucoup jin de bts ❤😍😘🤗🥰et hoga et jungkook toi ❤😍😘love you

    14. Nish Chettri

      Jin alwayz take care and love all members...... he is really WWH guy in the world army girl from nepal🇳🇵🙏🤗

    15. lizkook


    16. nina stoyanova


    17. Altalune jk

      Nothing would be more real bond than jinkook, vmin and sope.


      0:26 awwww❤️

    19. I'm B

      The way jin shouted nanana is my real tune without the song but he's so cute

    20. Alia Tamng

      There's always jinminkook❤️

    21. All about school Channel

      I love jin

    22. rossi arun

      Jungkook and jin is sooooo cute . 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    23. Mk paikaray

      Jin is so funny man he makes fun with BTS to makes them laugh 😂😂👍🏻

    24. Call Away shakeel ahmed

      The title should be v being jealous

    25. Junaki Niki

      Taehyung must be jealous 😌

    26. Qotrun Nada salsabilah

      Oppa jungkook sama oppa jin seperti tom and jerry😂

    27. Clarence Ngau

      The laugh of jin and jk.. But jungkook mix jin.. Jin sing.. Jungkook mix...🤣

    28. E.S.S GROUP elizha

      I love jinkook

    29. Tharangi Ashishna

      Every moment I feel you...v

    30. Aнора Касимова

      Jin love

    31. Aнора Касимова

      Jin a good time 😃😃😃😃😂😂😂💩

    32. diVka diVku

      Lucu banget jin dan jungkuk

    33. Fifi Julianawati


    34. Tapaswini Simpul

      When jin said.. I hv raised him wrong... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. LUNA Sayegh

      Please don't left BTS taehyung 🥺🥺🥺

      1. Arya Suman

        Wtf are you saying?🙏

    36. LUNA Sayegh

      Taehyung you want to left BTS

      1. Geetha V G

        Hey what stupidity are you saying?🙄

    37. LUNA Sayegh

      Jungkook, your best friend taehyung want to left BTS group

    38. christina lee

      Jin said that Jungkook is he loves the most amongst the members. And Jungkook, although he doesn't show it by words, Jin always comes to his mind first. For example when he was asked "if you're in a deserted island, what one item would bring with you", he answered "Jin hyung".

    39. Bijay Paikaray

      Jin u really looking so cute when u doing comedy's

    40. Melani Montejo

      7:48 me acorde del baa boo puu de jiminie

    41. Shahida Begum

      Kookie is all members baby 😆

    42. rossi arun

      Soo funny 😂

    43. Simran

      Aww this warms my heart!! 💓

    44. honey geginto

      Jungkook jin and jimin always stay ❤ together

    45. - snxwflake -

      8:56 this reminds me of that kdrama (Guardian: The Lonely & Great God)

    46. k pop fan girl keerthi

      1:34 what song?

