Mercedes-Benz Production in Germany

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    Video Timeline
    0:00 - S-Class ('Factory 56', Sindelfingen, 2020)
    9:34 - Automated S-Class (Sindelfingen, 2017)
    16:26 - C-Class (Bremen, 2014)
    28:29 - E-Class (Sindelfingen, 2013)
    44:28 - S-Class (Sindelfingen, 2013)
    58:39 - A-Class (Rastatt, 2012)
    1:11:59 - C-Class (Bremen, 2011)
    1:24:34 - C-Class (Sindelfingen, 2011)
    1:34:48 - SLS AMG GT3 (Sindelfingen, 2010)
    1:39:21 - A-Class (Rastatt, 2009)
    1:49:39 - B-Class (Rastatt, 2009)
    1:59:07 - C-Class, GLK, SL (Bremen, 2009)

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    1. Décio Alves Pereira



      meraviglioso video fatto molto bene ( top di gamma)

    3. 與你彤行

      Is this factory in Stuttgart?

    4. Ge Gwen

      Look at that paint finish @41:35 next to the badge, very poor IMO

    5. Amey Nanaware

      56:50 my new crush

    6. bahram mobini

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    12. Dr.H2O

      Where gone the quality like in w140?

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    16. cheaper by the thousand

      Their inventory system is amazing. Cracks me up though that some of their tools are repurposed car parts.

    17. Cristian Gallo

      io sono nato sindelfingen w mercedes benz

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    19. fred flame

      Too bad they become endless money pits as they age.Gimme a Lexus any day.

    20. Frans Dinton Defretes

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    21. Thai Kim

      👍🇩🇪 always good product all kinds of cars made in Germany perfect 👌

    22. Turk Menp

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    23. ΛVIVΛ

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    24. 川島和輝

      メルセデスベンツの工場を見入ってしまいました。 改めて感じた事は、従業員の皆さんヘルメットを着用されていませんね? 女性の従業員も活躍されていますので安全第一で操業されておられると感じております。 皆様方のますますの御活躍と発展と徹底的な感染予防と防止を含めお祈り申し上げます。

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    26. Peter Smith

      What amazes me. How clean everything seems to be, more like a laboratory.

    27. 김민석

      씨부랄 현대가 이거에 반만 닮길...시부랄 현대 챙피해 죽것다

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    36. 2003pipi

      Podobnie wyglada grupa Francuskich pojazdów PSA (Citroen ,Peugeot ) to dziś potentanci w produkcji silników i nie tylko świadczy to że współpraca z Fiat,Ford ,Toyota, nawet Bmw i inne marki takie jak Volvo . Autonomia była już w latach 90 tych ..Kuka - ta firma głównie była w latach 90 widywałem ją własnie w Francji. Mercedes inna półka cenowa ale jakościowo w obecnej chwili różnica nie wielka .. Mercedes to prestiż .. wg mnie najlepsza niemiecka firma produkujaca samochody lepsza od ulubionego przez wielu BMW ma lepsze opcje wyposażenia i dbałość om kazdy detal.Perfekt.

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    44. Yosemite Sam

      What a huge difference between German/European-made cars to American car manufacturing. the precision work done on German cars is years ahead of American car manufacturing. which is about 20 years behind the European-made cars. sad to say it as an American, but it's the truth. American car manufacturing is in desperate need of automation engineering.

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      Here is somethink like "Star wars" or " Terminator". It;s fantastic.

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      1. Pedro Carmo

        its better cause Mercedes as alot of problems in asembly a car .Cars having alot of issues like , parts not full tight and electric problems. i got a brand new Mercedes. many people here in Europe are complaning.

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    74. Ismail

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      1. İhsan Albayrak

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    75. Kzn Nzn

      they should figure out how to make best S class EV in the world, also how to avoid depreciation or atleast minimize it. How about updates like tesla does, making more features within time (installing capable hardware for future features) - that way they even need to redesign S class every decade or so. What new S class needed is front end overhaul and also rear end

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    78. Ken C

      I’d just like to know whose idea it was that all mbz cars should look identical. Unless you take a tape measure, there’s no distinction between a $32k c300 and a $132l s400 or s500. Order them all with badges deleted, park them all side by side....

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      So now Germany need chips to make cars? And ask Taiwan government for help? Taiwan will not forget how your government responded last year when you received masks from Taiwan. Shame on you the Germany government! Go to the end of the line if you need any chips. Maybe we can ship some by 2028. (If your auto industry still exist by then).

    89. Eugen Banu

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    91. Дулат Алимсаранов

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      1. Дулат Алимсаранов

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      2. Saddam Alili

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    92. Дулат Алимсаранов

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    96. JoZen Lost Canvas

      Mercedes isn't anymore that car you buy and you know that you will make 1M kms without any problem! That golden days are over that throne now belongs to japanese brands.

    97. Douglas

      This kuka bots are blue. Is it cuz bmw ones are Orange? Cant be the same color haha

    98. Pawan Ramnarain

      so much automation, taking away people's jobs and yet cars are getting more expensive instead of cheaper...

      1. GLR

        @Pawan Ramnarain otherwise they make no money, it’s an accounting thing, not more robots = cheaper cars....

      2. Pawan Ramnarain

        @GLR your explanation made absolutely no sense... and you couldn't explain why the cars are still expensive.

      3. GLR

        People work better jobs mate, not at the factory all of them, Mercedes has more employees than ever, so robots and stuff like that is not an argument

    99. Diyorbek Shermukhammatov

      Nice car but fake as exhaust lmfaoo 😂😂

      1. M L

        Of all the production, design, value and prestige there cars have, you're only argument is the exhaust look? You must be under 21.

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