Legendary Pokemon Family Tree [Pokémon World]

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    Legendary Pokemon Family Tree in the Pokémon World.
    This tree introduces the history of legendary Pokemons from Generation I to Generation VIII. This is not a official Pokemon Bible entry of Nintendo, but it is the closest we’ve got.
    source: pokemonghub.net/
    background tracks:
    Artifact - The Dark Contenent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license
    Artist: incompetech.com/
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    1. Bas Holland


    2. Mansi Manu

      Hey is this background music form paradise bay??

    3. M A

      I was waiting for Meloetta and then Solgaleo, Lunala and all the Tapu 😂😂

    4. Kabir Sharma

      Where is solgaleo

    5. Kabir Sharma

      Where is marshadow

    6. Fried Memes

      It started with le egg

    7. Noah Quillin

      i just realized the creation link of arceus made 3 pokemon with a at the end

    8. Devil King8

      Oh Darkrai made by arceus but defeated by sceptile

    9. Tony Rodriguez

      Hoopa: I am hooooooooopaaaaaa!

    10. Ravyansh Dream

      hoopa is left

    11. Hoopa Unbound

      Where am I ? Hoopa ?

    12. Dramadude 09

      It’d be cool to see an updated version

    13. Karlos Carrasco

      What happened to Regieleki and Regidrago? Why don't they appear?

    14. Harshit Jha

      You did not have include victani Pokemon

    15. D. Rozano

      Info:with this you can use it to call a z pokemon in pokemon tretta

    16. wex joemama

      He/she spelt lugia wrong

    17. KarôU Rjioto principal


    18. Bryce Ezekiel Mamba

      i think terrakion virizion cobalion came first before keldeo

    19. Ipshita Singh

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    20. TDot Play

      that could be our real world but the egg that was supposed to give birth to arceus was eaten by humans


      Ur calculation is wrong

    22. Lonelyy Clone

      I didnt know Dialga was related to the X&Y Legendaries ._.

    23. Danny Marcinko

      Conclusion : there’s too many legendary Pokémon

    24. Akash Jadhav

      Victini is not there

    25. Anand Halbhavi

      Wow. SO after 251 the designs wen to shit.

    26. Joshuu

      Lol im looking for the weaponized dogs

    27. Brady Looney

      i would love this as a poster

    28. AquaZ FNM


    29. nox 469


    30. Igorx igorx


    31. الحب أنا أحب أولئك الذين يحبونني حب عظيم99

      Arceus is best 😂😂

    32. vannia m

      im just wondering, where would other mythical pokemon be in this hierarchy? such as victini, meloetta, magearna n stuff :)

    33. Jae Wilson

      What about vicitini and meloetta?

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    35. Handy Jati Sugiarto

      Where is charizard?

      1. Sword

        U funny

    36. Paul Pawlowski

      Pretty sure Manaphy gave birth to phione, but not my video.

    37. Leonardo Ottonello

      Name of song????

    38. Toxik

      solgaleo, lunala, deoxyes, heatren, meleotte, genesect, zerora, cosmog, tapu lele, tapu fini, tapu bulu, tapu koko , meltan ,melmetal, calyrex , spectrier, glastrier, victini, zarude, zacian and zamazenta...... where are !!?

      1. Sword

        (When you realize the video was made before the game

    39. Stephen Cabanilla

      What about deoxys & victini?

    40. Bart Leijten


    41. Ghostlywhale

      Arceus: I am the strongest pokemon ever, NOTHING WILL DEFEAT ME *bonjour* Arceus: WHO WAS THAT PUNK YOU DARE OPPOSE ME *7 year old kid with masterball : bonjour *

    42. kartik mehra

      What about the alola region's 4 gaurdians and shield and sword??

      1. kartik mehra

        Aren't they legendary??

    43. Lucas Schipani

      This is realllly wrong

    44. The Peripatetic Accrescent

      What about Hoopa, that kinda overpowered Arceus?


      Ya know thinking about it arceus is a douche for letting people just conquer his species

    46. Hunter Lin

      Does anyone wonder where did sagolio and what ever you call it

    47. Meatrix Dread

      me every line : deoxys heatran the metal donut guy Hoopa DARKRAI AND RAYQUAZA ALSO ZEKROM AND ENTEI ARE THE BEST DONT EVEN @ ME

    48. Spike VanHellsing

      ok so as someone that has literally grown up with pokemon since red, blue, green, and yellow. this now raises a question. if humans where created by pokemon does that make us pokemon with no special moves or just a secondary species?

    49. Naveen Selva

      Wait there's a guardian for the forest and a guardian for the environment......!!!!

