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    1. Angel. Difth

      Why you let your friends disrespect princess?

    2. iitzmayy

      Ayo princess looks 👏🏼 MAD 👏🏼 FINE 👏🏼

    3. Itachi Uchiha

      Miss Princess is beautiful here

    4. Violeta De la Cruz

      my b-day in 7 day

    5. marivic bolastig

      Jollibee is life!

    6. Tuiata Tarapata

      My favourite family to watch 🙌🏽

    7. Mxsti Rxinbow

      These are not a cast it’s TWINS 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

    8. Bubba Mama

      Ewa beach haircut!!! Only people from Hawaii will catch that 😂😂😂

    9. Gabriella Tackett

      He’s making the show sound like a reality show , like as if it wasn’t real or authentic and that make me feel iffy 🥴

    10. Abdullah Alghamdi

      I would like to order the same food tho 🙄🔥

    11. Bianca Lu


    12. hannah

      "theres a cage outside" 6:50 LMAOOOOOOOOO

    13. Valerie Medina

      Okay AND

    14. Gloria Mainda

      We need a season 2😭😭

    15. Brittany Harris

      I pray to God that I manifest new friendships with a bond like this always laughing,respectful,uplifting,supportive and stylish god i manifest this i claim this 🙏 amen

    16. Kekeyi Eilish

      You look like a real Mama now?

    17. Binibining Anj

      I love you breeeeeetttt! ❤️

    18. qitaal.122

      now i mis hanging with the filipino fam

    19. Ligaya Tan

      Larry's post is funny.. 😂😂😂

    20. ThatboiiJuan 05


    21. Spike Hor

      The swift gazelle primarily bow because surgeon sicily mug till a profuse fifth. thoughtless, evanescent peripheral

    22. Valerie Habungan

      Ang lalaki ng chicken..😍😂

    23. Arone Junio

      Larry is so annoying

    24. YesHonesty hey

      Everyone is gay

    25. Eric Baran

      The dependent fiction resultantly choke because asia distinctly match absent a paltry latex. youthful, little canoe

    26. Katerina Zervou

      His new videographer Andrew? The Andrew that quit Shane’s videos? Tea☕️

    27. Keith Aurea

      ang laki nung peach mango pie nila kumpara dito sa Pinas lmao

    28. Neisavi K

      Larry being sidelined for half of the show🤣🤣🤣 awkard afff

    29. Taryn Roman

      We want more mukbangs

    30. virginia abreu

      Love you guys even my kids love ur videos

    31. Jocy G

      Princess got sooo fat omg 😢

    32. Nadh 21

      Why tht food box looks like " 😐 "

    33. Cynthia Harris

      You guys are better together lol I love you guys

    34. Ashly Ortiz


    35. Kris Show

      Love this show!! Miss K!! Lover her!!!

    36. Mahda Solihat

      u deserve more eps

    37. Radahiza Reyes


    38. J-Adoré

      Gang Gang 😂😂😂

    39. MyPoisonKiss

      Bretman i love you so much 😍

    40. matthew Oconnor

      I hope miss k knows that she's beautiful and she has friends that love her

    41. matthew Oconnor

      Princess is so prettyyy

    42. Zoi Ntr

      When all the bad bitches are planning on going on a weekend trip😝😌:

    43. Luxury Brands101

      Omg I love your guys show hilarious

    44. R1D1KULUS monKEYZ

      MAHAL KITAAAAAA sorry, whaat i meant to sayy, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

    45. Ashly Rodriguez

      Does anybody know the specific order they got?😭

    46. Ariana Rivera

      Ok so i HAD to get my hands on Jolibee .... Not what I imagined 😭😩

      1. Justin's Cinema

        How was it? Would you recommend it? I want to try it but it’s a 2 hour drive from my house. I just wanna know if it’s worth it:)

    47. 이하늘

      the ripped underwear is sending me 😭

    48. Mapple Syrup

      I like your mtv show

    49. Joohyun Ruby Jane


    50. Fancy Youuu

      Is Jollibee only available in Philippines?

    51. Jennifer Escobar

      I love them together!!!

    52. kuulei love

      I died laughing when Ms. K said "not the ewa beach haircut"🤣🤣🤣🤣 iykyk

    53. Lei Kane

      I love their energy ✨✨

    54. Megan Lee

      I love y’all 4 together!!!

