Lil Mosey - Try Me


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    Music video by Lil Mosey performing Try Me. © 2021 Interscope Records

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    1. Alphatrix

      Mosey is using the wrong shovel to dig yo

    2. pro gamer 07

      Pls upload bro

    3. Mohammed Hafiz

      used to be noticed now you wanted

    4. Dixon Lezama


    5. Benedict joshua Bongso

      i like this

    6. Erik Beatz

      this shit fire

    7. Dylan Vasquez


    8. IIIplayboi IQIII

      On the run!

    9. Mason Brito

      he has not uploaded in 1 month

    10. Rcyld Dreams

      Free Mosey 2021

    11. Mos Headd

      Not guilty

    12. Franco Rivera


    13. SIU WING

      Why this video don’t have 100 mil views?

    14. Jace Maciel

      lol just NOTICED this man's voice has god way deeper from PULL UP listen to PULL UP then TRY ME his voice has gotten way deeper

    15. sidii SH

      You dont now my pass what i been to

    16. Tanner Belton


    17. nicolas escandon barbosa


    18. Sukla Das

      Who only listen songs of Lil Mosey=like

    19. Jxcob

      lil mosey is white

    20. It’s Ydok

      0:54 is faze rain

    21. GioBella


    22. Mr KINGLAND


    23. Oli Roy

      This need to blow up🔥🔥🔥

    24. Oli Roy

      Damn song 🔥

    25. 1320 claveyz

      If you want to make fun of him for what happened to him, do it, the album comes out soon when they least expect it, greetings

    26. Beltrán Camarena Alejandro

      Lisent 24/7

    27. Jake Allen

      Everyone hating on him yet if u have been in a situation you'd all realise that stuff like this happens and some girls lie and twist shit becouse they wanna use it as Leverage if he was guilty he would be in jail now so get y facts right and stop judging

    28. So Icee

      This too hard 😁

    29. Bilzebub


    30. Bilzebub


    31. Bilzebub


    32. Bilzebub


    33. Bilzebub


    34. Bilzebub


    35. _kenji_

      Fortnite balls I’m gay I like boys I kidnap at@@@ kids lil mosey is white

      1. Lil Mosey


    36. Michael Anthony Murphy

      Lil mosey kidnaps autistic kids lil mosey is gay

      1. GioBella


      2. Lil Mosey

        where df did you here that from

    37. BRUXOYT


      1. DyinInProgrezz

        check out lil verx he da new mosey

    38. TINO

      Lil mosey ❤️

      1. Lil Mosey

        @geoeka LMFAO

      2. geoeka

        @Lil Mosey imagine faking being a rapper to self promote lol 😂

      3. Lil Mosey

        @geoeka ayooo chilll

      4. geoeka

        @Lil Mosey stfu

      5. Lil Mosey

        @geoeka nah

    39. becca -106-

      whos gon make a 24 hour loop of this? i NEED it

    40. Sniper Wolf 2.0

      Iil mosey u outdid yourself

    41. Amrit aryal

      I can't explain how much i love u sir Can u visit nepal

      1. Lil Mosey

        whats that lmfao

    42. João paulo br


    43. MASTER GD

      Épic 🔥

    44. DJ Anna Ghellere


      1. Lil Mosey

        gang lit

      2. REI GAMER pró


    45. RTZ

    46. WHIP NAE360


    47. XZREYFN

      No more private jet

      1. Lil Mosey

        still got it

    48. XZREYFN

      Mate he aint flexing now is he

      1. Lil Mosey

        still am ahahh

    49. XZREYFN

      Who came here after he is in life for prison😭😭😭 we have lost 3 xxxtenaction juice and mosey 😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Lil Mosey

        @Karthik Manoj omgggggggg lmfaooo

      2. Karthik Manoj

        @Lil Mosey oMg tHe rEaL mOsEy

      3. Karthik Manoj

        @Blakwxrl iDk

      4. Blakwxrl

        @Karthik Manoj how..?

      5. Lil Mosey

        all dats cap fr

    50. Helen Ralte

      I love your lamborgini nice

      1. Lil Mosey

        preciate it

    51. Blanch - Brawl Stars

      Blueberry Faygo and Noticed>>>>>>>>

    52. Gabriel Biel TV

      Ainda tenho fé que o apelapato vai usar essa música S2👑

    53. Yung Millionaire Gangster


      1. Javien Elmore

        you're a BOT


        Lol hahahah

    54. Allison Santos


    55. Allison Santos

      Show dms

    56. juan perez

      Desde colombia bro.melo.tema pura.merca prrrr

    57. That Baller Jamille

      Look at lil mosey man so inspirational🥺💯🔥

    58. Emmanuel Castro

      Aun que no creo que lil tenga toda esta plata para tener todos esos lujos. Depronto fue el ecenario que el productor le armo

