KIA Picanto(morning) POV test drive

Just Drive POV

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    KIA Picanto(morning) POV test drive video.
    No talking, Only just POV driving.
    Let's have fun with me.

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    1. وائل وائل

      ازبس وش هاذ لبلاد اربك

    2. OLA bou


    3. Ultra Jaff

      The fact this car has a leather steering wheel is funny

    4. Adrian Campbell

      This Kia Picanto is in a whole another breed compared to the one sold in Latin America. ADAS, leather seats and navigation in that segment for under $15k? The dream...

    5. Man Ray

      Nice little car

    6. Gloria Hill

      This is really boring watching this guy driving for this length of time and no explanation or dialogue about the car.

    7. lone band

      Harap suatu hari nanti Saya dapat memiliki dan memandu Kia Picanto, terpakai pun tidak mengapa asalkan boleh jalan jauh dan kurang meragam. This car is one of my dream car..

    8. Picanto Turbo

      It’s a fantastic city car

    9. Hassanein Ali

      Iam 188 cm.. Is this car good for me?

    10. M5A1 Stuart

      4:16 if you are here, behind you will just dim and horn you then push his front car at your back

    11. DaimonF1

      well done that you follow the rules of the road, have never seen this anywhere else

    12. M U R T A D A CJ

      2020 OR 2021 ???! pls

    13. Yan Fery

      Don’t know why I’m here watching this, but its just really satisfying to see how the car performs before buying it hahaha

    14. Fer

      I ❤ this car. Thanks for the tours, nice highways. Greetings of Cusco🇵🇪

    15. Anderson Viviel

      This is the KIA PICANTO GT LINE MT SUMMA 2021 ?. If not, could you make a video of this car please.

    16. Kimi玩日子

      Nice POV Drive! Just wonder how you well fixed the camera on the car ceiling?

    17. no name

      Hyundai Starex pov? And fuel economy test

    18. j charles

      It seems a chevrolet spark!

    19. Diego P.

      Hi, thank your for your video. Just a curiosity, why did you cover your speedometer?

      1. hopelessfool

        Probably because he went over the speed limit and didn’t want to give evidence to an eventual investigation lmao

    20. Diether Santos

      Going to Jamsil Stadium Complex? No way Formula E cars will go through Jamsil Stadium Sports Complex in 2021 I can't to see

    21. Juan Carlos Herrera

      Gracias por invitarme al recorrido thank you

    22. Rachel Ng

      Does it has a lane keeping system ?

      1. Just Drive POV

        Yes it has

    23. SpoonBill

      Hi. I was wondering how did you positioned your camera? Is it attached to the seat? And what camera are you using?

      1. SpoonBill

        @Just Drive POV thanks for responding. Did you use the mic from the camera or did you add a different one?

      2. Just Drive POV

        1. The camera is fixed to the ceiling 2. Sony Actioncam FDR-3000

    24. Renato Parizzotto

      Ola. Viagem maravilhosa. Legal ❤🇧🇷

    25. Anderson Nieva

      Its the most beautiful car of all

    26. Almer Murillo


    27. kbbjr

      Does Kia offer a 2021 Picanto 1.0 liter GT model?

      1. Max Morris

        In U.K. it does, very nice car

      2. Just Drive POV

        It's different for each country, but i know that.

    28. 강애정

      ㄷㅂㄷㄱㄷㄱㄷㄱㅈㅅㅂ ㄱㅈㅎ

      1. 강애정

        ㅊㅅㅈㅅㅈㄴㄴㅈㄷㄱ ㄱ ㅋㅈㄱㅈㄷㅋㅈㄱㅈㅎ

    29. Picanto Turbo

      I own the 2019 GT model, what a great little pocket it!

      1. Picanto Turbo

        @Max Morris Yes! Safe and fun to drive.

      2. Relumer

        @Max Morris it’s a lot of fun while driving it.

      3. Max Morris

        @Relumer Should I get the GT model?

      4. Relumer

        @Max Morris yes, it’s a very stable and safe car, easy to handle also in critical situations.

      5. Max Morris

        Would you recommend it to a first time driver?

    30. J Lee

      터보는 왜 없앤건지...

    31. Edward Hunter

      Whats the engine on this? Is it the same with the 1.2L EX AT version?

    32. Office Guy

      Man, I’m waiting for facelift to be in Russia. Otherwise I have to buy Hyundai Solaris (sedan of B class).

      1. Жеванный Крот

        У них это Accent

    33. george sotiriou

      Look at this little beast.

    34. A CDE

      The engine seems pretty weak. It would be a great car if they can offer a 1.0 turbo engine or a similar 4 cylinder engine, and better to corporate with a 6 speed gearbox.

      1. Link Knight

        The GT one I see in the previous model has a turbo. But manual only.

      2. Just Drive POV

        The engines and gears are rather weak, but convenience and safety are good.

    35. Bro. Tolliver

      The Picanto is finally getting some love. We rented one last year to breeze around Çuracao for a week. It's a fun little car.

      1. Comfort Sam

        @Just Drive POV please can you buy it for me

      2. Comfort Sam

        I love this car when I get money I will purchase it,the car on my heart I love it I like it I feel it 💕

      3. Just Drive POV

        Most people who have ridden this car have a similar reaction. Fun and cute.