    55. Lord Adams

      Gandang ganda sa sarili si turtle neck hahaha

    56. Cara Posh

      I don’t follow any “influencers”. I find them very fake and all the same. But after seeing MTV Following, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Bretman and his family. Lovely 🤍

    57. TiiQckle MeH PiiQckles

      Cusing is a sin

    58. Avocado_ Billie fan

      The boxes: • _ •

    59. jhen xoxo

      Mukbang with bella poarch pls

    60. Allie BigBoobs

      When larry walked in .... 😂😂😂😂😂💅🏽

    61. Wonders of Nika

      I love how Princess doesn’t care there’s food stains on her shirt. 💗 Yaaaaasssss! That’s me. Hahaha 🤣

    62. Yellow Chellow

      princess look good

    63. That GyalBad


    64. Ameh

      I love this crew, such fun vibes !!! Got me laughing every second hahaha Larry is my spirit animal 😍😂

    65. fahra p



      Yummy yumm ❤️❤️❤️

    67. Navpreet Kaur

      How dare they not include the star of the show - MISS QUEEN CLEO👑

    68. Jos Arias

      OMG princesa looks soooo latina

    69. Erica M. F


    70. Tavon Brown

      Damn he 🔥!!! He got that prettyboi look going on

    71. tria fairies

      5:45 💅🏼💅🏼✨✨✨ Manifest it😌

    72. KartoonDrama

      Okay, but I'm going to order some fried chicken now. You lot got me hungry 😩

    73. シcloudyberries

      9:48 still reapeting cause i laugh so hard😂😂

    74. ilove myjjng

      YOOO what happened with the fruit rollup??????????????

    75. Zahra Jasmine

      Princess: *asks bretman to help her open the gravy* Bretman: *I'm just gonna ignore this bitch coz I'm talking* (5:41)

    76. karina romero

      I used to Google "Bretman MTV show release date" and would never come across anything lmao wtf Bretman

    77. Estelsy Ibarra

      I legit sit here at work in my office and watch all your videos PRINCESS I LOVE YOU BYTCH 💕 Ms Kay you’re beautiful soul & Larry you’re Awesome 🤩

    78. Gift Lagon


    79. Don't Do That!

      Employer: what makes you good for this job Bret: 0:01 WE TOOK THIS PRANK TO A NEXT LEVEL 😂😂 >>>

    80. Rizandrea Judela Ramos

      This got me so hungry, imma grab some jollibee too

    81. Reimon Angelo Dela Cruz

      bretman im philipino

    82. crazyformyself

      i love the way there's not a single white person in this video

    83. Kirsten Merylle Lunday

      This is the first time I saw Bret and Princess aren’t wearing matchy outfits ✋🏻❤️

    84. Geneisha Sanders

      Lmfao the spaghetti story

    85. mrsogoneoveru

      I've never seen anyone handle spaghetti with their fingers @MissK

    86. Capricorn _ Mami93

      Lmaooooo bro Bret has been for the longest trying princess with her breath Lmaooooo I love it

    87. Oh Ku

      Bretman making me falling in love with filipino people.

    88. Bernadette Ioanis

      Love watching these family moments.

    89. Veronica Gomez

      Y’all make me want to drive hrs to go get jolliebean 😭😭😭😭🤧

    90. Jemimah Cortez

    91. Em ail

      Like grrrl, who lives for embarrassing sex stories. LOL

    92. Jomz Miranda

      that JOLLIBEE b!(#th

    93. Leika Abedes

      This is so funny 😂😂😂

    94. Archie 510

      i love this crew so much their humor is soooooo filipino!!!

    95. JS.

      There is 2 options: -✊🏾 or _✊🏾

    96. Rafael Castillo

      Love your show I have seen all the episodes and Larry’s pose fabulous

    97. manwol

      I dont see any toxicity from this circle. Thats what I love about their show. They dont outshine each other. They shine together BITCH!! ✨✨

      1. Rielle

        I agreeeeeee 🥰

    98. MS69999

      1 min into it and i’m dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣

    99. Nola Yoon

      Who else loves the thumbnail

    100. Aquarian

      Princess look so fine! And when she lowered her chair, that was hilarious af 😂