    59. Emmanuel Castro

      Este video me encanto está muy me lo. Like si hablas español

    60. Krystal Chelednik

      Life in jail😖

    61. Mr. Thiccums

      guys its settled he is white

    62. N' PAM

      Lil mosey 🔥🇨🇷

    63. nxrvix

      after fx

    64. Lil YCW

      Walkin' through the thunder, feel like I'm goin' insane (insane) The only thing that's helpin' is these racks in the safe (is these racks) If you comin' with me, give me a reason for you to stay (for you to stay) I stopped poppin' pills and switched to champagne (champagne) I just booked a jet, I'm tryna fly and go away (away) Landed in Miami, 90 down the freeway (freeway) I just lost my nigga, think about it every day (every day) Life is moving fast but I know I'm okay (okay) I'm never lacking, do what I'm 'posed to ('posed to) I hate these niggas, watch who you get close to (who you get close to) You don't know my past You don't know what I been through (what I been through) I been doin' scams and stealin', what I'm used to (what I'm) Grew up too fast (too fast) Watchin' niggas get blown back (blown back) I just think you should know that (know that) Addiction came from my dad So don't ask why I love poppin' pills (pills) I came from a place where this shit get real (get real) I was havin' troubles tryna find my next meal (next meal) I felt so good when I signed my deal (yeah, I signed that) I brought all my niggas, everyone out the field (the field) I hopped in the stu' with the fire on me (boom!) I was finna show you what you was tryna see (tryna see) Picked me up when I was down, 'cause you down with me (down with me) He said he was my nigga but he lied to me So sad, so sad (so sad) I hope that you know that, know that (know that) We all rich we glowin', glowin' (glowin') Lil Mosey snowin', snowin' (snowin') Celebrate with Moët, Moët (Moët) Leave my pistol showin', showin' (showin') Let any nigga try me, try me (try me) Please don't get it by me, by me (by me, uh) Walkin' through the thunder, feel like I'm goin' insane (insane) The only thing that's helpin' is these racks in the safe (in the safe) If you comin' with me, give me a reason for you to stay (you to stay) I stopped poppin' pills and switched to champagne (champagne) I just booked a jet, I'm tryna fly and go away (away) Landed in Miami, 90 down the freeway (freeway) I just lost my nigga, think about it every day (every day) Life is moving fast but I know I'm okay (okay)

    65. Icy clxpz

      You could just tell he just got that Supreme bag.

    66. MAFFIN

      Lil mosey is green suusy lil mosey hamburger

    67. Fixiji

      CHI PRIMA DEI 10 ML ?

    68. JustinFaiLz

      i think they are gonna try you as an adult

    69. PEDRIN OG

      Mt bommm✔️🐍

    70. Bj Karelse

      Dalla jy

    71. GibberGibGabber

      I swear he's not black

    72. Dawid

      thanks lil mosey that you think I'm okay, greets the fan from Poland in com :)

      1. The Rover

        I’m polish and I’m all for a good tape.

      2. Braindead Person

        Jestem rowniez Polakiem (:

    73. Adrienne Saake

      my mans really threw it all away cmon man :( could have had life so good :(

      1. Cyber

        Pretty sure the charges were dropped; meaning he was innocent most likely the story didn’t add up anyway

      2. Ninjaknight Gaming


    74. Adrienne Saake

      yall heard he got life sentence :´( my mans only been a adult for 1 year now :(

      1. Tee Will

        They said he is not gulity

      2. Cyber

        No he didn’t

    75. Kayden Phillips

      Did he die or is he a live

      1. Cyber

        He’s alive :)

    76. Kayden Phillips

      I like how he was running from the police

    77. Kayden Phillips

      This dude is brave

    78. the beginner

      Yeah this definitely doesn’t sound like every song ever

      1. Mohammed Ashfaq

        @okay fr

      2. the beginner

        I don’t really worship him like that

      3. okay

        yet u keep clicking the vids 😂🤡

    79. ThereGoStreet


    80. poccar prick

      My lil god MOSEY 😎,,, love u

    81. Salacial Tech


    82. Soy Yostin

      Soy el Único Comentario en Español ....?

      1. Forcraft 987


      2. sth inlu

        Si 😈

    83. Addison Mountain


    84. Addison Mountain

      ayyyye banger bud love it killing it

    85. 14 TlHr


    86. Kayden Phillips

      You a beast man

    87. Henrique Souza

      Lil mosey 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. Aditya Dewangan

      this shit is fire

    89. AdoringFan

      The next song will be Lil mosey intoxicating girls to F them in his cabin.

      1. Cyber

        ​@AdoringFan Its most likely fake because he pleaded non guilty, but the case isnt over yet. and how would you remember things so specifically if you blacked out 3 times, he was most likely set up cuz she just wants money

      2. Troythelilboy

        @Cyber he wasn’t proven innocent he pleaded not guilty the case ain’t over yet but I still hope he’s innocent

      3. AdoringFan

        @Cyber Where's the evidence saying its fake? i get your woke and you love defending nonces and R... but show evidence.

      4. Cyber

        Bruh that story was fake he was proven not guilty 😐 and that’s not something to joke about he was set up

      5. Volt_xx


    90. WASTEYツ

      trash asf

      1. WASTEYツ

        @Cyber something better?

      2. Mohammed Ashfaq

        @WASTEYツ lol u trash lets see u do better smh

      3. Cyber

        Shut up

      4. WASTEYツ

        @Volt_xx comlexed kid

      5. Volt_xx

        Fortnite kid

    91. NITEYT


    92. ___Hamood___ :P

      Oh I’ll try you bbg

    93. Paula adul Kayla

      This is fire no cap

    94. TaTmo Tv

      Lil mosey is white

      1. Cyber

        He’s black and white he’s mixed

      2. david !!

        @Volt_xx ik that's what i meant. his mom is white and his dad is black.

      3. Volt_xx

        @david !! hes mixed

      4. david !!

        His dad is black prob

    95. Doh Soe

      I don’t know you but you go 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    96. Karrell Vernon

      Fuck yeah boy

    97. Benedict joshua Bongso

      lil thats a private jet and you pore a wine that jet cost 1000 000

    98. INSANE gaming999

      Man I used to love your music until I found out what you did

      1. Cyber

        He’s been proven not guilty bruh the story DIDNT even add up anyway I knew it

      2. Volt_xx

        @Prnks hes not on the run

      3. Prnks

        @SiXial he on the run, prolly aint false.

      4. SiXial

        It hasn't been proven true yet.