    50. Truong An Do Trinh

      Yes a white dragon is related to a donkey

    51. Rukshar Khan


    52. L'astronaute


    53. Edoardo Cavallaro

      Solgaleo and Lunala?

    54. COSMIC kai 69

      Arceus my favourite ❤️

    55. Blue Peace

      You forgot the one above all 'BIDOOF'

    56. Daphne Jyothi

      So, Deoxys, the island dieties and Heatran are not real and Mewtwo has no relations to Mew, got it.

    57. Daphne Jyothi

      Keldo did not create the swords of justice, the swords of justice came first and they rescued keldeo who later joined them.

    58. Bavarias

      tried to clean my screen 5 times before i realised.

    59. WastedMak

      Throws a poke ball and catches universe with 0.00000000000000000001% rate: :0

    60. Light

      What monitor link means ?

    61. tolli

      Kyogre Is from the trenches. SHEEEESSH

    62. Marcus Demian

      Solgalio and Lunala?

    63. Arun S 11b

      U missed hoopa and dioxis

    64. Leftangle _l

      I Groudon is 😔 loneleh

    65. Suganang Waluyo

      so, basicly pokemon is god. but they can be catched by pokeball. puny god :')

    66. Istalarì/Mattias G

      if Arceus got a mega or primal form it would once more be the most powerful pokemon, with a base stat total of 820, it would be scary, it would probably have the stats 120 in hp 140 in attack 140 in defense 140 in sp attack 140 in sp defense, and 140 in speed. this would make it one of the best walls, and the fastest of the walls, it would also have a better sp attack than Darkrai, and the same attack stat, and it's defense would be 10 above registeel's deffences.

    67. Endo Double

      Not entirely accurate but very eyepleasingly made

    68. Anthony Hinderschiett

      Well, pokemons are able to live in other planet than Earth ?

    69. Master Bunk

      Some 10 year old kid comes and catches these pokemon

    70. ラッシュガー


    71. Quivix

      “What did you learn today” Me: I learned that Cresselia is a legendary Pokémon...

      1. neelesh gupta

        @Internet Dweller so?

      2. Internet Dweller

        Since Cresselia is Darkrai's opposite, I think Darkrai should be legendary

    72. Peliksxism Hate

      Rattata is shaking

    73. Sarthak Taneja

      Who made then other pokemons?

    74. Cyrus II The Great

      Where is Human Evole from ?

    75. Smarkwick

      Ho oh created the beasts

    76. Smarkwick

      Phione is created from manaphy Kyo has nothing to do with it

    77. SuZull

      Where is other legendary pokemon?

    78. Felipe Sánchez wilches

      Oye falto ultranekrosma

    79. Juan Antonio MF

      gen8? o

    80. Gabriel Hoyo

      Perdón por arruinarte el vídeo pero soy del futuro de la región de galar y te digo que tendrás que hacerlo de nuevo

    81. arandom person13

      Hold on there's a human bit in the family tree of legendary and mythical Pokemon meaning people are Pokemon

    82. arandom person13

      Wait how is mew the first one if arceus created it

    83. Kamenrider Shaman

      So many inaccuracies...

    84. `

      Pokémon should be real cuz Pokemon journey is better than school homework

    85. Gaspar Vaz

      what about deoxys

    86. ShaolinMonkster

      Lol after gen2 everything looks so bad

    87. StekRBX

      Dialga: I created Time! Palkia: I created space! Amateurs... Dialga and Palkia: What was that punk?! The egg: AMATEURS!

    88. Fluminox5284 -

      I wonder where synthetic Pokemon would go. Like Silvally and Genesect

    89. kazi Ashraful Alam

      That's misleading .. keldio was of from reshiram!! And sword of justice trio was before keldio they took keldio to be one of them ..do your research first

    90. X_Never_Die_O

      Wow, so until now I have so many legendary pokemon, the legendary pokemon I have : -Palkia -Manaphy -Lugia -HO-OH -Raikou -Entei -Moltres -Azelf -Uxie -Mesprit Edit : oh I forgot about shaymin and celebi, I have them too!

    91. Payton Triplett

      we need an update for the new ledgendaries

    92. Mason Ford

      Solgaleo and lunala

    93. DANJYC Gaming!

      Egg = Most Powerful

    94. Linny

      Necrozma: old ultra beast *im gonna cry*

    95. FlourishWitherDie

      So humans are pokemon?

    96. temari2492

      what about Deoxys its third gen

    97. Cozmo The Fox


    98. Dinh Danh

      How about meloetta ?

    99. legitoreocake XYZ

      How come ash still 10 through out the series what kind of Arceus sorcery is this

    100. Scorpia 538008

      You forgot who laid the egg tho... Praise lord helix