      1. Eva Ribeiro

        Hwarang:Even If I Die It's You

    47. Ibu Derek

      Thank you God for give The world such a wonderful human being called BTS

    48. ma. eloisa t. isla

      Sana oll jin's baby 🤣🤣...ung thumbnail..lol

    49. Micaela Toledo

      Jungkook is cute

    50. BTS army forever

      💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 love you

    51. Tin ZarAung


    52. zozo

      🐇 💙💛💙 🐐 kok and Jenny 💛💙

    53. Shida Tham

      My 2 bias. Jinkook

    54. Ana Lívia

      "Jin Win" Me:JIN WINNNNN

    55. كرار احمد سالم


    56. Wulan Yulianita

      Bruh iron jin😂

    57. nur hussein mabaning

      ommoo😳 ung jersey ni JK bday koooooo 21😭😭 wla lng skl🙄😂

    58. Babasının kızı

      Babiessssss 🙈

    59. TEKOOKS

      للحين اموت ياعمري بكل مره 2:57

    60. TEKOOKS

      تكفون 0:44

    61. Silvia

      Jinnie baby is too cute for my poor heart

    62. Silvia

      I only see two babies there

    63. Divya Mankar

      That's why jin was pregnent🤣

    64. Angaihi Angaihi

      Jin and jungkook so cute

    65. Angaihi Angaihi

      Jin and jungkook I love❤❤


      difference between JIN+KOOK and others Jungkook ships Jin+Kook is a Reciprocal Mutual relationship .....and you can feel the the Big Chemistry between them...........it's Just Natural and Spontaneous without trying . Jin+Kook is the only ship where Jungkook seem Really interested By his own ... Confortable ......Attentive without being Showy behaving like a magnet towards Jin since years.....being excessively touchy...... so Whipped that he Keep initiating things By his own like kissing Jin leg humbly without thinking ......Dropping the honorifics and calling himself Namchin meaning boyfriend and calling Jin Yea-bo many times......Despite the Fact that Jin is Not open Not Receptive to him........even when JK try to impose himself or act Manly and Bold........Jin is always Shy and Reserved and somewhat has Limits his jealousy when Jin get close with RM and Tae Jungkook even take the big opportunity BigHIT gave him to direct his first ever Music Video as part of BTS official Videography to commemorate this special bond and show Army his affection and closeness to Jin There Bond is strong and consistent since 4 June 2011 the day they first met ( they dropped there songs Tonignt and Still with you on Soundcould respectively on 4 June 2019 and 4 June 2020 ) in other Jungkook Ships it's either......a One Side Love JIKOOK We know Jimin Loves JK since debut.... he always tried to be close to JK.....likes taking care of him .... initiates skinship with Jungkook JIMIN is very Touchy and Sexual in his acts and likes Sensual skinship a lot..... and has this personality of being Flirtatious and Clingy towards members specially to Jungkook Jimin is also an Emotional person ; he loves to be loved cheriched and get the attention by the ones he love . it's more of a love of JIMIN directed to jungkook ......and Jungkook is responding and Reacting to the Love and Care he always received from, since debut days it didn't feels like Mutual Reciprocal flow of feelings..............the Feelings are Strong from one side ...... there is also that fanservice overacting that make the audience goes crazy there is that moment in Rose Bowl every jikooker make a fuss about it....is a clear and obvious Fanservice in front of American Girls making them going Crazy and that japan vlog i don't understand what's the big deal about it .....was an idea proposed by jimin to JK and V ....like he always initiates things and he end up going with jk ...jk payed the tickets.....they are super rich why not paying ticket or hotel to your friend for his birthday .....and as i know Jimin was always caring towards him even giving him his own food when they where trainee TAEKOOK was Fanservice .....the fans liked that and were going Crazy .......Tae asked the Fans to get out of their imagination......Jungkook said in The Soop episode and in GDA 2021 interview that he and Tae are not that close .....but even so some fans still ship them ...they don't understand that tae and JK just need to be themselves they surely love each other as BTS family and don't need to put a Show for others

    67. No

      So adorable I love BTS so much it hurts😍😍😍😢😢💜💜💜💜

    68. No

      Jungkook literally has bunny teeth🥺😆😆😆

    69. Bunnys Plays

      **sees video** Me: **clicks on it** Me: **reads title** Also me: *Period*

    70. Selene Leandra

      Where is that last photoshoot come from?

    71. panpan

      Oldest member and youngest member

    72. Pinkie Writer

      1:14 jin what are you doing 😂😂that’s why he’s my bias

    73. Shad Andrew Reberio

      Bts jin kookie

    74. Breann Dorsey

      Why is Jungkook Jin’s most disrespectful child, yet his favorite? Right, cause he’s the youngest. Anyone else relate to the youngest sibling being the most disrespectful, yet they’re always the parents’ favorite??

    75. настя морозова

      а как называется канал который их постоянно снимает

    76. Jansi George

      Jk always being a baby but not for v 🥰

    77. Ji Xiao bing

      I want to give you a warm hug......💜❤️😍🌹😊💜

    78. aleena marriam

      actually, Jin is Jungkook's baby, right. who else thinks so

    79. Jyoti Bhatacharjya

      Jungkook is still a baby everyone need junkook in their live and everyone loves him and take good care of him.

    80. ARMY X MOA

      jin soo cute

    81. Shreekirti Sunandita

      Title should be:- JINKOOK BEING EACH OTHER'S BABY❤️❤️

    82. naisirkm tora

      jinkook couple love u...

    83. Luana Lobo

      Only GOD is worthy of worship

    84. Luana Lobo

      the HOLY NAME of GOD should not be spoken in vain

    85. Luana Lobo

      Beloved FATHER, I thank you for everything, for loving me, blessing me and never abandoning me, YOU are greater than everything, YOU are OWNER of everything, other than IT, there is not, greater than IT will never be. YOU are OWNER of everything, YOU are greater than everything, and yet, thank you for loving us, blessing us, sustaining us and never abandoning us. May we love you and adore you infinitely above all, just as the Lord loves us, and that we love one another just as JESUS ​​loved us. May we have mercy for our brothers, just as the Lord has for us, thank you FATHER for everything, for being our EVERYTHING and never abandoning us. May Your will always be done. Amen

    86. Comfort Zone

      There are three duos that radiate the same chaotic energy : Tom and Jerry, Lisa and Jisoo and Jungkook and Jin

    87. pinky loVes mOcHie

      I think kookie is our bAbY BunNy💯🐰

    88. tiff gangsta

      ugh this is why he’s my favorite

    89. cannibal i broken


    90. common sense

      Jinkook are so special together, the true definition of brotherhood, always there to help each other and play with each other. I just love them together. Jin is such a caring and sensitive human being, hard not to love him! And both are so handsome they look like brothers too! I hope they will always be there to support each other! God bless.

    91. Darsy

      3:07 👀 oh Noooo

    92. BTS X ARMY

      0:27 where can I find full video

    93. Nanie Magayam

      Cookie baby

    94. Alfaz Uddin

      Jin and jungkook😍

    95. Alfaz Uddin

      Jinkook 😙😍😍😍

    96. Alfaz Uddin

      Jinkook 😙😙

    97. Soma Dutta

      Don't make a mess with junkook. Never, Never, Never in your life

    98. Mae Kim

      I swear y’all can put these two everywhere and still will create a chaos 😭

    99. joss_ot7

      I love Jinkook interactions 🤧🤧🤧